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cash register no sale[Cutting Back] I made a list of what I do need and do not need to live decent and reasonably. 90% of all the junk I have been buying is just that junk, wasting my money. What do I really watch on TV? The news and movies. Now it is basic TV for news, and Netflix for movies. What did I eat? Treat foods mostly, but they are now gone and my food bill for good nutritious food is down to 15% of what it was. Booze? A self-destructing bottle of death. One beer a day now with dinner. Clothes? Only what I need, nothing fancy. Travel? The cheapest way possible is by joining travel groups my age. Taxes? Take every deduction possible and then some. Let them figure it out. Savings? Took everything out of the useless banks that give no interest to use my money, but charge 150% to others for a loan. No way. I bought gold and silver for futures. Stocks and bonds? I sold all into precious metals and guns. Vehicle? Traded for the most economic bucket of bolts I could find. Computer? Just the basic monthly ISP with email and web access. Speed is slow, but it downloads when I am ‘downloading’ in the morning. My SS check is worth more than double now, covering my base costs to live right and it feels great!
[Iguanas] “A pellet to the brain is humane.” Key West Citizen has a write up about dealing with the plague of iguanas legally, with quotes by Sheriff Rick Ramsay, KYPD Chief Donie Lee and former state iguana trapper Chris Guinto. Link
flag at night29
[Old Glory] The reason you are supposed to light a flag at night is to show that it is no forgotten.
[“Sargasso weed for fertilizer“] I used to go to the beach and scoop up the seaweed (it was mostly turtle grass that washed up on the beach) and mulch it in a pile in my yard until there were worms in it. The rain washed all the salt off it. I then used that for fertilizer for many years. (Note: The salty mess hangs hell on your truck bed.)
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tricycle push old man
The AARP activities calendar is here. Full Menu > Ongoing Events
[Marathon Water Park] 14 years is a little long to rely on the survey for a water park. These are different times now and those days are long gone. Perhaps a new survey along with a vote would be the correct thing to do. I personally do not think a water park is good for Marathon. I will leave the areas of Orlando for the water parks. Let’s enjoy the beautiful Florida Keys with all it has to offer. Not a zip line or a water park or a roller coaster on Boot Key. Also I do think that the City hall should be elevated to the code in which many of us have been made to follow. The structure should be Cat 6 rated (I know it only goes to 5) and be able to be utilized as safe shelter for the cities leaders in time hurricanes. Marooned in Marathon. What is the city doing about Boot Key? The city could buy Boot Key with Forever Florida funds. This has been an ongoing issue. Residents and the city want a passive park there. Something like Ann’s Beach. The holdup was the money and three owners.
Some people need to learn to be a parent and not a friend. Quit being scared of making your kids mad. They’ll get over it.
CT date is off again or you couldn’t publish Friday. (Ed: Thanks for letting me know. I published it Friday, but I guess it didn’t take. Friday was the first time in many moons that I didn’t recheck the post. It’s published now. Damn, I hate computers.)
Church “pipe organ” music like you’ve never heard before. The guy on lead beer bottle sure plays a mean “larger”. Video
bus-stop00In Key West, do-gooders took away the ability of common folks to use the pavilions and grills at Higgs Beach because of actions by a few.  Once again Key’s citizens will lose out due to the actions of a few.  Sombrero Beach Rd. in front of the Brass Monkey is the transfer point between Miami-Dade Transit and Key West Transit.  Because a few suspected homeless individuals may hang out there, the Marathon City Council and the Monroe County Sheriff want to remove the benches and shelters.

Who’s to say they’re not waiting for a bus?  I had occasion to ride the bus from Florida City to Key West.  The wait for connecting busses was over one hour.  To remove the benches and shelters because of suspected homeless hanging out there will hurt the hundreds of people who use public transportation to get to work or school.  How about handicapped or seniors who need a place to sit while waiting for a bus?  Did they forget this is Florida where it rains?  Is law enforcement too lazy to do their job?  Why not coordinate schedules better to avoid long waits?

