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Monday, March 18, 2013

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Holy Popemobile, Batman! They elected Woody Allen as the Pope. And all this time I thought he was Jewish. 

[Dogs and Cats]To whomever thinks that walking one’s dog would automatically deter a free-roaming cat from killing, you are certainly not thinking rationally. The dog walker never said how close they were to the marsh rabbit. Did you ever consider why the rabbit wasn’t first frightened away by the dog & human? And why should you expect someone to prove to you what they saw? If you want proof of marsh rabbits near Watson Field, perhaps the Refuge will show you the carcass that I turned over to them after I was driving behind a car that struck one almost directly across from Watson ballpark about 3 yr. ago. 



I guess Zaza donated their caps to the Salvation Army in Key West. 

[Whahoo Key ] It would be cool to see a map of every little rock sticking above water that has a name, with the history of that name.
plantes18Deer Editor,  The reason your computer messed up is that Mercury was Retro. On 26 June it’ll happen again. Plan for delays, bad decisions and sheet hitting the fans. It’s a good time to hibernate, take care of old business and clean. Not a good time for big decisions or buying electronics. Everything we did this past retrograde went crazy! Had to return the small electronics because of this. Now you and you readers know be be real careful during the mercury retrograde.

Hope you solve your computer problems easily now as Mercury retro expires at 4:03 PM on St. Patricks Day. Cheers! Link 

[Peary Court Developers] Great Letter to the Editor yesterday in the Key West Citizen: If Balfour-Beatty Does Not Pay, Why Should I, by Wesley Sizemore. Check it out.

[Cat Haters – Dog Lovers]  Ok, you hate cats, I get it.  They’re more intelligent than you are, so you resent them, it’s ok, understood.  Each to his own.  I’ve known quite a few households with dogs that you needed to interact with them with supervision of the owner, or you would be a bloody stump.  

What’s the difference, cats or dogs, if they don’t know you, they don’t want their space invaded by you.  Hamsters will bite you too.  I prefer cats, but I like dogs too, I just don’t want to have a dog in my life right now, I’m happy to enjoy someone else’s dog.  I can pat them, love on them, and then go home, (kind of like enjoying someone else’s kids).

an puke2I don’t want to walk them twice a day or pick up their crap while I’m walking them.  That is so gross.  Pick up hot, fresh crap with nothing between me and the crap but a plastic bag.  Errrp, I think I just threw up in my mouth.  Or worse, the walkers who don’t pick up and just keep on walking, leaving it for someone else to pick up or step in.

Oh, and let’s not forget those lovely dog owners that just let their dog out for their own self-directed morning crap-run to leave piles in the neighbor’s yards up and down the street.  I bet they’ve never seen you working the street to pick up after the dog, even once or twice a week.  

Or the folks with a fenced yard for their dog and the yard is full of “land mines” when you go over to visit.  “Look out where you step.” they say, “I haven’t cleaned up the yard in a while!” Yeah, like a year. You can smell their yard from a hundred yards away.  

Very few dogs are really smart enough to know what to bark at and what not to bark at, they just bark at every freaking thing, falling leaf, bird, no matter.  I’m blessed to live in a neighborhood without a single dog, I don’t know how I got so lucky, but I am grateful.  I don’t have to put up with their barking, their crap, or deal with their too-often hateful owner.  Thank you God.

an beaker


China is engineering genius babies with massive eugenics program. Link 

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an anniversary

This week marks the ten year anniversary of the Iraq war and it wasn’t even worth one American life. Nothing has changed over there. They are still living like it’s the Middle ages. Islam is more militant than ever . The government we left is one of the most corrupt and inept. The security forces are corrupt. Nothing has changed except America is broke and we have a lot of f**cked-up veterans trying to deal with a whole host of after war problems.

The only winners are the right wing hawks who think they protected America. Ho ho. 

