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Sunday, November 4, 2012



I am ashamed, but I did actually hit the sheets with one of the NJ woolly mammoths a couple of years ago.  I keep telling myself it was because I had way too much to drink, but in reality no amount of drinking could have made that thing in my bed look good; my dog ran through the screen door when he saw her. Fortunately the only thing I picked up was a mild case of hoof and mouth disease and it was easily treatable. The tricky part was explaining to the doctor where and when I had been around cattle.  

[Island Jim’s] No, it was Mr. Jims! I guess you’re just not a local, a little before your time.



Bye-bye Daylight Saving Time, hello Standard time that returns at 2:00 a.m. today, Sunday November 4. Link

It’s hard to believe that someone would advocate the slaughter of innocent creatures, including feral (through no fault of their own) cats when there is so much research supporting alternatives. If you think feral cats are a problem, as does the Key Deer Refuge, along with raccoons, possums, iguanas, and other wildlife, you’re in for a rude awakening. If every feral or free-roaming cat on BPK was trapped and slaughtered today, the population would begin multiplying again in short order due to the irresponsible pet owners who will not spay/neuter and who allow their pets to roam free. Try adopting and loving rather than slaughtering. 



Pretty dam good idea if you ask me. Plenty of folks out there in the land of gin & Geritol would love to see this. The lady in pix no youngster either, maybe it was her idea, old folks are like that sometimes. 



Voting is an important Constitutional Right. You can vote early in Big Pine Key at the Public Library at 213 Key Deer Blvd. and avoid the rush. Early voting will continue through this coming Saturday, November 3rd from 7AM until 7PM. Early vote in other locations at the Supervisor of Elections offices, in Key West, 530 Whitehead St. Suite 101 and in Marathon, 490 63rd St. Ocean, Suite 103.

[Daylight Losing Time] What time is it? I had too much fun last night and this morning all the time is screwed up everywhere I turn. AA here I come!

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Hi everyone. Try to donate a couple of bucks to disaster relief for hurricane Sandy. Link

[Foreign Aid] Haiti sent New Jersey an aid packet of $3.65 and a pair of used size 81/2 men’s sneakers.

[A local is …] Actually, I think a local is the one who stole the engine cover off my Suzuki 50 hp 4 stroke on Cudjoe Key. That’s the only thing they took, they had to be local to know what’s on the canal (no rentals on our canal). A neighbor heard something at midnight – not sure if they came by land or sea, but they took it in the dark of night, so no out-of-towner happened by it. I’m quite disappointed and shocked.

So maybe some of the good locals that notice someone with a new cowl for their Suzuki 40 or 50hp outboard, maybe they can call the Monroe County Sheriff’s office about case number 008193. Thanks for any help.


[Sandra] I think Sandy was a terrible choice of names for something so deadly. Sandy is too friendly-sounding a name. They should have named it Sandra instead of Sandy.

The Big Pine Flea Market is open for the season every Saturday and Sunday. I saw some of the old vendors that were not there last year are back. Some of the vendors have moved to new locations Like Marj with Bali Clothes, Mark with Bali Carvings Al the watch guy with shorts & guy harvey shirts he’s under an orange tent up front. So when you go there look around so you don’t miss your old vendors. also saw Jay with the coins & jewelry. Looks like more will be coming every week.


By the end of the decade 60 percent of US Naval forces will be stationed in the Pacific–a historic high that reflects Asia’s increasing strategic importance to the US. as well as concerns over China flexing it’s power in the region. The extended presence will include 3 new next-generation warships, the 15,000 ton Zumwalt class destroyer. Each ship now costs now more than seven billion dollars. Bath Iron Works in Maine had to build a $40 million facility to accommodate the project. Cost overruns by the government’s contractor, General Dynamics, will be stratospheric.

[Island Jim’s] Who could ever forget the “steak for two” dinner? Another dining highlight was the fried fish dinner at the old Half Shell Raw Bar.

[Windows 8] I guess I will stick with my desktop PC with the big monitor. I don’t see how you can enjoy looking at anything on those tiny iPad and iPhone screens.