An employee at the Brass Monkey claims to have made half of the 800 calls.  Why?  I seriously doubt it hurts their business?  The day I had to wait there, over half of the people waiting purchased something from that dive bar or their package store.

Is the Key West ‘solution’ growing on the rest of the Keys:  The homeless might use it so let’s take it away from everybody.

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[Go Green] Solar powered clothes dryer.
[KW City Manager] Does rehiring Jim Scholl temporarily, or longer, bring back a need to have two city managers? Hiring Scholl after he retired from the Navy, when he was the local naval base commandant, required hiring a second assistant city manager because, it turned out, Scholl was barred by the Navy from working on any city-Navy situations in which he had been involved as base commandant. Vitas was going to one assistant city manager.

Shawn Smith will have a bigger work load as both city attorney and city manager. I don’t see him wanting that to go on very long, even if he gets paid extra, which would make sense and be fair. Holding down both jobs might create conflicts of interest for Shawn within the city government. It also might prevent Shawn from representing the city in litigation. As city manager, he might have to testify for the city, or he might be called by the other side to testify. There is a rule against attorneys being witnesses in cases they are litigating for a client.

My remaining concern is that I was told by a local “inside trader” that an unspoken agenda is Key West Conchs are using this sad affair to promote putting Danny Kohlage, Jr. into the city manager’s job. The inside trader said that would be a disaster move for the city, because Kohlage is not qualified. Other in the know people also then told me putting Kohlage in the city manager’s job would be a disaster for the city.

Looks to me like the city is in a big pickle, and I hope there is a silver lining, or a miracle, waiting in the wings.

[Tear-jerker] For the 4th let us remember! If this does not make your eyes water forget about it. Sniff, sniff. Video
Bacon-flavored chips
from Iceland. Have the texture of Funyuns or Rice Quakes
Did the US Government have good reason for killing 4.3 million animals in 2013? Link
[“1st Amendment Victory”] The Supreme Court has said it is illegal for police to look at the contents of your cell phone. They never have to look at your cell phone. They just punch in the number at their station and all the info comes up in their NCIS magic computer!
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wedding couple waving
Does anyone know of any Notary Public who are available to perform weddings in the Marathon area?
[Classified Ads Work] Dear Ed, You can remove the ad for the double axle trailer. Sold in one day thanks to you!
Can someone recommend a good plumber? I need a sink hooked up and the guy I called twice is not returning my calls.
[The Girls of Summer] Summer is here and they’re on the way.  The Jersey Women are teaming up to invade the Keys for fun and frolic with any of our local males they can get their hands on and mate with.  Beware!  Close contact can result in future and on-going night terrors, hearing loss, nausea, loss of appetite for weeks, and revulsion of self.  Boaters are cautioned to not mistake a Jersey Woman for a Manatee in local waters.
[“Canal restoration”] It saddens me to think that owners of dry lot homes would not care about the quality of water in the Keys or the sea life that depends on good water quality to thrive. The post I just read reads like a “have and have not” issue. I hope this post writer does not speak for the majority of home owners of dry lot properties. That would truly be a shame.
What happened to all the conspiracy theories that used to be posted on this blog? All that seems to be posted are useless facts about dumb topics to keep our minds occupied from the fantasy world.
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sub sandwich eating
[Sandwich Wars] Poster’s June 26th comment to the term “Hoagie” being taken by some “smacked-ass” New Yorker to trademark the term for his NYC sandwich shops. They don’t call them hoagies or hogies in N.Y.! They call them Heros. Why state something nasty about people you obviously know nothing about?
[“Gay weddings“]  Get government out of the wedding license business — problem solved.  It’s another tax and you get nothing for it, not even the assurance of a partner clean of disease, as it used to be when a blood test was required.  Before there was a government to license marriages they were all performed by churches or tribal chiefs or ship’s captains, but the government found a way to get some money out of the process.  Eliminate that and get married to anyone you want if you can find someone willing to say the words over you.
[Is Vitas Gone?] According to Bill Becker there are reports that the KW City Manager has cleaned out his office!

