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badge14[Threat to Exposure Sheriff Department] It is with a sad heart that I come to this place where I swore I would never come, but I have no other options. (Ed: You only deprive yourself by not visiting more often, but rest assured, we are here for you when the need arises) I am not an outsider I’m sure that in the last 19 years, at some point or another, I have worked with you, either on a call or at a traffic stop. We probably have had breakfast, lunch or dinner together and more than likely you have called me a friend.

Like many of you I have devoted my life to the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office. I have had my ups and downs with the administration but for the most part it has been good. The years have gone by and I have gotten oder and wiser and less naive. Since Bob Peryam left office things have gone downhill. I am not referring to the contract or raises or other miscellaneous every day nonsense from the administration. I am talking about illegal, immoral, unethical, corrupt, and dishonest acts done on a daily basis by the command staff.

Like most of you I frequently visit the MCSO site either to see what’s new or to refresh on changing G.O’s[?]. I was there this weekend and I bumped into pages we have all read a million times: Message From The Sheriff and Core Values: “Honesty, professionalism and commitment to the community — those are the three things I value the most. As the sheriff of Monroe County, I have emphasized the importance of those values to all members of our office.”

Well Sheriff, the time has come for the truth to come out on a few tidbits and it is time the citizens of Monroe County are informed of who their Sheriff is and what he really stands for. As I leak out information on this forum some of it will also be sent to F.D.L.E and other media. Please know that It is not my intention to embarrass, humiliate or shame anyone.

I cannot, in good faith, continue to stand by and watch how the command staff scrutinize and target others while they act like Gods doing whatever they want with no accountability for their own actions. I do not profess to know everything, but what I know I will divulge. I encourage those of you who feel the same way to stand up and be the voice of truth and to stand up against right and wrong. To the command staff: Enough is enough. No more walking around with your heads held high when your actions disgrace everything we stand for. Sometime next week I will start with the Cameron[?] truth. Until then, be safe out there, brothers and sisters.

[Never Ending School Scandals] The school district has managed to again lose track of tens of thousands of our dollars.  I wonder who else has noted a common factor in both the Acevedo scandal and the current fiasco.  Mike Henriquez, who is the Principal of the school from which the money is currently missing, was Randy’s loyal Assistant Superintendent at the time nearly half a million dollars was stolen.  Coincidence or enemy action?
ho ho ho santaHo Ho Ho, it is off to the Flea Market I go. I need stocking stuffers like those cords that keep your glasses around your neck. I am always looking for mine, so maybe I’ll get one for me while I’m there. Dad needs a new pair of reading glasses and Mom wants polarized sunglasses so she can see the fish and help dad. I’m going to get a few BPK and KW stickers for the relatives that are visiting and I’ll get a CUD Sticker for my sister that just bought a home in Cudjoe. There are a lot more great stocking stuffers at the flea market that are better than a new toothbrush or razor. Let’s all go this weekend and have a Merry Christmas visiting the vendors and seeing our neighbors!
[“FDOT”] The poster was right-on with his criticism of FDOT. Remember that there are an awful lot of people employed and they all need to be kept busy. That’s why they keep coming up with new ideas to spend our money. Have you noticed that when they pave a road, someone digs it up and FDOT gets to pave it again.
mohammed29Mohammed wrote in the Quran: “Slay the idolaters wherever ye may find them, and take them captive, and besiege them, and prepare for them each ambush. But if they repent … then leave them free. Lo! God is forgiving, merciful.”

This text is the basis of ISIS fundamentalism: Convert or die.

[School Bomb Threat] Do you think if someone goes to all the trouble of building an explosive device that they’re going to call and tell you they’ve place it somewhere? Their goal is to kill as many innocents as they can. If you don’t sound the alarm, you’re part of the problem.
george strait

[“I find it hard to believe that Conway Twitty had 51 number one hits in his career”] You are quite right. Conway Twitty established a record 55 number one hits in his career! That record was eclipsed in 2004 by George Strait–with 56. That was counted at the hands of Billboard Magazine together with a host of other rating outfits at the time. Surprised?

[Resort Life] There seems to be no shortage of drunken derelicts in the Keys. Why not just take them all down to Cuba so we don’t have to avoid them?
pitbull bad[“Pitbulls”] First make sure that you’re carrying your concealed carry handgun and permit. As it is public knowledge that the government has been notified of these loose running menaces and has chosen to ignore it, than you have to take it upon yourself to protect your life. Dogs can run faster than your bicycle. If you feel like you’re in fear for your life, pull out your handgun and shoot the damn thing. Remember the phrase: I was in fear for my life.
[Never Vigilant] I was on ‘watch’ on a submarine base in 1981 when some ass munch called in a bomb threat. I told hm to go ahead and detonate the device and hung up.


