2013 March

Sunday, March 17, 2013

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The wood bridge off Summerland Key is the Whahoo Key Bridge and it, as well as the land on both sides, belongs to Florida Fish And Wildlife. 


I want to say thank you to Officer Riggs. Sometimes people get evicted and its a bad day. Thank you for nice man Riggs. He was kind and a family man and treated us with respect on the worst day of our lives. We are still trying to put our world of belongings together, so it made it so much better to be treated decently by our local Sheriffs. 

Do you know that the owner of Seahorse Trailer Park is also the owner of Rowells Marina that the county wants to buy for a marine park? 

an_cat_face[Shitty Cat] Like some malicious form of clockwork, I find myself once again in yet another situation where I have to deal with someone else’s shitty cat. And I must emphasize the someone else’s part, because the shittiest cats are always the ones that are malicious, crapping-in-your-shoes, scratching-your-calves and hissing-at-you-from-afar little monsters, yet turn into gentle, long suffering and adorable extras from an SPCA ad every time their owner comes in the room. They know what they’re doing. They’re like the kid on the playground that would push you in the sandbox and take your lunch money, yet put on an “aw, shucks, me?” face and folded hands when the teacher was looking. They are insufferable.

I think there is a certain type of personality that loves cats, and deeply appreciates their unique devotion that drives them to the point of being an asshole to everyone else in the world. See, dogs can be more loyal to one person than all the rest without compromising his ability to be a decent human being.

And the owners are always so quick to say, “oh, don’t pick him up. He can be a little skittish,” which they very well know is code for “if you reach out to touch him, you’re going to pull back a bloody stump.” Can you appreciate for a moment the concept of having a living thing in your house whose only interaction with guests is to maul them? And expecting people to grin and bear this? Well, we do. Our inoffensive politesse knows no bounds. 

How high can your cholesterol be so you can scuba dive to 100 feet without crossing the rainbow bridge? Diet and exercise is not helping and the fish oil tablets, gluten free foods,and baby aspirin, I think, are wasting my time.  

Alex Brylske, Ph.D. has written a fine book called The Complete Diver and he doesn’t address this completely.  I am in my fifties and getting fatter every day. No matter what I do.  So I quit smoking pot and that helps a little, but the counter effects is not being able to sleep which in turn packs on the weight.  How high can your cholesterol number be and safety dive?  Thanks in advance and goodbye cruel world. 

an_german_shepard_longA German Shepherd puppy was running around the neighborhood today. We tried to catch him, but he ran away. He had a collar, so we hope if your dog was loose that you found him 8 blocks behind Dions. 
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naked app


I’m trying to switch cellphone carriers and the lowest price I can get from AT&T is $65/month plus tax. That included 450 minutes of talk and long distance and 1GB of data. No text messaging. That seems high to me. Does anyone get a better rate from AT&T than that? I own my phone and will not be having a contract, I think that makes a difference.

[ISP Trouble] I keep a desktop computer handy, and use dial-up when AT&T messes up; however, my ISP just doubled its annual rate.
[Key Largo Dead Baby] Hit-and-run driver a former cop convicted of planning to rob drug dealer. Link
[Peary Court Developers] To avoid paying 11.3 Million dollars in back property taxes giant British conglomerate Balfour Beatty (BB) is asking a judge to disregard its property title on 890 units of housing located in Key West. BB argues that it’s not the “real” owner of those units, that the homes “really” belong to the Navy and they should be immune from property taxes just like any other federally owned property.

However this new twist could implicate BB in an extensive web of questionable practices including the receipt of millions of dollars of Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) funds that are allocated by Congress for private housing, possibly having misled bond investors as to who owns the houses securing BB’s 587 million dollar bond issuance, and arguably conducting unlawful secretive private sales of government property such as the Peary Court housing. Link



[“I Hate Computers”] Don’t be hard on yourself or your computer. I was ready to do harm to my HP that I’ve long disliked, when a neighbor called saying his computer was giving him fits. Eureka. An affliction beyond our control. The hostility towards my personal computer waned. I walked away from it, and when I returned after dinner, it was magically healed.

