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Sunday, December 30, 2012


The more I take care of my own needs, the less ego expectations I have of others. And most of my conversations are me asking the other person how they are, how work is, how is their family, what’s been going on, how did things work out with such and such? 

And when they ask what’s going on with me, I usually say, “not a thing.” Because my life is quite serene and uneventful – I live a very simple, simple life – my parents are deceased as well as my husband, I have no children, my work is always the same mostly. This makes living in the Keys even better — for me. 

[Gas Crook] Saturday night someone drained the gas from my car in Seahorse Campground. Hopefully they used the gas to drive out of MonroeCounty and stay there. There was not enough for a boat to get to Cuba, but it was half a tank. Thank you for tightening my cap back on and leaving a few drops for me to get to Tom Thumb.



I’m seeking information about a hit and run accident involving a person at the northbound Summerland Key mm25 bus stop before Dion’s on Nov 30 at approximately 11:30am. There is a substantial reward if you or anyone you know may have any information regarding this incident. Please call (305)879-1884 

[“There should be a law”]  Pet peeve right there.  Quit trying to make a law for everything requiring intelligence, common sense, and morality.  Government has none of those and has no business trying to legislate them in others.



Everglades Park offers ‘anti-vulture kits’ to protect visitor cars from car-munching vultures.  Link 

Top 100 recipes of 2012.  Link

[“Bong Recreational Area, Colorado rest stop?”] It’s actually Richard Bong Recreational Area located in the town of Brighton, Wisconsin. The sign gets stolen often.

The penalties for first time possession of any amount of marijuana (including residue in a bong) in that State is 6 months in jail and a $1,000 fine. Even possession of the paraphernalia is an offense.  Of course selling or distribution carries much more stiffer penalties of 3.5 years and $10,000 fines or more, since there isn’t a minimal amount, that could mean the 10 joints one rolled and the original baggie could constitute a intent to sell or distribute, even more so if they find a nice wad of cash or a list of phone numbers.

Some States with a zero-tolerance level (aka they make money locking people in prison as a State industry) may make a separate charge for each joint, or multiple times one sold/shared with a undercover agent. Three months in the can later they offer a plea agreement of 10 years, 7.5 upon good behavior, it’s take that or risk losing and getting 3.5 years for each joint. (for those who can’t do math, that’s 35 years)

It happens every day in certain parts of the great U.S.A. People are just jail fodder to them. States collecting like $100 a day from Uncle Sammy Fed each day one is in the slammer, then they take the young ones and build more prisons, the cops bust more kids, the cycle repeats itself and everyone makes money but the convicted.

Want to get high, take a roller coaster or two, skydive, take a road trip off the island rock once a month. A MAO(?) high is legal and it won’t make one so paranoid.

belt30How would I manage to get one of these (newly) dead pythons that seem to be showing up? I’d love to have a belt, hatband, and purse made of one. I’ve tanned copperheads before, but never a python. Guess I’ll start with the electric co op.

New Years (besides being my Birthday) is a time for forgiveness of the past. I forgive you, wife. I forgive you the scars you left all over me from your anger and drunken rage. I forgive the lies, threats, cheating and stealing you did. I forgive you the promises you made to me and others and then broke. I forgive you, if you are better without me than go with your God. I forgive you.

If each of us could find the way in this new year to forgive the person who trespassed on you as I have just done, the world would be a better place. Maybe it would be one human family after all.

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an fat shimmy


[The Movies] In the 1940 movie Dr Kildare’s Strange Case one scene featured a dotting nurse who told Dr Gillespie, “You’ll drink your milk or no cigarettes for you today!”


[R.I.P. Ray Halverson] My thoughts and prayers go out to Ray and his family. I worked with him and he was a fun guy to work with. I have tried everything to help him with his demons and I know he appreciated it. We used to think we were related since my Mother’s maiden name was Halverson. We would call each other cuz’. If anyone has any news on where he will be buried and or a memorial, please announce it here. Thank you.


Predictions for 2013
Kim Kardashian’s ass will undergo a long-awaited mitosis and divide into two separate & identical asses.
Taco Bells in Colorado– inspired by the legalization of marijuana– will market the “420 Meal” which will include a taco, burrito, large soft drink, and a joint rolled in a smokeable tortilla.
Honey Boo Boo will fall down a well. And, although easily rescuable, TLC will keep her down there until it’s a media & ratings extravaganza.

