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7-mile-br-arial00A sojourn along the Florida Keys’ Overseas Highway has been selected as one of the top 10 Travel’s Best All-American Vacations for 2015 by The online portal for the popular cable channel enlisted five noted travel writers and bloggers to determine winners.
[Money Grab] 4 B.B. King daughters raise possibility of ‘missing’ will. Four of B.B. King’s daughters are raising the possibility that he has a second will, and they’re again accusing the blues legend’s longtime business manager of stealing his wealth and endangering his health in the days before he died.A lawyer for Patty King, Karen Williams, Rita Washington and Barbara Winfree filed documents in probate court in Las Vegas on Tuesday. The papers stop short of previous allegations that LaVerne Toney and another aide poisoned B.B. King. But they allege Toney is unqualified to be the executor of King’s estate. The daughters accuse Toney of denying King proper medical care, and of changing the locks at his Las Vegas home so that he died May 14 with no family or friends with him. Arguments are scheduled in court Friday on the allegations.
horseshoecrabs11It’s spawning season. Are horseshoe crabs down for the count? Read the comments. They actually tell more than the article. Link
I’m not sure about that comment about the computer ID always being part of an email message.  First, there’s something called spoofing that is very common (check your spam folder for a few hundred examples).  Second, the IP address is the network address, not the computer ID, and there are public and private IP addresses.  Basically, computers and networks are extremely complex and as soon as you think you know their limits, you’re doomed.  I often wonder what we don’t know about that some rogue element is doing right now.
The LaPalma Island wave “200 feet high” is wrong! Make that about 1300 feet high at the outer banks’ wall then crashing down inland. Link
hole11[A Hole Under The Door Lock] On Wednesday, I approached my car from the passenger side to place my computer bag on the front passenger seat. As I reached to open the door I noticed there was a hole right under my door handle. My first thought was, “Someone has shot the car !”I began to think about it and inspect it a little closer and the “light” slowly began to dawn. I phoned a friend who owns a body shop, and asked if he had any vehicles with damage to the doors that looked like a bullet hole. “Yes, I see it all the time. Thieves have a punch and place it right under the door handle, knock a hole through, reach in and unlock it, just as if they have a key. No alarms, broken glass, or anything.”I then placed a call to my insurance agent and explained it to him. I was puzzled that they left my GPS and all other belongings. Here is where it gets scary. “Oh no, he said, they want the break-in to be so subtle that you don’t even realize it. They look at your GPS to see where “home” is. Or check your address from Insurance and Registration documants in your glove box. Now they know what you drive, go to your home, and if your vehicle isn’t there they assume you aren’t, and break into your home.”He said they will even leave a purse or wallet and only take one or two credit cards. By the time you realize there has been a theft, they may have already had a couple of days or more to use them. (I didn’t realize my situation for two full days!) They even give you the courtesy of re-locking your doors for you.

Periodically, walk around your car, especially after you park in a shopping centre or other large parking area. Report thefts immediately — your bank w/missing cheque numbers, your credit card agencies, police, and insurance companies, etc.

