2012 December

Sunday, December 9, 2012


[“The world will end in 12 days on December 21, the Winter Solstice”] Everyone is talking about the Mayan Calendar end date of 12-21-12.

But what about next Wednesday 12.12.12? This type of date sequence won’t happen for another 988 years and 20 days. 01-01-3001. None of us will around to see this again.  

There will be a benefit for Tom Bateman today from two until seven at the Marathon Elk

[Flunked Keys Life] I lived four years down there, you call it paradise? My Gods, all I hear is constant complaining. My ex and I moved down there from Denver, with the same wet dream of work. She found it faster than I did as an illegal. I spent four years in your damn “paradise”. To work there and live was a nightmare! I live in upper Jax now and love it. I don’t have a drugged, drunk wife. I don’t have a taxi that delivers it. I don’t have a bubba who gets a job at Kmart, while being a felon. I don’t have low pay and no future. I am 41, best years of my life. I will go to the Keys and die like the rest of you one day. 


For step-by-step guide to making your own security system: Motion Controlled Robotic Camera & Motion Detection Mode with Applied RFID Technology. All the parts are at our Big Pine RadioShack. Link

Roasted Citrus & Herb Turkey. A true showstopper, this turkey recipe is a holiday favorite. Link


[Daddy Bones BBQ] McRib? That’s funny,  because there’s only one real and good rib joint in the Keys and it isn’t a chain! 

No viable eggs from dead  hawksbill turtle. Link

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I came across this pile of junk thinking it was damage from Sandy. When I read further I saw that it was the new BioMuseo designed by Frank Gehry in Panama. Imagine getting paid millions to make a pile of debris.

Pearl Harbor attack changed America forever. Link


America: where people say the bible is a book of fairy tales and myths, and then believe the world will end according to the Mayan calendar. If the Mayans were so smart, they’d still be here.

[Sloan Department] I know the voices aren’t real, but they have some great ideas.


[Bah, Humbug Dept] All the reasons why kids ruin Christmas. Congratulations, kids. You’re the reason Santa drinks. Link

[Marathon Sightings] And really if you see a girl that looks like a train wreck, but has a great body remember god gave us beer and doggy-style so ugly girls have fun too!


Healthy, lightened-up Christmas cookie recipes. Link

“Tis the season of lights upon the water. Link


[Moon Travel] Two former top NASA officials unveiled plans Thursday to sell manned flights to the moon by the end of the decade, in an announcement 40 years after the last human set foot there. Link

[Pot Legalized] Damn, you mean there are still people in Big Pine and Marathon? I figured they would all be in Washington state by now? 


Washington A.C. Christmas tree.

 Wanted: Python hunters. Link


Biomass resources in the United States hold the promise of clean power and fuel — if handled right. Link

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UFO sightings will be constantly reported, some will never see daylight again, and the aroma will be suffocating. 

[Perjury] The offense of willfully telling an untruth in a court after having taken an oath or affirmation.

[“No Name ruling could cost the Monroe County government and its taxpayers between $3.5 to $5 million”] I doubt that it will cost the Monroe County Government anything but it will add to our tax burden. The lawyers should personally thank that wonderful little old “green” lady who made this all possible. She should be very proud of herself.


I have the same wish every year.

You Said Forever.
P!nk – Who Knew

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[“Ailing White Heron gets a second chance’] A great feel good story. Far to few of them anymore it seems.


[Deep Thinker] In reply to the author of the long winded tome on our political structure being orchestrated by the corporate elite, I would only briefly reply with these thoughts, “Many a man has cherished for years as his hobby some vague shadow of an idea, too meaningless to be positively false”

Could you please put Capt Doom down the bottom with the FTR guy. Thanks. (Ed: Right-o)


[Serial Killer] I wonder if this guy ever drifted through here?  He just looks familiar. Link

Last night I received 4 obscene phone calls — all c o l l e c t! 


[Chicken of the Trees] Recently killed, freshly skinned and frozen packaged iguana meat for sale soon to be available at local restaurants compliments the IKC, Iguana Killers Club.

Grey hair, as I learned it, does not produce dead brain cells. I prefer another explanation. Having a full head of it might have something to do with it. The older you get, the deeper your hair roots grow. If it finds gray matter it turns gray. If it finds nothing, it falls out.


I went to Walmart and saw that they had Obama Christmas tree ornaments.

A quiet man is a thinking man. A quiet woman is usually mad.


Banned Mastercard commercial is funny as hell! Video

So now Governor Charlie Christ has officially declared himself to be a Democrat so he can run for governor. Is there a bigger political whore out there anywhere? I don’t think so.

It’s funny, when my girl gives me the silent treatment she thinks it’s punishment.


Highest level of mountain biking. Link

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[Spam of the Day] Hello, I’m Cherif Toure and am responsible for a group villagers mine gold inMali. We are looking for a serious partner or merchant (e) for a business opportunity, because we are a group villagers extract gold and pure brute.


[Global Warming] The stark reality is that if we want at least a 50-50 chance of minimizing the impacts of a warming planet, we have to leave two-thirds of the known reserves of fossil fuels in the ground. Link

Captain Doom and Gloom: You’re a pig!

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The world will end in 19 days on December 21. Hurry and shop before it’s too late!