For those of you out there that are suffering from the addiction of Breastizm,  I found this short video on YouTube. Fantasy Breast Fest 2012 cuts right to the meat of the event. Viewer discretion is advised. Link

[Feral Cats] It’s hard to believe that in this day and age, with all of the information available to you, that there exists a group of delusional people naively accepting everything they hear from scientists not able to prove anything they say.

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[Crook] Yesterday at Racetrak gas station there was a scammer-guy trying to hit up people for cash. Claims he’s from Big Pine and has some sob story of why he needs cash to get home. They’ve been up to this for years and start off by asking if you are from the Keys. Just say no. You work too hard for your money to give it away to these guys.


Key West Preschool Co-op is having it’s 2nd Annual Holiday Bazaar and Yard Sale. See Flyer on the Bulletin Board

I was devastated to find out my wife was having an affair but, by turning to religion, I was soon able to come to terms with the whole thing.  I converted to Islam, and we’re stoning her in the morning.

Mr Jim’s had the best food. It was the best restaurant this area ever had. Home cooking, not from the can. People were lined up just to get in. The secret was the owner was the cook. That makes a big difference. He had complete dinners including dessert for a fixed price. People loved it and packed the place.





Strong odor tips off cops to  marijuana stash. Link

Is there any way to spell check a post to you in the new cloud format? I post occasionally but my spelling isn’t what it should be so I like to correct my typos before I flood you with my ignorance. Can’t find any spell check in the new post format. Help please. (Ed: The spell-check in the new format can’t spell worth a crap. Do not fear, oh faithful submitter, I copy everything to Word and it spell-checks all your ATD errors.)

Political advertisement paid for and approved by Rick Ramsay Republican for Sheriff

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[Inhumane practices of Wildlife Services] This out of control agency has recently come under fire for their inhumane, scientifically unsound, and even, illegal methods of animal control. Two U.S Representatives – John Campbell and Peter DeFazio – have initiated an investigation into the agency. To read more about this investigation: Link



There will be thousands of New Jersey bovines in this winter’s migration who will come here with insurance dollars looking to move here permanently. All will claim to be hurricane experts.

[Bad Drugs] Ameridose issues recall of all products. Link



[Jim Cantore] The only man in the world you don’t want in your town!

[“Observations on Jewfish”] I’m shocked….shocked. He harvested Goliath Groupers (illegally) and found their stomachs contained snapper, lobsters, and even stone crabs! What did he expect, Dion’s fried chicken and Marnie’s tofu? He didn’t need to kill those animals in order to make his monumental discovery. Any local with an IQ of 70 or higher could have told him what he would find. 

The issue is whether the recovery of the Goliath Grouper is making a significant contribution to the decline in the lobster and snapper population. Research by Fish and Wildlife indicate the decline is due largely to the activity of commercial and sport fishermen. I hope that the appropriate enforcement agencies are asking Deer Editor for the e-mail address of this person.



The entrapment of this Aussie’s nuts. Video

[Un-compassionate CT’ers] I agree with this poster. Making light of another’s losses and misfortune is the very worst of poor taste. It isn’t funny, it isn’t entertaining, it’s pathetic. Those in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones, and with good reason. The Keys have probably 20 Tropical Storms or Hurricanes for this one freak occurrence in the North. So think before you post ugly remarks, our turn will come again, much sooner than any of us want.



Former Miami Dolphin considers new role as reserve Monroe County deputy. Link

For my ex. I think all will like this.  Music Video

[Flipper Eddy] I heard that he was born as a thalidomide baby, probably in the 1960s. I saw him only a few times – riding his bike down Key Deer Blvd.around the early 1990s, before I moved to BPK & became a local. His short arms stuck out of his shoulders, starting from the elbows, if I remember correctly. Quite a pathetic sight. I never met him. I heard that he was killed in Costa Rica around 1995. I’m sure that some of the older locals can provide more info.


Top 10 appetizers. Link 

Israel pushing ahead in medical marijuana industry. Link



[Bobcat] You don’t see too many of these anymore.

Delighted to see early publishing Friday.  I’m starting a road trip later and it’s going to be harder to keep up, and to contribute, but I always try when an opportunity arises.  Still need my CT fix!

