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hunting deer dead[Oh, oh!] A 31-yearold Big Pine Key man accused of killing a Key Deer with a pellet rifle because it was eating his garden plants was arrested Saturday, according to state and federal wildlife officials. Grant Mosher Wilson of Bogie Drive faces a third-degree felony count of killing an endangered species, which is punishable by a maximum of $5,000 in fines and five years in state prison. The dead deer was shot in the ass.
[Medical Thieves] Lower Keys Medical Center in 2012 charged uninsured patients six times the Medicare-allowed costs for treatment, according to researchers of a new study on hospital markups.
marijuana leaf to joint[Local Pot Grower] Robert Blake, 51, was growing 132 plants in two separate trailers on Big Pine as part of a large grow operation when a search warrant was executed in July.
List of addresses for Florida zip code 33043. There are 6,608 individuals in zip code 33043 displayed over 83 pages. Link
bunny14-00[Bunny Frolicking Next To U.S.1] The bunny is hard to see in this photo – he is the darker, round shape, about 20 feet in front of the light pole.  Cars were whizzing by, but when a huge, loud truck barreled by, the bunny jumped a couple feet straight up in the air and did a back flip – scared the #$%& out of him, then he ran into the bushes.
[Long Live Booze] Pennsylvania woman turns 100, credits her long life to ‘drinking a lot of booze. Video
rat-flat00[A Good Rat Is A Flat Rat]  At least 20% of the world’s food is contaminated by rat and mice feces each year.
B.B. King family members are bringing in a prominent national lawyer to review the events surrounding the blues icon’s death and estate. Attorney Benjamin Crump told The Associated Press on Friday that he’s been hired to take an independent look at King’s May 14 death at age 89 and the handling of King’s finances by his longtime business agent, LaVerne Toney.Four of King’s adult daughters accuse Toney, his designated executor, of looting King’s accounts and endangering his health in his dying days. A lawyer representing Toney and the estate says the allegations aren’t true. Crump represented the family of Florida teenager Trayvon Martin, who was fatally shot by a neighborhood-watch organizer in 2012, and the family of Michael Brown, who was killed by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri.
detective sherlock pipeSherlock Holmes‘ The Beekeeper’s Apprentice. Audio
Be careful when you blindly follow the masses, sometimes the ‘M’ is silent.
jackplate[Jack Plates] Long time visitor, but brand new resident. I have a 23ft bay boat to mainly be used on the gulf side within 20-30 miles of the Big Pine area. Should I get a jack plate or not? Any knowledgeable opinions would be appreciated.
[Defending the Prophet] A great many of the most noble combatants fell martyrs in the fight, and Allah’s enemies rained showers of arrows and stones on a small group of the Faithful surrounding the Prophet. One stone, thrown by the son of Abu Wacjas, struck Mohammad, splitting his lip, breaking a front tooth, on the right. Another projectile smashed the rings of his helmet, driving them into his cheek. Abu Ubaidah, by biting the rings forced into the flesh, managed to drag them out. Little he recked when he broke a tooth on each; and he sucked in ecstasy the blood flowing from the wounds of Allah’s Chosen One. Moved bysuch fierce devotion, Mohammad said to him: ‘He who hath sucked my blood hath naught to fear from the flames of Hell: but how can those men prosper who have shed the blood of their Prophet?’ Meanwhile, the situation became more and more critical. During the thick of the fight, Mohammad was knocked down, and thrown into a deep hole that he had not noticed behind him. All and Talha helped him out at once. Then Ali, together with Abu Bakr and Umar, both wounded, hurled themselves on the assailants whose forces increased unceasingly, threatening to encircle the Believers. There were moments when the Prophet had no one with him except Abu Dujana, shielding him with his body riddled by arrows, and Abu Talha who protected Mohammad by means of a leather buckler.
air-food[Airplane Food] On the perimeter of Denver International Airport sits one of the largest kitchens in Colorado — but the meals produced at Chelsea Food Services aren’t meant to be consumed on the ground, they’re intended for the sky. The subsidiary of United Airlines produces approximately 9,000 meals a day for United and other carriers. While some the staples remain like chicken, fish and pasta, many of the airlines are consulting with a diverse group of chefs in an effort to take their menus to new heights. From braised short ribs with hoisin sauce, to lobster macaroni and cheese, to sushi, and Indian cuisine, the airlines hope by offering more interesting food, they can win over valuable business travelers who often pay big bucks for a ticket. “They’re fresher, they’re looking for more bold flavors,” said Gerry McLaughlin, executive chef at United Airlines.United Airlines isn’t alone. In recent months Delta Airlines, JetBlue and Alaska Airlines have all been seeking outside chefs in an effort to reinvent the menus. Airline catering can be very challenging. Once in the air, passengers lose some of their taste buds, requiring strategic seasoning to maintain flavor. Entrees must also fit into cramped food carts before being heated in convection ovens on-board the aircraft. Dry ice is used to keep food products cold, including ice cream. Even if you don’t have a seat up front — microbrews are the new standard on many of the discount carriers, like Southwest and Frontier. While peanuts and pretzels remain on some carriers, hummus snack packs and brownie brittle are some the new offerings for sale.
[Scandals] My favorite scandal has been soccer’s FIFA mess. No one was hurt, just a bunch of greedy old men trying to get richer. Now my new favorite is the head of the NAACP, a white woman, claiming she’s black. I love it!