[Capt Doom and Gloom] Cannabis Oh, now we have a PC correct name for Grass, Weed, Toke, Junk, and whatever pot heads call this narcotic. Been there gave it up years ago, why, because it is DOPE man, DOPE and never will be anything else. Booze (the Keys Disease) is bad enough, but breathing second hand head exhaust may get us all in the clink faster than 80 proof wawa!  Ever try driving 4000 pounds of metal when stoned? DON’T!

“Snake Contest” Does that include any and all the snakes that can be raised by reward seeking mutants?

“programs for low-income working families have 68,000 children on their wait lists”  That is nuts. There should be programs to stop the over breeding from these types. What the world does not need, is more useless eaters!

‘$3.5-5 Million) to repair the 7 Old Mile Bridge’ Does that include the sewer pipe to Marathon from the Lower Keys?

People say it is time to sell all their debris and make their lives a bit easier, but they start doing this past 60 or more. That should have been done in your 40’s or 30’s and the money you would have had would have been invested for today. But this is a material world not by choice, but by marketing.


FTR guy‘s worst nightmare: 8 years of President Hillary; 8 years of President Michelle; then 8 years each for Presidents Chelsea, Sasha and Malia. Sweet dreams FTR guy. Merry Christmas. worst nightmare: 8 years of President Hillary; 8 years of President Michelle; then 8 years each for Presidents Chelsea, Sasha and Malia. Sweet dreams FTR guy. Merry Christmas.

Governor Halley of South Carolina won’t appoint Colbert to be the replacement senator because he is obviously too smart to be a fill-in for someone from the self-admitted “Party of Dumb”


Watching & listening to the Democrats & Republicans debate over fixing the  fiscal cliff we are facing.  Is like watching and listening to a couple of drunks fight over the bar tab on the Titanic. 

1. Well yet another gloom and doom FTR prediction went sour. He wrote “It is highly likely that tomorrows BOLS report will tell us that our unemployment rate is again above 8%”.  Nope it actually went down more then was expected. Time to pull out the old hallmark card list and spin it into either the numbers have been changed by some Voodoo spell from our President or people looking for jobs quit. Reality is if you quit looking for work you really should look in the mirror there’s jobs out there. When unemployment drops there has to be magic involved. When the number goes up its all our Presidents fault.

2. Somewhere Clint Eastwood is talking to a shoe.

3. Seems the terror cell leader that may have been responsible for the Libyan attack has been arrested. Bet he wishes Romney won the election.

4. I would like to hear from a conservative about how New Jersey should not receive more  FEMA funds or how they would go about bringing back the east coast without the federal aid you claim to loathe. Should be some great reading. How do you want the private sector to save the coast?

Remember now you voted for Romney who wanted to end FEMA and switch to private businesses.

5. Its been nice getting away from the daily postings of the political nature since the elections over. A great time to send my attentions elsewhere.

[Communist Victory Amerika] Sometimes you must step back & look at certain situations through the eyes of those who are far more experienced. Link


[Spin] The Jobs rate dropped a bit to 7.7%. I can’t wait to see hoe FTR Guy turns that into a bad thing.


Tax the Rich: An animated fairy tale. Link

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I’m rich so here’s my contribution to lower the debt.

Come on President Obama, we’ve been waiting. Send out those Government checks for our vote.

This ‘old white man‘ hopes you enjoy the society you are moving towards. It might work out for you. It seems to be all about you anyway. Please don’t leave America in the gutter in your effort.


[Old White men] It is too bad that Tea Party groups can’t be led by younger people such as Nancy Pelosi (age 72) and Harry Reid (age 73), both of whom are white, by the way. These two haven’t had an original idea since their ’60s.

Go ahead, eliminate the unions.  Who needs decent working conditions and a living wage?   Drive the workers down far enough again, and guess what eventually happens all over once more?  Answer: more unions arise.  In the mean time, with less money going to workers to spend, our poor old Economy slows even more.  But more importantly, the almighty businessman accrues even more wealth to use to build more and  even bigger and bigger mansions to rattle around in.

From the Right

Well folks, Team Obama’s Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has dropped another one on us. On Friday they reported that during November our unemployment rate had dropped by one tenth of one percent to 7.7%.  The media trumpets this as being wonderful news. But is it? I urge to check out the stats for yourself. Link 

When you do you will find that despite the drop in unemployment percentage, fewer Americans had jobs in November than did in October. Yep, in November there were 122,000 fewer Americans with jobs than there were in October.  That sucks. Does it make you wonder why you hadn’t heard that before you read this paragraph? Losing 122,000 jobs is always bad news. Especially when you consider that the holiday hiring season is/was underway. We are hard onto the shoals of Obama’s new normal. Enjoy!

We must be concerned that the number of people who have abandoned the labor force continues to skyrocket. November alone saw an additional 542,000 people dropping out. It was that fact alone that caused the decrease in the unemployment percentage even though we actually lost jobs.

Some of our CT left fielders will read the above and say, “So what!”  Well, perhaps those folks will want to think about the fact that 73% of the jobs created in the last 5 months have been government jobs. Link

We also know that our government employees make more than folks in the private arena; we know that they get better health and retirement bennies than do the folks in the private arena.  But now, just yesterday, we learned that they work, on average, several hours a week fewer than do their counterparts in private jobs. That’s special, if you’re a government worker. Not so much if you’re not. 

While we’re thinking about that, maybe we will want to think and wonder about how many people in the private work force does it take to pay for just one guv’mint employee. And how long each private worker has to work every week in order to pay enough taxes to pay the average salary of just one government worker. 

I don’t know the answer to that, perhaps you do.