2019 March

Friday, March 15, 20129

Letters to the editor with pictures since 0202. Published on Big Pine Key’s garbage days, Tuesdays and Fridays.




[Dirty Canal Fine] $175,584,53 fine. Has anyone else had to deal with this attack on me? As far as I know they still do not have all of the canals cleaned up yet. I wonder if they are accruing a nice fine. How can the fine go from $0 to $2500 overnight? I also understand that most people’s fines were $200 per day. Anyone know a good lawyer for this crime?

Saint Patrick was a Roman Briton of good family dwelling probably in the Severn valley. His father was a Christian deacon, a Roman citizen, and a member of the municipal council. One day in the early fifth century there descended on the district a band of Irish raiders, burning and slaying. The young Patrick was carried off and sold into slavery in Ireland. For six years, wherever it was, he tended swine, and loneliness led him to seek comfort in religion. He was led by miraculous promptings to attempt escape. Although many miles separated him from the sea he made his way to a port, found a ship, and persuaded the captain to take him on board.

After many wanderings we find him in one of the small islands off Marseilles, then a center of the new monastic movement spreading westward from the Eastern Mediterranean. Later he consorted with Bishop Germanus of Auxerre. He conceived an earnest desire to return good for evil and spread the tidings he had learned among his former years of careful training by the Bishop and self-preparation for what must have seemed a forlorn adventure Patrick sailed back in 432 to the wild regions which he had quitted. His success was speedy and undying. He organized the Christianity already in existence; he converted kingdoms which were still pagan, especially in the West; he brought Ireland into connection with the Church of Western Europe, and made it formally part of universal Christendom. On a somewhat lower plane, although also held in perpetual memory, was the banishing of snakes and reptiles of all kinds from the Irish soil, for which from age to age his fame has been celebrated.  ~W. Churchill’s History of Great Britain.

[“Anyone else been getting terrific hangovers”] Could it be you need to go to a doctor for a physical? Sounds like a blood pressure problem to me. I know mine went up 90 points just reading your post blaming others for your feeling crappy after abusing your body.
[#metoo] It’s man’s nature to touch woman. It’s instinct. It’s not always sexual. We subconsciously love woman. Woman don’t like that. It’s another way woman want to change us-castrate us, just because we find them compelling.
I just hope the new owner of Mangrove Mama’s doesn’t do like most new owners do with their grandiose ideas that usually ruin the old joints. Let is as it is, and just make the bar go all the way back to the wall. Done! Want ideas, ask the locals, not the tourists.


Who would be better in an air dogfight? Russia, Israel or the USA? That’s a contest I’d like to see

[Friday Joke] Years ago, my mother-in-law began reading “The Exorcist”. She said it was the most evil book she ever read. So evil in fact, she couldn’t finish it, took it over to the beach and threw it into the ocean off a fishing pier.

I went and bought another copy, ran the faucet over it and left it in the night table drawer by her bed. My father-in-law said, “That night was the first time she ever screamed and fainted.” I’m going to Hell, but l’ll go laughing.



Man who tackled a pelican is now wanted by Keys police on animal cruelty charges. Video

[FEMA: Out of Trailers by Sunday] Sorry to read this in the Keys Weekly paper, but the person they mentioned that they are 1 of 27 households still in FEMA trailers not only owns the lot she had her home on, but the lot next door which had a rental trailer also wiped out by Irma, two others in Ships Weigh and a multi-family house in Key West. I’m thinking this is a millionaire still struggling for which I am sorry.
[Winn Dixie] Weekly ad. Link



[Boob Peeking] Women can always tell when you look at their boobs. It doesn’t matter how quickly you glance. One second is like five seconds in boob time.

[AirBnB] I have a suggestion. People listing their places should have to take a picture of what’s on each side of the property. The picture of the place might be great, but they might have a paper mill next door or a ghetto all around the place.
[A message from American Airlines] Yesterday, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) temporarily grounded all Boeing 737 MAX aircraft, including the 24 MAX aircraft operated by American. We have complied with the directive, which does not apply to our fleet of Boeing 737-800 aircraft…bla bla bla…you won’t die flying with us.




Love monarch butterflies? Here’s new research on how to help the species. The only thing monarch butterfly caterpillars eat is milkweed, and researchers say mowing down a third of that milkweed will attract more eggs. Video

[Prejudiced Pollutants] Blacks and Hispanics breathe more pollution than they make – but whites don’t. Hispanics breathe in 63% more life-changing pollution than they make. African Americans breathe in 56% more pollution than they make. Whites breathe in 17% less air pollution than they make, according to a new study. Is this discrimination? Link



Horseshoe crabs at risk of extinction in some parts of the U.S. Florida wants your horseshoe crab sightings. Link

[Conspiracy Department] When two chemtrails pass, it’s like the sky blowing you a kiss.
[Iguana Killers Club] Does the IKC still meet on Big Pine? I haven’t heard anything on them in a while.