[Mystery Accident] When there is any kind of an accident involving death and or serious injuries, there is more information, i.e. was Eric McHenry, the supposed driver of the white van, cited for reckless driving, following too close for conditions, speeding? Is he going to be cited? Since it has already been stated alcohol was not a factor, then how can someone just run into the rear end of a vehicle? Obviously, something was going on to distract Mr. McHenry and I, for one, would like to know what the distraction was. Everyone who drives US1 on a regular basis, knows what it is like this time of year. I would like to think everyone is paying attention a little more when the volume of traffic increases. From the witness accounts on the Monroe County’s Facebook page, “the van never stopped”. This was an accident involving a death and serious injuries to people who have lived and worked in this community for a long time. They are both loved and missed by their friends and family. I see people on the sheriff’s log for less. Maybe people feel their is a cover up because all the facts and story have not been made public. For that matter, how is Mr. McHenry? Did he sustain any injuries? Just wanting to know the entire story, not what someone else chooses for me.


[Multi-tasking] As I am sitting here over looking the Winn Dixie parking lot. I see this women driving this big white van, while holding her dog with her left hand, so it doesn’t fall out the drivers side window, with a cigarette in her right hand while making the right hand turn off the isle. How the hell is she going to be able to talk on the phone with both her hands already busy?

[Who was Flipper Eddy] Well, to put it nicely, if he got too close to any of your stuff it would disappear. Wow, I came so close to calling him a lowlife thief.

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[Crook] 67 year old BPK man, Gary Griesinger, arrested in odd robbery attempt. Link

I too have wondered about the feral cat enthusiasts. Wacky is all I can say. Under educated whackos. I’m going to bait my Hav-a-Hart trap right now. Thanks for the reminder.

[Flipper Eddy] It’s odd that someone should ask about him as I was wondering about him the day before. Eddy was a Thalidomide baby who has hands coming directly out of his shoulders. He used to ride a bicycle all over Big Pine. It had special handlebars. I talked to him a couple of times–just small talk. I don’t know what happened to him.

Thalidomide was a drug invented by Nazi scientist as a sleep aid and to help with morning sickness, but it caused deformities in newborns.  Grünenthal Pharmaceutical knew about the deformities, but kept producing the drug until they were forced to stop–that’s Nazis for you!

[Captain Doom and Gloom] What makes me laugh is how the media is pushing the NY Stock Exchange’s problems due to Sandy. Like those greedy assholes are really important to the world. They are only important to themselves and their grubby bank accounts.  If all stock markets closed, companies would still go on like nothing happened. Those that depend on that kind of money, produce nothing needed anyway.

Sadly it seems the Nor Easter’s are milking the hand-out cow already.  Free Gas, free this and that. Sandy did do damage to the coastlines sure, but most of the damage was to useless tourist sites and bare beach areas. Those that live in the ocean prone danger zones have no reason to expect a free lunch like the New Orleans ditch-livers got. We in the Keys have some of those Give Me Everything blood suckers, but mostly the Keys people stand on our own two feet, needing nothing from anyone. Knowing who is in charge of the Giving and Taking and the publicity in NY, NJ, DE, MD, NC, you can figure it out!  Follow the money!

Tom Bateman of Marathon is the one in the hospital in an induced coma following extremely serious multiple injuries from the wreck at Big Pine. He has been a member of various charitable organizations, donating his time and money for years. He has an extremely good work ethic, and usually sports a great smile. 

I don’t know one way or another whether there has been a cover up of the accident, but the 3 day lag time for news made me suspicious. “Sheriff’s Daughter Gets Letter in File” and many other past incidences debated here are the reason. Those who ignore history are bound to repeat their mistakes.


[Hacked] S.C. Department of Revenue to utilize new “supercomputer” so that taxpayer data may be made available to hackers faster. 

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[Mister Jim’s] The apple pancakes were good, but the banana walnut French toast was to die for.



Best UFO sightings for October 2012. Link

[Un-compassionate CT’ers] It would do most of those people in Jersey and New York who were hit by Sandy a lot of good to go a week or so without eating.