[Crime Family Support] I was told by someone that the Randy Acevedo fan club is backing Don Barrett in his attempt to unseat Judge Mark Jones who presided over Randy’s criminal prosecution brought against him by State Attorney Dennis Ward.

As you recall, after learning his wife, Monique, was stealing copiously from the school district, then Superintendent of Schools Randy did nothing. So, after it all came out, Randy was indicted by a Grand Jury for being Monique’s accomplice, in essence.

[Watch Over Me] The personal safety app. Link
[Help Wanted] Winn-Dixie will hold job fairs for part-time jobs in Key West, Big Pine, and Marathon. Thursday and Friday, July 10th and 11th from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Various part-time positions available.

Winn-Dixie is recruiting for various positions, including cashiers, baggers, deli, bakery, grocery and dairy departments. With competitive salaries and great benefits  It is recommended candidates apply online and/or visit the store’s customer service desk for additional information. Events

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[No Friday CT
] 1:20 pm Friday and no Coconut Telegraph? Deer Ed was out partying late last night.
[Carpenter Wanted] I need a recommendation for someone to replace the flat roof and boards on my large carport.
[Immigration] I sure hope the USA isn’t going to import the Syrian refugees to the Keys. I sure don’t trust any Muslims of any flavor. They are all crackpots who seem to embrace violence when mixing among themselves and speaking of us non-believers.
bc29-b[Captain Doom and Gloom] Some restaurants in the Keys offer the same digestive track clean-out foods as found in Mexico, and you may also get a DWM (Driving While Montazooming) ticket if you speed to get home!
[Sewers] After reading the attached article, I now understand why, as the August court hearing approaches for the Cudjoe Regional Wastewater System, those responsible for the sewer fiasco have been busier than a one-legged man in a butt-kicking contest trying to manufacture Orwellian sound bites as to why a terribly flawed sewer system is being installed in one of the most environmentally fragile areas in the U.S. Link
[Sewers] A surveyor is needed by Dump the Pumps to determine the boundary of a straight road on Little Torch. A member believes that the FKAA has installed sewer mains on private property. A copy of the original survey plats and some deeds have been obtained from the Clerk of Courts. Will you help? You can use the contact form on the DTPI website. Link
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[Sewers] A number of highly respected, well experienced Professional Engineers have recently expressed to Dump the Pumps, Inc. (DTPI) or their lawyer that they feel the grinder pump based sewer system that FKAA is forcing is a huge mistake. At least one has even offered pro bono expert witness testimony, because they feel so strongly that Dump the Pumps’ allegations are accurate. One P.E. has up close experience with horrific raw sewage spills because of the E/one grinder pumps’ design characteristics. “It has never happened before!” E-1 proclaimed, but an ally of DTPI has obtained written confirmation that the uncontrolled high pressure of the E-1 pump has blown apart fittings rated for 150 psi in another area of the country on multiple occasions. “It has never happened before” was also claimed by an E-One pump distributor in a town hall meeting at another state that had sewage blowing into homes. Unless he is on the stand in court, it is not illegal for most salespeople to lie, so you should just expect lies- especially if he sells grinder pumps!
[Sewers] A researcher ally of Dump the Pumps has acquired service records for the first two years of an E-1 grinder pump system that shows the high number of pump failures, many of which manufacturer E-one has refused to warranty, blaming failures and spills on everything except their crappy design. Many of the repaired pumps were found to have water inside the motors and an E-one competitor says E-1 is not truly a submersible pump. How’s that going to work out in a power failure? Hell of a choice, FKAA. Remember that regardless of where you have an FKAA sewer system and no matter what kind of connection, your rates will rise to pay for fixing this grinder system and paying for spill clean-up claims. Also remember that contamination is not just from spills. Those underground pressure sewer leaks will contaminate the local ocean waters and even the fresh water lenses on Big Pine, Ramrod, and Cudjoe. with raw sewage on a daily basis for many years before they are found, if ever. Force FKAA to install a sensible system instead of creating an even worse pollution problem. Please contribute to keep Dump The Pump’s attorney working for you and your friends. The number and extent of contributions helps demonstrate to the judge that people are sincerely concerned. Depositions, acquiring expert witnesses, court filings and hearings are all costly. Ask your friends and neighbors to also please help keep the legal machinery oiled. Any surplus has been pledged to be returned on a pro-rated basis, and if legal expenses are awarded, most of your contribution could come back to you. Their contribution link is found on the DTPI home page: Volunteers with event organizing, keypunch, writing, and other skills are encouraged to get in touch. Those with professional credentials are also needed to render professional opinions or appear as experts in court. The more the better! Link
[Sewers] An article in The Blue Paper about the sewer system. It is pretty good but lets FKAA off too easy. FKAA had designed the grinder system before it was put out to bid. Only one contract was “design-build” and that contract included a rough design including who would get a grinder pump in their yard or a gravity connection to the grinder pump based system. Even after those contracts were out to bid, FKAA was telling people to expect gravity connection unless they were isolated. In reality, everyone got a grinder pit unless a gravity connection was cheaper or about the same cost. One area that got converted to gravity was actually cheaper as gravity even as an inflated cost change order! And it is the permittee FKAA’s responsibility to see to it that public notices are locally published and DEP’s responsibility to accept the proof of publication as meeting the requirements of the law, so don’t try to pass it off as a “contractor oversight”, FKAA! That is your standard deceptive practice, so just own it. Link
Tea Party (Taxed-Enough-Already Politicians-Are-Robbing-The-Young). How did we ever allow these ass clowns to dictate the way we live?
When confronted by his wife, Dick Cheney blames Obama for the toilet seat being up, saying it was perfect when he left it, just like Iraq.
Republican hawks want the US to send bombs and bullets to “moderate” Muslims in Syria. Ha! That’s short-sighted because the US will have to send more bombs and bullets to remove whoever wins as they always turn against the US.