[Marathon Journal] Key Colony Beach election results from the city clerk are as follows: Ron Sutton 295, Jerry Ellis 232, Ryan Schaffenberger 232, Jeff Vorick 107, and Patrick Farritor 84 out of 368 votes cast. The top three in votes win a seat on the city commission. Congratulations to Ron, Jerry, and Ryan for their hard fought victories.

~ Monroe County schools cannot seem to dig themselves out of one gaff after another. Even the appearance of impropriety is telling. Follow details on Keynoter.

~Oldie but goodie: Historic Overseas Lounge/Liquor Store, Hotel, and Motel buildings are still there. If you are going to live by the code, then you die by the code. The Marathon Planning Commission recently denied an appeal from the Overseas Lounge group. Planning Director George Garrett presented the city’s position according to his rendition of the code.

We all remember the Overseas Lounge building story. I thought when I heard the story that eventually after all the ownership problems that the grand old building would make a comeback.

Part of the building is currently in use by the Purr-Fect Store on the east side. The city allowed the motel units to become workforce-housing units a while back. The bar and liquor store are still there presupposing that those businesses were never abandoned as the city says.

One of the foundations of our Comprehensive Plan is that of prior use, densities, and intensities. Councilman John Repetto reinforced that concept all through the Comprehensive Plan creation and vetting. This was the assurance that you could keep what existed before. If you varied from the previous use, then you could request a variance, abide by the current code, or go to court. I am afraid that the city is on track to waste property taxpayers’ money defending an interpretation of the code that is flawed at best.
Let us then see just what the code says. By the way, the code is available on the city’s website for all to browse. Short section titles left out for clarity.

“The Director of Planning is authorized to interpret all provisions of the LDRs. The Director shall render interpretations of this LDR pursuant to this article. Unless waived by the Director, all formal requests for an interpretation shall be submitted on forms provided by the City.”

The Planning Director in this case did not make a formal interpretation. Therefore, his presentation to the Planning Commission is invalid. If his presentation is invalid, then the Planning Commission received faulty information.

“The City has developed these land development regulations to implement the Comprehensive Plan and to protect the character, environment and viability through Continued utilization of the established mixed-use pattern of the community, Acknowledgement and protection of a character that is unique to the Keys, Protection for the existing uses, densities and intensities, Providing new investment and reinvestment opportunities”

As you can see from the list above, the existing Overseas Lounge, Liquor Store, and Hotel are important to the local economy. When are we as a city going to stop screwing with our local economy by impeding lawful business. This is but one example. Another is the adult entertainment facility that practically mirrors this case. Marathon is touted as business friendly. The city’s actions do not support that statement.

Do you want to know what this is all about? Nearby businesses, other liquor stores, and certain bars cannot stand the competition, and this is the only way to keep their businesses safe. We are either pro-business or we are not. Please make a decision and stop misleading residents.

“the goals, objectives and policies of the Comprehensive Plan, and to ensure that all land development activities within the City are consistent with and further the objectives, policies, land uses, densities and intensities in the City’s Comprehensive Plan
It is recognized, however, that situations may arise in the daily administration and enforcement of the LDRs whereby strict interpretation and enforcement of the Code may be contrary to the goals, objectives and policies of the Plan. Such situations may arise due to changes in land development priorities or economics, new issues which were not anticipated at the time the LDRs were drafted and adopted, or the inability to meet competing goals through a single action”

What the above says is that the Comprehensive Plan trumps the LDRs. And the LDRs are not necessarily subject to “strict interpretation and enforcement.” One other very important consideration “priorities or economics” are pertinent to any of the city’s “interpretations.” Bottom line is what I have been railing about for a long time. Economics are a primary consideration. Always saying no to new businesses or those trying to make a comeback from the recession is not pro-business. On the contrary, it is anti-business. And as such is costing every property taxpayer precious dollars.

