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willi-osorio[Crime] A former Monroe County administrator and his gun store business partner could face more than 50 years in prison after being indicted Thursday on federal firearms charges following a 10-month sting operation.Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives agents arrested Outbreak Ordnance gun shop owners Thomas Joseph Willi — who worked as county administrator from 2004 to 2008 — and store co-owner Jarvis Nelson Osorio on Thursday morning, according to federal court documents unsealed Thursday.Federal agents allege the pair knowingly sold an assault rifle and pistol to a convicted felon as part of the larger undercover investigation that included other sales, federal court documents state.

About a dozen agents raided the Big Pine Key business, placing Willi, 51, and Osorio, 35, in handcuffs in front of the store while agents searched the business and collected evidence.

A grand jury indicted Willi and Osorio on July 10 on nine counts: One count of conspiracy to commit firearms trafficking, two counts of firearms sales to a prohibited person, one count of illegal sale of firearms by a federally licensed dealer in violation of Florida state law and five counts of failure to keep proper records by a federal licensed firearm dealer. Both men face a maximum of 55 years in federal prison if convicted on all counts. Their business also was indicted and faces as much as $2.25 million in fines. Magistrate Judge Lurana S. Snow unsealed a 17-page indictment outlining the government’s allegations against the men Thursday that states the case began on Sept. 3, 2014 when a convicted felon working as an undercover informant bought a Remington .308-caliber bolt action rifle from Willi at the store, according to records. The government’s case is based on that purchase and other alleged transactions:

  • On Sept. 4, 2014 agents claim Osorio sold two M16- style assault rifles to a different undercover informant, also a felon, for $1,650. • On Sept. 23, 2014 both undercover informants allegedly bought two Glock .45-caliber pistols for $1,600 from both Willi and Osorio without abiding by Florida’s mandated thre eday waiting period.
  • On Feb. 19, the first undercover informant told both Willi and Osorio that he was a convicted felon. The businessmen reportedly ran his name through the computerized national background check program, which listed him as a convicted felon, but agents allege both Willi and Osorio nonetheless sold the informant a $600 Springfield Armory .45-caliber pistol.
  • Both men allegedly sold the same informant another M16-style assault rifle for $800 on Feb. 25 after he openly told them he was a felon prior to the previous transaction.


vw5[Ultimate VW] Living in a hippie paradise.
[“Eden pines canal”] I’m amazed!  There are some people who want a dirty and dying canal?  My little head is unable to hold that thought.  Let’s review – We all bought a piece of property on a canal system.  Unfortunately the design was wrong, and now we are left with a dirty and dying canal.  It stinks so bad, that very few want to go in it – including the fish.  And it is rated as one of the worst canals in the Keys.  So poorly rated, that the government is willing to install a remedy.  And yet there are homeowners who are against that?  I seriously cannot hold that thought in my head.  How many of you have become so dead to the world that all of your decisions are made out of spite and anger?  You moved to “Paradise”.  At least honor that part of yourself in which you were inspired by the beauty around you.  Sign the petition, please!
[Property Rights] Do owners get compensation for sewer the easement? Owners receive compensation solely for grant easements. A grant easement is one in which the owner is approached by a person, company or government who needs to use part of the owner’s land. After discussion and negotiation, a price is agreed upon for the easement. Owners receive no compensation for easements that occur over long periods of time, such as a person who uses a dirt road to access his property. That easement ripens after a prescribed number of years and no compensation is paid. Link
cavemen shakes club[Neanderthal Department] Call me a misogynist or whatever, but as of late, we are shown time and time again that broads can’t be trusted in positions of leadership in gov’t. The previous one, as you recall, was the dumb broad who ran the Secret Service, of all things. Have we gone bunkers? Issues surrounding gender equality aside, how many times do we have to go out on a limb trying to prove that women can command authority is like tits on a bull. I hope Trump trumps them all and restores some sanity in this mess I’ll call Amerikana. They push women to be combat pilots, then want them on the front lines, then we see them as newscasters, House of Reps members and even Supreme Court judges. Are you shitting me? If it wasn’t for the 3 broads on the bench, we most likely would not have had the recent rulings on queers and healthcare. At this rate, we might as well create a new Aryan race, called the American Amazons. What happened to men? Is Trump the only one left standing?