[Plastics] Rise against plastics that kill 1.5 million sea critters a year. Video



[Name That Flower] I’m guessing it’s the blossom of a bottle brush bush or kapok tree, but that’s just a guess. Don’t yell at me. 

I think that everyone thinks about everyone. 
[“There’s nothing quite like having a cat in the house”] Written by someone who has no experience with cats, from the worst nightmares of a devoted cat hater.  You speak from ignorance. 


[“Why are there so many tv commercials for toilet paper”]  Must be the same reason there are so many ads for Viagra, Cialis, etc. Like any guy with that problem wouldn’t stock up like a doomsday prepper! 

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Your .38 special single action can be purchased at Jigs local gun and tackle shop. It is a Ruger as one of the posters has told you. Great gun by a great company. 
an_plane_f-18[U.S. Navy Blue Angel] I just wanted to reach out and let you know that even in light of sequestration, the U.S. Navy Blue Angels are still scheduled for their show here in Key West March 23 and 24 at Naval Air Station Key West. The 2013 Southernmost Air Spectacular may be the last show for the Blues for quite a while and if you are interested in coming to the show, I am here to help you in your coverage.

This may be the last chance for a long time for folks to see the Blue Angels – it could be a historic event! Thanks and feel free to call or email me anytime! Bulletin Board

Trice Denny
Public Affairs Officer, Spokesperson
Naval Air Station Key West 

tree17Tree  Giveaway Keys Energy Services’ 17th Tree  Giveaway will be at 8:30 a.m. April 20  at its service building, 1001 James St.,  and Cudjoe electrical substation, Mile  Marker 22, oceanside. It’s on a first-come, first-serve basis  for two free, native, shade trees while  supplies last. Bulletin Board 
I don’t have friends that do not like animals and they sure would not be welcome at my home. I think there is something wrong with people who don’t like animals. 
[Low Signal Strength] You don’t have to make any changes on your Internet service. Just get yourself a cellphone hot-spot, booster (repeater).  It’s a device that strengthens your signal at home. All you have to do is mount the antenna outside, in a high location, and run the coax cable down to the booster. Plug in your booster, and whamo, you have full bars! You can get one at the Big Pine Radio Shack. 



Corned beef and cabbage all day today at Springer’s. 

[Peary Court Developers]  The Citizen reports about the Southeast Housing property taxes and Rep Rascheins support of their tax exemption
“The ( City’s ) resolution came in response to newly elected State Rep. Holly Raschein’s support of the bill. Raschein, a Republican, has said that military families deserve improved housing even at the expense of local government”

Wait a minute please. We already pay Federal taxes to support our military, and this attempt at exempting Balfour Beatty’s private properties from the same taxes we all pay smells really bad. It’s at our expense all right and a free ride for a billion dollar corporation.




[“There’s nothing quite like having a cat in the house”]  This persons caustic writing style reminds me of the IKC guy who just got busted for threatening to kill cats. Perhaps Mr. IKC is once again bored and needs another theme.  I wonder if his wife likes cats and this is his little way of getting revenge?  Or maybe the writer is a frustrated Ed Gein sort of guy waiting to break out? Of course at this point in time I am merely speculating, but there is a guy at the little tiki who resembles Mr. Gein. 

[Cats] I find it kind of interesting to read this weirdo’s posts about cats. He’s certainly got an active imagination, but that’s what hallucinations will do for you. Kind of sounds like the IKC nutcase who admitted making stuff up trying to get attention. If not, he’s just one more sociopath who grew up torturing animals; enjoying their pain and death. I, for one, won’t react again to his posts, but I do hope he’ll crawl back in his hole.

an pop ear


Un-popped popcorn kernels have been dubbed “spinsters” in popular slang, since just as unmarried women that never had children, as they do not “pop”.

