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Thursday, June 26, 2014

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[1st Amendment Victory] The Supreme Court has said it is illegal for police to look at the contents of your cellphone. All they can do now is turn it off.
[Sewers] Gov Scott has been asked to probe the Cudjoe Sewer project because they “have intentionally, misled the citizens of Monroe County about the plans for the Cudjoe Regional Wastewater System and that in doing so, they may violated federal, state and local laws.
banana-boat00[“Harvesting bananas in Costa Rica”] I watched them loading bananas in Dominica. The cargo ship docked at the end of an extremely long pier where the water was deeper. Long lines of natives carried the seventy pound bunches on their shoulders in a tight procession to and from the ship. They didn’t walk under their heavy loads–they ran. If one of them fell, another would immediately take his place. There were a lot of natives waiting around at the start of the pier, just waiting for another to drop out so they could get their chance to make a few cents that day. They were paid by the bunch.

The photo seen here is of other men loading bananas on a smaller boat in another part of the island at the foot of the “city” pier.

[Texting While Boating] The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission cited David Lee Eanes, 53, of Big Pine Key, for improper lookout and leaving the scene of a boating crash when he smashed an 18-foot center console into a 30-foot sailboat early Tuesday morning. Eanes reportedly fled the scene in the Newfound Harbor Channel and swam away, but was located by FWC and sheriff’s office deputies there­after. No one was seriously injured. Eanes said he was texting and not paying attention when the incident occurred about 2:30 am.
[Cute and Inspiring] Dog welcomes soldier home with emotional reunion. Video
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proof26[Sewers] More “misinformation” from Zuelch in today’s Citizen article. The FKAA itself publishes the required public notices and sends proof of publication to FDEP. It was no “oversight of its contractor”; it was intentional deceit by FKAA, and was abetted by FDEP by 1) not answering attorney Lee Rohe’s question about where they are published, and 2) accepting the proof of publication in Broward as satisfying the legal requirement for local notice. You can see from the attached document that FKAA’s map on their letterhead doesn’t show Broward County where they published the “local” notice. They intentionally deceived property owners here in order to install their low pressure system.

Keys News seems to understand that people are angry because they were deceived and many are still being forced to surrender property rights and further subsidize FKAA construction costs. However, they still do not understand that the grinder pump opposition is not just about reliability, economics, and storm issues. They still miss that this is entirely an E-1 grinder pump based pressure sewer system simply extended by pipes that collect by gravity from the “winners” (as Neugent calls them) who do not have to surrender property rights and pay extra to power County grinder pump stations in their yards.

The pressure sewer system is horribly designed and certain to fail and blow raw sewage into the environment and probably homes. That is something that a sound septic system does not do. The cure is worse than the disease. Dump the Pumps and the people who pimp them! Proof-of-publication

Are bee friendly plants poisoning pollinators? Report finds that over half of ‘bee-friendly’ plants sold at major garden centers contain deadly neonicotinoids. Link
[“Should I get a Shingles shot”] If you ever had chicken pox you can get Shingles.  Testimony of the misery suffered by friends convinced me it was worth the money, not the ads on TV.


The Keynoter had a big article about seaweed and it indicated that all Sargasso originates in the North Atlantic and flows up into the Gulf, not the other way around. Well, so much for the “the oil spill caused all this weed” theory.

Today’s Key West Citizen provided a recap of yesterday’s Key West Chamber’s meet the BOCC candidates’ forum. In that article it states the candidates were asked about their participation in the County Comp Plan update meetings and process.  Candidate McAdams stated she has not attended any meetings, which is correct. Candidate Coll stated he’s attended “a couple” of those meetings, which is not correct.

I have attended each and every one of those Comp Plan update meetings, and I can say without reservation that I have not seen either Ms. McAdams or Mr. Coll at a single meeting.