See the rest of my prophecies for the coming year at  Link 


Google and Facebook are spy agencies for the mob mentality of the net.

[“Right-wing sites are saying Obama hired the Connecticut killer”] Then it should be no problem to post a list of these sites so we can see who they are.

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[They’re Here!] 7 foot Python found behind Marathon Publix. Please phone “I’ve Got 1” hotline at (888) 483-4681 if you spot one. Link

[The most impressive iPad salesman ever!] His intense involvement of the “customer” in his (sleight of hand) movements and German spiel is really clever. You don’t have to understand one word of German to appreciate his skill.  Link


[Bacon Burrito] An idea whose time has come!

Moroccan-style Shrimp w/ Pomegranate dipping sauce recipe.  Link

an_spyglass22[GPS Tracking] Unfortunately, while you’re revealing your location to your friends, you could reveal it to strangers as well. Glympse uses your phone’s GPS to share your location only with people that you specify. And you can set a tracking time limit to control when and how the information is shared. The GPS information then is put in a Google Map, making it easy for your recipient to see where you are. You can coordinate locations with a group of friends or keep track of kids, parents or significant others while they’re out. Know at a glance if they’ve arrived safely or if they’re on their way home.  Glympse  free.

[“Do extended magazines cause jamming”] It’s the gun that jambs not the magazine. Cleaning the weapon after use is recommended.


Since the people on our SWAT team can not seem to control their weapons, why doesn’t MonroeCounty eliminate the little needed group they currently have and subcontract the services as needed?


Cheap lower Keys shuttles offered for New Years Eve.  Link



Fireworks & big shows herald the New Year.  Link

[I’m a Jerk] People sometimes write and say horrible things to me and lots of people do not like me one bit and make sure to let me know. It’s just that I don’t care anymore because I stopped thinking that I could get the approval of anyone but myself.

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[“SUFA Shelter volunteers are immune under the Florida Volunteer Protection Act”] If that’s true, then what’s the county’s strategy to include them? What’s the gain?  Because I do not believe that the new county attorney is a frivolous person, not the type to throw spaghetti at the walls. 

And is it the county attorney, or the state attorney’s office that decided to include them?  If the state attorney’s office decided – again – what’s the strategy?  These lawyers can’t all be stupid. (And don’t sit there and get all sarcastic and say yes they can.)  Maybe there’s another statute somewhere that opposes the one cited above.

Maybe there’s more going on here legally than is being reported in the papers.  It’s easy for the SUFA side to get their name in the paper, to maybe try to influence (taint) prospective jurors.  The county and state attorneys do not have the luxury of picking up the phone and talking to the press. 

Maybe everybody should just sit back and hold their comments until after the facts are presented.

Redneck Christmas Card.  Link



Watch Jupiter gradually creeping toward a better lineup between Aldebaran and the Pleiades. It won’t quite get there, however. Instead it will gradually stop and reverse direction at the end of January, just short of forming a straight line. (The 10° scale is about the width of your fist held at arm’s length.)

Pat Condell is one guy we need to spread the word about. He tells it like it is, with guts! Too bad our floundering fathers cannot be like him. Link


Nira Tocco has a beautiful new listing in Doctor’s Arm. Video tour

Nira Tocco has another beautiful new listing. This one’s in Eden Pines Video tour

wheelchair_dare_devil_granny[Granny Gumption] “I seen them coming out of the window and I thought, that’s strange if they’re carrying a big TV out the window,” said Margaret McDonald of Oklahoma City, Okla. “I thought they lived there at first.” But she quickly realized she was witnessing a burglary. “I hollered, ‘Stop thieves!’ Like that,” she said. “And that one went running down the road, so I followed him.” The five men scattered and McDonald chased one until he jumped a fence. When police arrived, she was able to direct them to the suspect and positively identify Rex Young Jr, 20, and another suspect.

The other three suspects escaped, but the TV was recovered. “We never recommend that people try and follow suspects,” Police Lt. Jeff Lathan said. “In this case, it worked out well and we’re thankful for it.” The most amazing part was how she chased the suspects in a motorized wheelchair with a top speed of 4.2 mph.. Sometimes smarts are better than speed.

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Silly-dance time.  Link

Thanks Ed for the Xmas talk about being nicer.