[“Trolling to upset”] What a bunch of crap. Your dog would have scared the cat away. Where is the picture. You saw a Marsh rabbit at Watson Field?  Prove it!
[Ramrod Bar] I love how everyone has such one sided opinions and post such nonsense. Without Robert-the place would be closed.! Doesn’t anyone realize that? The girls—did nothing. What did they accomplish besides getting hammered at the tiki each night talking smack about everyone there is. Better that they are gone! Have you been there recently? It’s much better than its been in two years. Oh, the breakfast guy, the one you speak so highly of, he was awful. What are you talking about?



[Stuffed] A lady was telling her neighbor that she saw a man driving a pick-up truck down the Iowa interstate, and a dog was hanging onto the tailgate for dear life! She said if the pick-up truck driver hadn’t been going so fast in the other direction, she would have tried to stop him. A few weeks later, her neighbor saw this truck at the local Bass Pro Shop. The pick-up truck driver is a local taxidermist with a great sense of humor. Taxidermists are a twisted lot anyway. And it is not a dog in the first place, it is a Coyote. Can you imagine how many people tried to stop this guy. 

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[Kitty-Bunny] To the person whining about the BPK kitty killing the bunny, you are obviously a hate filled person who doesn’t know what true love is and I hope you get what you deserve some day.
Outlawing a certain gun just creates a black market for it.
[Name That Flower] I’m not sure but I think it’s from Uranus.



[Pope] There’s a new kid in town, line-up!

[“Hickory House. I can not believe that the Monroe County Commission could they even think about such a purchase after the Hickory House”] You actually answered your own question. Consider the source. The BOCC is not known for thinking or making decisions that are in the best interest of the county’s residents.
With the exception of the newest commissioner,  the remaining 4 are so ego driven, arrogant,  “I’m Mr Important”, that their behaviors, comments, and votes are laughably predictable. Their own personal agendas (feed my ego) are so obvious,  even county staff jokes about how easy it is to manipulate the BOCC.  Not one of those 4 have any leadership skills. Our only hope rests with Comm Kolhage.  He ran the most important department in the county. And he ran it right. Unfortunately for us he’s just 1 vote in 5.



[Fashion Police] Tights are not pants. 

[Oldest Hookers] The Game Over twins are living proof of the old adage that says you can’t wear it out. 


Just how or why the Grateful Dead became as popular as they seem to be is beyond me.  They don’t even qualify as one hit wonders as far as I know.  Of course I realize there is more then one connotation to the word “hit” when referring to them.

[Incoming] A magnetic filament erupted from the sun on 15MAR, producing an M1 class solar flare and a CME (coronal mass ejection).  The CME is heading directly for Earth, ETA 17 March.  Expect aurora, possible interruption of radio and cell signals. Free iPhone app lets you know about this, even displays maps of the event. Link 
Comcast Blast home high speed internet service rocks.   Instantaneous.



Watch the Moon wax to, and through, the evening Jupiter group. (Drawn for the middle of North America. European observers: move each Moon symbol a quarter of the way toward the one for the previous date. The Moon is shown three times its actual size.) 

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Florida is expected to finish counting their votes for Pope this afternoon. 


The oil and gas industry is not exempt from the Clean Water Act. They are in fact the most heavily regulated industry in this country when it comes to the environment. In 1988 the EPA exempted certain types of extracted materials from exploratory drilling that included oil and gas drilling. But niether the oil or gas extracted intentionaly or accidently are exempted.

“In 1988, EPA issued a regulatory determination stating that control of E&P wastes under RCRA Subtitle C regulations is not warranted. The RCRA Subtitle C exemption, however, did not preclude these wastes from control under state regulations, under the less stringent RCRA Subtitle D solid waste regulations, or under other federal regulations.” Clinton re-authorized the exemption as did President Bush.

Halliburton is not an oil company and Dick Cheney was never an “oil man”. Halliburton is a construction company that owns a division that builds certain aspects of offshore oil derricks.

George Bush is not, and was not an “oilman”. He was a sports guy. He owned the Texas Rangers

You can’t invent things in your head and expect people to respect you when they leak out. The sub intellectualism of the Left would be staggering if it wasn’t so routine these days. Link 



[Birther King] Former Vice Presidential candidate Donald Trump was chosen to give the opening address at the CPAC meeting this past Friday. Birthers now get top billing in the Republican Party?  Wonder why they lost the election? 

