2019 May

Friday May 3, 2019

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(Ed: The person who sent in the fake definition about socialized medicine emailed me that it was a joke sent to this “lefty” website. No, it wasn’t. It was hate. I don’t know if the CT receives more complaints accusing us being right-leaning or those complaining we’re left leaning. The country is totally polarized and the few remaining centrist are drowned out.

Another complaint was from the person who wrote condemning racism who said he would have “taken them fishing” which means, to us ancients, he was going to take them offshore in a boat and kill them. I emailed them my explanation of their criticisms, but both emails were phony and returned to headquarters. If they are still reading the CT, this is to let them know I didn’t ignore their complaints and did try to respond.)

[Cancel Facebook Account] I’ve tried for over a year to cancel my Facebook account and remove my crap, but I found it to be impossible. It disappears for a while then when I go back to make sure it’s really gone–there it is again!


[Winn Dixie] Weekly ad. Link

I am amazed at today’s laws: “Man arrested for using a gold yo-yo to seduce a 85 year old to get her shopping cart and battery” “Woman arrested for flashing her personal area while doing a pole dance in a Catholic church playground” “Drunk in bar arrested for falling off bar stool”
What ever happened to the old laws? or are they just making this stuff up as they see the money?
[Crook] A Florida Keys trailer park owner who criminal investigators say engaged in a scheme with his manager to rip off residents and defraud the state out of thousands of dollars in sales tax revenue was convicted on multiple theft- and fraud-related charges last week. A Monroe County Circuit Court judge sentenced Yerachmiel “Ralph” Mutchnik, 74, to five years probation, during which he is prohibited him from setting foot on his Galway Bay Mobile Home Park in Marathon. Link



The 2019 Kentucky Derby will be at 6:50 pm tomorrow, Saturday, May 4. Link

[“Ryobi tools”] Ryobi is a synonym for garbage. I now only buy Rigid cordless tools from Home Depot. They back their products with a great warranty.



Why science teachers should not be given playground duty.

He kidnapped his daughter and drove to the Keys with plans to sail to Cuba. Link
[“New scam”] There are other alarms that should go off besides “regards”. The “Mr” before “Allison Kaitlynn” is a red flag and “California” before “Los Angeles”. “CV” is another. First, they ask for your resume then they will want you to comets[?] a W9 and get your social security number or ask about deposit accounts or want a check


[NRA’s Wayne LaPierre Re-elected] Yeah team! Make America beautiful–lock and load. Without personal protection, we’d be just like those being slaughtered all over this rock.

[Insurance Animals] I needed insurance but didn’t know what insurance animal I should get. Should I get duck insurance (Aflac), elk insurance (Hartford), or emu insurance (Liberty)? I definitely won’t get the crappy cartoon general (General). Who wants a crappy cartoon when you can have a duck? These days you need a cute animal to sell insurance.





Parking in front of a liquor store.

My impression of Russians is they are crooks. they seem to be at the bottom of most scams and hacking. That’s probably a gross generalization, but that’s the impression they seem to cultivate.



[“Ryobi tools”] I’d like to add that their drill chucks suck. They keep working lose and I have to keep checking the tightness. They’re definitely not Jacobs chucks.

Lynn creates with clay at the Art Studio in Marathon. Video
UFO – Love To Love (live rehearsal at Peppermint Park Studios 2005) Video


[“Suicide rate has climbed by 25%”] How to better celebrate that than by creating the new Burger King unhappy meal?   We have truly become a sick society. Link

How come when I buy a magazine subscription, they send a renewal notice before I even get the first magazine and every month thereafter? You don’t think they are trying to cheat me do you?

[Wind Turbine Syndrome] The evidence that wind turbines cause serious health problems in nearby residents was “overwhelming.”. The rate at which those illnesses were emerging was significant. Link

[“Take them ‘fishing'”] Dude, killing someone because of their views, in this case, thinking racism is ok, is a little over the top.  I don’t think they were that harsh in the old Soviet Union.  Maybe just send them to Oklahoma or Nebraska instead.
[“National healthcare”] It’s not the “mediocre” care that is expensive now, it’s the catastrophic events that require prolonged hospital stays or treatments.  The AHC was suppose to fix that.  Instead, it drove up the cost of insurance, with sole intent of convincing people that socialized health care was the only option.  And of course, the

solution to everything is raise taxes.  That only works for so long.  Like the song says, “Tax the rich, feed the poor ’til there are no rich no more?”.  But in reality, it’s the middle class that gets taxed out of existence.

[America’s National Parks Map]  419 National parks plus state parks and locals This is one hell of an inner-active map for all the National Parks America has. You can scan in and out to see all or just local areas. Video

Every app used the trashcan icon except Windows that uses the recycling bin icon. Also, all programs should have a close X in the upper right corner. It’s so annoying when you think you closed an app and it’s still running in the background wearing down your battery; and you have to jump through various hoops to close it
[Carbon Dioxide] I want to see the records from 3 million years ago or read the book of the person who calculated the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere 3 million years ago.  As the Biosphere was a load of crap, so is global warming. Carbon emissions does not warm the atmosphere. How about looking at it as a cycle that the universe itself does from time to time.  There is nothing, we can do to stop anything.  It’s the cycle of life and the Universe.
It’s quite simple really, to conquer any country. Just shut off all electricity. No power means living like a prehistoric. No fuel, no lights, no water, no sewer, no refrigeration, no transportation, no food, no crops, no meat, no hospitals, no medicine, no schools, no heat, no AC, no cops, no protection, no military, no fire prevention, no computers, no TV, no travel, no nothing!
Yes it is that easy and after about 3 to 6 months, no people except the Amish and other farmers. Then just maybe Earth will realize there’s too many useless eaters on this rock. Don’t even think our Floundering Fathers will supply us with their share of hidden goodies. The military will be the last to die out after they try to take over the farmers, but that will not last either. Remember when you hear that big click–crying won’t help.
How about other than higher taxes, we cut all the bogus welfare programs?  And have the government put caps on the medical field.  I became a Marine, and police officer because I wanted to do it, not for the paycheck.