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Monday, July 28, 2014

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enjoy -island sunsetI have to disagree with the ‘all cops’ post. I suspect it was written by someone with a fresh speeding ticket in their hand. I have met a lot of the sheriff dept (even R Ramsey) and a number of the KW police and they we’re all upstanding, respectable people. I don’t doubt there maybe some who are over zealous or inept, but that’s true in any profession and that judgment is always difficult (labor / union laws rarely allow immediate dismissals).
Look at Big Pine Key restaurant — always filled with fine folks, but one rotten apple/jerk creates a ruckus over a hamburger and a cup of water and the thousand ‘attaboys are wiped out by one ‘awh, heck.

We live in paradise – think positive, it’s better than 99% of the world so enjoy the good life!

Obama’s VA panel is recommending that veterans living more than 40 miles from a VA hospital or waiting more than one month for an appointment can seek treatment locally and the VA will pay for it. Obama said he will sign it. Bravo!
I’ve always been opposed to the lobster mini season for many reasons, but after going to Winn Dixie last Saturday and seeing that mob, I realized the economic impact of the two day event. It’s summer and it’s slow and this big buck infusion is good for everyone (but the lobster and its environment)
It looks like rain for lobster days. Too bad for those folks who spent a fortune to get here.
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[A parents worst nightmare]  “Mom, Dad, I want you to meet my new boyfriend, Slash.”
[Mini Season] We were out fishing the Hump Sunday and I counted over twenty boats. It reminded me of the scene from Jaws after they offered a reward for the shark. Overloaded boats with people who could not drive, going in and out of chum lines–a mortal offense in the Keys. And what topped it off were some clowns who cranked their radio full blast playing hip-hop. Ugh. I am going into hiding until mini season is over.
[MRSA] By not articulating a legitimate warning about contracting MRSA in our waters to as many tourists as possible we –-our fair city–faces the eventual probability of legal liability. In the case of death from that kind of infection the seriousness of our liability might well exponentially soar. This is really serious sand the City ignores the warnings
This large frigate bird was showing his stuff Saturday afternoon off Newfound harbor.
Reasons why you’re a mosquito magnet. Link
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shower now take a cold one
I hate it when a shower only has two temperatures: 3rd degree burns, or, skinny dipping in Antarctica.
How to unlock your cell phone. Link
[Happy Anniversary WWI] In 1914, Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia, marking the official beginning of World War I.
Grateful Dead Beanie Bears
(11). All kept in display containers. Bears included are: Althea, Bertha, Cassidy, Cosmic Charlie, Delilah, Jack Straw, Samson, Stagger Lee, St. Stephen, Sugaree, & Tennesee Jed. Original names tags, all in perfect condition, except Bertha – tag chewed. $35 for all 11. Will include 5 square display container if you want them. Big Pine. Reply to Classified Ads > Miscellaneous
Selective Christianity on immigration: Who would Jesus deport?
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This was a pretty good race when the green boat was leading, but after the go-fast boat built up momentum it left the green boat in its wake.
[The Decline of Local Radio] A couple of weeks ago when the electricity was out for four hours I tuned in to US1 radio to see if I could find any information. It appears that US1 radio is all automated after the Morning Magazine and BizBaz and there are no live announcers to keep us updated. It’s no wonder no one listens to it after those two live programs finish. Bill Becker must be rolling in his grave.
I saw that big sailboat against the 7 Mile Bridge Friday. It looked like if had it come in a 100 yards or so, to the east, it would have taken out the electricity to the Lower Keys.
steak fajitas28Hi there and Happy Monday from Springer’s Bar and Grill. Today’s special is Steak Fajitas. Come on in, get out of the heat and enjoy this Mexican treat.
Tuesday special: $10.00 2 topping pizza
Wednesday special: Hamburger steak with onion mushroom gravy
Thursday special: Sausage and peppers on a hoagie
Friday special: Fish and chips
Happy Hour 2-7 daily with great drink specials and happy hour menu.
There’s always something special at Springer’s.
I had asked all my friends in my address book if they wanted me to keep sending them email. Half replied with “Please only send nice pictures, nice stories and no politics, war or depressing stuff.” What this tells me is people are hiding in their bubbles and can’t handle real world situations. This is dangerous in my view. People have to face the world’s problems not live in a dream world
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This little female cardinal was singing away minding her own business while getting a little shade.
Shazam is a free app for your smartphone that tells you what song is playing and lots of other info too. It’s really amazing. Clik the app and click to “listen” in just a few seconds the screen tells you everything you want to know. Free Download
Amazon’s foray into TV programming starts with Transparent about a dysfunctional family. I thought it was a half hour wasted. Link