Unique new year’s Eve “ball” drops from sushi to Kiss the Carp.  Link

[Captain Doom and Gloom] The only important department of the United States Government, is the U.S.D.A. and it is being screwed over by the greedy marketers who want us to eat crap instead of good food. What ever BO does to other parts of our Maintenance Department known as the Federal Government, he better not mess with the only protector of out food and water. Without the USDA, we will be eating and drinking dog food and piss.

Lists of houses to be robbed when they are empty, for criminals that want guns. Using the newspapers to promote the anti-gun agenda while exposing law abiding citizens to harm is a criminal act that should close the paper and send someone to jail.  Link

Insignificant  adj; A useless eater with loud mufflers!
Tattoo n. A warning sign of mental unbalance signified by a mirror fetish!
Firearm  n. A device to propel a projectile in the wrong direction, at the wrong time, for the wrong reason.
Religion  n. A system of government developed for those who could not build their own camp fire.
Dildo n. A personalized mechanism to keep Fat NJ Woman away from Happy Hours.
Health Insurance  n. A system to maintain a natural balance of useless eaters through poverty and medical manipulation.
War n. (1) A Card Game (2) A Board Game (3) A Marketing Strategy (4) A system offsetting the legalization of prostitution – See: Religion


An argument about a political bumper sticker nearly turned fatal. “Good Morning America” reports when police arrived on the scene, the victim was on his knees with a gun to his head. The victim said the argument started because he didn’t like the other man’s anti-Obama bumper sticker.

[EDC] The poster means Every Day Carry as in his or her chosen side arm carried or left hidden in the home for defense.


[Two Minute History] See this little masterpiece, both in film editing and musical dubbing. It is short, but great!  Link

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Vladimir Putin, If you don’t want good Americans to adopt your helpless children then start taking care of them

an mouse race 4

[Copying is a Drag] My drag and drop, highlight, copy and paste function is super sensitive or sometimes it doesn’t highlight at all and I have to start again. I don’t appear to have any malware and it’s most annoying (Windows 7). Also when I try to drag over an image or a link in order to copy it–it opens. It’s so sensitive. If I click on one letter to change case the whole word highlights. I wonder if it’s my cordless mouse, I changed the batteries, but no improvement. I lowered the speed to slow, but the problem persists. 

[“Donkeys pulling a cart with 2 people in it around Big Pine Key”] It’s not nice to make fun of our seasonal residents. Those pulling the cart are twin gals from Michigan. They go to Springers only for happy hour, shop the flea market and Winn-Dixie for specials. Other than that they don’t spend a dime here.


Fanci Seafood has Fresh Smoked Kingfish and Smoked Salmon out in the case. Also, fresh cut Grouper and yellowtail in the case, as well as plenty of STONE CRAB CLAWS. We are open Sunday 8-6pm and Monday New Years Eve 8am – 6pm. 

[Cure] If anyone has a skin Staph/MRSA infection, I know a home remedy I used on same with success.



[“A/C on a solar grid”]  I’m not an electrician or scientist  so I may be wrong, but it seems to me the resolution is to re-invent the A/C unit so it does not need that type of electrical configurations.  It seems to me the problem is the A/C requirements – not the power delivery method. Why do compressors need a third prong? Because on my window A/C I use a 2 prong adapter and the A/C still works fine.

[Big Box Rockland Key] Boo for Target. Give us Walmart! We need some competition for the big box stores that are already here. Then we all win.


Springers’ ad has a typo:  coctails is looking for a “k” (Ed: Thank you nice person. It’s fixed.)


(?)(Who Ordered the Hit?)  Word to the wise, anything Ralphie is “interested” in or doing, Mario is also interested, and actively engaged.  Those two are virtually inseparable.  Just sayin… oh, and BTW, that bell that rings when you hear Ralphie’s last name, that’s a real bell you’re hearing.  The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. 

[Al Qaeda disbands; says job of destroying U.S. economy now in Congress’s hands] The international terror group known as Al Qaeda announced its dissolution today, saying that “our mission of destroying the American economy is now in the capable hands of the U.S. Congress.” In an official statement published on the group’s website, the current leader of Al Qaeda said that Congress’s conduct during the so-called “fiscal-cliff” showdown convinced the terrorists that they had been outdone.