Perhaps Mr. Coll was confused between the regular BOCC meetings (which he has attended one or two in the last four years), but the question was about participation at the special public meetings held by the County to update the Comprehensive Plan (the document which will guide our county government and policies for the next 20 years). To that, the correct answer should have been “attended none” and “brought no policies issues forward for discussion”. Link

[Canal Clean-up is Wrong] County Commissioners: Most of the residents that do not live on a canal live on dry lots because they were more affordable. To ask them to pay for the clean-up and restoration of canals here in Monroe County for those who can afford to live on a canal is not only unethical but a slap in the face to many residents working 2 or more jobs to be able to live here in the Keys at all. The responsibility for the clean-up and restoration of the canals should be paid for by the residents who solely benefit from it. Please give this your utmost consideration when you vote on how to fund this project. Dry lot owners far out number canal front owners here in the Keys and they will fight any type of proposed tax levied on them for his project.
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The next meeting of the Big Pine Computer Club is coming up this Saturday, June 28, 10 am at the Senior Center. The problem with internet access has been resolved. Events
[Grammar Police] Two or more words that sound the same but are spelled differently are called homophones. (homo- is the Greek root for “same,” and phon- is the Greek root for “sound,” so homophone means “same sound.”) These are words that can be confusing for writers. If you are going to post something, please study this list and try to use them correctly. If you don’t have the time for the whole list, at least look at then and than.
affect, to influence (verb)
effect, result (noun)
its, belonging to it (possessive of it)
it’s, it is, it has
stationary, not moving
stationery, paper for letter writing
than, compared to
then, at that time
their, belonging to them (possessive of they)
there, in that place
they’re, they are
to, toward
two, 2
too also, very
we’re, we are
were, past tense of are
[Getting Along] All the pundits are telling the Arabs they need to put aside their religious differences to stabilize their countries and move them forward. Who are we to talk when our own country is paralyzed by the political ideological differences within our Government. The bottom line is that we are not much better off at getting along with each other than they are. They just shoot at each other more frequently.
meteor people watchingBootid meteors] In the predawn hours of Friday, June 27, sky-watchers get a chance to get a good glimpse of the annual Bootid meteor shower, thanks to a dark, moonless sky. While outbursts of 50 to 100 meteors per hour occurred in 1998 and 2004, this year appears to be more of an average year for the Bootids, with a much more modest dozen or so shooting stars per hour at peak hours. As with most other showers, the Bootids are thought to be caused by sand-grain-size debris left over from a passing comet. The culprit comet in this case is Pons-Winnecke, which circles the sun every 6.4 years.

The meteors will appear to radiate from the low northwestern sky within the constellation Bootes the Herdsman, hence their name. In general, Bootids are known to be bright and relatively slow meteors with speeds around 40,000 miles (64,000 kilometers) an hour—less than a third the speed of most other annual meteors.

At last nights candidate forum McAdams raised eyebrows among the mostly affluent audience when she said she wanted to keep the Keys the small little village it is. They all seem to want growth.
[“IRS missing emails”] Or they could just be lying. Oh, wait a minute it’s our government they wouldn’t lie.
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front_cover00[Book review of Heavy Wait: A Strange Tale] Mostly I read for entertainment—lightweight stories soon forgotten. Occasionally I stumble on a heavyweight—my first novel was “Hatter’s Castle” by A. J. Cronin. Read at aged twelve when I was still reading the “Famous Five” and “In the Fourth at Mallory Towers”—it was an epiphany in that, for the first time, I was introduced to realistic fiction and imperfect families. Last night I finished reading another literary heavyweight: “Heavy Wait” by Sloan Bashinsky.

At the start of the novel a visionary mystic and his lover, wife and kindred spirit win $14,000, 000. Winning the lottery might seem like a dream come true, but this pair has eschewed materialism. The windfall tests each partner’s dedication to their beliefs.

Riley Strange, a pre-eminent lawyer invariably wins legal arguments, but he can’t bring Mary-Lou round to his way of thinking. On the way back from collecting her winnings, she is killed in motor vehicle accident, leaving Riley with inconsolable grief and $14,000,000.

Cast out of his personal paradise, Riley spends time in the wilderness before meeting Willa Sue, a despondent, overweight woman who bears an uncanny resemblance to Mary-Lou. They strike a bargain: Willa Sue agrees to live in Riley’s home for twelve months, and halve her body weight. In return Riley promises to gift her the winnings, all fourteen million. Tempting eh? But is it wise to go off with a strange man, especially one who believes he’s God?

