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Friday, October 11, 2013


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suprise hands to head[Problems Grinder Pumps Will Bring] What will a grinder pump (LPS) sewer connection mean to me?
1. A legal easement filed against your property to allow FKAA personnel to service or replace the County-owned pump.
2. An extra cost of probably one to several thousand dollars to hire an electrician to permit and construct a 240volt, 30 amp circuit to the pump.
3. A portion of your land must be surrendered to the installation of the County’s pump station. This area cannot be driven over and will have a vent sticking up that sometimes stinks. Landscaping options are seriously restricted in the vicinity of the pump station and perpetual access for heavy equipment is required from the road to the pump station.
4. Higher sewer rates for you and everyone else on any FKAA sewer. This is inevitable due to the known high costs of LPS collection system maintenance and repair. Current rates are based on mostly gravity sewers which are largely trouble-free.

What happens if the power goes out? You will not have sewer service until power is restored. The pump station has a storage capacity of about a half day’s average use before it overflows into your yard or causes a backup into your home. When the power comes back, an alarm will sound until it pumps down or is manually silenced. Since the whole neighborhood, island, or region has pump stations that need to pump down, most will be incapable of pumping for an extended period.

Will having a grinder pump affect my home’s value? Having a stinky grinder pump station in your yard and the restrictions of the easement are very undesirable attributes and therefore will certainly hurt the marketability and value of your home. Home buyers will prefer to buy where they can still flush when the power goes out.

How big does a generator have to be to run the E-One grinder pump? The manufacturer says that you should have a good quality generator with a capacity of at least 6500 watts at 240 volts. That is a much bigger generator than most people buy for emergency power or for powering most tools. A generator that big is quite heavy and hard to move.

What happens if there is another flood like Hurricane Wilma? Grinder pumps are not recommended for areas that might flood////////////////////////////. The usual recommendation is to install them with the lid at least two feet above flood level. The manufacturer that was selected to provide pumps for the Keys has added a ball in the vent pipe that is supposed to prevent water entry in a flood and has put a gasket on the lid. We were unable to find any installation where these proved effective during a flood.


[“John Donnelly Defender”]  Wearing a Marine Beret as a civilian, that you were legitimately presented with while on active duty as a Marine, is perfectly alright.  There is nothing wrong with affixing your insignia on the beret at the appropriate designation.

The critic’s false sense of outrage directed at Mr. Donnelly, is a contrived method to character assassinate him. It’s unfortunate that these venomous ramblings continue to be posted.

Karma will deliver its blows, however, for right now I will keep Mr. Donnelly in my thoughts and prayers.

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Nira Tocco has a new video out at No Name Key.

In response to the person that defended grinder pumps against the complaint that they do not work when the power goes out by saying the big lift stations will not pump either: The big lift stations have trailer mounted generators included in the contract. These are to be used by FKAA to pump down the big lift stations periodically when the power goes out. FKAA does not have the resources to pump down thousands of individual grinder pumps. The individual pumps have a small holding tank and will last you about a half day before the nasty kaka runs all over your yard and into the canal. Or backs up into your house. The FKAA could have put a bunch of houses on a short gravity sewer to a deep manhole with a grinder serving several homes and powered from a nearby pole, but the County said they did not want that. Without so many to pump, FKAA could pump down the deep collector manholes daily and you would still be able to flush. 

There is a petition (many copies) being circulated to stop all design and construction of individual grinders until the economics including alternatives are scrutinized- with full transparency. You better raise a big stink now or the stink will be in your yard, you will be out a thousand dollars or more for electrical, there will be an easement across your property and everybody’s rate will be much higher in a few years. Even if you are not slated for a grinder, the rate increase will hurt you too, so holler now because whining later will not help you pay the bill.

nira tocco realtor 9.12

[Word No Good] School Superintendent Porter said on record, “Ms. McPherson will continue at the salary schedule for that position.” Yet he awarded McPherson additional compensation of $9,200, to about $103,000, and also includes an insurance subsidy of $1,857. Porter stonewalled Dr Larry Murray who tried to get the records from Porter under the freedom of information act. Murray took him to court and the documents were later released.



New weapon against pythons.  Link  

[“Being a slob is a personal choice”] Well said, Big Piner!