“In the event that any question arises concerning the application of regulations, performance standards, definitions, development criteria, or any other provision of the LDRs, the Director shall be responsible for interpretation and shall look to the Plan for guidance. Responsibility for interpretation by the Director shall be limited to standards, regulations and requirements of the LDRs, but shall not be construed to include interpretation of any technical codes adopted by reference in the LDRs, and shall not be construed as overriding the responsibilities given to any commission, board or official named in other sections or Articles of the LDRs”

This one is really telling. When the Planning Director tries to make an interpretation formally in writing that he is to abide by the Comprehensive Plan. Subject to that, his interpretations are really the purview of the Planning Commission, City Council, and circuit court. Pro-business? No.

“The use of any building, structure or land that becomes nonconforming because of the LDRs or subsequent amendments shall comply with the LDRs or be approved by the Director as a continuing nonconforming use”

Interesting, “LDRs or be approved by the Director”? Pro-business? No.

“Once a nonconforming use is abandoned, the use’s nonconforming status is lost and any subsequent use of the property shall comply with the regulations of the zoning district in which it is located. A nonconforming use will be considered abandoned when any of the following occurs: A. The intent of the owner to discontinue the use is apparent, written declaration of the owner, The use has been discontinued for a period of 18 months or more, A demolition permit has been applied for, The characteristic equipment and furnishings associated with the nonconforming use have been removed from the premises and have not been replaced by similar equipment within 90 days, unless other facts show intention to resume the nonconforming use”

While there is a weak argument for a couple of line items, the totality of the above actually proves the intent of continuing the allowed nonconforming use.
“Protection of Nonresidential Intensity: All lawfully established nonresidential intensities in existence on or before 1996, shall be entitled to existing intensities, subject to the provision of the Future Land Use Element of the Plan”

Notice here that the Comprehensive Plan is cited not the LDRs. This is the guiding principle on which the Comprehensive Plan was palatable to existing businesses and the prospect of new businesses.

When I was on the Planning Commission for 3.5 years with 1.5 years as the chairman, there were many times that I challenged the Planning Director to make his interpretations formalized in writing. He demurred every time. As chairman, I was responsible to ensure that the city’s presentations were non-political, unbiased, and consistent. I too, like Commissioner Morgan Hill, was part of the creation and vetting of the Comprehensive Plan and LDRs.



Is the Marlin Bay property abandoned? According to the flawed interpretation by the city, Marlin Bay is abandoned. Don’t you know that the city will fall all over itself to help whoever owns this failure in the future?
Am I a lawyer? No, but I did stay at the Holiday Inn Express. Uh, I mean that I was Marathon’s Planning Commission Chairman for 1.5 years. ~Publisher@MarathonJournal.US 



[“Cowboy single action”] Buy the Ruger Vaquero in 357 magnum. It will also shoot .38 specials and is styled after the Colt single action cowboy gun that you are seeking. For the Keys, I recommend purchasing the stainless steel model. 

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an snakes

Where’s Saint Patrick when you need him. He’s famous for driving the snakes from Ireland and for his parade in New York City. Well, they need him back in Ireland because snake owners, like Florida, who grew tired of their slithering pets, released them on the land and now Ireland has snakes again. How long is a miracle supposed to last?  

[Rick Scott] Wait, wait, wait a second! Did everybody forget about Rick Scott’s voter purge and voter suppression in Florida? Man that guy is a true American. As American as a poll tax. One person they tried to purge was a Puerto Rican man from New York City who served honorably in WWII. Great job tricky Ricky. 
[Dead to me] The Grateful Dead were one of the top grossing and prodigious touring acts of all time. They were given a Grammy lifetime achievement award. Their may 8 1977 Cornell University concert has been preserved in the library of congress national recording registry. Ranked # 57 of all time top 100 bands by Rolling Stone magazine. They had 9 top 100 hits, 6 top 10 hits and 11 number one hit: Touch of Grey.

