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[Summer in the Keys] The tide was coming in and was too strong to swim so I dug my heels in the sand and leaned into the current in about four feet of cool clear water. I stayed in this position for a very long time until my fingers got wrinkly and the tide went slack. What a way to cool off. It doesn’t get any better than this!
[Health Foods?] The current thinking is that caffeine is good for me, so are a couple of eggs a week. Okay, should I have glass of red wine once a day or not? Chocolate’s now good for me. I’m waiting until they tell me fried food is good for me.
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beating dead horse
[Iraq] I’m sick of politicians calling for more action (killing) in Iraq. We gave it all we had for eleven years and left it in worse shape than before we started the war. We used the entire might of the US military for eleven years and things are worse now. Just what do the hawks in Congress hope to achieve? What do they think we can do now that we didn’t try already? What would there strategy be? Nothing else has worked. How would it be different then our failed strategy? It’s like beating a dead horse. Doing the same thing and expecting different results is crazy!
[“New owners increase rent”] You are supposed to have a contract that should be, by law, passed on to the new owners and appreciated until its depletion date. Then the new owners can do what they want to do!
[“Rent Increase“] To the person being ousted from Eden Pines: if you have a lease, you are protected from eviction and increased rent!! The new owners are required to honor an existing, valid lease. Even if you are only a month to month lease. you still have rights. Link
Lauren Bacall
died this week at 89. “You do know how to whistle, don’t you?…”
[“Cat Trapping”] The USFWS has a tough time doing it’s job partially because of ignorant people who enable feral cats, fixed or not. Doing their job which they are very good at, as much factual evidence has shown.
[“Poor Robin Williams took the easy way out”] Unless you or someone close to you has the metabolic condition commonly referred to as depression, you should not post such nonsense. People who have this medical imbalance sometimes kill themselves, leaving behind beloved pets, friends, & family.
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County Commissioner George Neugent was invited to help release Pine Tyme the Loggerhead Turtle Friday, August 15th, with The Turtle Hospital. Pine Tyme is the first satellite tagged rehab turtle that you can track on the internet!  You can follow her journeys at Link
Ebola is a bad thing for sure, but 20,000 people die from the flu in the USA every year.
[Sesquipedalian] The FTR guy uses too many words, many of which are too big.  He needs to take out some of them.
Mangrove swamps are beautiful.
There really is a difference in the candidates for Monroe County Commission/District 2. Danny Coll is the candidate who opposes extending for ten years the multimillion-dollar contract with Waste Management without first sending it out for competitive bidding. Danny Coll is the candidate who opposes the purchase of a private multi-million dollar land deal, when it is was appraised for less. Danny Coll is the candidate who opposes forcing many District 2 residents to use grinder pumps of questionable quality and economics. Other areas of the Keys are receiving a more reliable, less invasive and environmentally superior system. Danny Coll is the candidate who supports term limits, and does not believe in career politicians. Danny Coll will represent YOU. That means returning your calls, answering your questions and seeking your opinion before casting my vote.I want to serve you because I love this country and I have a unique perspective on living here. I was born in Cuba shortly after Castro took power. Rejecting communism and seeking freedom, my father gave up his career to move to America. He took a job as a service station attendant, while my mother cleaned hotel rooms in Miami Beach. We were poor, but I learned to work hard and save money. Later I moved to the Keys where I volunteered as a firefighter, EMT/Paramedic. Eventually I started an ambulance company and purchased the Big Pine NAPA Auto Parts store. Everything I am or ever will be, I owe to this nation for the opportunity it gave me.

But our country’s finances have gotten us into deep trouble. I am afraid that the success I have had might not be available to future generations. While I cannot solve the problems in Washington, I can work to make sure Monroe County is on the right track. I can do that with the same principle that brought me success in business — HARD WORK. I can watch the numbers. I can always shop around for the best deal. If I am going to buy it, I will always know how I will pay for it.