[“Corporations have no one to answer to”]  Yes, they answer to shareholders, but shareholders are only concerned with profit. That was not a very good reply to the statement. There‘s no mention of what’s moral or what’s right. Corporations care only for one thing. 



[“John Donnelly Critic”] Mr. Donnelly is not wearing a US Army specification green beret. Right before your eyes is the beret in question, and you again incorrectly identify it as an ‘Army Green Beret’. You’ve been exposed as a fraud. Your integrity and credibility are in question. You are not the authority that you purport to be, as your posts are filled with suppositions, guesses and misinformation. You are not a truthful person.

To pretend that you know something, when in fact you are in error, is misleading and dishonest. John Donnelly does not need to wear an article of clothing to attract attention. His extraordinary life, is a testament to his brilliance.  

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I’m in Florida City having lunch at the Royal Palm. I sit at the counter next to an older lady. We talked on and off. She gets ready to pay and I happened to look at the name on her card. I said, “I got four hens a rooster from you about 10 years ago.”



Also they had this book behind the counter. It looks resplendent like Elvis gave this book from Heaven with his hot dog sticking out.

Pink Floyd’s The Wall explanation was appreciated here as well. Wasn’t that a Jethro Tull album?


[Sewer] I am certainly glad that the poster yesterday emphasized he didn’t work for FKAA. Still, if it sounds like a duck, talks like a duck and walks like a duck, it must be one. Nobody in his sound mind would argue in favor of individual grinder pumps at sporadic locations lest they have an ax to grind or are technically savvy.

branding-iron-P[What your life can be like after being convicted of a sex offense] 1: Register in online sex offender databases. 2: Be on probation or parole for life. 3: No drinking of alcohol. 4: No personal computing devices. 5: Wear a GPS monitor, for life. 6: Submit to routine lie detector and drug tests. 7: Can’t live or be within so many feet of areas like parks and schools, or anywhere minors congregate. 8: Have to tell your legal sex partner about your sex offender status and take them to see your parole/probation officer. 9: Your probation/parole officer routinely calls your workplace and any other place you frequent and asks questions, mentions your status. 9: Chemical castration for the serious offenders. 10: Being the lowest form of life in prison, no gang protection. 11: Have to ask permission of countries, states and local officials before visiting or leaving their respective jurisdictions.

Public urination and flashing breasts (awh!) can get one a sex offender status. Link

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Mrs. Smith’s secret is out.

[“John Donnelly Friend”] Mr. Donnelly does not desire attention. He does not take credit for things that he has not earned. Even then, he doesn’t see any need to bring it up. He lives his life as he sees fit, independent of the opinions of others.

For the most part he is easy going, however if you get in his crosshairs it is all over.  Even after all these years he is a fearless warrior with enormous strength and stamina. I’ve seen him in action on matters of life or death and he does not get rattled. He stays calm, poised and reserved. I often wonder what is he thinking. He is a good man to have in your corner. He has helped my family through some very difficult times. Without him we would not have survived.

Everyone should know why he wears his beret. It’s all he has left from the Marines that he served with. It’s no secret how he feels about these men. He misses them and loves them very much.

The man who continues to write hateful things about Mr. Donnelly, really does not know what he is talking about.

pump  handle moves

[Fuel stop pics]  “I Was A Soldier, I Am A Soldier, I Will Always Be A Soldier. Recon Forever!” Great memories! If you are old enough to remember, this will take you back. Get ready for a trip on a time machine to a cool era. Link

[More bar wisdom] You know you’re hung over when the glare from the cream cheese on your bagel is just too bright.


[“Disability Benefits”] I have to laugh at the person who thinks getting social security disability is so easy. My son was diagnosed with M S in 2001 and lost his job because of it. He is still trying to work and support his family (wife and 3 kids) — and has been trying to get social security disability for over 10 years. He keeps getting turned down despite the fact that his condition is getting worse every year. He doesn’t look that sick. You have to watch him for a while to see the problem with coordination. People don’t realize that getting these benefits is not easy — despite the fact that employees and employers both pay into Social Security — it is not a handout from the government.

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[Testosterone Booster] If you haven’t heard the whispers, there’s a new supplement at ONC that’s got executives interested. Out of the tens of thousands of products sold by the nutrition giant, this particular supplement, a free testosterone booster known as Test X180, has managed to become one of ONC’s top 25 grossing products in a matter of months. 