“Heavy Wait” is a deep and engaging book about the spiritual awakening of a damaged young woman who has the great good fortune to meet an angel, overcomes evil and finds true love—we all should be as lucky!”

[Gay Weddings] The Supreme Court needs to decide once and for all if gay marriage is legal in all states. Right now, I think, there are sixteen states that allow gay unions, but every single other state has the matter before their legislatures. Let’s move on and stop tying up government.
[Gluten-free] 20 years ago nobody knew what gluten was, now there are only 3 people left in the world that can still eat a bagel. Facebook has over 1,000 groups with “gluten free” in the name, including a dating group called “Gluten-free singles.”
[No New Taxes] The School Board or someone is asking for another half cent increase. No! No more increases for anyone. We want decreases. Look what happened with the one cent sewer tax increase. They used the money to buy a marina and, in turn, gave us a lousy sewer system. Look at the State Lottery. That revenue was supposed to pay for our schools. It may have, but instead of lowering property taxes from the money saved, as we all assumed they would do, they used the existing school taxes for something else (probably to build a stadium for some mega-million corporation, ha.)
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[“Millions for Dylan’s, Like A Rolling Stone”] Just another example that some people have more money than they know what to do with.
[Privacy Victory] The Supreme Court on Wednesday unanimously ruled that the police need warrants to search the cellphones of people they arrest. Link
Hi there from Springer’s Bar and Grill.
Today’s special is a real favorite, chicken salad with dried cranberries and walnuts on a Kaiser roll. Great for lunch or a light dinner.
Friday: Parmesan encrusted mahi with a tomato basil cream sauce.
Happy Hour 2-7 daily with great drink specials and happy hour menu.
There’s Always Something Special at Springer’s.
[Shingles Vaccine] What do you want, pay a few bucks for immunization or get Shingles and all the agony it entails? It was a no-brainer for me. I’m a Zostavax recipient since two years ago.
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[Inverted Rectums] Taste like chicken.

[“FTR, hurry back”] Has he been gone?
16 ft. double axle flatbed trailer. All new tires and new treated floor. Like new. $750. Call Classified Ads >  Auto.
jersey women 2
[Greasing the Grill]  Never, ever invite a Jersey woman to your barbeque!
[Sewers] Is Holly Raschein still “watching” while this ill conceived system is sold to us? She has been great at getting money for our sewers, but will she take a stand or just echo what the old guard is saying without doing the research and looking thru the smoke and mirrors of what FKAA,BOCC, DEP  are trying to foist on us?

If they are wrong about the engineering then there’s going to be a lot of money down the drain.

FKAA is not going to make the 2015 deadline by their own admission.  They may not even hook up Big Pine until 2016. Why not stop the work now until the case has been settled?  The Notices of Intent are not permits and I remember the language seemed to say that timely petitions would halt the permits.

“The Department’s proposed agency action shall become final unless a timely petition for an administrative hearing is filed Sections 120.569 and 120.57, Florida Statutes, within 14 days of receipt of notice. The procedures for petitioning for a hearing are set forth below….  This permit action is final and effective on the date filed with the clerk of the Department unless a petition is filed in accordance with the above. Upon the timely filing of a petition this permit will not be effective until further order of the Department.”

What’s the point of a Notice of Intent if DEP can illegally ignore the timely petitions and allow construction to proceed?. The Notice of Intent clearly states that there is no permit if a petition is filed in a timely manner. They were.

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[“Shingles”] Get the injection. It won’t totally prevent them, but it will make the symptoms easier. I had shingles for six months. They can be terrible. I’ve now gotten the shot, since you can have a reoccurrence, but it will make it milder. CVS or Walgreens should be able to administer the injection. The money will be well spent. the pain was awful!
[“Eimers Death”]To the cops wives, girlfriends, or partners that participated in the Eimers’ death please call the FDLE and tell them the truth about what the KW Police did that night. Please do not live with a lie, it will only rot your quality of life.
So there’s no truth to the rumor that the disgruntled visitor who’s headed back to Detroit is also setting up a chapter of IKC (Iguana Killers Club) in Detroit?
sub sandwich vegatables
[“Hogie vs hoagie”] Hog Island in the Delaware River was a pig farm, then a wooden ship yard, then a railroad tie yard. The workers had their lunch on long French bread and used all kinds of meats and fixings. The term hogie was coined, but as everything changes, some smacked-ass New Yorker copyrighted the name hogie as hoagie so he could license the signage for his “hoagie” shops in NYC and PHL.