In regard to Money Key I helped plant the trees, and at that time it was privately owned. I think it still is. We hauled the trees on a pontoon boat. Later we took fresh water to help them get started.
car hornCar horns were invented for 1% safety. And the other 99% is because people get pissed off sometimes and need to let a mofo know.
[“Life in the homeless lane”] Well, I bought the laptop some years ago, and have found another homeless person, who is an IT pro, who works on it. Before I ran out of money altogether, I paid a company in India to look out for my laptop for one year. They do a good job, too. I also have a back up laptop, which I also bought several years ago, which I use when the main laptop is on the blink. I sometimes use free online computers at the county library, the Senior Citizen Center on Truman Avenue, and Florida Keys Community College library. I go where wi-fi is free: county library, Senior Citizen Center, Harvey Government Center, Sippin’ Internet Cafe, on Eaton Street, near Tropic Cinema, where I buy a V-8 juice, $2.15 and often a 3-egg spinach omlette with toast made from their homemade bread, $6.50. I have no place to live, sleep where I am able, and at KOTS [the city’s homeless shelter]– no rent. I eat most days at the soup kitchen, which serves better food, nutrition-wise, and larger servings, than most Key West restaurants. I get around on a junker bicycle, which I bought cheap and put good tires and tubes and two good baskets, front and rear, on it. I receive monthly Social Security retirement benefits, net $745 to me after Medicare deducted, close to $100 per month for that. Don’t recall criticizing the soup kitchen on Flagler Avenue, but sometimes have been critical of pushy envangelists who sometimes show up there, usually from Glad Tidings Tabernacle Church. Was sometimes critical of pushy evangelists at Glad Tidings soup kitchen at Higgs Beach, but that was over a decade ago. En route to being in this fiscal condition currently, I gave away over $350,000 to needy people and organizations since February 2006. In an earlier time, I gave away a lot more than that, en route to being homeless. Maybe I should give the $745 a month Social Security away, too, to be indigent. Actually, I do give some of it away. What I don’t do with it is buy narcotics: booze, cigarettes, spice, coffee, marijuana, etc., which is what most homeless people I know do with their monthly check from Social Security, the VA, etc. Meanwhile, I still work just as hard as ever, if not more hard, in ongoing spiritual warfare with demons and their human proxies, for which human beings do not pay me. I still get attacked a lot, like this reader comment Deer Ed sent to me from the CT, which I have not read in months. You folk still reading the CT can go to any day and see what I got into lately, there’s a new post there every day, usually up by noon. And now there is a PayPal button, for people who want to donate to keeping that website going. ~ Sloan
SeaProbe has claimed the probe I found, but they are not sure who they made it for. They want to unload the data and see who it belongs to. I’m going to let them take it and hope they keep us in the loop. I will share what ever info they give me with CT readers.
youre firedPeople are taking bets as to what the first words Donald Trump will say if elected, in his presidential inauguration speech. “YOU’RE ALL FIRED!’ sounds about right to me!
[Misappropriation of Funds] The State mandated that the Keys be sewered–period. The voters chose to enact a tax to help fund this mandated sewer. I have searched high and low, used every resource and trick known and nowhere could I find in the mandate or the Enactment of the Voters, the authority or direction given to the Monroe Country Board of Country Commission to divert $14,000,000 and give it to the FDOT to repair a dilapidated bridge access to a City of Marathon Tourist Attraction. And was there direction given in the mandate to divert $5,000,000 to purchase a defunct Marina in Key Largo for future speculation?