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Dear politicians, start using your head. You know? that lump that’s 3 feet above your ass!



[Proof] This is what they really believe.

Radio Shack Ad pixlr9.16.13

Why am I single? Because in this ocean full of fish and I’m looking for a dolphin.

john-donnelly-day[“John Donnelly Friend”] From what I’ve read about Mr Donnelly I’ll bet he’d rather keep to himself than being the focus of gossip. But it’s nice to hear about some good things from a person’s life instead of having to wait until they’re dead. Kudos to him on John Donnelly Day! Okay, it’s over let us write nothing more on this subject. I’ve had enough.


Over 825,200 gallons of fracked oil spill in N.D. the public was kept in the dark for days because of the gov’t shutdown. Stop the friggin’ fracking! Link


If you are riding your bicycle on one side of the lined traffic lane that the cars are in, what difference should it make to drivers which direction you are going as long as you each stay on your own side of that white line?  The benefit of riding opposite the car flow is that you have a fighting chance of avoiding being run down by some texting goofball driver who swerves onto you.  If you are riding in the actual car lane itself then you should definitely go with the flow.

open swinging

The Big Pine Flea Market is open! Come in and get your fresh produce, tools, tarps, housewares and tropical clothes. We have new vendors coming in every week. Come in and see all your old friends and meet some new ones too. 

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Keys fishing guides take government shutdown protest to the water.   Link

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Rockland Plaza plan sees no opposition.  Link

[“John Donnelly Advocate”] The ardent attack launched against John Donnelly over the choice of headgear that he is wearing in a picture, is founded upon inaccuracies and mistaken conjecture.  The point is this, most of the assumptions being made by the poster are flat out wrong. The poster must realize that the statements he is making lack a factual foundation and are simply his opinions.

As pointed out, a United States Army General and Sergeant Major were clearly able to make the distinction between the beret being worn by John Donnelly and their coveted ‘Army Green Beret’ during last year’s Marine Corps Birthday Celebration. They congratulated him on his superb management of the event and had their picture taken with him. There was no ‘posing’ or deception by Mr. Donnelly. The Marine Beret that was presented to him, is his to wear wherever and whenever he so desires.

I know for a fact that the beret being worn by Mr. Donnelly is a bona fide Marine Green Beret given to him under the circumstances that have been previously described. It is not an Army Green Beret in any way, shape or form. It was not purchased online or at an Army surplus store. It was not altered or shifted from one side to another. It is not set up to look like anything other then what it is. This Marine Green Beret was purchased by the sacrifices of the Marines who were killed or wounded in action with John Donnelly.   

I’m cognizant that my comments will probably not do anything to alter the poster’s perspective. If John Donnelly thought for one moment that wearing his beret was insulting to another branch of service, or that it was in anyway inappropriate, he would cease and desist immediately.

I believe that it just the reverse, to him the beret represents a bond and brotherhood that was established between himself and the Marines that he lost. The Purple Heart shirt and beret acknowledge their sacrifice. He refuses to hide and conceal the memory of those who did not return home. For him, they actually will never be forgotten.

I’m taken back by the harsh tone of the critic’s remarks. The poster appears to be unable to relate to Mr. Donnelly’s experience. Of one thing I’m certain, if ever you are in need and you can’t continue to carry on, John Donnelly will grasp your hand and carry you across the finish line.

coconuts lounge and liquor 9.12

Storm brewing for Keys waterspout Captain. The Coast Guard is investigating two Florida Keys divers who made a splash on the Internet and TV news stations last week after they posted a video of themselves entering a waterspout.  Link


[Giant Hornets Invade The World] Severe hornet attacks in China,which even more alarmingly has moved to South America. coming to a country neatr you! Link

It looks like the Keys’ sewer problem is fixed, that is, the big guys got all the media to stop sticking in stuff about it and of course the locals forgot about it in three days as usual. What’s next, the fishing rights? the Route1 beautification scam? The taxes being increased scam? 

[“CraigsList Ghetto”] The post was calling only Big Pine as being a ghetto, which it is compared to the rest of the Keys. And if you’re still looking for drugs just drive around Big Pine and ask someone on the street.

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[Captain Doom and Gloom] “If all the useless eaters were to disappear the earth would be just small family farms without wars, famine, crime, hate, technology, over population or religion and that is what we need or we ain’t gunna make it!”