[Sandy] Those people up in New Jersey and New York are comical.  Wake up, this is the real world. Instead of standing in line all day waiting for a little bit of gas why aren’t you cleaning up around your house? Who really needs a generator anyway? So it’s a little coldy, oh my.  What a bunch of spoiled wusses. When it gets dark go to bed, when the sun comes up, get up.  Quit waiting for someone else to help you and do it yourself.  I know, you have to wait for the insurance adjuster to see how bad you have it.  If you want to play it that way quit crying about it.  Been there, done that. Life’s a bitch, and then you die anyway.

[Sea Turkeys] Somebody posted something yesterday about jewfish, & used the term “sea turkeys.” What are sea turkeys?

[Messed Up People] A friend of mine who has been out of prison just over a year had a new girl move in with him. He being a convicted felon sex offender and she being an illegal alien, a few questions were asked. I tried to help as best I could as a non-lawyer. I thought I would share the results with anyone out there that this may pertain too.
Question 1: Can a convicted felon (even sex offender) get a passport? Answer: Yes
Question 2: Can said person travel abroad? Answer: Yes, depending on the country. 
Question 3: Can a convicted felon sex offender travel to England? Answer: No
Question 4: Can a convicted felon sex offender sponsor a visa? Answer: See sections 401 and especially 402. Link


The sales tax extension on the ballot ought to be a no-brainer.  It is the perfect way to get the thousands and thousands of tourists who come down here to help pay for the sewers and other infrastructure they use, even including the thousands (so they say) who flock onto Pigeon Key everyday.

[Motorcycle Crash at Big Pine] Tom Bateman is the one in the coma at Jackson Memorial.

I landed on a Jesus channel by mistake and the old ladies were talking about how they needed $75 to pay the church rent. They counted the offerings and there was only $38. So they laid their hands over the $38 and prayed to Jesus to multiply the money into $75 as he did with the loaves and fishes, and lo and behold, the $38 turned into exactly $75. Hallelujah! Then she proceeded to ask for money.

How can people believe that claptrap.


[Crooks] The EPA caught Kia and Hyundai fudging its fuel mileage figures on about a million cars. Consumers will have to go to the dealers who will record their odometer and issue them debit cards that will be good as long as they own the car to make up for the phony mileage plus 15% “inconvenience” bonus for the amount customers would have spent on gas if the window stickers had been honest. (note: Romney wants to do away with the EPA in favor of big business over the consumer and the environment)

America wins on Tuesday. It will be over. No more ads, no more lies, no more bullshit. It will be over for two years until it starts again. What a screwed up system.

It is plain to see that the American economy, which largely has a life of it’s own, is adapting to current conditions and steadily improving.  If Romney wins it will continue to improve at about the same rate and he can claim credit for it, but so could Mickey Mouse if he somehow got elected.

[Snarky Sarcasm] It is inconceivable to me that eight years after Katrina, George Bush still has not learned the lessons of that terrible storm. There has been no substantial help from the White House for the victims of Sandy in New Jersey and New York, helpless people who have had to dig into dumpsters for food to feed their family, no gas for cars, no generators for heat or light, no buses for evacuation, no drinking water, and overflowing sewers that are being pumped into the sea. On top of this, FEMA has only made very lame attempts with a few small generators, and the worst indictment of all again President Bush is not allowing entry by the National Guard! Again Bush has proven himself a failure and disaster. I cannot wait for election day.



I thought the people talking about zombies were nuts. Then I read the CT and find out there’s still Birthers walking among us. I don’t know which one’s funnier. O.K. it’s a tie.

I got wired up & couldn’t put the keyboard down.
~Who controls America’s educational system, the minds of her youth & the future ofAmerica? Old story, old news, still going downhill fast & we need to be reminded to fix it! “Other Nations OutclassU.S.on Education!” Math:Finland#1, United States #25, Science:Finland#1,America#21. Rejoice we won this one! Amount of cash spent per student K through 12: United States #1: just over $129,000. All other countries: averaged $95,000. TheUnited Statesranks 20th on high school graduation rates list. Link

~How far apart are the ideologies of these 2 parties? “We are Socialists, we are enemies of today’s ‘Capitalistic economic system’ for the exploitation of the economically weak, with its unfair salaries, with its unseemly evaluation of a human being according to wealth & property instead of responsibility & performance, & we are all determined to destroy this system under all conditions.” Speech May 1, 1927 by Adolf Hitler founder of: the Nationalsozialisten Party, Nazi Party & National Socialists Party.   
~”We all belong to the government.” “The ‘Free Market’ (Capitalism) doesn’t work, it’s never worked.” Class Warfare: The rich got rich on the backs of the poor while the middle class suffered. The wealthy aren’t responsible for their own success. “You didn’t build that”. “Millionaires, billionaires & corporate jet owners must pay their fair share & share in the sacrifice.” Wealth can only be built ‘fairly’ from the bottom up, not trickled down from the top.