[Plastic] The average Americans throws out about 185 pounds of plastic each year and a surprising amount of it ends up in our ocean.
mali[Mali Tech Support?] No, these people are street vendors selling music downloads to people’s cell phones. Everyone has a cell phone in Mali. There are 50 million people and 50 million cell phones — but no service,  or sporadic service, so people mainly use them to listen to music.
The time window for signing the petition closed Monday and the results are in. Yogi Berra will receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom! YAAAY! It was a squeeker, right down to the wire. He needed 100k signatures to get the medal.
The final total was 111,282. Thank you all who signed and passed this along to your friends. We did a good thing for a great guy.
mohammed bomb hat[The Birth Of Mohammad] Our Lord (May Allah shower upon Him and Mohammad His Blessings grant Him Salvation!) was born a few seconds before the rising of the Morning Star, on twelfth day of the Awwal of the first of the Elephant. A.D. 570.During the night the Qur’an came down in its entirety from the highest Heaven where it was kept, as far as the inferior Heaven, situated immediately above the earth. After passed through the seven zones of the Heavens, from this lower Heaven, after the first verses are revealed to Mohammad, together with a general comprehension of his Mission, the words of Allah, comprising the Qur’an, come down now from between his lips, Surah following Surah, for a period of twenty-three years, so as to guide all his actions, establish the laws of religion and organise the triumph of Islam. And there it had been deposited in the “House of Allah,” which signifies the Holy Ka’bah now shrouded in black silk.This is the only miracle attributed to Mohammed. The Qur’an in it’s original Arabic, is said to bring tears to the eyes of the reader because of its poetry and lyrical perfection. That is the miracle because Mohammed was illiterate and the only way he could have written it was through divine intervention.Daily devotion brings absolute rest to Believers; that is to say, complete interruption of the feelings that stir them, whether an excess of joy leading to ruin in the aberrations of debauchery, or an excess of sadness causing them to perish in the madness of despair. Five times daily, prayer forces them by its accompanying ablutions, to call to mind the cleanliness of the body, at the same time as the purity of the soul.
I don’t wonder as much about the mail truck accident.  But after mailing my SunPass back to our home, we had a pretty good map of the route the mail took on the truck to get back to the Keys, and paid for that privilege.
picnic-island00[Paradise Lost] It used to be you could go to Picnic Island on a weekday and you could catch a little alone-and-tranquil-time and get back to nature. Too bad some jerk who feels he has to be the center of attention has to moor his huge barge right in the middle of the sandbar. First you have to ruin the lives of the people from the Little Torch trailer park by kicking them out and bulldozing their trailers down, now you feel like ruining the lives of people trying to get away from the grind by sticking your barge out there, come on!
Lets hope, first he is pumping out legally, and second that the owners of the island, the Spotswoods, will come to our rescue and tell him to move on. Hey Fish and Wildlife what about the protection of bay bottom?
I thought all the negative stuff was to be done away with. What’s with all the anti-God rants? Is it, hatred is only a one way street? O.K. “God bless America, land that I love, Stand beside her and guide her with the glow form the light from above….” How about “Above the fruited plain, America! America! God shed His grace on thee, And crown thy good with brotherhood From sea to shining sea.  I have million of them. I’ve had enough of this hate on the Christians crap. Heathenish low-lifes.
dc3Back in the late ’60s I worked for a major Airlines at O’Hare Field. Flying then was somewhat pleasant even flying 2nd class (Coach). There were Meals! Roast beef, mashed potatoes & gravy, green veggies, dessert & beverage, roast chicken, beef stew, fish, ham. Yes in Coach! Free headsets for free movies & music. There were Stewardesses, young, attractive, anxious to make your flight pleasant, not the wait staff currently pushing carts with for sale drinks down too-small aisles. The passengers weren’t jammed into ever decreasingly smaller seats. Anyone in the plane could use the toilet in 1st class. The flight staff were pros, even Capt. Kidd (no kidding) who was pilot of AAL Flt 57. Ord>Mex. Yah, that was in the good old days. I hate to think what air transport might be like in the next 50 years.
American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE)​ AFL-CIO Affiliate AFGE Boca Chica Key. Building A-718 NAS KEY WEST, Po Box 2807, Key West, Florida.  Mark J Vitale President AFGE 1566 NAS KEY WEST 305.293.3656 office vm  /  305.849.5220 cell 33045-2807. Link  Business Directory > Government/NGO’s
marijuana walks on highwayYou’ve all heard of eco-tourism, not there’s cannabis-tourism. Link
[“Sister Dead”] I remember Sister back in the ’70s. I have a really good picture of her on the dock at the Sands’ beach were there was a great band that played on Sundays. Really good times back then. If I can figure out how to put it on here I will soon.
(Ed: How-To Video.)
[Copyright Law] The policy behind copyright law is not simply to protect the rights of those who produce content, but to “promote the progress of science and useful arts.” U.S. Const. Art. I, § 8, cl. 8. Because allowing authors to enforce their copyrights in all cases would actually hamper this end, first the courts and then Congress have adopted the fair use doctrine in order to permit uses of copyrighted materials considered beneficial to society, many of which are also entitled to First Amendment protection. Fair use will not permit you to merely copy another’s work and profit from it, but when your use contributes to society by continuing the public discourse or creating a new work in the process, fair use may protect you.
Section 107 of the Copyright Act defines fair use as follows:
[T]he fair use of a copyrighted work, including such use by reproduction in copies or phonorecords or by any other means specified by that section, for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching (including multiple copies for classroom use), scholarship, or research, is not an infringement of copyright. In determining whether the use made of a work in any particular case is a fair use the factors to be considered shall include —
1. the purpose and character of the use, including whether such use is of a commercial nature or is for nonprofit educational purposes;
2. the nature of the copyrighted work;
3. the amount and substantiality of the portion used in relation to the copyrighted work as a whole;
4. and the effect of the use upon the potential market for or value of the copyrighted work.
Unfortunately, there is no clear formula that you can use to determine the boundaries of fair use. Instead, a court will weigh these four factors holistically in order to determine whether the use in question is a fair use. In order for you to assess whether your use of another’s copyrighted work will be permitted, you will need an understanding of why fair use applies, and how courts interpret each part of the test.
rip13[R.I.P.] I am grieving the passing on April 14th of my dear life partner of 17 years, Carol. She died of cancer. She was a wonderful lady. We visited Big Pine Key a number of time and stayed at the Big Pine Key Motel.  Always enjoyed Big Pine and it was a good place to enjoy each other. (We are from Ohio, not New Jersey)
[Low Class] People suggested my family and I stay at the Sugarloaf Lodge Resort. Resort? What is going on with that business that is supposed to be a hotel, restaurant and Tiki Bar that is stuck next to a God-awful auto salvage yard on the main highway? Is this why the Lower Keys are called the “Lower” Keys?
Baby-ElephantBaby elephants suck their trunks the same way baby humans suck their thumbs.
[More bar wisdom] After a blind taste test it was determined that nobody cares which cola they’re drinking if you add enough alcohol.
My wife just asked me if her appendix scar made her look unattractive. Apparently, “Don’t worry babe, your tits cover it”, wasn’t the answer she was looking for!
zipline13[Zip Line] If the new World Trade Center and the Empire State Building are 381 and 373 meters high respectively, wouldn’t that make for a great high line cable ride.
Kids in kindergarten through fifth grade are invited to join the free, fun-filled Discovery Saturday at the Florida Keys Eco-Discovery Center (35 East Quay Road, Key West) on Saturday, June 20th from 10:00 am to 11:00 am. Our NOAA partners from the National Weather Service will appear as special guests. Discover the amazing world of weather balloons, play theLightning Game, and make a weather “satellite” to take home! For more information contact 305-809-4750. Space is limited, so please call to register.Learn more about the Florida Keys Eco-Discovery Center. Link
vinegar2Hundreds of ways to use vinegar. Link
[Message From Cuba] We are in tourist low season now, for these reason I don’t have a lot work with tourists, for the moment I have concentrated in my graphic design work and other temporal jobs and projects, while I have time to study things about my real profession and I can read books to feed imaginations and dreams.
In the future maybe I go to life to another province and city for the moment is only a project. My rent time is over next January, and find another house it’s a tricky and usually more expensive that the place where I stay now, my family it’s from Holguin in the northeast part of Cuba,  402 km far away from here but in my family house I don’t  have enough space for me and my things, the housing problem is a one of main subject in life on Cubans today, buy a house it’s a very expensive and don’t exist legal way to get credit facilities, all rent houses are in the private sector and majority of these houses rented in illegal ways because government taxes for these business is high and expected profits  for his owners is not enough for these reason the price per moth is very expensive in relations with the average salary and cost of life and don’t exist a contract  between owners and customers, the insecurity for the time that you can stay in it present always. I download from Internet projects to build a Tiny house, but even these for a moment is no  viable projects because in Cuba we don’t have facilities to buy nothing of necessary tools and materials. The future is like a shadow for me I don’t know really what will happen with me the next weeks. Sorry for these black words.
[Murdering For God] “Allah loveth not the unjust: And kill them wherever ye shall find them, and eject them from whatever place they have ejected you…” Such were the ordinances of Al- Jahad, the Holy War so violently criticized by Christians.But did not Jesus their Lord and ours Himself declare: “Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I come not to send peace, but a sword. I am come to send fire on the earth; and what will I, if it be already kindled?”