[Turtle Crust] Malnourished sea turtles, encrusted with barnacles, sent to turtle hospital in the Keys.

We should legalize cannabis in all 50 states, use the taxes to repair roads and highways and call it Operation Pothole  ~Bill Murray



[Sexually Confused] Pentagon’s transgender policy will ban those who require treatment for gender dysphoria. The Pentagon’s new transgender policy will go into effect April 12, barring entry to those who require treatment for gender dysphoria. Link

The seas are saving us from runaway global warming, but for how long? Next time you’re at the beach, give the ocean a big thanks. For decades, the Earth’s oceans have absorbed vast quantities of carbon dioxide. Thanks ocean. Video
[Faith] Belief without evidence is faith.


The Florida Keys Southernmost Car Club holds its monthly “Show & Shine” at the Sugarloaf Lodge Parking Lot, mm 17, Sunday March 17th, noon to 3PM.  The event is free for all lovers of classic, custom, and street rod automobiles of all years and makes.  Fords, Chevys, Trucks, Rat rods, Low riders, and chrome loaded motorcycles. Prizes, good food and cold beverage are available. Club members are seeking new members for a full schedule of shows & events.  Join Sunday for only $25.  A club shirt and sticker are included in membership. For more information, contact Dick Moody 305-942-1758.

[Friday Joke] Dorothy and Edna, two senior widows, are talking. Dorothy:  “That nice George Johnson asked me out for a date. I know you went out with him last week, and I wanted to talk with you about him before I give him my answer.”
Edna:  “Well, I’ll tell you. He shows up at my apartment punctually at 7 pm, dressed like such a gentleman in a fine suit, and he brings me such beautiful flowers! Then he takes me downstairs. And what’s there; a limousine, uniformed chauffeur and all. Then he takes me out for dinner; a marvelous dinner, lobster, champagne, dessert, and after-dinner drinks. Then we go see a show. Let me tell you Dorothy, I enjoyed it so much I could have just died from pleasure! When we are coming back to my apartment he turns into an animal.  Completely crazy, he tears off my expensive new dress and has his way with me three times!”
Dorothy: “Goodness gracious!  So, you are telling me I shouldn’t go?”
Edna:  “No, no, no, I’m just saying, wear an old dress.”




Key Colony Beach Saint Patrick’s Day parade. Video


[How-to Skip Login screen in Windows 10] Press the Windows + R key at the same time, then in the run window type Netplwiz and hit enter. Click on the user you wish to automatically sign into.
Uncheck the box: Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer. Windows 10: …
Now click Apply and enter the password for this account (if it had one). Enter Password.

The cloud has come a long way and Big Brother loves it because people put everything on it. It’s like Facebook, and Twitter–exposed to everyone, everywhere.



There’s lots of good reasons not to fall overboard from a fishing trawler, here’s one more. Video

[“Subliminal post”] Regarding the post mentioning subliminal post for Amazon on the Tuesday CT.  I didn’t see it! Wow, it was so subliminal.



[Snow] The March 2019 ‘bomb cyclone’ was the strongest ever recorded in Colorado. Video

Haters know how to hate and insult, but they rarely have a valid reason to hate or a real good example why everyone should hate too. Ask a hater what particular thing caused them to hate such and such, and they will spout off some stereotypical canard they saw on TV or heard from their hater friends or a bad experience they once had when they were young. Never do haters satisfactorily explain their hate because there is so little reason for them to hate, they just want too.


[Run With The Deer] Race run, walk or volunteer.  Be a part of the 5th Annual Run With Deer 5K Race Saturday, March 16 on Big Pine Key.  Start and finish at the Refuges’ new Nature Center 30587 Overseas Highway, Big Pine Key.  Course runs along scenic roads in and around the National Key Deer Wildlife Refuge. Register in Person: Friday, March 15th 5-7pm or before the race Saturday, March 16th 7-8 am at the new nature center.  Register online:  Be a part of the fun.  For more info or to volunteer call 305-731-6362.

[Legalize Prostitution] Hidden in plain sight. They have legalized dope, guns, and hype juice in markets. When the hell are they going to legalize prostitution and end all the wars and over breeding? Sex is the main cause for all the bad things going on including perverted religions, and crimes. Free sex for everyone. Coming to a town near you? Yeah team!