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Monday, November 5, 2012

[Crooks] Different treatment for different county employees?  Druckemiller, Key Largo dump guy, fire department Trauma Star paramedic – all county employees, all thieves. But only Druckemiller and the Key Largo dump guy were dragged in to be held accountable.

So why is it the county fire department Trauma Star paramedic who stole medical supplies (IV bags-equipment) from Trauma Star (theft), treated somebody while she was off duty aka operating without medical authority (misconduct felony) and admitted to all of it to a newspaper editor, and is currently being investigated by the FL Health Dept (they license all the medical people) still has never been even written up, reprimanded, letter in file – anything ? 

This isn’t a secret. Everybody knows it. And everybody knows there is protectionism, cover up, going on by the fire department. The upper keys Reporter newspaper has printed 5 articles about her stealing, treating, confessing, being investigated. And the fire department’s cover-up story is littered with mis-statements (aka lies) to try to justify the fire department not doing anything about her actions.  The deputy fire chief saying what she did was ok because it was for a volunteer firefighter, shows the fire department leaders are giving her a pass for her actions, and excusing her from being accountable. It also shows the fire department does not want to admit that they did not follow proper county policy regarding their employee’s stealing.

Why is the county fire rescue covering for her,  and why is county HR letting them?  Why does she deserve such protection and being excused from being held accountable? Is it possibly because she’s the former girlfriend of one of the candidates running for Sheriff? 

[Island Jim’s] The place was originally “Mr Jim’s”. Only open from 5AM to 9AM for great breakfasts, and a pot of coffee on your table or in your hand from Joanie. Sign on screen door always said “Closed” Only locals knew the real deal. Sign on wall inside said “Free Lunch” (see closed at 9AM) after 9AM, forget it, unless you were close to that time, then maybe Joanie would let you in, sometimes! When it sold to Big Pine Meat Market folks next door it became “Island Jim’s”.  It became full service, full menu of great food for a while. Mr Jim’s, a real Keys place in looks, food, and attitude. Joanie was the only waitress most of time, but got coffee to you–now! to hold you over till it was your turn to order. Nobody in a hurry went there, only Joanie in front, but great breakfast, friendly service always. Building is long gone now, was down the hill, on service road, at the curve. Sorry, I couldn’t find a pix.

[“Lousy spell check for CT”] No problem here. Mozilla Firefox browser ( Free and fabulous download) has Spell Check on any page or site I go to. It’s so much better than Internet Explorer, felt like a new super PC. If you think it’s bad on here, check some of the spelling on Facebook. Firefox works there too.



Voting is an important Constitutional Right. You can vote early in Big Pine Key at the Public Library at 213 Key Deer Blvd. and avoid the rush. Early voting will continue through this coming Saturday, November 3rd from 7AM until 7PM. Early vote in other locations at the Supervisor of Elections offices, in Key West, 530 Whitehead St. Suite 101 and in Marathon, 490 63rd St. Ocean, Suite 103.

[Mister Jim’s] Yes, I enjoyed the “steak for two” also. It was killer. When my wife and I enjoyed our wedding reception dinner there the waitress commented that we would be their last big group dinner party as they would soon close. I do remember going by there when it stood boarded up and closed and still wish I had swiped the big sheet of plywood sign that was nailed on the front of the building that had Island Jim’s painted on it. 

Do you remember when the current Big Pine Key Fishing Lodge property was a bare piece of ground of a campground with a old shack that served as the office. That was back in the early 60`s, maybe late 50`s. My memory loses some of the early details from time to time. That doesn’t make me a local either. 

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[Hurricane] There’s some really sick bastards out there submitting heartless comments about those who have been directly impacted by Sandy. People have had their babies ripped from their arms and drown, entire lives are shattered, and any sense of normalcy has vanished. Thank goodness there are people willing to help and lay their own lives on the line to help the people in need. Those of you with your sick comments, just crawl back into your own little hidey-hole please, there’s enough anguish going on right now, no need to add to the misery.

1. Our Main Street is US1 and 35mph should be the speed limit from east to west of Marathon. A chance of FDOT agreeing to that is no way.
2.      I have been talking about an economic summit to find ways for family and owned businesses to remain successful. The summit would also put together people and companies to share ideas. The Marathon Chamber of Commerce might be the way to start such a venture. You remember Dick Ramsay’s sewer summit. This idea is like that.
3.      Bring Marathon’s legal, finance, and police departments in-house to keep local dollars in Marathonwith workers part of the community.
4.      I have made bullet voting a bullet point in my Marathon City Council campaign. When we went to an at-large voting method from the seat-designation model, an unintended thing happened. If three positions are open with five candidates running, then voting for only one candidate gives that candidate like three votes with 2 votes taken away from the rest proportionally.
5.      Marathon needs its own VA clinic. That will take an act from God, I bet you.
6.      Would you believe Homestead minutes go all the way back to 1913? Take a look at this link.
7.      Key West has its own dedicated television election coverage at channel 77. I wonder when Marathon will get theirs. 