If you support principles like these, please give me your vote on or before August 26. Thank you, Danny Coll, Republican for County Commission District 2. My cell phone (305) 872-1111

[Sensory Overload] Remember the days when we could go into a grocery store and not go into a catatonic state with sensory overload with all the choices and colors? Well here’s what changed.  Malcolm Gladwell Choice’s, Happiness and Spaghetti Sauce talk focused on the work of Dr. Howard Moskowitz. Link
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Leaf springs
for utility trailer (1200 lbs) Measurements: 25″ long x 1 3/4″ wide. Asking $25. Classified Ads > Auto
NOAA’s Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary is seeking applicants for twelve seats on its advisory council. The council ensures public participation in sanctuary management and provides advice to the sanctuary superintendent. The sanctuary is currently accepting applications for the members and alternates representing the following seats: citizen at large/Lower Keys; conservation and environment; diving/Lower Keys; fishing/charter flats fishing guide; fishing/commercial – marine/tropical (member only); and South Florida ecosystem restoration. Candidates are selected based on their expertise and experience in relation to the seat for which they are applying, community and professional affiliations, and views regarding the protection and management of marine resources. Applicants who are chosen as members should expect to serve three-year terms, pursuant to the council’s charter.  The advisory council consists of 40 primary and alternate members representing a variety of public interest groups. It also includes primary and alternate representatives from 11 government agencies.Advisory council members are important conduits to the community, helping inform sanctuary management decisions. Council members selected this term will play a critical role in shaping the future of marine conservation during the sanctuary’s marine zoning and regulatory review.

Applications are due September 30. To receive an application kit, or for further information, please contact council coordinator Beth Dieveney via email at or by phone at 305-809-4700 ext. 228, or by mail at Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, 33 East Quay Rd., Key West, FL  33040. Application kits may also be downloaded from the sanctuary’s website,

[Head Injury] It’s often said that head-injury patients should be kept awake, on the theory that dozing off could send them into a coma. Many doctors say that’s not the case. The one thing they do watch for in an unresponsive patient is hindered breathing. ER doctors and technicians are trained to keep a victim’s airway clear. They may do this by inserting a tube into the trachea—not by begging her to stay alert.
The derelict paddlewheeler in Niles Channel has an osprey nest on one of it’s smokestacks!
[True Colors] When someone shows you who they are –believe them the first time!
[Mediterranean Diet] The combination of olive oil and leafy salad or vegetables is what gives the Mediterranean diet its healthy edge. The total diet consists of an abundance of vegetables, fresh fruit, wholegrain cereals, olive oil and nuts, as well as poultry and fish, rather than lots of red meat and butter or animal fats. Link
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[“Is Don Johnson of Miami Vice fame still kicking”]  He was is Django Unchained, but you would never know it. So was Michael Parks. They are all getting old!Michael Parks, Don Johnson
[Computer Virus–In the Hand!] Are medical devices we put inside our bodies vulnerable to hackers? What would happen if a terrorist wrote a virus program that could stop all heart pacemakers? To find out, British engineer Mark Gasson implanted into his hand a tiny radio frequency identification chip, not unlike the electronic tags used to track pets. Then he infected the chip with a computer virus. Sure enough, his chip not only contaminated its parent computer system but also tried to spread its virus to other chips connected to the system. In other words, our implanted devices might indeed be vulnerable. Although Gasson was not in any physical danger, in a real-life scenario, a heart patient could have been. His work paves the way to make medical devices safer for everyone.
[Sewer Scandal] Exposing a part of the truth in Monroe County’s biggest project. There are many of us that will not bend over for this one.  Link
gate open close
[“Illegal children”] Don’t you realize those countries are culling their populations. If other countries play the same ‘pity our children’ game, we will be inundated with thousands of useless eaters over what are now here. Close the freaking gates!
[Homeless Forum] There will be a forum on Searching Out Solutions (S.O.S.) on constructive alternatives to costly criminalization of homelessness: Best and worst practices from other U.S. communities from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., Thursday, Aug. 28, at the Harvey Government Center, 1200 Truman Ave. Panelists will include Amy Sawyer, U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness; Michael Stoops, National Coalition for the Homeless; Kirsten Clanton, Southern Legal Counsel; Benjamin Waxman, expert on Pottinger vs. City of Miami, and David V. Peery, class plaintiff in Pottinger vs. City of Miami.I truly hope that our guests will indeed leave Key West considerably more sobered up about what can and cannot legally be done to homeless people, and what actually has a chance to bring off change in street people. The forum is sponsored by the Monroe County Homeless Services Continuum-of-Care, Inc. As space may be limited, those wishing to attend are requested to RSVP to 305-350-8224 or to
[Marathon Journal] The August 12th City Council started off with a brief discussion on spending limits. City officials have an array of spending limits versus job specificity. Among approval of the minutes and community announcement, Councilman Senmartin brought up having a meeting to discuss appointments to the Affordable Housing Task Force Committee. This is the right time to look at this proposed committee. I would hope that the wheel doesn’t need reinvented. MKCLT and Marathon’s Habitat for Humanity are among others that should be appointed. Senmartin also proposed a special call meeting on Capital Improvement Project money and what projects come first, second, third, and so on. This list contains proposed projects like city hall that eventually rise to the top. Capital Improvement Project money is mostly provided by the state. So we get funding that is shared by state money. Other funding rounds out the CIP money.Several department heads provide their reports to the City Council and the public. Some of these reports were Sherriff’s Report, Fire Rescue, Wastewater, and Planning Report.