It’s just like fighter jet was always jet fighter until some putz changed things. No respect for history!

[“Assassins Creed Pirates game”] Is this a editorial joke or just a goof?  Talk about hypocritical, just what our kids need. No wonder they are killing each other in Miami and around this rock!
Boehner is going to use our tax money to sue our President because Obama’s getting things done by using Executive Orders instead of sitting on his hands like the Republicans and waiting manna from heaven. first they shut down the government to prevent Americans getting healthcare now they are using our money to stop the President from accomplishing anything.
from the right
A couple of days ago a pister noted my scroo up in speling (you’re vs your). He or she was rite on, yep i scrood up. Oh wel, pobodys nerfect.

Part 1) The misery levied on us by Team Obama just keeps getting worse. Yesterday Team Obama’s Commerce Department reported that the U.S. economy contracted at a much steeper pace than previously estimated in the first quarter. Their first estimate was 1%. Any contraction is very bad news, the initial 1% estimated contraction was very bad news, it tells us that the recovery may be stalled, and we may be heading back to recession. Now, the latest 3% figure is really horrible to consider.  If the next quarters GDP does not actually grow, we will be officially back in recession.  Most Americans don’t need the government to tell us that things are bad: prices are going up on food, clothing, and energy.  Record numbers of people are in poverty, on food stamps, on disability, and have simply quit looking for work.  Team Obama has created an entirely new class of government dependent people.

This 3% decline in GDP growth report is the economy’s worst performance in 5 years. It is the worst performance in a non-recession quarter in 50+ years.

Part 2) The IRS scandal seems to be taking on a life of its own. Every day there seems to be something new and even more appalling.

Some may have forgotten that the allegation is that the Obama admin used the IRS as a weapon against his political enemies, specifically the Tea Party. If true, it is a criminal act and rocks the very foundations of our nation. The reveal began with whispers and complaints from Tea Party organizations. Then it began to snow ball. Initially Team Obama told us that certain “rogue” agents “may” have acted improperly. Then the narrative morphed  and we learned that no “rogue” agents were involved. The IRS harassment of Obama’s political enemies seemed to have originated at high levels in the IRS.  Then we saw the spectacle of a high executive in the IRS taking the 5th Amendment in a Congressional hearing so as to avoid questioning about the issue. Then we were appalled that the IRS  would claim that the executive’s e-mails had vanished. It was claimed that a hard drive had crashed. They claimed there was no back up. That beggars belief. A couple more days passed then we were told that mysteriously 6 additional hard drives had crashed….once again, the IRS, with a straight face assured us that was the truth….and there was no back up.  That is simply impossible to believe.

dog-ate-my-homeworkNow there is testimony that the IRS execs violated US law by failing to notify the US Archives of their claim that Lerner’s emails had magically disappeared. Team Obama solemnly swore that there was not even a smidgeon off corruption. Donkey Dung.   Then there was the testimony of the IRS Commissioner, the head man himself. He solemnly testified that no laws had been broken. He spoke with the arrogance of a man who is convinced that he is above the fray, the law, and is superior to all. Now we learn that he is a whale donor to Obama and to Democrat causes. He was asked that if no laws had been broken, exactly what laws governed the process. He was asked if he had read the laws, if he knew the elements of any crime that might have been committed. He was forced to admit that he did not even know what laws he and his were required to obey.  Now, late Wednesday, we learn that IRS execs had made a suggestion that a sitting US Republican Senator be audited because he was invited to a Tea Party rally. This reeks.


I believe that the Congress can start to get answers very quickly. They should begin defunding the IRS. The defunding should begin with a 50% cut in pay for IRS execs.  Congress should also offer a huge reward and guarantees of protection for whistleblowers.