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Thursday, October 10, 2013


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[“John Donnelly”] He saved my child’s life! The state wanted to execute my son for crimes that he did not commit.

Because of John Donnelly’s involvement they backed away from pursuing his death. Instead, they decided to imprison him for the rest of his life. There would be no release or parole. He would die in prison for crimes that he had nothing to do with. They had my son in solitary confinement, isolated from any outside contact. Not even the prison minister was allowed to have contact with him.

John Donnelly took them all on. Each and every one that had anything to do with his wrongful imprisonment. He roared like a hurricane in their lives for 3 years. God must have been in Mr. Donnelly. His energy, insight and ideas burned so brightly that it appeared his enemies were blinded. He knew how to attack the problem, so that my son would be safe and leave the prison alive.

We are a poor family and did not have the means to fight back. We had nowhere to turn.  John Donnelly came to our rescue and guided us through some very long and dark days.  

It was not pretty, during the process as Mr. Donnelly unraveled the case against my son, they offered another inmate medical treatment for his hepatitis, along with expanded commissary privileges, if he would kill my son.

John Donnelly’s life was threatened by the entities that he had been battling against. An unexplainable joy came over him in response to their attempt at intimidating him. He later explained that it was a sign that victory would soon be ours.

Mr. Donnelly counseled my son for years through his letters, teaching him how to meditate and live his life. He closely guided him through this dangerous period with very sound and practical advice. My son adopted John Donnelly as his father.

He has since been freed from the forces of darkness. He returned to his twin sons, graduated with honors from one of our nation’s premier vocational colleges, started up a successful business and been hired by a prestigious company specializing in his particular vocational skill.

John Donnelly represents the true valor and spirit of the Marine Corps. He is a real leader who brings integrity and solutions to the issues of our day.


[Sewer] I swore to stay out of the sewer fray, but stupid statements compel me to ask you to ponder this. If you are concerned your sewer grinder pump won’t work during a power outage, what makes you think the (electrically powered) lift stations required for a gravity system in flat terrain such as the Keys will work without power? And when those lift stations stop working, where do you think the sewage will go?

Please read the USEPA Technology Fact Sheet on Sewers/Lift Stations: “Key disadvantages of lift stations include the high cost to construct and maintain and the potential for odors and noise. Lift stations also require a significant amount of power, are sometimes expensive to upgrade, and may create public concerns and negative public reaction.”

”If the power supply is interrupted, flow conveyance is discontinued and can result in flooding upstream of the lift station, It can also interrupt the normal operation of the downstream wastewater conveyance and treatment facilities.” See Link 

And no, I don’t work for the FKAA. Nor am I am related to anyone at the FKAA, or anyone involved with these sewer projects. I am simply a concerned Keys resident who believes that the Keys waters need to be protected, and that the best way to do that is to stop the sewage leaching into our waters by providing every canalfront or waterfront home with a central sewer system –at the most efficient cost possible.

sink cruise ship


No bigger ships, no more environmental impact key west voters soundly defeat channel widening study. Link

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[Disability Crooks] It is estimated that fully one quarter of those receiving disability are crooks. Estimates go as high as 50% of them being crooks. You all know someone on disability scamming the system because they have a sore back. I have a sore back, but I don’t scam the system. The scammers don’t even know they are scammers. They think they are entitled to free money because their backs hurt and the Nanny Government should pay them. Many of these scammers are the same ones who complain about welfare.

To put it into perspective — the Disability Allowance costs more than our entire defense budget and our entire welfare and food stamp budgets combined.

nira tocco realtor 9.12

[“Corporations have no one to answer to”]  Of course they do.  They answer to shareholders, customers and the government.  As a shareholder, you have the option to vote for board members or by selling or buying their stock.  As a customer, you vote with your feet, as in, take your business elsewhere if you’re not happy with them.  Without corporations, ie. the private sector, what you have is communism – everything controlled and owned by the government.

purple heart swing[“John Donnelly Advocate”] When the chips are down there is no finer an individual to have around you than John Donnelly. He epitomizes to me all the greatness that is embodied in the Marine Corps. He will not leave his wounded, nor anyone else for that matter, on the battlefield. And he will figure out a way to be successful, no matter what the odds might be against him.