Long considered to be the best Grateful Dead shows of all time. They did several shows in a row here on the spring 1977 tour, which is considered to also be their best ever. See for yourself: Link

assisi18Pope Francis thinks the Church should be poor. But he is still against gays, woman, rubbers, abortion and anything else having to do with sex except the missionary position.

The last Pope that thought the church should be poor was poisoned after only a month on the job, or at least that is the widely reported opinion of those close to the Vatican. 

Urban VII (1590): 13 days 
Boniface VI (896): 16 days 
Celestine IV (1241): 17 days 
Theodore II (897): 20 days 
Sisinnius (708): 21 days 
Marcellus II (1555): 22 days 
Damasus II (1048): 24 days 
Pius III (1503): 27 days 
Leo XI (1605): 27 days 
Benedict V (964): 33 days 
John Paul I (1978): 34 days

[Technical Services] Observations based on trying all of them.
Comcast has much better internet service compared to AT&T
AT&T TV line-up and choices are much better than Comcast
Cell phone service through Verizon with an iPhone is amazing

It’s kind of  like the old TV series Twilight Zone. I wish we could morph the best of all of them into one super service provider. How about letting us pick the channels we want and only pay for those.

an fat loss3


[Cholesterol Diver] I have had great and practically painless success following our own local weight loss guru’s Fat to Skinny Fast and Easy program which is essentially a carb reduction program without sacrificing the green side of your diet. The info can be found on the web. All of my numbers improved, from cholesterol to blood sugar, not to mention the 80 lbs. that I lost in just the first year.  

[Shitty Cat]  Sounds to me as if the cat is a pretty good judge of people.



[Name That Plant] I have a pineapple guava that makes a similar wee tufty of red spikes, but the brown bumps aren’t there.  Mine either doesn’t make fruit, or the squirrels beat me to any sighting of same.

“It’s Old Mail Day! A sitcom documentary, if you will, of the postal service. Kind of has  a Keys feel to it, perhaps. Link 



[Blue Laws] When I grew up it was illegal to write a check on Sunday and any contract signed was also invalid. 

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[Concerning the Ramrod Bar] I don’t know who this Robert is that people are talking about, but I do know this for a fact. Those girls never talked shit about anyone. All they did was work to help keep that place running. I agree the place is great but the help could be better, but no one should be talking shit about two people that are not even here anymore. The only ones that talk shit at that place are the nasty bartenders.



Slimy yellow journalism with patches of Key West The Newspaper. Link 

[Phone Carriers] I tried in vain to negotiate with AT+T as a 30 year customer, the answer that I got was tough shit. I found Net 10 it can be had for as little as $45 for the first line and is virtually unlimited talk, text and very generous data. It uses your own AT+T compatible phone and even uses their cell network. I fail to see the logic of renting another company space on your network if they are going to undercut you that much, but I am just enjoying the perks. I have had the service for 4 months and have not had any problems. 
Note to cat hater: Sucks  to be you! 


Florida killed Jeffrey Bush. The actual land mass known as Florida killed the 37-year-old Bush. One minute he was sleeping and the next a giant crater opened underneath his house in Seffner, Florida, just outside of Tampa, and devoured him and his entire bedroom. The only thing rescuers found was a corner of his mattress peeking out of the earth. Officials abandoned their search for Bush after just 48 hours, afraid that they too might fall victim to its voracious appetite. 

[Greenland Melted] I wonder if this poster realizes that the place is called Greenland for a reason- it used to be green- no ice.  I wonder if his MSNBC derived logic can sort this out. Did global warming make it green before the ice? Can we blame man for this prior warming? Will Rachael Maddow and Paul Krugman explain it to me?   Can I blame it on Bush?  Link
an_shamrock_rotateA late St. Patrick’s Day wish for all of you.
May those who love us love us,
And those that don’t love us,
May God turn their hearts.
And if He doesn’t turn their hearts,
May he turn their ankles,
So we’ll know them by their limping! 
[Cats] “If you reach out to touch him, you’re going to pull back a bloody stump.” Yep, he lives here, you don’t.  His attitude towards me makes him welcome, your attitude toward him makes you unwelcome.  Go away.