[Harris School Over Cost] When I was on the School District Audit and Finance Committee, it became quickly apparent to me and others that the $36 million borrowed would be insufficient to complete the construction of Horace O’Bryant School. There were unplanned expenses, “furniture, fixtures and equipment” (desks, chairs, tables, etc.), as well as unanticipated costs, such as modifying the height.

I called this deficiency to the attention of then- Superintendent Joe Burke, forecasting that the $4 million from the sale of the Harris School would become a “slush fund” to cover various unintended shortfalls. Burke emphatically rebuked me, stating that HOB would be built on time and on budget without raiding the Harris School money. Of course, this is the same Joe Burke who brushed aside my warning that there was no money to fund the teacher contract.

According to the Citizen reporter, Gwen Filosa, “The original budget, $38.6 million, has spiked to an estimated $40 million, but the district’s latest reports show that with the proceeds held over from the Harris School, HOB is covered.”

The Audit and Finance Committee is of no value when the School Board ignores it own committee’s warnings and proceeds recklessly, turning an asset into a “slush fund” to cover mistakes.   ~Larry Murray Big Pine Key



The next big thing will be 3D printers. Video

In 1895, George B. Selden patented the first automobile

 [Crook] The same scammer was at the Shell station on Big Pine Saturday too. He held 2 one dollar bills in his hand as he plead for “gas”. He was careful to only ask for gas because asking for money would be panhandling. I told him I’ve been ripped off to often and to thank all the “assholes” for my refusal. An employee tried to get the guy to leave saying he could not panhandle there. The asshole was quick to clarify that he was not asking for money. He was asking for gas–a legal technicality. 




Christmas is next month! Already?

Monroe County Poll locations. Link

Judge orders 1 Florida County to extend early voting. Link

Think before you donate.
~The American Red Cross. President and CEO Marsha J. Evans’ salary for the year was $651,957 plus expenses
~March Of Dimes. It is called the March of Dimes because only a dime for every 1 dollar is given to the needy. 
~The United Way. President Brian Gallagher receives a $375,000 base salary along with numerous expense benefits.
~UNICEF. CEO Caryl M. Stern receives $1,200,000 per year (100k per month) plus all expenses including a Rolls Royce. Less than 5 cents of your donated dollar goes to the cause.
~Goodwill CEO and owner Mark Curran profits $2.3 million a year. You donate to his business and then he sells the items for profit. He pays nothing for his products and pays his workers minimum wage. $0.00 goes to help anyone. Stop giving to this man.
~None of these Charities pay income tax.

Good Guys. Instead, put your money  where it will do some good:
~The Salvation Army Commissioner, Todd Bassett receives a small salary of only $13,000 per year (plus housing) for managing this $2 billion dollar organization. 96 percent of donated dollars go to the cause.
~The American Legion. National Commander receives a $0.00 zero salary. Your donations go to help Veterans and their families and youth!
~The Veterans of Foreign Wars. National Commander receives a $0.00 zero salary. Your donations go to help Veterans and their families and youth.
~The Disabled American Veterans. National Commander receives a $0.00 zero salary. Your donations go to help Veterans and their families and youth 
~The Military Order of Purple Hearts. National Commander receives a $0.00 zero salary. Your donations go to help Veterans and their families and youth
~The Vietnam Veterans Association. National Commander receives a $0.00 zero salary.Your donations go to help Veterans and their families and youth
~Make a Wish: For children’s last wishes. 100% goes to funding trips or special wishes for a dying child.
~St. Jude Research Hospital.100% goes towards funding and helping children with cancer who have no insurance and can not afford to pay.
~Ronald McDonald Houses. All monies go to running the houses for parents who have critical children in the hospital.100% goes to housing, and feeding the families.
~Lions Club International.100% of donations go to help the blind, buy hearing aides, support medical missions around the world. their latest undertaking is measles vaccinations (only $1.00 per shot).

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In a perfect world.