I watched the first installment of the series “Manhattan” last night in hopes it would accurately portray the heroism and dedication of the scientists who were a part of the Manhattan Project. Instead, I saw a classic presentation of left-wing media claptrap full of regretful and duplicitous scholars, a paranoid and oppressive military, and shallow wives who only cared about the quality of the accommodations. The fact that the atomic bomb likely prevented a million U.S. casualties by eliminating the need for an invasion of mainland Japan is conveniently ignored since it doesn’t fit the political narrative the series wants to present.
UPS figures routes so precisely because if every driver drove just one extra mile a day it would cost the company $300,000,000 a year, bankrupting the delivery service.
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[House Cat
] Mother Nature should send me a thank you card for keeping my cat in the house. Here she is pictured trying to claw her way through the porch to get a pigeon. None of the lizards in our house have tails, many don’t have lives!
[Bombs for Butterflies] If the key to saving monarchs is growing more milkweed, why aren’t we walking around with pockets full of seed? Link Free milkweed seeds. Link
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hamburg bun28Deer Hamburger Bun,  What’s your beef?  The last time I was in Marathon, my wife and I stopped at a big box burger joint (name doesn’t matter cause they’re all at the same level) to have lunch.  2 burgers, 2 fries and 2 drinks were 15 bucks and change.  We did get two great dining options though.  Either eat in the car, where you’re all but guaranteed to deposit debris on your lap, or eat inside in the 1970’s Howard-Johnsons-hotel-lobby-look-a-like area, where you have to clean you’re own table before and after your meal.  Both options ensure you eat your food faster than you should, leaving little time for taste, but that’s probably a good thing.  Thank you Big Pine Restaurant for the friendly, unrushed atmosphere.  May you thrive for 13 more.
The Lacey Act is overly broad and contains inadequate criminal intent provisions to protect even a sophisticated defendant, let alone the average citizen. Though originally passed with the good intention of enforcing state laws and protecting the American bird population, the Lacey Act has now become a casebook example of federal over criminalization run amok.
[Hamburger] I think the most offensive post I’ve ever read here is the one from the person who complained about the price of a hamburger plate at the Big Pine Restaurant as being much higher than what he could make it for himself at home. What an ignorant, callous complaint to make! You don’t compare the price of a hamburger plate with fixings, side, etc to the price of supermarket ground beef. I patronize the BP Restaurant and am glad to do so because it is a fine restaurant. When I want to cook for myself, I go to the market. When I don’t, I go to a restaurant. What makes you think those two options should have the same price?
fist bump28
Shaking hands
is so old school. In our new germ conscious society fist bumping is de-riggeur. Fist bumping has 20% less germs than handshaking.
[Classified Ads] Thanks to the Coconut Telegraph I sold my car! I owe you one. Please remove 1993 Honda Civic hatchback.
lower keys boat rental7.11.14
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party animals
I have heard that there is an open Hostel in the Bogie channel area, somewhere in the Ford Lane area. I hear that there are tons of cool people there, and tons of parties. A group of us are looking to come down from Vermont next month and would love to rent some rooms there. Has anyone heard of it? We would love to get more info about this place. We’ve heard so much about it. Please leave a response. We will be checking online for any info. Thanks in advance for any help
Any assisted-living senior facility in KW will have to be open to seniors living anywhere in the US. The whole premise of the Federal transfer of the Navy property to the City of Key West was to help offset the economic damage done to the island when the Sub Base shut down. To have some other agency announce that part of the property can somehow not be aimed at benefitting Key West residents seems grossly inconsistent with the general intent of the entire BRAC process. Creating a Senior facility on City property can only make public sense if the beneficiaries are genuine, long term, Key West residents. Otherwise, why would the Navy have transmitted the property to Key West and not Washington. The Law must be consistent. Someone in Key West with basic legal training ought to be able to make that point to a Federal judge, and if a change in some Federal Housing or Welfare provision is required, then so be it. But, no. Bright individuals on the Island have been aware of this screaming inconsistency among Federal policies for years. Net result of their awareness: Zero!
[Death By Lizard
] This cicada’s wings are still fluttering as it’s about to be swallowed by a Madagascar lizard on a young gumbo limbo tree. Speaking of cicadas, other than the one in the photo and the one who flew into my chest, I haven’t heard any this summer. Where are they? Sometimes their noise drives me nuts
[“Dear Not Charging For Water”] Thank you for your kind response to my letter regarding water. Perhaps I did go a bit too far in explaining overhead. I want you to know, I had put a sentence in there stating that I was not speaking for anyone one else, but I suggested that other business owners would appreciate the same courtesy I was asking for. That is why you see businesses in my letter vs. just business. The editor cut that sentence out of my letter. It’s no problem.