[Rick Scott] FTR is going after my post about Rick Scott and why he creeps me out. His company paid the the largest fine for committing Medicare fraud–ever! He hangs his hat on being a champion of the private sector and conservative ideals.(remember 700,000 jobs in 7 years? ha ha ha) But he made all of his money on the tits of big brother and the insurance companies.  And he looks like Gollum.

Free Ping4alerts! app. It keeps track of your location and gives you relevant local information. For example, it will notify you in the event of a public safety alert, school closings, traffic and weather advisories, power outages and other noteworthy events. You can also opt in to receive deal notifications with offers and coupons from local businesses. This app works wherever you go, which makes it a great travel companion. Link 


Officer, all I’m saying is, if you caught me then you were speeding too. 

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lex18It seems like there’s a lot of hate on the CT lately. Cat-haters, Jersey Girl-haters, Obama-haters, etc. I don’t know what sent these folks into such a spiral of hatred. With supervillain Lex Luthor, it was borne from a lab mishap when he was a teen that he blamed on Superboy.

I’ll assume the cat-haters turned sour when they found out they are allergic or maybe got a scratch from one when the cat sensed his/her douchebaggy nature.

The guy’s Jersey Girls hatred most likely stems from when one of the Garden State denizens laughed at his tiny pee-pee he could not get erect no matter how much he screamed at it.

As for FTR? I will guess his supervillainy was born the day he accidentally fell into some radioactive bull feces giving him super BS powers. 


[Cost of Bush Wars on budget] More misinformation, Bush requested the war(s) but it’s Congress that has the power to approve them. After 9/11, on 9/14 all of Congress, less one, voted to take down Al-Qaeda. It’s estimated that the 9/11 attacks cost nearly $2 trillion in losses and they would have cost a lot more if allowed to continue because they kill whomever don’t think like they do.

9/11 surprise attack wasn’t something that could be planned in advance for in the budget, and since Bush couldn’t approve it, Congress is to blame for it’s overblown budget costs.

Just like the surplus information with the Congressional Budget Office that Bush approved the tax cuts by, and the Federal Reserve (a independent identity) holding the prime rate down causing the real estate bubble (and the following post real estate bubble recession).

…the Congress buying billions in worthless sub-prime mortgages mortgages that massively defaulted and the property value dropped (Bush and McCain tried to stop them)…

….so again Bush had nothing to do with our current economic crises. But he did assist where he could until he left office.

It was the Federal Reserve who went around with a shotgun to bank heads, forcing bailouts, mergers and flooded them with currency and devalued the dollar three times to bring stability.

Speculating and purchasing in real estate in a bubble is a game for only those who can afford to gamble and loose with their excess but keep on going without it affecting anyone else.

Congress allowed everyone and anyone to play in real estate, thus it cost many who are now in underwater mortgages and have less disposable income to buy other things which give other people jobs and so forth.

America is headed down the road of Argentina, where they keep messing with the economy to fix one thing and cause ten more problems.

ObamaCare is another nightmare, the recent jobs report was wonderful, except you read the details and find out that many 30+ hour week jobs were replaced by more part time workers to avoid having to pay for health insurance. So now workers have to get two jobs and pay more in transportation to get between them.

Cash for clunkers was another abortion. Many purchased worthless wrecks and used that to get their trade in.

Government can’t micromanage the economy, it’s failed before.