If anyone has access to the information pertaining to the authority and/or direction please notify the CT.
bill-pump18Tell me I’m dreaming. I’m a widower living alone on Big Pine and just got my ebill from FKAA. $20.42. Reading an article in a local weekly newspaper, it seems that FKAA will be charging me $75.00+ to process 60% of the water I buy from them. Are they serious? The $27 fee for wherever, is more than my total water bill. Unbelievable.  Isthere no relief from FKAA’s iron hand.
I tried to opt out from getting annoying ads from AT&T and Yahoo, but they make it so complicated that you give up. Designed that way, of course.
[Who Cares Department] Woman catches mailboxes left open by carrier. Link
money-key-w-bridgeMoney Key was constructed with spoil from original 7 Mile Bridge construction and is privately owned.
I wish the sushi man at Winn Dixie had a grill to cook that fish well done!
[“I wonder how Sloan can afford a laptop computer with Wi-Fi, yet still need to go to soup kitchens for free food”] Probably the same way that the bums asking for money on the corner, who are wearing nicer sneakers than I am, never seem to be lacking for cigarettes.
fat ass wineIt appears that a current trend in TV and movies is big butts on women (i.e. Kardashians). This is great news for a lot of women because now they are back in style and they didn’t even have to work at it.
I was riding my bike yesterday on the bike path where it continued across US 1, so I stopped and waited for the traffic to clear. A large truck in a long line of traffic stopped in front of me to let me cross. I didn’t want to seem ungrateful, but I waived him on. It has been my experience that when a vehicle stops like this in the middle of the road, at least one impatient yahoo will try to pass him. A very dangerous situation for the bicyclist. Thank you for stopping, but please don’t anymore.
fire-victim4Update on Jacob Shores who was burned in the fire on Ramrod Key on June 21, where he lost his mother, Robin Ferrer. and his two young siblings, Roman and Hazel.    Jacob is finally getting out of the hospital.  Please keep Jacob and his sister, Courtney, in your prayers. The doctors gave him a surprise send off with some Miami Heat dancers coming in to visit. We want to thank the wonderful burn unit staff at Ryder Trauma Center. We also want to thank family, friends and the community for all of their incredible support on the first part of this journey.
Happy birthday Wilko Johnson! Dr. Feelgood – Roxette
texas flag state[“If Texas secedes from the U.S. who will protect them from Mexico”]  Texans!  They’ll secure their border, kick ass on anyone sneaking across and collectively defend their turf by whatever means possible.  Their monies won’t be used to fund illegal alien social welfare and give-away programs.  They won’t offer amnesty to every illegal alien that crawls across the border.  That is, if they can with the Texas Rangers and Militia watching and guarding their border.  Don’t mess with Texas!
Just because a person is homeless does not mean they can’t have a computer and phone. New comers and developers have forced rents so high people are renting beds for $700 a month to 2 different people. Night shift person gets in from work and the other paying dayshift person is getting out of the bed and leaving. That’s $1400 a month the person renting is receiving for that one room. And why should someone that’s called Monroe County home for 10 to 30 years be obligated to leave because greedy people have created a housing nightmare in Monroe County? Just because some of the homeless are unsightly they are still residents and members of our one human family. They are not going nowhere. Deal with it! I personally enjoy giving the worst I can find gift cards for drinks and dinner at tourist spots just to piss off the Got-miners.
lost-phone-milk-carton[Lost Phone] I lost my phone at Winn Dixie Wed night after 5pm. I was parked behind the pet store where those 3 little spaces are. It is a black phone with no case and a screen protector. Your help in this matter is greatly appreciated. If you found it please call 305-923-3024. Reward available.