[Crooks] Stolen boat motor cowling? That’s amazing what scum are among us. I thought I had some kind of ID on just about everything I own. Guess I will have to ID my engine cowling now.



Winn Dixie now has a sushi section, the sushi is fresh and very good. 

[Genetically modified Food] Farmers and eaters around the country and the world are watching the November 6 election with a very important question at the forefront of their minds: Will California’s Proposition 37—requiring labeling of GMOs—pass? Link

Political advertisement paid for and approved by Rick Ramsay Republican for Sheriff

[“Slaughter of innocent creatures”] I think that rational people euthanize, not slaughter. Outdoor cats should not be outdoors; they really need to be continuously culled, & their numbers kept as low as possible. Of course, owners should be educated about the damage cats do to the ecosystem. It should be taught in school.

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Still more vehement posts about, “fat Jersey women.” This observation is so far off the mark, they might as well be saying, “Kentucky beach bunnies.” I will have to assume these posts are from some douchenozzle that had a woman from New Jersey laugh at his tiny wiener and this is his idea of vengeance. I have posted this before, and I guess I need to post it again as a reminder.New Jersey is far from America’s most obese state. As of 2012, here’s the list:
3.West Virginia
Now I know that the Keys get many more Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania snowbirds than New Jerseyans.  So if you want to say anything about a fat snowbird, go with Michigan. Jersey currently has enough to worry about without being called “fat” as well.

Kellogg Brown & Root negligent ,ordered to pay   $ 85 million to soldiers. Federal jury finds former Halliburton corporation negligent of exposing soldiers to carcinogen while guarding water plant in Iraq in 2003. Link

Fishing pioneer Carr, dies at 94. Link



Stuffing recipes. Link

Events Link  
Kids fly free in Marathon ;
Marines 237th Birthday .
Tell kids cell phones not for play.

N. Miami Beach Police find their own transportation to work. Food for thought? Link


[Christmas Tree Island] Feds to Bernstein: You don’t own Wisteria Island off of K.W. “Bernstein’s “predecessors in interest had actual knowledge of the United States’ claim of ownership over the property in question as early as 1951.” Before the sale was recorded, on Sept. 27, 1951, the U.S. Navy sent a letter to the Trust Fund board asserting “the Department of the Navy considers Frankfurt Bank, the shoals adjacent thereto and the spoil area in question as being the property of the United States.” Link

Voters to decide on 11 amendments. Vote! Link
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Cop shop turns to selling ads online for revenue. Link

[Crook] Boondocks Robbery sounds to me like the 67 year old Piner was off his meds and needs help, not jail. I’m pretty sure he’s a veteran- maybe it’s PTSD. Read the story. His actions were bizarre. Not that of a criminal.

My dog ran through the screen door when he saw her.” Now that’s funny, I don’t care who you are!

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We used to call this “one toke over the line“. Eat, begin again.  “Cannabis use could lead to schizophrenia-like cognitive breakdowns”. Link

Ed, you outdid yourself with that picture of a NJ bovine in a seductive pose. I blew coffee all over my keyboard when I saw that. Very funny!

[Captain Doom and Gloom] I figured out why the anti – wind and solar power bastards are shooting down these God-given energy givers, it is because none of those creeps can charge for the free wind and the free Sun.

War is all about redistribution of wealth. The cost of military toys is not in their production, but in their destruction. Only the raw materials that are destroyed mean anything. The labor receives payment and that circulates everybody’s money.  The grand chess game time after time.

Do not be surprised if the Keys are inundated with people from the North East because of the destruction Sandy caused to thousands of homes. It is winter time up there and no home means not heat, water, facilities. They have to go someplace and what better than a warm climate. They will need work too, so the job market here, might get very thin!



Manatee style.

I could never be a local.  I like thinking for myself too much.

Before you vote tomorrow, here’s a newspaper endorsement you might want to read. Link



George Bush wrecked the economy and Romney’s economic adviser, Greg Mankiw was Chairman of Bush’s Council of Economic Advisers. 

[Government spending out of control] Just how much has our government grown and how much more annual income do they make compared to the average American? This video clip may be the most important one you will ever see. And we wonder why our taxes are so this high, this video explains why. Hold on to your hats, this video is unbelievable. Link

Dear FTR guy, You can take your country back. The rest of us will take it forward. Thank you, The American People.


[Vote Republican] The Feds are giving away free hurricane gas to NY & NJ on your dime. When did we get free gas down here after a hurricane. There must be somebody in Washington running for office.