“There is no such source and cause of strife, quarrel, fights, malignant opposition, persecution, and war, and all evil in the state as religion. Let it once enter our civil affairs, our government would soon be destroyed. Let it once enter our common schools, they would be destroyed . . . Those who made our Constitution saw this, and used the most apt and comprehensive language in it to prevent such a catastrophe.”
—Justice H.S. Orton of the Supreme Court of Wisconsin, concurring opinion in Weiss v. the District Board, decided on March 18, 1890, ruling bible readings and devotionals in public schools unconstitutional 
“There are no facts, only interpretations.”  ~FTR guy or maybe Nietzsche 
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Years from now, historians may regard the 2008 election of Barack Obama as an inscrutable and disturbing phenomenon, a baffling breed of mass hysteria akin perhaps to the witch craze of the Middle Ages. Link

[“FTR is wrong”] What? I believe it should read that most Americans feel there should be background checks for all gun sales. That is not gun control. That is common sense. All far as all the polls go, they are like a-holes, they all stink! What demographics? How many they are is just too easy to manipulate. 
Bush was the cause of our entering a couple of wars in the middle East? the president of the U.S.paramount duty is to protect the U.S. and it’s citizens from danger when red flags were waving in Iran and other countries in the Middle East, and virtually everyone in our Gov. Democrats and Republicans alike, along with the best intelligence available told us that these people were harboring W.M.D. pray tell what was a President to do but exactly as Mr. Bush did to attempt to blame our present financial quagmire on Bush is indeed shortsighted and silly . administrations have been using the S.S. fund as a private slush fund ever since that Dem. champion L.B.J. launched his marvelous attempt to defeat poverty this criminal act has been copied by all administrations since thus keeping it off the Gov. balance sheet as they replaced the cash with I.O.Us. to say that Bush was responsible for the situation we are in is absolutely ludicrous, any normal person with an I.Q. of at least room temperature should have been able to see this tidal wave coming years ago, people need to wake up and smell the coffee, this administration in particular are spinning events at such a pace that it is starting to resemble a carnival lot. 

I wish my I had an approval rating of 41% when I left office.
G.W. Bush
The first elected Tea Party Congress


from the right

an_gunsLast week we from the web about a terrifying gun fight in Mexico that killed many, in fact it has been reported that  4 truckloads of bodies were observed being driven away from the scene. (key words: Reynosa gun fight). Reports claimed that 35+ people had been shot and killed. There was no reportage on the number of wounded. The Mexican government squashed nearly all news reports. Hopefully you, yourself, will be wondering why our mainstream media refused to broadcast or print any of it. Certainly a gun fight that resulted in about 35 + deaths by gunshot and many wounding occurring in our neighbor to the south should be newsworthy.

Last Friday there was a news story in the Chicago Tribune that told us about a very interesting event in Cancun the famous Mexican resort community. Link

Tourists from all over the world throng to its fabulous beaches. But just the other day men armed with machine gun and handgun opened fire in a bar in Cancun on Thursday, killing at least six people and wounding five others.  The article also told us of an episode when armed men stormed a house in Acapulco. The men were all armed; they robbed, and raped six Spanish tourists who had rented the house.
Deer Friends, how do you feel about the apparent fact that our major media won’t inform us about such events?

Really now, how could there be mass murders with guns, mass rapes and robberies using guns in Mexico? After all, Mexico has much tougher gun laws than we do. Certainly it can’t be that criminals are disobeying Mexico’s gun laws. Mexican restrictions are much tougher than even the Obama proposed new restrictions in the US.
Do we really believe that harsher restrictions to buying and owning guns will make us any safer?  I damn sure don’t.  By the way, the unemployment rate in Mexico is now 5.3%. Go figure.

Part2) Real Clear Politics is rapidly becoming a go to source for fair reportage. I urge you to read the article to be found at the link. The title “Obama White House Open to Rich Closed to Poor” says it all. Read it. Link

Respectfully submitted: 

No Name Key Electric

What is the real reason why the BOCC does not want No Name Key to have Electric. Why do they spend over a million dollars, and sill counting, to keep No Name Key folks from getting a county permit to hook up to the lines just outside their door? Why?