cuba15[Cuba]  I have visited Cuba and can only say that it’s about time that we normalize relations with our neighbor. The useless 50 year old embargo is a failure and a farce. Yes, the Castro regime is a dictatorship and guilty of many crimes against persons, but we do business with other countries with worse histories. The Cuban people are wonderful and welcoming. The people I have met there have been nothing but gracious and curious about what America is all about. Many hearing only the propaganda that their government leaks out to them that they know is BS. The Castro brothers are old and don’t have much time left. Once they are gone I believe the growing middle-class, younger Cubans, will make changes for the positive and we need to be in a position to support them before China, or whoever else, gains a foothold on our doorstep. We can partner in many ventures that will benefit both of our countries and the people of Cuba.
A new service is called Monroe County One View and is found on the county’s homepage, Residents can type in their address and obtain information about the condition of their street, trash and recycling pick up, voting precinct and the location of area parks and boat ramps. You can find out exactly when trash, yard waste and recycling will be picked up. You can find out where the nearest boat ramp is and see if it is free. You can see if they offer fuel or what other what services they offer. You can see all of the information about your property, a whole bunch of things. All you have to do is remember the web link and the name of the service and how to use it.By the end of the month, the county also hopes to offer free WIFI service in Higgs Beach Park in Key West, Bernstein Park in Stock Island, Key Largo Park, Big Pine Key Park and Harry Harris in Tavernier
[Tech Support] A gremlin claiming to represent Norton Anti-virus invaded and locked up my laptop about the time I was sitting down in the Senior Center in Key West, next to the Harvey Government Center, to do yesterday’s bombing run. So I called the toll free number given to me by a company in India about a month ago after they fixed much the same kind of gremlin claiming to be Comcast Internet rescue specialists rushing into save me from a gremlin which locked up my laptop.I paid the India company $250 to fix that first attack, and for a year’s free protection and IT specialist help. Seemed like a heap, given my t-h-i-n financial situation, but now the India company has helped me 3 times and has used about 6 hours of it’s IT specialists time help on me. They say they are partnered with Microsoft, as are other similar companies, and, so far, it appears that is true. They are efficient, courteous, and get me back online.
hotdog spin[Garbage Meats] Ever wonder what is really in breakfast sausage, patties and hot dogs? I asked my friend who works in a testing lab in NYC and she said she never buys that stuff–ever. There is an old saying in the meat industry: EENA (ears, eyes, noses and assholes). Never again will my family buy processed meats.
Why do people ask, “What the hell were you thinking?” Obviously, I was thinking I was going to get away with it and not have to explain it.
Social Security secrets that may get you more money. Video
[I Passed For Black
] Rachel Dolezal resigned as president of the NAACP’s Spokane, Washington chapter Monday just days after her parents said she is a white woman posing as black — a dizzyingly swift fall for an activist credited with injecting remarkable new energy into the civil rights organization. My, how times change attitudes!
[Jihad: ‘Destroy No Monuments’] When Mohammed finally drove the infidels (Christians, Idolaters and Jews) out of Arabia, as he was dying from poison, Mohammad accompanied his troops to the Pass of Farewells for his final battle. It was there that he halted and gave the Believers his final instructions:”Remain ever in fear of Allah. Fight in his name and kill His foes who are yours. But leave in peace such men as dwell in the seclusion of monasteries. Spare women, children and the blind. Destroy no monuments; cut down no trees; and when ye shall have avenged the death of Al-Harith ibn Amr, summon the Arab tribes of Syria to Islam.”(Abul Qasim was Mohammad’s last name)
milk18[Contains Milk] When it gets so far that warning customers who are buying Half & Half that there’s milk in it, goes to illustrate how stupid the human race has become. Any chance the downward spiral could reverse itself? Are you serious? That’s as likely as me becoming Pope and I’m Jewish!
Worst decisions you can make on a cruise ship. #1. Fail to check for every possible discount: There are so many discounts available on the mass-market cruise lines that it may actually be impossible to find them all. Examples include extra passenger bargains, discounts for departing from your home state or states nearby, and even discounts for owning stock in the cruise line. The rule is always check more than one source before settling on a rate. Link
wolfram[The Wolfram Language Image Identification Project] Identify images. Drag any image to the wolf in the center of “or click the browse” link to look through your pictures. It’s wrong most of the time, but with our help (at the bottom) it learns. I must admit that the photos I sampled were hard to identify. The biggest advantage of this simple site is that it’s really fun to do. Link
I have looked online for ways to get rid of iguanas and have found the real reason they are over populating Florida. It’s the dimwits who won’t kill them and think God must protect them. I think it is time we rounded up all the non-indigenous species and shipped them back to Cuba or South America.
kiltEver wonder why the kilt has never caught on for guys, especially in Key West? Kilts lets the breeze cool your knickers.
[Man Arrested For Killing Key Deer] Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) officers arrested a man for killing a Key deer, an endangered species.Grant Wilson (DOB 09/24/81) of Big Pine Key was arrested Saturday, June 13, for killing a Key deer. Wilson shot the deer with a pellet gun and hid the carcass in mangroves just outside of his property.Witnesses reported the incident to the FWC, and officers were able to use the information provided to locate the dead deer and make contact with Wilson. Wilson admitted to killing the animal the day before and officers placed him under arrest. Officers seized two pellet guns owned by Wilson and the deer carcass as evidence.“We are responsible for conserving Florida’s natural resources, and for such a precious species to be taken illegally is deeply unsettling,” said FWC Maj. Alfredo Escanio. “To have this act commited by a resident of the Florida Keys is even more troubling. Acts like this will not be tolerated.”

