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Sunday, January 12, 2014

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director chair megaphone[The Movies] I watched The Last Stand, 2013,  with an old Arnold Schwarzenegger (I don’t like looking at an old Arnold Schwarzenegger.) Then I watched the 2012 movie Jack Reacher with an old Tom Cruise (I don’t like looking at an old Tom Cruise either). Tom Cruise walked through his lines like he was reciting a bad play at school. The script was awful and the pace was turtlish. Both those guys should look for other roles besides action heroes.

In The Last Stand the bad guys snatch the baddest guy by having a crane with a magnet pick up the police van from the large escort of cop cars guarding the baddest guy and then un magnet the van when it gets to the top of the hotel where a helicopter picks him up. The cops tried to stop the baddest guys’s escape by shooting at the van as it was being lifted. They shot like crazy and then rushed up to the building’s roof to shoot at the helicopter. No one thought to shoot the crane operator. As a matter of fact, they never even showed the crane operator just the latticed boom. Maybe that movie was made for children lacking reason. I couldn’t watch more than twenty minutes of either movie.

nira tocco realtor 9.12

Dock floats. 71Wx36Dx16H = $100, 47Wx35Dx16H = $50, 47Wx24Dx16H = $50, 48Wx36Dx16H = $50, 5 floats 48Wx36Dx16H= $50 each

These modular high density polyethylene float sections are lightweight yet extremely durable for easy transport and quick on-site installations. Cost effective and one of the most durable products on the market, to help reduce your overall investment. Bring your people with strong backs to load into your vehicles. Lee (305) 395-0588 Classified Ads > Boats

panama flag on pole

January 9 is Martyr’s Day in Panama. They remember how the Americans killed them when they tried to fly their nation’s flag next to the American’s one. Not a good time to visit Panama. 

[Opinion] The Keys can be a marvelous place to dwell, and so can numerous other locations in this great country we call America. I believe most of these areas have been made so by the grit and gumption of people trying to make a profit and benefit the area in which they reside, the Keys are replete with literally thousands of folks who have populated this land and made fortunes  while they lived here, not many would care to hang out here if the conditions were as they were in the 1800’s but settlers came here and made the Keys largely what they are today, many of them by first seeking a profit, then sure as day follows night the whole area became uplifted, one could have had a different system, with roughly the same environment, Cuba or Haiti come to mind, thank God we are all different don’t mean some are right don’t mean some are wrong, it just means we don’t all think the same way. 
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isaksen-flood-roof 4.23.13
Last month was the fifth warmest December in the Keys since recordkeeping began in Key West in 1872.

yin-yang 90h

[Balance in Nature] If Hell is so hot is Heaven so cold? 

[Crooks] Luxury merchant Neiman Marcus confirmed Saturday that thieves stole some of its customers’ payment card informa­tion and made unauthorized charges over the holiday season, becoming the second retailer (Target) in recent weeks to announce it had fallen victim to a cyber-security attack.
Get educated on Federal health insurance mandate. Link
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A friend came by with Google Glass today and blew me away. I could see a million uses for it. What impressed me the most was that he was transmitting what he was seeing to the internet. We could see what he was seeing on his phone–live! We’re all afraid of technology, but some of us are fascinated by it. That was just one thing it could do. Scary. Sometimes I can relate to the Luddites of old.

[The Last Hawk] Israel’s Ariel Sharon is dead at 85. Five wars couldn’t kill him, but old age could. He never met a war he didn’t want to fight.

chain links man

I am wondering if your “contact us” link is broken. On two occasions over the past week I have sent comments that did not appear in the next CT. Both comment were, I think, coherent, non-political and contained the correct number of commas. Just letting you know. (Ed: The link is not broken, I don’t recall your comments, but I assume there was something not suitable to my tender disposition in them.)

[Politics Before America] Someone wrote on current affairs Friday that ‘There can be no excuse for putting our military lives in harms way just to win political points.’ That is exactly what Robert McNamara and Lyndon Johnson did and that’s what McNamara says he regrets the most in his life. Long after they knew the US couldn’t win the Vietnam War they kept the fact from the public because they needed political points with their opposition here at home. 



Signs that let you know when you’re in da hood.

Ex Secretary of Defense Robert Gates’ book ‘Duty’ is being used by both parties to further their own political agenda. Neither party is looking at his book as lessons learned.