US Water objected to Severn Trent Services winning the contract bidding for the Wastewater Operations and Maintenance Services. Severn was the lowest responsible bid. I see that Gray-Robinson contract was renewed. They are the people who had several “oops” moments through the last several years. Frankly, finances and legal should be home grown from Marathon only. What! There is absolutely no one in Marathon who could do a better?

We know we need a swimming pool. Our swim team has to find a place to practice and their home games are actually away games. We can do better.

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[Bacon] Please, someone has to tell me … is that a scotch or a bourbon with the bacon garnish?
[The big billion-dollar stink over sewers in the Keys] No mention of the deceit and DEP’s role in this fiasco by permitting what their regulations say they should not. And Reef Relief is simply not looking at the long term as it ought to be doing. Link
Senator McCain wants to send some more bombs to Iraq. In his usual haste to bomb someone he’s ignoring the fact that we’ve sent everything we have over there for over a decade and nothing has changed for the better–things are worse since we started that war and will continue to get worse for the the whole of the Mideast. Nothing will change with more bombs. They are only a temporary fix. a brief respite. The larger problem of a militant Islam is the problem that must be addressed. Any ideas on the real problem Senator? No?  I didn’t think so.
[“Robin Williams”] We will never know what was going through his mind prior to taking his own life. A bit of news just broke saying that Robin Williams was diagnosed with early signs of Parkinson’s disease. The disease attacks the brain and leads to loss of your nervous system. Perhaps he felt that he did not want to make his family endure the pain of seeing him lose all his bodily movements, speech etc.
lower keys boat rental7.11.14
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ammo-pile17[Conspiracy Man] I’ve written here in the past informing everyone of events that will take place in mainland America soon. Well, it looks like ‘soon’ is now. I told you about the ridiculous amount of ammunition Law Enforcement, DHS & FEMA have acquired within the last few years totaling billions of rounds of ammunition. On top of this, the above mentioned agencies have purchased military equipment and armored tank-like vehicles for the use in urban America. They are getting ready for something big!As a child growing up in mainland America I was taught to always trust your neighborhood policemen (not called police officers back then), and back then rightfully so. The neighborhood policeman was very well known and was respected by everyone. Back then a policeman became a cop with the intention of doing his duty, being helpful and doing good deeds towards the neighborhood.  Those policemen are either retired or long gone–except in the Keys. Many of the Sheriffs Deputies still practice the qualities mentioned above. Being that they live in our neighborhoods and for all of us, that’s a good thing.

Today’s law enforcement in the mainland recruit young kids who have been bullied throughout their childhood and carry all this anger and revenge on their shoulders. They get buffed physically and join the force with the intention of kicking ass and having the opportunity to shoot that gun. The department knows this. Everyone who’s not blind knows this, when you see a rookie with the “I’m the law or above” attitude.

Recently the internet has been showing hundreds of thousands of videos capturing these officers shooting peoples’ dogs, punching and tazering elderly people, women and pregnant women. Shooting unarmed men and children. Beating the living crap out of anyone, knowing that they are being caught on video? Why would they continue to carry on with this type of abusive behavior knowing that there’s a 99.99% chance that it will be recorded by a bystander?

The government and its news media puppets have been doing everything possible to get a stir of anger from the people ever since 911. Democrat vs. Republican hoopla, bailouts, unemployment, racial divide, illegal immigration, Muslim distrust and hatred, gay marriage, welfare recipients, etc. Americans are dormant. These agencies purchased all this ammunition for a reason and with intent to use it. We’re talking about multi billions of rounds of ammunition. Why? The Missouri incident is a test to see how dormant America has become. It’s just the beginning.