When will we learn?

from the right
It’s happened again! Charlie Crist’s BFF Ponzi artist, thief, corruptor, Scott Rothstein was back in court the other day in Ft. Lauderdale. This time he was testifying in the wire fraud trial of Christina Kitterman, an attorney who formerly worked for him. Normally that info would be of little more than passing interest. But during the course of this latest testimony from Rothstein he again testified under oath that he had huge influence over then-Gov. Charlie Crist. He testified that in a quid pro quo relationship, Crist appointed him to Judicial Nominating Commissions and that he used his appointments to those commissions to improperly ensure that Crist’s personal favorites were nominated to the 4th District Court of Appeal and to the Broward Circuit Court. Rothstein further testified that his relationship with Crist ensured that his own preferred candidates who would “favor our law firm” would be appointed to the bench by Crist.

Charlie’s record keeps coming back to haunt him. If it’s not his lousy record as our governor, it’s his seemingly insatiable appetite to associate with and accept favors from really bad people, corruptors.

IRS-cartoon-150x150Part 2) The Obama administration seems totally unable to accept even an iota of responsibility for their myriad foul ups. Even though it has been manifestly evident for months that Iraq was unstable and vulnerable to the ever increasing power and presence of ISSI, Team Obama found an excuse. As Islamist militants took yet another Iraqi town today, this one home to four natural gas fields an hour’s drive from Baghdad, the Obama administration’s defense to foreign policy critics is to claim ignorance, telling members of Congress that they never saw the incursion coming because of limited intelligence.

While hard drives crash and evidence is destroyed, Obama once again uses the “dog ate my homework” excuse for the failures of his administration. When will the Congressional Democrats rise up in revolt, or will they go along to get along?

The idea of offering a huge reward for anyone who come through with the mysterious IRS emails is a great idea. Perhaps the idea of seriously cutting the funding of the IRS is an even better idea.