[Put The Elderly In Prison] we should place the elderly in prisons because they will get a shower every day, video surveillance in case of problems, three meals a day, access to a library, computer use, TV, gym, doctors on-site, and free medication if needed.Put criminals in nursing homes and they’ll get cold meals, lights off at 7pm, two showers a week, live in a smaller room and pay rent at $4,000 a month! ? It’s pretty sad that we treat prisoners better than the elderly
flasher-pervertI think poor Sloan has really lost it with his latest tirade against the churches on the word of a guy who is at the very least not who he says he is. Plus if you have ever seen the guy hanging outside school yards waiting on recess to start with his little kids book bag bike and lunch box you would really know how “off” that guy is no matter what his name is.
I’m curious, how long has this sewer debacle been going on? 10+ years? And in all this time has anyone called 60 Minutes? I understand they love these kind of fiascos.
Andre-16-GallonsThe world record for alcohol consumption is by Andre the Giant,who drank 156 beers in one sitting (over 16 gallons, burp!)
[Scanning For Dummies] Directions to scan something on your multi-purpose printer.

  1. put something on the glass platen of your printer
  2. on your computer go to Start (the colorful Windows logo on the bottom (left) of your computer monitor)
  3. at the bottom of that window is a little magnifying glass that means search.
  4. type: fax and scanner (in that little window) and the scan software will open.
  5. in the scan software click: New Scan > OK > Scan >

6. After it scans click: File > Save as > (at the top left of the scan software) and select where you want to save it on your computer (Documents, duh!)

LaundromatLucky for us she ran out of clothes and had to do her laundry in what was left.
I got a coupon in today’ mail that read:  Circumcisions 1/2 off!
Best-Advice-Ever!Best advice ever!
[Free Boobs] Ladies please, before you use the kid’s college fund there are other options! Link
property-oewners-bldg-flagsI have not seen anything about what is going on at the property owners building near the old wooden bridge fish camp. Just curious and snagged a picture of the American and British flags they have painted on the roof. You are welcome to use my picture if you like and might be a nice news story from Big pine key about what is going on at the building. just curious —no reason.
When Nestle refused to watch a documentary about the exploitation of African children in the cocoa industry, the documentary’s director, Miki Mistrati, set up a giant screen next to Nestle’s headquarters in Switzerland and played it there.
ClevelandThis guy lives next to airport. Painted this on roof to confuse passengers as they fly overhead. He lives in Milwaukee (and looks like the From the Right Guy on the Coconut Telegraph).
Looks like one of the big cruise companies is now in the pity the poor business. They have cruises to Cuba and other places where you get off the boat to help the poor and do whatever your skills can accomplish to better the poor’s living standards. Oh joy, I cannot wait to help some low life piece of crap who could care less about betterment when they only want to get stoned and laid. The bleeding heart management of this huge conglomerate will destroy cruising as we know it. Idiots!
probe-sea[“Probe”] Hi Capt. Joe,
Thanks for getting in touch about the buoy you found. It is part of the Global Drifter Program Satellite-tracked surface drifting buoy observations of currents, sea surface temperature, atmospheric pressure, winds and salinity. The buoy normally has a cloth drogue attached, but I presume from the photo it came off prior to recovery. The float (sphere) transmits data to a satellite which is used to track the drogue/buoy movement (not GPS). If it is returned to us, we may learn something that could improve the design in the future, thereby enhancing the health and well-being of the program. Thanks again for looking into the buoy and in advance for returning it,
Jeff Wingenroth
Atlantic Oceanographic & Meteorological Laboratory of NOAA. Global Drifter Program link
[90# On Your Telephone Scam ] I received a telephone call last evening from an individual identifying himself as an AT&T service technician who was conducting a test on the telephone lines. He stated that to complete the test I should touch nine (9), zero (0), the pound sign (#), and then hang up.  Luckily, I was suspicious and refused.
Upon contacting the telephone company, I was informed that by pushing 90#, you give the requesting individual full access to your telephone line, which enables them to place long distance calls billed to your home phone number.