The fundamental cause of trouble is that the stupid are cocksure, while the intelligent are full of doubt.
[“Ebola”] As bad as Ebola is malaria kills far more. Despite mankind’s longstanding struggle to control mosquito populations, the World Health Organization currently estimates that each year malaria causes 300 to 500 million infections and over 1 million deaths each year. Link
[“Divers down flag”] 300 feet ?, that is 100 yards, a bloody football field on all sides of some nitwit who is doing nothing important except hassling the fish! What happens in a canal when the snowbirds come to grab all our bugs, do we boaters have to stop until they are done scrounging? Some laws suck.
Remember that nice lady on No Name Key who bought a house there recently, when there was not any electricity because of there never was and was not supposed to be? She yelled and hollered and got her way after all, against the wishes of half the people who had been there a long time and did not want it. She was very outspoken and competent at that and managed to have her way.She might be a good candidate for George Neugent to appoint to the Monroe County Planning Board ( if he wins), since she is now his Campaign Manager. Strange bedfellows as they say. Things like that happen in politics. Maybe we can finally develop No Name Key and they can have a sewer system like it seems some of us are getting–whether we like that one or not.
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If police make you get out of your car they make you lie on the ground. They used to make you face your car or a wall and spread your legs and arms so as to be less threatening to them. Their firs thought is for their own safety, their second thought is to dominate you and take away your dignity. They join the force to exercise their power of dominance and they’ve perverted that power. Now they make you lay face down in the dirt . I think a lot of them get their jollys from dominating people this way.
[Phishing] Dear Citibank Customer, Our system detected your account been compromised and we had no choice than to temporarily suspend your account. In order for your account to start working normally without interruption, you have to confirm your account information within 24 hours.
Your account has been temporarily suspended in order to protect you.Your account will continue to work normal and the limited will be lifted after few verification process. Once you have updated your account records, your information will be confirmed and your account will start to work as normal once again. To securely update your Citibank ATM/Debit card PIN please go to
[Pot related DUI crashes triple] Alcohol contributed to about the same percentage of traffic fatalities throughout the decade, about 40 percent. But drugs played an increasingly prevalent role in fatal crashes, the researchers found. Drugged driving accounted for more than 28 percent of traffic deaths in 2010, up from more than 16 percent in 1999. Marijuana proved to be the main drug involved in the increase, contributing to 12 percent of 2010 crashes compared with 4 percent in 1999. The study authors also noted that the combined use of alcohol and marijuana dramatically increases a driver’s risk of death.
blow out candle cake bomb
I turned 69
several weeks ago. It is like being in a holding pattern. I have never thought about ever being 70 it seems like such a significant plateau. Then I realized how may people I know who are 80 and very active. I just took a friend out for his 86th birthday to Captain Jacks’ and he was a ball of energy.  I can’t speak for anyone else, but my time on earth was a great time to see, feel, experience slowly changing technology–and not pretty fast changing technology. The changing country mood and politics does not seem like it is evolving in the right direction, but we won’t know for another 10 to 20 years what all this social engineering really means.
[Boating Fun] After watching all the tourists going up and down the canal having fun, we finally  have a few days off.  Was anyone outback this weekend and how is the visibility?
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It’s a shame
that the people and corporations that own our politicians would never allow this to happen.
[“Why should you vote for the challenger”] Because it sends a clear, unmistakable message to the Keys incumbents:  Do the peoples’ business, or you’re gone.  The problem now is that 90% of Keys’ positions keep getting re-elected, over and over.  Hence, voters are repeatedly rewarding bad behavior; reinforcing bad behavior.
[Ugly Americans] The poster was right. If a person is asked by the police to lay on the ground or if the police want to detain a person and the person resists the police should be allowed to kill that person. This is the new America. “Give us your tired and your poor your huddled masses yearning to breathe free” was so yesterday. Now-a-days they should be killed too.We’ve become the ugly Americans as was predicted.
An amazing walk on Christ The Redeemer in Rio. I’ll bet you get the heebeejeebee’s just watching this! Video
[50 Megabytes Per Second] My download speed test was the same before & after I did Xfinity’s upgrade procedure? I thought 25 mbs is spectacular? I got a letter from them saying that it should be up to 50 mbps, so I did the procedure again. This time it worked. My download speed is now 42.65mbps, my upload is 11.67 & ping is 14. Spectacular x2..
Now lets see if it actually makes any difference. I think it’s supposed to help multiple simultaneous users. When I was on ATT I couldn’t watch YouTube videos because they had to
pause every few seconds to regain strength.
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[Key West Woman’s Shaved Beaver] Remember this one from last year? Woman crashes car while shaving her privates. Link
[Guns] Years ago I listened to some people I knew agreeing that only cowards carried guns.
Should any village be missing its idiot, I suggest they look in Washington D C first!
A Jersey woman in the rain.
[Firefox Browser] “Firefox prevented this site from opening a pop-up window” I get this notice every time a pop-up pops up!
[“We don’t serve time travelers here”] ‘Callahan’s Con’ by Spider Robinson was Key West for sure. I still cannot find that bar though!
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The article today in the Miami Herald on the sewer controversy was just OK as far as it went. Not that far – or real deep investigative reporting , but somewhat better than some of our local media. Bill Becker of US 1 Radio would do a much better job of real investigative reporting in the style of Edward R Murrow , which awards his station has received in the past for their reporting. I doubt he would waste two column inches on Ernest Hemingway or Jimmy Buffet anyway.
The police need all of that heavy duty military type weaponry for that day when Obama sends them to your house to confiscate your gun
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Obama is responsible I read it on here the other day.
from the right
Let’s face it, Charlie Crist is pretty, Rick Scott is not. It’s a shame, but physical appearance is important to some voters. I really wonder why.crist-scottIn Crist’s case his “prettiness” helped him to enjoy what seemed to be overwhelming polling numbers early in his current run to be again collect a state paycheck as Florida’s governor.

