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Friday, November 24, 2017

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[New Business on US1] I found the following add online. After asking around I heard an 84 Lumber store is going on the lot between Napa and Capital Bank. This is the first I’ve heard of this anywhere. Manley & deBoer will not be opening again after the damage they suffered from Irma. I’m not sure yet how I feel about this new one.
“Inside Sales Associate. 84 Lumber Company 411 reviews – Big Pine Key, FL
Description/Job Summary: 84 Lumber is currently seeking an Inside Sales Associate! 84 Lumber Company is a nationwide, privately-held, industry leading building materials and services supplier to professional builders. Our Associates provide one-on-one service to every customer, ensuring an efficient and satisfying purchasing experience! We promote nearly 100% from within so come and build your future on what we know!” Link
It’s been quite a 2 months since Hurricane Irma came thru and devastated the Lower Keys, especially BPK. I honestly have not had a chance to write because we have been busy recovering from Irma.  We were lucky that our home only had minor damage, all to the outside and that has all been repaired.

The flea market business is a different story.  My husband and I lost almost all of the business, spaces destroyed, his storage truck gone, luckily I have my 3 trailers, but everything inside was destroyed from the water and our 3 warehouses off Industrial road were also destroyed.

We have been working very hard to get back up and running.  It’s been difficult since we are not there full time.  I am coming down Thursday night to finish working on my space and getting re-opened for the season.

Hareen’s Suncare And Hats will re-open at the Big Pine Flea Market for the season on December 2nd.  It’s been a long road to get back up and running and I hope that you will just stop by, say Hi and let me know how you are all doing.

I hope you are good and trying to get back to some normal, if that is possible!




Burning Irma debris on Cudjoe Key after Irma. I’m glad I don’t have to live there and smell that crap.

I realized that Thanksgiving is a holiday when people travel thousands of miles to visit people they see only once a year only to remember that once a year is way too often.


We will be resuming our Big Pine Computer Club meetings this coming Saturday, November 25, 10 am, at the Big Pine library in the back meeting room.  We will need to access the room via the front door of the library, as the rear entrance is still in need of repair. Hope to see you there!

I find it hard to believe that someone thinks fracking is coming to the Keys. I don’t think limestone is a good place for oil to accumulate, and even if it did can you imagine the magnitude of the payoffs that would have to be given to politicians to allow this to occur? If you are really concerned about the environment, do your research on the discharge from the Cudjoe sewer plant. And while you are at it, look into the toxins open burning at the plant is putting in the air. Fracking down here has a lower probability of occurring than an asteroid strike or finding an attractive Jersey girl.

[Net Neutrality] I think this is a fight we must all get behind. I’ve also included a short video that explains it.
Without #NetNeutrality your ISP can:
Charge you extra to reach certain websites.
Slow down streaming services like Netflix that compete with their streaming services.
Block some websites altogether.

This is the end of the free and open Internet. Video

(Ed: The day after Thanksgiving is the slowest day of the year for receiving submissions on the Coconut Telegraph. I thought you might like to know.)



Industrial road became visible from The deer overpass on US1 after Irma blew all the leaves off the black mangroves.

Turkey $1.09 a pound? It was already $.80 a pound twenty years ago! And ham, $6 for a whole butt end? That’s just pennies per pound? How can Winn Dixie do that? They’re giving a wonderful new meaning to Thanksgiving


[Charles Manson dead at 83] Rest in hell. Back then mass murders were so rare that we talked about him for almost 50 years.  Now we can’t remember the mass murders of last week.   We are moving in the wrong direction. Video

[Mold] Inside my condo is where they found aspergillus, stachybotrys, and chaetomium molds. I was wondering if the condition of the AC outside has any bearing on what gets inside? Because I rent. You can smell it strongly when you walk past it.
[Economic Injury Disaster Loan] The SBA offers a EIDL incase your business suffered economic loss from Irma. This is the one they don’t tell you about. 800-659-2955 -CSC
[Peace Pipe 1811] On all solemn occasions they offer up a short prayer to the good spirit for his assistance and help. They have no places of worship, public or private. The god whom they adore is invincible. In all their religious ceremonies the great pipe of peace is smoked as a peace-offering to the Elemehum-kill-an-waist, and also on all occasions of peace or war, or other matters of state; and this is done by holding the pipe (when filled and lighted) first to the east, or rising sun, and drawing three whiffs; then to the west or setting sun; next to the heavens above; and, lastly, to the earth beneath — in each case taking care to draw three whiffs. This religious part of the ceremony is gone through only by the chief when the first pipe is filled, before entering upon business. Then the chief hands the pipe to his next neighbor, who smokes without any ceremony, and he to the next, and so on.



Deer Fast Eddie, How about a football league where all the players are on steroids? The Super-Human League! It sure would be exciting.

If the earth actually is flat, how is that a “global” conspiracy?
[Burning Debris] FDOT contractors are continuing to burn vegetative debris on Cudjoe Key, despite some residents objections. The burning of debris is permitted by the Florida Department of Environmental and Florida Forest Service, with the county fire marshal making sure the subcontractor is following the conditions of the permit. The air-curtain incinerator limits the amount of smoke dispersed, especially compared to open burning.
[Few Considered The Telephone Of Any Value] Johnson was among the majority when he noted in his journal, “We already have the telegraph, providing communications for all who desire it. The added virtues of voice communication at a distance are unclear. Perhaps in the future, some people will wish to hear the voice of another far away, but there cannot be many. For myself, I think Mr. Bell’s tele-phone is a doomed curiosity with no real purpose.”
[Debris] Explain to me why piles of garbage still sit by the road, while the key deer fence is repaired and trees are being planted on US1. Piles of garbage are slightly moved to accommodate these plantings.  Terrible optics.
[Black Friday] To hell with shopping! When I was a kid, today’s the day we’d catch the grey men as they dive from the 14th floor. (Nowadays I’ll just going to dig myself a hole. I plan to lay down in it ’till I satisfy my soul.)
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