[The Poor] Captain Doom and Gloom seems to like the idea for the poor to ‘overthrow the upper class’. He didn’t think it through. If that happened there would be a new poor–the former rich. If someone is on the top someone has to be on the bottom. That’s phycis not politics.
ford spotlight[Spies like your automaker] Attempt to scare law breakers backfires into privacy scandal for Ford. “We know everyone who breaks the law, we know when you’re doing it. We have GPS in your car, so we know what you’re doing. By the way, we don’t supply that data to anyone” -Ford’s Global VP/Marketing and Sales, Jim Farley. Link
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Frederick Douglass’ descendant, modern abolitionist, to speak at Douglass Gym, and FKCC.  Kenneth Morris Jr is the Great, Great,Great, Grandson of Douglass, and Great, Great Grandson of Booker T. Washington. Link
[Spies Like US] In 2011 an Austrian law student named Max Schrems asked Facebook to provide all the data it had collected on him, taking advantage of an obscure provision in a European data-protection law passed in 1995. Schrems initially received only a fraction of his data. He protested, and eventually a CD showed up at his door that held a 1,222-page PDF, which included employment information, relationship statuses, pokes, old chat conversations, and geotagged photos—most of it information that Schrems had deleted.

star trek logo

The Rap Ballad of Picard and Beverly Video

[Mickey Is a Rat] Disney has pulled the plug on a pro-fracking and drilling tour of elementary schools and science centers across Ohio, bankrolled by the state’s oil and gas industry, after drawing fury from environmental activists and concerned parents. Link


[Name Tag App] You’re out in public and somebody snaps a photo of you on their smartphone or on Google Glass. Using this app, they can instantly match you to your social media profiles using facial recognition software. You’ll never believe the information they could find out in seconds. This disturbing new app could let stalkers invade your privacy. Video 

Best wishes to our wounded warriors! Let’s not judge or condemn for we have not walked in their boots. For our local vets, we salute you and your pains. God bless you and your families. RIP those that have passed recently and in past years.
[Dying for Politics] Sure Clinton and Obama pragmatically OK’d the surges even though they knew, being intelligent and informed,  they were useless in the long run because they knew that was what the majority of American wackadoodles  wanted (whenever they took enough time from their iPhones and Facebook pages to think about it).
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guitar burn


[Protege] When hair-metal throwback group Steel Panther took the stage in Kansas City, they had no idea they were about to be upstaged by an 11-year-old kid. He brought a sign challenging the lead guitarist to a solo duel. The band took the bait and then this junior Jimi Hendrix absolutely schooled them. Video 

[Cuba] Prostitution is illegal, even if the provider is over 17 and it is common. They even have a term for it, “Foreign Aid.”    The State owns 90% of the business and pays everyone the same wage, roughly 1/5 of what it costs to get by. So both men and women sell orgasms for money. During the summer school break the beaches are crowded with young girls looking for easy money. The bars, clubs and hotels are full of girls hanging out. Men are harder to find but if you position yourself properly, they will find you.    

Its still not legal for an American tourist to visit Cuba and all flights from the US to Cuba are charters. But Canada has direct flights to Cuba and we’ve been told that Cuban customs agents will not stamp your passport if you ask them not to.

Can’t wait to get to Cuba, guys? 


[iOS banking apps highly insecure] Security researcher discovers good portion of iPhone and iPad banking apps are vulnerable to multiple forms of attack. Apple only vets apps to see if they are not malicious or conform to the online stores guidelines, not testing them for security. In fact because Apple takes up to a few months to review and update a app, many apps on the AppStore are insecure as they are not getting the latest security updates in a rapid enough fashion. Consumer advice: Disable accounts by apps and don’t use any app in amounts you’re not comfortable losing. Link



Love seat. Pet and smoke free on Ramrod Key. 29” H x 38” D x 65”W. Classified Ads > Household

Vacation rental code cases see an uptick. Link 
help wanted sm[Help Wanted] Part-time Postal Positions (3) – Rural Carrier Associate – Summerland and Big Pine Key Post Office – Pay $16.25 p/ hr, paid bi-weekly, This is an “as needed” position. Applicants must have a valid drivers license with a clean record and at least 2 years of driving experience, be drug free, able to lift 70 lbs and be a US citizen or have permanent resident alien status. Apply online at No applications will be accepted at the Post Office. You must apply online. More information on the requirements of this position is posted in the lobby of both Post Offices. Applications accepted until 1/21/2014. Classified Ads > Help Wanted
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A fading away of the grinder pump issue is what the County masters have been anticipating.  Then they can say, see, I told you so.  Not enough people give a crap to show up at the meetings.  Did I just say that?  I am sure there aren’t any kickbacks involved with that (snicker).  You people that apparently are not paying attention or are not smart enough to figure out what is going on around here deserve what you end up with.  All discretionary County tax money should be going to finishing off this long delayed sewer project to the satisfaction of all taxpayers before one penny ever goes to some damn bridge or pie in the sky marina dream job.
[Decreasing unemployment rate not accurate] The unemployment rate has been dropping due to an improving economy, but jobs haven’t been increasing in sufficient amounts. The more plausible unemployment rate is near 11% and has been so the 2009 crash. Link 