Then voters, especially Democrat voters, began to remember the narrative Crist had first used as a Republican during his campaign to be Florida’s governor in 2006. Those memories heralded the beginning of the end of Crist’s popularity.

Democrat voters were recalling that then Republican governor Crist claimed to be the consummate anti-liberal. He sought to convince Republican voters that he was an honest, sincere Republican. He assured us all that Republican values were in his heart of hearts. That was the same message he had put forward in all of his previous runs for public office.

Republicans believed him, he was elected.

His tenure as governor was disaster incarnate. Sky high unemployment, huge budget deficits, increased taxes, increased fees, increased college tuition, teachers being laid off, and Florida descending into a fiscal sink hole of massive proportions. Charlie governend like a Democrat. Half way into his term, Charlie decided that he didn’t want to be governor and set his sights on a US Senate seat. Achieving that goal, not addressing Florida’s many problems, consumed most of Charlie’s energy and time for the last two years of his tenur.

But that was then, and this is now.

Democrat US Senate candidate Crist started his campaign two years into his term as Florida’s governor. He portrayed himself as a hide bound right wing Republican. Nonetheless, Republicans having seen his record as Governor, abandoned him. His polling tanked against his primary opponent Marco Rubio. In a national TV interview Charlie swore he would not change parties. But he did, he reinvented himself as an independent. Still, he was whipped, big time.

Now Charlie has again reinvented himself as a Democrat candidate for Governor. Now, he trails Scott in statewide polling in his bid to get back on the state payroll as the governor.

Democrat voters are  seeing the true Charlie Crist, they are seeing through his Hollywood like Cheshire façade of sincerity. His bronzed tan, his carefully coifed silver locks and gleaming teeth are rapidly becoming recognized as signatures of insincerity and reek of “phoney.”

Democrats are seeing his arrogance in refusing to debate a legitimate Democrat primary opponent, Nan Rich. Rich has had a long and respected public service career. But most damaging to Crist is that Democrats are remembering what he said and what he did as a Republican public official. Now Democrats do not trust Crist.

In his 2006 gubernatorial campaign against Tom Gallagher, Crist used robo-calls. What follows is the script from one of them: Crist himself is the speaker.

“Hi, this is Charlie Crist calling to set the record straight. I’m prolife. I oppose amnesty for illegal immigrants, I support traditional marriage, and I have never supported a new tax or big spending program. It’s sad that in his fourth try for governor my opponent has resorted to distortions and untruths. … Floridians need a consistent, conservative governor that they can trust. I would appreciate your vote on election day. Thank you so much and God bless you, and God bless Florida.” Link

Now the Crist robo-calls have been resurrected, this time they are being placed by an organization that supports Governor Scott. Crist in his own voice, tells Democrats that he was/is deeply opposed to much Democrat dogma. He tells us he’s against same sex marriage, he’s pro-life, he’s against big government and new taxes, he invokes God, and he opposes amnesty for illegal aliens.

The reality is that Crist has no core values, no abiding principles. He is not to be trusted by Democrats, Republicans, or Independents. To Crist the election is not about serving the people of the State of Florida, it is all about getting another government paycheck.

I do agree with Crist on one point, “Floridians need a consistent, conservative governor that they can trust.” That ‘fer damn sure isn’t Crist