[Fashion] If your choice of vests is bulletproof or suicide, you’re probably a Muslim.

For all us older rock and roll fans. Meat Loaf – Dead Ringer for Love
book page turns


I got my grandson a book for Christmas, I told him a book is an Amish iPad.

[Fly to Cuba] The United States and Cuba have struck a deal to allow as many as 110 regular airline flights a day, allowing a surge of American travel to Cuba that could eventually flood the island with hundreds of thousands more U.S. visitors a year. The deal opens the way for U.S. airlines to negotiate with Cuba’s government for 20 routes a day to Havana and 10 to each of Cuba’s other nine major airports. It will likely take months before the first commercial flight to Havana and the reestablishment of regular aviation to Cuba.
conway twitty


Conway Twitty actually had 55 number one hits.  I knew the number was close to being right. So looking into it I also discovered that he opened a burger chain in the 70s which failed. He made certain that he paid back each investor who lost money. It played favorably during his own IRS trial.  He was a noted rock singer who went country.  My grandmother used to say when he sang Hello Darlin’ that it made her hair stand on end.

Where is the Big Pine Grimal Grove tropical fruit growing area?


[Found cat] Very friendly female black tuxedo young adult cat, loves people.  If this might be your cat please email,  call or text 561-722-3497.

If everybody is thinking alike, then somebody isn’t thinking.  ~General George Patton



Redneck gingerbread house

[Missing Link] Does anyone know what happened to the scheduled placement of the linking bridge from Summerland to Cudjoe Key for the new Heritage Trail? It was supposed to be placed 12/15/15 but was canceled.
beer belly


[Sexy] Women will never be the equal of men until they can walk down the street with a bald head and a beer gut and think they are sexy.

[Free Money] United Way Grant Applications for 2016-17. Applications will be available for the 2016-2017 funding cycle from United Way of the Florida Keys online starting January 11th. Link



[Coconuts] The ‘NUT” brings Piners the weather: Our first cold front is here & the Blue Hole Ice Fishing Tourney is under way. Coconuts won 2nd place in the dress up contest. The “NUT” is Santa’s Pine Key headquarters. We do Christmas Big Time on Big Pine. Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

[Politically Correct] A Miami TV station is collecting toys for the “most vulnerable” families in our area. Evidently we don’t have poor families any longer, just “vulnerable” families. That’s good news.
land crab[I Got Crabs] My yard facing Tropical Bay has become a huge honeycomb of crab holes, particularly around the boat slip. I’m sure I am not the only waterfront dweller with this problem. Has anyone developed a method to rid themselves of these pests? I’ve tried moth balls, concrete and smoke bombs. There has to be a way to get rid of them.
[Obituaries] They are not free, if you want more words, no problem, buy them. Merry Christmas!
santa beach chair palm

[Re-gifting] I’ll wager that the free box at Marney’s is a real popular place after Christmas. I know I bring my tacky sweaters and ties there.

Please print contact information on the PAC in Key Largo that is gathering signatures to change the method of electing county commissioners to in district voting. We need to get rid of Commissioner Neugent.

[CPR] So I was at the bar last night and the waitress screamed, “Anyone know CPR?” I said “Hell, I know the entire alphabet.” Everyone laughed, well, except one guy.

[Service Baby] I have seen it all now. A woman was boarding a plane yesterday and she had a service animal jacket on her baby. I think that lets them fly for free. I wonder if she sticks the kid under the seat?



What is better a dog or a cat? Hmmm, let’s compare.

[New Realtor on the Block] John ‘Buzzy’ Takovich 305-304-3088 Business Directory > Real Estate
[Gun Nut] For the commentator posting Reagan’s statement about guns that included that AK 47s are not needed, of course he is correct. They were illegal then, are illegal now. Ak 47s are fully automatic capable and illegal. Fully automatic rifles have been illegal for more than 80 years for God’s sake! When you here the term “Ak47″ it is most often referring to semi-automatic AK look-a-likes Like an M16 is a whole different ballgame than an AR 15. The first fully auto capable, the second, semi auto.
ftr from the right 75h[FTR] Independents: You will decide the presidential election.  I ask you to carefully consider the core values and priorities that we Republicans espouse.  What follows is an overview.  The various Republican Presidential wannabees may have differing views as to how to meet these national needs, but the Republican principles remain the same. (continued on National Politics page …)
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