I was further informed that this scam has been originating from many local jails/prisons. Do not press 90# for anyone. The GTE Security Department requested that I share this information with everyone I know
Eden-Pines-Canal-YUK-004[“Canal cleanup”] It would be a shame & an immense mistake that will be criticized in the future for hundreds of years perhaps if the property owners of Eden Pines on BPK in 2015 let the opportunity to clean their canals pass them simply because they are so frugal/cheap & shortsighted to realize that they are forgoing a huge opportunity, actually for little cost in the long run. Many, many, Piners are so, so foolish.
[UFO] Holy crapola! This has to be the weirdest evidence of swamp gas mistaken for UFOs. Video
mailbox flag upMailbox bashing is not a federal offense. It is private property and bashing one is considered vandalism to private property. I have first hand knowledge of this as my friend did this back when we were in high school. We all thought it was a federal offense as well. It’s just an urban myth. He did however have to replace the private property and do community service.
Why is there a Wounded Warrior Project. What does that say about our Government?? Why won’t the Government take care of the people that signed the blank check. Why can the government give away money to countries that are trying to destroy us but they can’t find enough money to take care of the people who fought and bled for a policy that is only about making money.
boarWhich of these is considered the most destructive invasive species in the United States? Starlings, Wild hogs, the European rabbit, or the Asian carp? Link
What is this world coming to when all you see anymore on the TV and the web is useless sports stars, actors, sissies, people complaining about everything and news that is nothing more than tabloid gossip?
Eden-Pines-Canal00[“Canal cleanup”] It would be foolish indeed, a monumental mistake if the contentious people of Eden Pines in Big Pine choose not to have clean canals for very little cost. I went to the first meeting that the canal cleanup people held in BPK, and was amazed at the foolishness of the people who spoke up objecting to the project because it would cost them money. If your canal is clean the value of your property climbs.
[Crooks] Looks like both Ledarius Dontavious and Javarus Martaviatus Sanders several hours apart were up up to criminal activity in the Upper Keys last Wed. nite, according to the Sheriff’s site.
phone ringing of hookYou can’t choose your family, but you can ignore their phone calls.
After a few weeks of the usual 85/85 (temp/humidity) days, we caught a break and it’s beautiful outside. Even the once 75 ft snow piles in Boston have finally all melted. My car passed NJ state inspection and all is right with the world.
earthquake house[The Really Big One] An earthquake will destroy a sizable portion of the coastal Northwest. The question is when. Link
Join veterinarian teams around the world as they undertake groundbreaking operations to try to save animals’ lives. Find out how pioneering human medicine is transforming ways to look after animals in some of the most remote places on earth. Link
purse19I could survive 3 months in the wilderness with a pocket knife and the contents of a woman’s purse.
I love to pull up your site and find a new day’s information. It is like a gift. Thank you. (Ed: Aw, shucks!)
diploma rollMarriage is when a man loses his Bachelor’s degree and a woman gets her Master’s degree.
You need to check out Bistro 31. They have really stepped up to the ‘plate’. The food is good and the portions are incredible. Don’t forget Monica either!
ham19I don’t understand what this is supposed to be?
Organic food promoter Jerome Rodale died of a heart attack on the couch of The Dick Cavett Show after saying that he’d probably live to be 100 years old. He was 72. James Fixx the jogger died of a heart attack on Johnny Carson, I think
bill-web18[Captain Doom and Gloom] DEF: Eunuch n. The NWO trendy for American men.
DEF: Suit n, The disguise some ware to hide ineptness.
DEF: Retail n, A hebrew word for legal piracy
DEF: Blog n, A web page suggesting Freedom of Speech until you realize BB is watching.
DEF: Concealed n, A shopping bag full of large kitchen cutlery
DEF: Cleavage n, The groovy area broads flaunt but you dare not gawk at.
[Creepy Department] In 1838 Edgar Allan Poe wrote a novel about 4 shipwreck survivors stranded in a boat before they killed and ate a cabin boy–Richard Parker. In 1884, a boat was stranded with only 4 survivors. 3 of the men killed and ate the cabin boy, also named Richard Parker
ftr from the right 75h
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