Ever notice when the marketing value of certain food items are low, all of a sudden those items are good for you? Link

[Roatan, Honduras] I’m fixing to fly Roatan, Honduras to scuba dive and am having second thoughts as to my safety due to the criminal element. Google has scared me enough to 86 the trip. Have any of you been there recently? Is it Roatan safe?



religion politics zone

[Closed Government] 10 days ago the Republicans were smiling ear to ear. Michelle Bachmann said that she had never seen her party so happy. News videos showed the Republicans giving high fives after the government shut down! Yesterday, FTR said that the shutdown was basically not a big deal because 89% of the government is not shut down.

Tell the people who are not getting paid, the folks who are out of their jobs, the children who could not get treatment for cancer, those who have planned for years to visit National Parks on their vacations, those of us who would prefer to have our food inspected Etc. Etc., that it’s not a big deal! It’s a very big deal! FTR hasn’t checked the latest polls because the President’s ratings have gone up. Also, the approval rating for Obamacare has gone up 7%. Guess what? The approval ratings for the Republican Party has dropped to 28%. This favorable rating has dropped from 38% in September. This is the lowest rating of either party since the Gallup Poll starting asking in 1992. The Republican Party is a huge mess and made a disastrous decision with all of this government shutdown crap. Americans are not buying it. We are all sick of the regressive Party standing against stuff instead of for stuff. We are sick of the political games at our expense. In this complex world we need the best and the brightest. We do not need the dumb and the stubborn. Thank Goodness we have President Obama and not President Romney (remember that he was only concerned about 47% of us?).

Let’s face it. The grinder pump issue is akin to Obamacare. Unless they shove it down our throats, nobody of a sound mind would opt for such a farce.


Obamacare needs 7 million people to sign up to make it work. They were looking forward to several million signing up this last week — only 51 thousand signed up. Many of those had pre-existing conditions. That will require much more going out than coming in. I can’t help but think voters will question the worth of such a poorly thought out program. The Federal Government has shown it’s not very good at running anything. Do you really want then in charge of your health? I don’t.

[“On Fiscal Responsibility] “… bill to increase the nation’s ability to borrow money so it can continue paying its bills.” 

[The government now says it cannot pay death benefits to the families of our military killed in the line of duty]  Our military men and women, especially those who paid the ultimate sacrifice in service to our country, are being treated like dirt as the government claims poverty.   Our government  does seem to have the money to provide hundreds of billions of dollars to every third world shit hole that has their hand out.  Not to mention the hundreds of millions upon millions of dollars spent on endless “welfare” programs that do nothing but encourage lazy, useless people not to work or contribute anything to the society that supports them, on the backs of working taxpayers, who are being taxed to death and receive nothing but grief, higher taxes and contemptuous abuse from the incompetent, self-centered thieves and buffoons in Washington.    

Now we are on the verge of getting the ObamaCare enema shoved  up our collective backsides as part of his and his party’s socialist agenda that wants nothing more to make more and more people dependant  on the government for their day-to-day existence, subsidized of course by the working taxpayer, who has no recourse but to continue paying, paying and paying to support the ever growing  cradle-to-grave welfare state.

We, as a nation, are doomed if this socialist ‘runaway train’ isn’t stopped and we return to the principles of a positive work ethic, family, home, and the ideals that our Founding Fathers left in our care.

[Stay Closed] When every man, woman and child pays the $55,000 owed to the government to reduce the debt, then we can open the government, not before.

[Redux] Does this explain liberals to you? This is just too good not to share – a classic.

In a bid to stem taxpayer losses for bad loans guaranteed by federal housing agencies Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac, Senator Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) proposed that borrowers be required to make a 5% down payment in order to qualify for a loan.

His proposal was rejected 57-42 on a straight party-line vote because, as Senator Chris Dodd (D-Conn) explained, “Passage of such a requirement would restrict home ownership to only those who can afford it.”

I can’t add anything to this, I just can’t.

[“We do not pay for welfare”] Oh I see, the money just falls from the sky!

[“You never paid into a welfare fund”]  Welfare handouts are taxpayers’ dollars taken from hard-working, taxpaying citizens.  The gov’t does not ‘earn’ anything of its own. All its funds are taken from the citizens of this country.
from the right
(Ed: FTR is on vacation and still posting, but he’s really taking a vacation today. Have fun FTR!)