The Key deer is a federally designated endangered species only found in the Florida Keys. This animal is the smallest subspecies of white-tailed deer, with males reaching around a mere 30 inches in height. They cannot be hunted.

Wilson was charged with a third-degree felony. Penalties could include up to five years in prison and/or a fine of up to $5,000.

Anyone suspecting a fish, wildlife, boating or environmental law violation should  report it to the FWC’s Wildlife Alert Reward Program by texting or emailing or calling 888-404-FWCC (3922).

redbull18Red Bull gives you wings!”
[Rumor Has It] Any truth to the rumor that Pritam Singh is buying the Sugarloaf Lodge and surrounding property and will be redeveloping it, similar to what he did in Marathon?
angler18To mate, the small male angler fish fuses onto the much larger female until all that remains of the male is a pair of gonads.
The next meeting of the Key West Orchid Society will be on Sunday, June 21 – Fathers’ Day. It will be at the West Martello Fort, and we will have our usual end-of-season Pizza Party.In addition we will have a phal potting session. Some of the phals we received a few months ago need to be re-potted, and this will be a good time to get the job done, and to get everyone’s hands dirty. If you’ve never done it before it will be a good hands-on experience. And to top it off you get to keep the plant you potted.

We are so lucky that the pavilion has been air-conditioned, so this year we won’t have to eat our pizza under the trees, hoping that an iguana with good aim isn’t overhead.  June newsletter: Full Menu > Ongoing Events

the-island-homeThe “Island Home” was built by Johnny “Brush” Pinder in 1902 on Plantation Key. The schooner sailed back and forth between Miami and Key West delivering supplies and mail. Notice the train passing over the bridge in the background.
The link takes you to a song Meri-Lynn and I wrote a very long time ago named Island Home. Video
A doctor’s 5 minutes is longer than a woman’s 5 minutes, so if a female doctor tells you she’ll back in be 5 minutes, you’re screwed.
deerslayer18[Deerslayer] The guy who killed the key deer fawn will be more famous than the teens who killed the alligator at the Blue Hole and posted the images on Facebook.
Life has an expiration date. Link
The fastest runners in the world are from Detroit, but cannot qualify for the Olympics because the Starter can only fire his gun once!
banana-handleChiquita introduces the Easy-Grip Banana.
[Government] The brilliance of government officials never ceases to amaze me. Take the idiot in Key West who wants roadways to handle bicycle traffic mixed with car and truck traffic in the same lanes. Roads are for motor vehicles that go much faster than bicycles that is why roads were invented in the first place. Now ask yourself how much bicycles pollute compared to motor vehicles. Ideally a utopia with no motor vehicles and only bicycles or walkers would clean our planet in a month or so. However this will never happen, but what will happen is those stupid enough to think they have the right of way to do two miles per hour and hold up motor vehicles burning toxic fuel need to wake up. Especially the idiot pedestrians who walk out in front of a 3000 or more pound vehicle and demand it stops to let them cross the street. Some day the breaks will fail and hopefully that idiot will learn to wait and let a motor vehicle pass by. How much do shoes pollute?
Save-turtle-balloon[Plastic] When someone asks you about Plastic bags.And you tell them about the fact that the’re made from oil and gas –  which is sourced through the destruction at sea and land.

And you tell them about the thousands of bags per hour that were buying, clot which will last hundreds of years.

And you tell them about how they bulk up landfills and poison Papatūānuku.

And you tell them about how they wind up in our oceans starving our whales and birds slowly and painfully.

And you talk about the fact that our planet is suffering from our practices and if we want our grandchildren to have hope, we have to change our thinking.

And they come back with, “But I like to put my rubbish in them.”

“The negative” stuff is the pro-God stuff, Dude. It is hiding from reality, usually in closets!
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