“We’ve been working overtime trying to come up with ways to terrorize the American people and wreck their economy,” said the statement from Al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri. “But even we couldn’t come up with something like this.”

Mr. al-Zawhiri said that the idea of holding the entire nation hostage with a clock ticking down to the end of the year “is completely insane and worthy of a Bond villain.”

“As terrorists, every now and then you have to step back and admire when someone else has beaten you at your own game,” he said. “This is one of those times.” The Al Qaeda leader was fulsome in his praise for congressional leaders, saying, “We have made many scary videos in our time but none of them were as terrifying as Mitch McConnell.” As for the future of Al Qaeda, the statement said that it would no longer be a terror network but would become “more of a social network,” offering reviews of new music, movies and video games.

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Americans With No Abilities Act  Link

Know the truth about the Government health care bill.  Link


I dropped by Good Food Conspiracy on Big Pine Key Friday thinking it was Saturday and a psychic fair/intuitive arts event was underway. Asked by one of the women who work there, if I was coming to get my aura read the next day, I asked why would I want to do that? How would having my aura read help me? She said I would get a read on where I was. I said, a reader reading a reader?

A woman customer who works at Looe Key Tiki Bar said maybe it might help. Maybe I should have positive thoughts. I said I get up each morning and put one foot in front of the other and do the best I can with each step. I said I’d been through the positive thoughts thing many times when I lived in Boulder, Colorado and Santa Fe, New Mexico before that. I had seen many people use that approach, it got better for a while, then all of a sudden they were in hell and didn’t know why. I told them they were in hell because they had run away from what they really needed to deal with. What was that? What I had been talking to them about for six months. Oh, that. 

I told the Looe Key employee that they wanted Jesus to fix them, but I did not find that Jesus; I found the Jesus who makes me work. 

I had told Marnie Brown, the owner of Good Food Conspiracy, two weeks ago that I would be glad to set up there for the fair, and I would not charge anything. She said it was just for readers. In about five minutes talking with someone who really wants help, I usually can get to the next step they need to take, and it almost always is not a step they want to take. 

Meanwhile, local Attorney Lee Rhoe told me Friday night at Looe Key Tiki Bar to google Emanuel Swedenborg, with whom I already had some familiarity. 

Viewed by Christians as heretic because he claimed direct linkage with the Voice of God and that faith without works is dead, Swedenborg’s views and writings influenced the likes of William Blake, Ralph Waldo Emmerson, C.G. Jung and Emmanuel Kant. Beyond that nonsense, I found this at Wikipedia: 

~In Earths in the Universe, it is stated that he [Swendenborg] conversed with spirits from Jupiter, Mars, Mercury, Saturn, Venus, the Moon, as well as spirits from planets beyond our solar system. From these ‘encounters’ he concluded that the planets of our solar system are inhabited, and that such an enormous undertaking as the universe could not have been created for just one race of people; nor one ‘heaven’ derived from it. He argued: “What would this be to God, Who is infinite, and to whom a thousand or tens of thousands of planets, and all of them full of inhabitants, would be scarcely anything!”. 

And this of note here is Swedenborg’s statement that he was commanded by the Lord to publish his writings and “Do not believe that without this express command I would have thought of publishing things which I knew in advance would make me look ridiculous and many people would think lies.”

I think they should have deported Swedenborg to Neptune, Uranus or Pluto, since there apparently are no spirits living there. 
In the Gospels, Jesus told his disciples that he had flocks of which they knew not. I have heard, and Buddhists have not contradicted me, that when someone asked Buddha about God, he said that was too big a subject to discuss; and another time Buddha said he was a man and not a diety; and another time he said a teacher greater than he would come. I have told quite a few Americans who became Buddhists that Jesus was that greater teacher. They blanched. No way were they going there. 

I also have told Buddhists that the bodhisattva vow was invented by a lama who, nearing the end of his life, realized he would not jump the karmic wheel and would have to return for another life on this planet. Disappointed, the lama lifted himself up by vowing to keep coming back until all sentient beings on this planet had reached enlightment. An impossible task; given the way humanity behaves, it will never reach enlightment on this planet. About as screwed up a theology as Jesus dying for everyone’s sins, past, present and future. 

New Year’s Eve advice: Screw religion and gurus, go straight to God. In that way, you will be sure to get your aura read, and plenty more, for free.