Redistribute wealth to establish a permanent majority. Make that majority dependent on government for all their needs through government controlled programs. Increase welfare, food stamps & unemployment compensation & disability. Eliminate the need for responsibility & performance because of lack of wealth equality. 

Establish government controlled health care for the masses. Proudly proclaim your intentions for the future to the world: “We are 5 days away from Transforming the United States of America”.. into what?

Anyone remember the media’s outrage over GW Bush’s failure (not mayor Nagan’s failure) to care for the people? Then the intense media coverage of the Katrina victims? Why no media coverage of this Obama failure, (not Bloomburg’s failure)? Search your favorite engine for images/pictures: Victims of Hurricane Sandy dumpster diving for food in New York. Video


Looking down at the Benghazi murders? You’re right. That’s where the graves of four Americans slaughtered and ignored in Benghazi are located. I think we should look up and ignore reality. See no evil…

You want to talk about heroes? Today’s heroes are those folks standing in line for hours waiting for a chance to vote.  By cutting early voting days our felonious  Republican Florida Governor (how in the hell did he ever get in there in the first place considering his rap sheet is a whole other question) has made it a lot harder to vote.  Hang in there and vote, it will be worth it.

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Romney‘s “plan” to create twelve million new jobs probably came to him the Mormon way, in a “vision” while he was sleeping.

I’ve seen more super hot woman in one night in Atlantic City then I have in 28 years of living in Big Pine.


[Why the Death Tax is the Greatest Tax Ever invented] First Choice: Have a tax rate on income, with no tax on your estate after your death. And over the course of your lifetimes, everyone goes out, works hard, and has a good time – wherever their path takes them. The result will be that 2 (%) will be come very rich.

Second Choice: Have a lower tax rate on income, but with a tax on some large estates after their deaths to make up the difference. And over the course of your lifetime, everyone goes out, works hard, and has a good time – wherever their path takes them. The result will be that there is now 3 or 4 that have become very rich. How? because the tax rate was lower over that period of 60 years, allowing for greater commerce. And in the end, that commerce allows for the additional wealth, in all 3 classes. And that’s why The Death Tax is the Greatest Tax ever invented.

Dr. Charles Krauthammer on Obama. Link

[Mitt sued by UAW and other groups] Vulture economics. How Mitt Romney screwed American tax payers and workers then took the money offshore to screw American tax payers and worked lawsuit and investigation reveals. This is a very bad, bad man.



Obama has proven himself a liar. We all know he lied about why our Americans were killed because he wouldn’t support them when they needed help. When you vote Tuesday just remember what he did to them and what he will do to us.

Truth has been the biggest causality of the Romney campaign.

Chris Rock – Message for White Voters. Link



A Romney supporter in Port Pine Heights sent these post cards to Republican voters in the area. What a good idea and what a concerned citizen. (Ed: I blacked-out the name)

Bill Clinton got it right. The GOP spent 8 years putting the U.S.economy into the toilet. Now they want to be put back in charge because Obama’s administration has not repaired the damage in half that time.

Am I better off than I was 4 years ago? Yes, I am. The stock market is on the rise, the value of my house is going up, and the job market is improving. I’m sleeping a lot better at night than I was in the closing days of the Bush administration.

I look forward to this coming Wednesday. Hopefully, FTR will crawl back into his cave and I wont have to scroll through his half-truths and distortions in order to find out if anything interesting is being posted about No Name Key.

One of the problems if Romney wins is the he’ll get to take credit for the recovery that Obama fixed that the Republicans caused in the first place.



How the private sector would handle disaster relief.

UAW files charges against Romney on his auto-bailout profiteering. Link

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 (Ed: FTR is out campaigning today. Can you guess who he’s campaigning for?)