Pop-art icon Peter Max, shows in Key West.  Link 

[Jon Stewart ‘Burn Notice’] Colorado lays down the ground rules for its “brand new” recreational weed industry. Video

In 1861, Florida seceded from the Union. Floridians celebrated by driving around slowly with their left-turn blinker going


From National Geographic: A cougar sleeping in a tree.

[Spies Like US] We know that Google monetizes both our emails and our search histories. It’s true that data brokers market our personal dossiers, listing everything from our favorite blogs to our old parking tickets (identity thieves must love it). And NSA leaker Edward Snowden really did prove the paranoids right: The United States government spies on everyone. Now, we agree that security agencies have a vital responsibility to track terrorists, but that mission can’t require all citizens to live in a surveillance state. Feel you have nothing to hide? That assumes the data will always be used to defeat terrorists, not to monitor activists, let alone to stalk ex-girlfriends—yes, NSA employ­ees have done that. 


Accurate horoscope for the whole year 2014 (well maybe not so much) Link

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Why was the big USA flag at the old Overseas Lounge parking lot?
[Neiman Marcus systems hacked] Just like Target was, unknown amount of credit/debit card information stolen, check your statements. Debit card users shouldn’t have amounts on them they are not willing to lose, have limited or no overdraft protection as well. So once a month one physically transfers from one safe account to the less secure debit account, better than losing it all. Link
Mustang-12004 Ford Mustang convertible 40th anniversary model,36,000 miles, v6 3.8 liter; air conditioning, power windows, power mirrors, cruise control, power steering, tilt steering wheel, am/fm stereo, multi disc player, 6 cds, premium sound, power seats, rear spoiler, leather seats, dual air bags, power door locks, alloy wheels, class 2 car hitch; always garage kept. Kelly Blue Book $9,600; Clear Book $9,115, excellent condition $7,900, call Phil Classified Ads > Auto 
Jon Stewart mocks Christie’s NeverEnding Sorry. Video 
[Windows XP expiring soon] The free Microsoft Security Essentials for XP will also expire on April 8, meaning no more patches to fix security holes. Since many people ask me what they should get, my recommendations for a new machine is either a i5 processor (or similar AMD processor) without dedicated graphics for a few years with less demanding needs (no 3D games, about $400-600+ depending on monitor quality) or a i7 processor (or similar AMD) with extra dedicated graphics processor (lasts longer, costs more, about $800+ depending upon monitor), 4GB of Random Access Memory expandable to 8GB or more, a 500GB+ hard drive (or a Solid State Drive, less prone to shock damage, but can’t secure erase), a 1720 x 1080 pixel display or better at 15″ diagonal, a 1920 x 1200 or better at 17″ or similar high pixel rate for larger monitors. A quality monitor makes a huge difference, especially if it’s a anti-glare (not glossy) display. Laptop or desktop, avoid the all-in-ones as they are not modular, thus costly to repair. Use Windows 7 Professional or Ultimate until 2020, since it will run your older XP software (the other Win 7 versions will not) and is the largest market share, used the most in corporate and business environments. Windows 7 machines can be ordered online or downgraded from Windows 8 Pro+ by OEM’s, ask for it order Win 7’s at Toshiba or Sager Notebooks. Windows 8 is still in testing/improvement phase (like Vista was) and many users dislike Win 8 as it’s interface is better suited for tables, not desktop machines. Avoid Apple products, they are overpriced, in a nightmare of constant transition/third party upgrades etc., and their software is now more insecure and unstable because of it. Avoid Chromebooks unless your needs are very very minimal and always on a Internet connection. This site will be very useful in determining the performance of the hardware you’re considering. See you in 2020. Link
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[ACA] A woman I have known since high school  lives in a small, boutique,  beach community in southern California.  She has never had an actual “job” and makes her living as a batik and faux jewelry “artist” selling her wares at local flea markets and craft shows.  She makes a reasonable living at her trade.  But, she has mostly lived off of the system (taxpayers) all of her life.  Food stamps, welfare, free health care at the county health center, Aid to Families, Disability benefits etc.  She learned long ago how to scam the system to her advantage.  Her house (a nice little two and two with a patio in back) is two blocks from a beautiful beach, she drives an Audi, paid for by her last ex-husband, always dresses well and is not in need for anything.  When last we spoke I asked her if she was going to sign up for ObamaCare.  She said, “Hell no, why would I want to do that?  I’ve got everything I need now.  Why should I expose myself to the federal government and maybe lose my benefits I’ve already got.”  You’ve  got to love our system.
from the right