If I went overboard, it must have been because of me being tired. I have been putting in 90 plus hours per week, and cooking on the grill as I lost someone for the first time in 7 years. It’s okay however, because he told my wife and I, that beside his parents, we were the two most influential people in his life. He is moving on to open his own restaurant. He told us, it was our training that enabled that to happen. If 1% of that statement is true, then we feel truly blessed to have impacted a young mans life and family is such a way.

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herald horn
Big Pine Bocce League
summer 2014 season sign ups to be held Monday 8-4-14 at 6 PM at the park. $100 per team sponsor. $20 per player. There are teams looking for players. See ‘Ongoing Events’ for the Big Pine Bocce League website to get more information. Full Menu
[Conspiracy] They thing with conspiracy theorists is that they immediately believe the most farfetched theories anyone can imagine. They don’t care who it’s from–they’ll believe it as fact. They never believe anything at face value–anything! They simply can’t conceive of anything being as it is, there has to be a conspiracy in their minds.
[“New World Order conspiracy theory”] That is not a theory, it is the truth! Those companies own us by the short hairs, but where are their war toy companies and foreign mfg companies?
[Captain Doom and Gloom] Dragging the ship channel is bad enough, but can you imaging what the Keys would be like if the junta dredged all the canals for deeper yachts throughout the Keys? We locals would be history just from the taxes going up and pushing us out!

When the hell are you locals going to wake up and smell the junta? Even my nine year old knows a rip-off when she sees one and the junta is ripping our wallets out of our pants for Old 7, the sewers, the US1 beauty con, and anything else they can get from us to drive us out and recycle these islands into a new high end resort and mansion area like Boca Raton. I give us five years and we are history!

Cops are nothing but unskilled egos in a uniform as are the military. Psych 101 taught us that.
“No George, Steve Perry was the lead singer from the band “Journey”. This is that a**hole from Texas.”
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For heavens sake Obama didn’t kill your sister.

You have reached an all time low.

In the words of Kevin O’Leary from the Shark Tank.

Youre dead to me now.

We are all responsible for our own life decisions. Period end of story.

from the right
sleep obama28Obama has already checked out, he really has not much interest in leading our nation, he apparently has put down a huge pile of money on a retirement shack (worth more than $4 million) in very toney Rancho Mirage Ca.

Consider this: In recent days, a) Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 was shot down, apparently by Russian separatists in Ukraine, then the Russians fired rockets and artillery into Ukraine from Russian soil. Russia is invading a sovereign, Democratic nation. b) In the Gaza strip, the numbers killed continued to mount as Israelis and Palestinians exchange rocket fire, N Korea and Hamas have entered into an arms deal. c) A huge influx of children fleeing Central American poverty and gang warfare swamped America’s southern border, creating a humanitarian crisis. Obama is rumored to be considering yet another “executive action” that would grant asylum tens of thousands of Central American illegal aliens, prospective Democrat voters all. But has done nothing. d)The jihadists have never been more powerful or more active, they are overrunning Iraq and North Africa, And, oh yeah, e) Christians living in Mosul were given the choice to either convert to Islam or flee the area they have inhabited for nearly two thousand years.

You know what else has happened during this time? a) Obama played many rounds of golf, b) he attended numerous fund-raisers, c) he dined on barbecue in Texas and burgers in Delaware, d) played pool and drank beer for a photo op in Colo but refused to visit our southern border saying he did not want to do a photo op, and e) only the last minute did Obama duck yucking it up with comedian Jimmy Kimmel’s late-night television show in Hollywood.

It amazes me that those Democrats who truly have the well being of our nation at heart are not up in arms at Obama’s behavior