He is a formidable presence who has depth and substance. He emulates all the qualities that an aspiring Marine might need to bring victory into their lives. He is a model and example of how to respond to difficult and challenging times.

John has sacrificed himself for the welfare of myself and others on many occasions. He just doesn’t think that much about himself. His concerns are for the welfare of his fellow man. I believe he acquired that quality in Marine Corps.

John has come to my aid on a moment’s notice, when I was seriously injured and unable to get help. The Marine Corps, and our nation as a whole, have benefited from the superior leadership skills and wisdom that John brings to the table.

I marvel at his determination and strength in addressing the severity of his disabling wounds. He will not allow himself to be dominated by these injuries.

John Donnelly continues to be a real American hero. He is grounded in the principles and traditions that have made our country great. 

Being a slob is a personal choice and right. Minding your own business is just good common sense and courtesy. 


[“Pink Floyd’s Quadraphenia”] I thought Quadraphenia was The Who’s album.

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When I’m miserable, I try to make the necessary changes to my life to correct it.  I don’t try and drag everyone else down with me.

tv hdtv suv


Springer’s now has 17 TVs! Our happy hour is 3-7 everyday with a $5 menu that’s hard to beat

[“Powdery drywall”] You probably have Chinese drywall which you need to verify ASAP as it will destroy your plumbing and wiring. Good luck.


[“Which One’s Pink?] Thanks to the person who explained The Wall. I’ve been listening to that album for forty years and never had a clue that it was about anything. “All in all, we’re just another brick in the wall.” ~The Wall



Watch the Moon pass above Venus and Antares these evenings. (These scenes are drawn for the middle of North America. European observers: move each Moon symbol a quarter of the way toward the one for the previous date. For clarity, the Moon is shown three times actual size.) 

[“Just start a church or not for profit charity and live like those leeches”]  I have a hangnail.  I think I’ll just apply for social security disability instead.  That way everything is paid for including my medical expenses and I won’t be paying taxes.  Sounds like a plan.


In 1973, Spiro Agnew resigned the vice presidency after being charged with tax evasion; the same way they got that other crook — Capone. Didn’t Agnew’s old boss once famously say, “I am not a crook.”



Come to the Monster Bash! “He did the Mash …the Monster Mash …”

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[Islamorada Protest] A hundred Keys fishing guides protest closure of Everglades National Park. Link   

[“John Donnelly”] Mr. Donnelly was my teacher and coach. He brought hope and wisdom into my life. I was an empty and broken down student. I had given up on learning. Mr. Donnelly changed my whole outlook on life. He taught me that I had value, potential and a future. He built me up, as he shared his wisdom, knowledge and skills with me.

He stimulated the classroom and made learning fun. He showed by his actions that he was genuinely interested and concerned with each one of his students.

Mr. Donnelly would tell us that he looked upon us as his squad of Marines. He told us that it was his job to insure our safety and success in every aspect of our lives. Mr. Donnelly walked the talk. He was creative and personalized our lessons, bringing the best out in each one of us.

Mr. Donnelly was a wealth of knowledge and information. We relied on and trusted him. We loved him and he loved us.

Because of Mr. Donnelly I graduated and went on to have a successful life. His inspiration and guidance have brought me through some rough times. Mr. Donnelly is a great teacher who instilled within me the drive not to give up, nor settle for mediocrity.

As a Marine, he brought an awareness to the entire school of the sacrifices that were required to obtain and keep our freedom. He instituted and maintained a Memorial Day Service at the high school for 20 years. This service was absolutely spectacular, as the jets flew over the school in formation the exhilaration of every student, teacher and dignitary could be felt. People from far and wide would look forward to attending this ceremony. It made us all feel proud to be an American.

My parents, wife and children are all grateful that Mr. Donnelly played a significant role in my development.

server desk

The next meeting of our computer club is coming up this Saturday, October 12, 10 am at the senior center.  Hope to see you there. Events

[“Welfare recipients never contributed one cent”] During your 40 years of hard work I believe you never paid anything into a welfare fund. Workmen’s Compensation yes. Welfare no.