If the institution of the Jahad, destined for the triumph of truth over idolatry, stirred up strife among the families of Mohammad’s fellow-countrymen for a few years, did not the words of Jesus, not do the same?

I’ve started working as a translator at my job.  I’m specializing in English to Idiot.
rocket flying 

NASA has lost its “Voice of Apollo.” Cocoa Beach resident Jack Kingoff, who called the countdown and liftoff from Kennedy Space Center of the first moon landing mission, died today at age 84. The cause was congestive heart failure, his daughter said.

A cubit is an ancient linear unit based on the length of the forearm, from elbow to the tip of the middle finger, usually from 17 to 21 inches. Not very accurate at all!
[Drunk Driver] Lieutenant Haney was patrolling the waters of the upper Keys when he stopped a vessel in order to conduct a boating safety inspection. The vessel had five adults and 6 children on board and was returning to dock after spending the day at the sandbar. When Lieutenant Haney approached the vessel he noticed that the operator appeared to be very intoxicated. He agreed to perform seated field sobriety tests which he failed. He was subsequently arrested for boating under the influence and child neglect. He was transported to Plantation Key for processing.  Link
needle kidI do a monthly B-12 shot and slowly losing weight by exercise, a healthy diet and 8 hours of sleep a night (also I quit smoking pot everyday and having the PM munchies). If I wanted my doctor to do this thru ObamaCare it would cost gobs more money, if they’d even inject my ass. Where I live, the doctors make people sick-for-profit. The first step is to learn how to do it. Link
[“Always with the negative waves”] That’s “vibes”, you putz!
Giant_LobsterThe eight-month Florida spiny lobster season runs from Aug. 6 to March 31.
[“God, Good, Orderly, Direction”]  It’s been around for a very long time. Some of us accept it & some of us just don’t get it
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