Here’s a list of excuses the republicans will use if Romney loses the election.
10. HurricaneSandy
9. The liberal media
8. We’ve all been tricked, fooled, turned into Democratic voting zombies.
7. The hippies.
6. Obama voters still believe incorrectly of course thatHawaiiis a state.
5. The unions of course. Damn teachers, policemen, sheriffs, EMTs and their ilk voted for our President.
4. Negroes (tongue in cheek) voted for Obama simply because he’s black.
3. Donald Trumps offer wasn’t large enough
2. There isn’t a single working Democrat inAmericaso they all want everything for free.
1. Romneycare… opps I mean Obamacare.

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[Vote Democrat] Do you want a voucher for Medicare that you’ll have no idea what to do with or would you like to keep your check? Vote Democrat.

New account of Benghazi attack reveals quick response by senior government officials and kookie Fox News watchers are completely consumed by lies. I am totally convinced that Fox News is a tool of people trying to supplant the American way of life and people who watch it are consuming Solient Green. Link 


Don’t let Mitt turn back time on women! Link

Romney family investment ties to voting machine company. Link

[Buying Votes] Associated Press/Craig Ruttle – People in cars and on foot line up for “free gas” in the Jamaican neighborhood of the Queens borough of New York, Saturday, Nov. 3, 2012, in the wake of Superstorm Sandy. Trucks …more provided by the U.S. Department of Defense at the direction of President Barack Obama at this site and others were deployed in coordination with the New York National Guard at the direction of the governor.



[Vote For Romney] I am amazed that anyone would buy what President Obama is selling. When I think about hiring some one to do a job, as we did with President Obama. Only to hear, year after year, after year about the mess he inherited. I am reminded of the fireman who also inherited a real mess. The fireman didn’t throw gas on it. As President Obama did. He is unfit to lead. Vote for Mitt Romney. We sure could use your help.

Hey, anybody got anything at all new on Libya?  I am trying to decide who to vote for.

Charter School firm big on political donations. Link

 From the Right

According to Team Obama’s Bureau of Labor statistics, we added 702K fewer jobs in October than we did in September.  Look, that sucks so bad that it’s hard to believe.. Look it up for yourself at: Link

Just to put it in perspective, let’s look over our shoulders. In December ’11, January ’12 and February of ’12 we added jobs at a rate well above 225K per month. Then we hit the skids again. In October we only added a miserable 171K jobs. Those are not my numbers, they are from Team Obama’s BLS.

Yep, Team Obama brags, but the truth is that we’re sliding backward.  To add insult to our economic injury, we created 72,000 fewer jobs in October ’12 than we did in January ’12. That bites, big time. And, the unemployment percentage has again increased to nearly 8%. That Deer Friends is higher than when Obama took office. The only reason that the u/e rate is reported at 7.9% is because millions more Americans have quit the labor force under Obama…..they’ve given up even looking.  If the labor force was equal to what it was in ’09, the u/e rate would be 10.5%.  We’ve got to change our management if we are to get out this mess.

Part 2) “The best way to get revenge is to vote”. So sayeth Mr. Obama! How about that coming from the President of theUSA? That is a sad statement, and a statement that is demeaning to his office. Obama is showing himself to be a bitter and small man. He is a man who is an ideologue who is enraged that anyone would dare to challenge him.  Obama’s entire campaign theme has been one of divisiveness and rancor. Obama is unused to challenge, he is used to sycophants who lavish him with praise even when he fails.

Please ask yourself exactly what Mr. Obama demands revenge from. He was honored by our nation by being elected our first President of African lineage. He won that privilege by a substantial margin. His early presidential approval numbers were among the highest in our history.  For the first two years of his term he and his party had full control the Legislative and Executive branches of our government. Mr. Obama managed to enact nearly every piece of legislation that he championed. For the final two years of his term he had full control of the Senate. With that array of power at his fingertips he should have been able to accomplish damn near anything. 

But he didn’t.  His record is one of failure. Our economy is worse now than it was when he took office.  And yet, Mr. Obama demand’s revenge.  Does that sound Presidential to you? Does that even sound rational to you?  On the other hand, Mr. Romney speaks of reaching across the legislative aisle and of seeking the compromises necessary to lead our nation out of the Obama doldrums.  Mr. Obama speaks of hate and divisiveness while Mr. Romney speaks of healing and moving on. Mr. Obama speaks of America’s shortcoming. Mr. Romney speaks of America’s humanity and it’s two + century record of providing help and succor wherever it is needed throughout the world.  Please vote, and when you, please think of America’s future and vote for Romney.