Sustainable Pooch Petsitting.  Business Directory > Pets 



Earth in 1000 years. Oh, oh, maybe I should buy that boat now? Video

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Radio Shack Ad pixlr9.16.13

hat tip


[“John Donnelly’s Hat] I don’t care a bit about his hat or beret. What I do care about is Mr Donnelly’s untiring interest in the community and veterans. We need more committed souls like him, hat or no, my hat’s off to him!

The following is straight out of the Fl Keys Craigslist rants and raves. I love what a ghetto the Keys are becoming.

“Finding dope in key west. is there any good streets to find H in this town I need to get high so if anyone can tell me where to go”


There is a big difference between Welfare and Unemployment. One is for freeloaders who do not and will not produce, and the other one is for producers that cannot produce until another job is found.

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[“Spying on America”] Thousands of technology, finance and manufacturing companies are working closely with U.S. national security agencies, providing sensitive information, including computer software vulnerabilities before they are patched.

Several NSA personal, like David Rice, work for companies like Apple Inc. in charge of their product security. Link

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rob roy

I tried a Rob Roy, didn’t like that either.

“The Man Who Saved the World” This documentary of secrets is in recognition of another anniversary of The Cuban Missile Crisis. Video

coconuts lounge and liquor 9.12

meteor blue tail


Draconid meteor shower 2013: what you need to know. Video

[What’s in a Hat] To the John Donnelly Defender: Horse Hockey. Full Stop! He was not presented with the beret he has on his head by any member of of a foreign force. He has a US Army specification green beret on his head with a USMC EGA affixed.

While the UK Royal Marines do indeed wear berets that are green in color, one must note that these UK Royal Marines wear green berets are of a different hue, manufacture and specification than the Green Beret that members of US Army Special Forces units wear as authorized headgear. Further, the UK Royal Marines have a distinct unit insignia affixed to their berets.

In the good ole’ US of A, wear of the Green Beret is reserved for members of US Army Special Forces units. To earn this right, these soldiers undergo arduous training and qualification – something Mr. Donnelly has not undergone. He simply poached the beret at a surplus shop or he bought it online and attached a USMC EGA to it.

The Green Beret is a symbol of excellence that must be earned (just like the USMC EGA) Mr. Donnelly has not earned this right, yet he represents that he has. When the general member of the public sees it they reach a valid conclusion that this person served in the US Army Special Forces. This is known as POSING. He has no right to wear this headgear anymore than a US Army Special Forces soldier who never served in the USMC would have a right to wear the USMC EGA.

Mr. Donnelly posed with a photo a US Army Special Forces beret with a USMC Eagle,Globe and Anchor (itself a symbol of excellence that must be earned) affixed over the wrong eye side of the beret. He is not wearing the insignia of the UK Royal Marines nor is he entitled to wear this beret.

The US Marines briefly experimented with Blue and Green Berets back in the 1950s. I highly doubt he was one of the few who served in the USMC back in the day.

If Mr. Donnelly is indeed the honorable and upright person you insist he is, he will stop this sham and quit masquerading as a something he isn’t.


Deer Ed, What are you doing? Ads for hookers online with video? The link for “Save the Rich”  filled with F  F  F   F  F?  (Ed: See, that’s what happens when I don’t read or watch every single link.)

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Plastic surgeon’s business card.

[Captain Doom and Gloom] I wonder where one can read the bills that our national debt pay for? Would it not be great if we could go over all the spending and just un-check a box to delete BS items? There would not be any more statues for famous idiots, no welfare for illegals, no free grants for BS actors, no millions for Ms. Smackedass’s idea of pink highway lines, or anything the ‘keep the peasants poor’ bunch do to keep the sheep sheared!



religion politics zone

“Don’t fart and point at the dog”  ~Jon Stewart on John Boehner



[Debt] Here we go again. As if the federal government shutdown isn’t bad enough, the U.S. government now has to start facing the issue of whether or not to raise the debt ceiling. This time the deadline is October 17th. Link

The husband of Senator Dianne Feinstein chairs a company that brokers sales of USPS facilities. Link

We have a new champion and all time leader in the lowest poll ratings Olympics. I figured since our beloved posters on here enjoy telling us the poll numbers when they suit them I figure turn about is fair game.