[Healthcare] The do-nothing Congressional Republicans are going to waste more time trying to repeal Obamacare. How is it they don’t know that Americans spend more on healthcare than the rest of the developed world combined–to little or no benefit to the ill.



I just spotted FTR guy cruising around in his land yacht. Oops, wrong photo! 

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[Taxes] Tattoo this somewhere you’ll see it often: Corporations do not pay taxes.  All taxes are handed on to the next link in the chain and ultimately to the consumer–you!
[Gun in Wheelchair Comparison Test] That would be cheating already. As I stated, I gave the shotgun shells but it had not loaded itself. I’m pretty sure that the loaded assault rifle would still be there also for a day, year, century if there were no human interaction involved. 


Yes, it was Bush who caused the problems we are having today, and it will be Bush’s fault when we are having the same problems in 2016 when Hillary runs, and when her term is done in 2024 it will be Bush’s fault that is causing problems they are having at that time and so on and so on. Do you understand how Democrats work now?

[Gun people] I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that Giffords bought the .45 to protect him and his wife from the gun nuts who, quite possibly and very likely, have harassed them over their crusade against the crazy gun people.



[Welfare] Bummer, I won’t be able to use my welfare check on strip club spending in Florida anymore.

A poster on here Friday said Bush wasn’t the one responsible for the debt. I don’t have the heart to tell the guy that fighting the 2 longest wars in American history which lasted over a decade and were paid for off the budget tell us differently.

I urge posters to visit the site address and see how much damage Bush is still doing to our budget. Theres a reason Bush paid for the wars off the budget.  Link

[“Congressional Budget Office caused recession not Bush”] Now if the Congressional Budget Office under Obama caused the recession you wouldn’t even mention it. You would just say Obama caused the recession. Republicans seem to want to have it their way or nothing.
an_wheelchair[Gun in the Wheelchair] I have an aging friend dating back to our elementary school days in the 1940’s. He sent me that sophomoric piece about the gun in the wheelchair a week ago. I’ve accepted that his politics are different from mine. We have so much more in common. I’ve feared at least one of the “old gang” will fall victim of the Big A (alzheimer’s) and was sure this was evidence he was dancing on the mental precipice. My sympathies to the poster, and my friend.
President Obama discussed the need to harness American energy in order to reduce our dependence on oil and make the United States a magnet for new jobs. He highlights his all-of-the-above approach to American energy — including a proposal to establish an Energy Security Trust, which invests in research that will help shift our cars and trucks off of oil. Video


FTR is wrong. The Gallop Poll and similar polls said that 91% of Americans favored gun control for ALL gun sales. He “forgot” to mention the word ALL. Mandatory background checks for all gun sales is kind of universal…..wouldn’t you say?



There is no such thing as climate change or global warming or whatever you want to call it. Just ask the islanders on Greenland.

The spin that the left puts on their posts is unbelievable, makes the adage learned about these left wing ideologues a long time ago more true today than ever before, that being the question “when do you know a liberal is lying? Answer: when you see his lips move”.

Sooner or later a spy video is going to surface on the internet showing some top Republicans revealing what they really think of their base.

[Hate more Than Love] FTR was so proud to announce, yesterday, that a Gallop Poll had indicated that world approval of USA leadership had declined. Of course, he interpreted USA leadership to mean Obama. What does that tell you about him? He, like many conservatives, would rather see our country fail than let our president get credit for anything. They hate President Obama more than they love our country. FTR was quick to spin that Gallop Poll to fit his hatred. He would make you believe that USA leadership means Obama. Actually, USA leadership means the House and Washington, in general. The world watches all the arguing and sneaky tactics from the House on CNN and believe that the USA leadership is not one they can trust. They know that Obama’s hands are tied in many ways by our do-nothing Congress. The world supports our President not the rest of Washington. The Congress currently has the lowest approval rating of all times, and the world sees it.


right only grey

scott17The other day a poster slammed Florida Governor Rick Scott. The poster labeled him as “Tricky Rick Scott” and opined that “this guy really creeps me out.” That’s interesting because the bitcher didn’t even give us a clue as to why he so dislikes Scott.  Just for fun let’s take just a peek at a few of  Governor Rick Scott’s accomplishments in only two years in office. He took office in January of 2011.