Kiki’s Sandbar is off to a running start.  Mrs. FTR and I visited the Sandbar Friday evening at about five or so. The bar was full. That is always a very good thing for a new store.  They’ve freshened up the interior and the décor. And there was a series of musicians ranging from steel drum melodies to folk music. All very well done. The evening was on the cool side so that they had the windows swung out and the view was great.

Oyster-Po-BoyOur server was Ann Marie, a local Big Piner, and she was quick, competent, and very friendly. I had the Oyster Po’boy and it was great…stuffed full of perfectly fried oysters. Mrs. FTR had a burger. It was cooked perfectly to temperature, was nice sized without being massive, and was delicious. The drinks were generous, believe it or not I did not have a Rob Roy, I’ve temporarily changed teams to the vodka martini squad. Management is working hard to attract locals. They have a local’s reward program. It’s a points earning plan wherein they record a running total of your purchases, and when you’ve “earned” enough “points”, you’ll get a reward. I believe it’s gift certificate or a substantial discount.  Currently the menu is somewhat limited, but we were told that great things are in the offing. We believe it. It was a good meal, served well in a pleasant atmosphere at a reasonable price.  It definitely is worth your time to give Kiki’s Sandbar a try.

Part 2) Last Friday should have been Armageddon for Obamanomics and the Democrat philosophy of governance. Last Friday Team Obama’s Bureau of Labor Statistics released the 2013 year end employment status report.

It was abysmal! It was abysmal both for the month of December 2013 and for the entire year.

The U.S. economy added 74,000 jobs in December, the smallest increase since January 2011, the Labor Department said Friday. That’s well less than half forecast by Wall Street. And remember those numbers include all the people hired during the Holiday Season in retail and hospitality.

But that’s not even the worst of it. According to Team Obama’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, at the end of 2013 there were only a little more than half as many people with jobs as there were at the end of 2012. Link

Damnit people, were are still going backwards. It’s now been 7 years since the beginning of the recession and we still haven’t recovered the jobs we lost during the recession.

Democrat acolytes will be swooning with joy with the pap that the unemployment rate declined to 6.7%. But, they will keep silent about the fact that the drop is entirely due to a massive increase in the number of people leaving the labor force. Now there is the astounding and frightening fact that nearly 92 million people have quit even looking for work. A dismal, repulsive record. Is the American public abandoning its work ethic? Deer Friends, the participation rate is the lowest that is has been in 35 years.

Friday’s jobs report underscores a deeper problem facing our economy: a large and growing block of people who are chronically jobless and completely outside the workforce. For Gods sake, for each job that we added, 5 people simply quit the work force.

But what of the very few jobs that have been “created” in ’13.  As of August 2013, fully 77% of the jobs “created” were only part time jobs. . There are fewer people with jobs today than there were in January 2007, nearly a million and half fewer.

Deer Friends, since January 2007 our nation has been on a fiscal sled steered by Democrat governance. That sled is sliding downhill faster and faster each year. If we were to be judging Democrat governance by rules of criminal justice, the evidence that we have seen, examined, and probed, has proven to the exclusion of every reasonable doubt that Democrat governance is a steering us to a chasm from which me might never be able to escape. We must change.

To quote Republican Senator Jeff Sessions: “”We must help people move off of welfare, off of unemployment, and into good-paying jobs that can support a family. More tax, spend, borrow and regulate will only produce more joblessness, dependency and debt. Instead, we need more American energy, streamlined taxes and regulations, a leaner and less wasteful government, better trade and immigration enforcement, and a reformed welfare system that helps struggling Americans realize the dream of financial independence.” And it’s my conviction that we need it damned quick.

tip hat

Part 3) Thanks and a tip of the FTR fedora to Bill B for sending me an excellent article about Mr. Obama. The article is very thought provoking; I recommend it to you. It can be found at Link 

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