Of course they suit me now so its my turn. No shame here.

According to a recent Gallup poll (the same polling group the right uses and quotes) the current Tea Party Republicans favorable rating is down to only 28%.

Its the lowest ratings since Gallup began asking that question.

Kudos to the lowest ratings in Gallup history.

Makes our Presidents numbers in the 40s look great. However I do have a feeling we haven’t seen the bottom yet for the Regressives.

The government says it cannot pay the death benefits to the families of our military killed in the line of duty.  It says it can’t pay to have the families transported to the base where the remains are to be brought.

No mention, though, of not being able to pay for Obama phones. I couldn’t be more disgusted.

from the right

arrow down manA brand new AP poll states that Obama’s approval rating has tanked to 37%. No surprise there given his ham handed dilatory tactics in the handling of the so called government shut down.  Most folks don’t realize that the government is not shut down, it still continues to operate 83% of its responsibilities. Obama and the Dems are taking it on the nose because of their cruel tactics in the government slow down. One of the worst was the government’s initial refusal to provide benefits to the families of the most recently killed brave American service men and women killed in Afghanistan. Only public outcry caused the reversal of that cruel decision by Team Obama.

The Republican House has passed many bills designed to take the sting and public pain out of the government slowdown. They  attempted to make sure that cancer research would continue. The Democrats said “No Way” to each and every offer.  The Democrats want you and every other American to suffer mightily.  The more pain the better is the new Democrat mantra.

Then there is the jaw dropping decision of Team Obama to open up the National Mall to a few hundred illegal aliens that were demanding benefits from the government while Team Obama shut down the WW2 memorial, national parks, cancer research, and veterans benefits.

We hear much chatter about how much the 1995 government shut down hurt the Republicans, but that is simply untrue. The positive impacts of the 1995 government shutdown included the balanced-budget deal in 1997 and the first four consecutive balanced budgets since the 1920s. In addition, that shut down led to the first re-election of a Republican majority since 1928. That was due in part to the Republican Party’s hard line on the budget. The Republican Party had a net loss of three seats in the House in the 1996 elections but retained a 227-206 seat majority. In the Senate, Republicans gained two seats.

Our fiscal problems and our debt now make our debt and spending then seem to be petty chump change.  Today, unless we get our spending under control we are heading for catastrophe. We do not have a reasonable, responsible President, we have a petulant man child who lusts for ever more power. The new Democrat motto should be “Screw the consequences, no negotiation.”

computer dizzyPart 2) Here’s something to think about when you’re signing up or even just looking and shopping around in the Obamacare web sites. First of all you will not be able to even look around or check out the prices until you open an account. That account will require you to give the government a full accounting of your health, your income, and tons of other personal information. Then, that information becomes the property of the government and that personal data can be used for “law enforcement and audit activities”.  

How about that, Obamacare has not-so-hidden provisions that allow them to give all of your health information to the police and to the IRS anytime they want. And all your e-mails to Obamacare about private matters, those will be shared by the government as well. Politico is reporting that once you set up an account, you can’t delete it.

Have you wondered why it was necessary to hire 16,000 new IRS agents to enforce Obamacare?.  If it’s so damned good, why are people hammering at the gates to get it?

Then of course there is the problem that the “navigators” for Obamacare that you may be dealing with. They will also have full and total access to your SS number, your date of birth, your sex, and all of your vital stats. We already know that the screening practices for these “navigators” is virtually nonexistent.

Every now and then a mouthy Democrat steps on their tongue. Maxine Waters is an excellent example, she is quoted as saying: “”The president has put in place an organization with the kind of database that no one has ever seen before in life.  It’s gonna be very, very powerful.  And that database will have information about everything on every individual in ways that it’s never been done before.  And whoever runs for president on the Democratic ticket has to deal with that.  They’re going to go down with that database, and the concerns of those people, because they can’t get around it.  And he, Obama, he’s been very smart.  It’s very powerful, what he’s leaving in place.”