In January of 2011, Florida’s unemployment rate was 11.9%.  At the end of February 2013, it had fallen to 7.7%. That’s 4.2 percentage points reduction  in Florida. Nationwide the drop was only 1.3 percentage points. Is that creepy? During Charlie Crist’s Governorship (faux Republican), Florida lost 825,500 jobs, but has gained back 200,000 in the two years since Scott got elected. As you read this, there are over 260,000 job openings statewide that have been posted on the internet. That’s huge 8% increase in only a year.  In 2010, Florida was considered to be the 6th best state to do business, under Governor Scott, Florida is now #2. Scott is determined to make Florida number 1 by being even more business friendly. He is dedicated to reducing or eliminating business taxes.  Much if not all of the improvement in our jobs picture can be traced to that.  Nothing creepy there!

Scott is watching our tax dollars. He signed his first budget in April of 2012, but not before he vetoed $142.7 million in spending. Since Scott has been governor, Florida has gone from huge deficit spending to budget surplus. That fact has enabled Scott to urge the legislator to fund raises for teachers and to pour long tons of money into Florida’s schools.

Certainly you will want to know about our business and tourism climate under Governor Scott’s governance. The Orlando Sentinel reports: “It was a banner year for Florida tourism in 2012, as an additional 2 million people enjoyed the Sunshine State, setting the tourism industry up for its second consecutive record year.” I like that, don’t you?  –Governor Rick Scott and Enterprise Florida (EFI) have announced that the participating companies on the trade mission to Bogotá, Colombia earlier this year reported actual and expected sales in excess of $40 million as a result of the trip.  No bad news there!

Maybe there are creepy things about Scott. He refuses to take the Governor’s salary. He pays pays for his own travel. Scott is a true public servant. Deer Friends, the idea that anyone would call Scott’s accomplishments  “creepy” is as creepy as creepy can be.

Part 2) Some folks, including the President, have claimed that the huge metastasizing tumor that is our national debt is not harming us.  They are dead wrong. Very recently our President propagandized us by claiming that we do not have a debt problem.  That is precisely the same as hearing your Doctor say: “Mr. FTR you have stage 2 non small cell carcinoma in both lungs, don’t worry it will take care of itself.”

Certainly Obama does not believe that. In 2008 Obama was famously irate when he speechified that Bush’s adding $4 trillion in debt in 8 years was “irresponsible, unpatriotic.” Link

In the 4 years that Obama has been President, he has increased our national by nearly $7 trillion. That directly impacts each and every one of us. The interest alone on that debt, with no payment on our loan balance, is the 4th largest federal expense. Only Defense, Medicare and Medicaid eclipse it. It dwarfs the USDA, Food Stamps, Dept of Education, The State Department and other international spending. Please remember that Obama has told us that he has no intention to reduce the national debt, it is not a problem to him. Please remember that as our debt increases, our interest payments will increase. That means less money across the board will be available. It means that soon, taxes will have to be raised on all of us.

We have our huge debt because of the addiction that politicians have to deficit spending. In the short run, the economy benefits from deficit spending. In the long run, however, a growing Federal debt is like driving with the emergency brake on. It slows the economy, and it hampers growth. That’s because debt holders will charge us higher and hiher interest rates as our credit worthiness rapidly declines. Usually the effect of higher interest costs usually forces a government to keep debt within reasonable limits. Not so with Obama.  Under Obama our national debt has exploded, today, everyone who reads these humble postings, like every other American’s share of that debt is about $53,000.


Part 3) OMG! Who could have believed that Bill Maher has actually begun to sound like a conservative. As of last Friday he sure does sound conservative.  Check this out: Link

Maher is in good company, only 41% have a favorable opinion of American leadership.