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Sunday, June 16, 2013

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Fanci Seafood will be closed on Sundays until August. Everyone have a great summer!


[Men are Root Cause of Menopause] fter decades of laboring under other theories that never seemed to add up, a team led by biologist Rama Singh has concluded that what causes menopause in women is men. Of course we are! Link



Father’s Day gift: a riding mower.

[“Never again will the diving around here be like it was in the past”] I think the folks from the 70’s wrecked it. Now  my newcomer, let it go please.



Turtles were taken into the mid 70’s. The butchering of a turtle is not for the weak of heart. I suppose a cow would would be difficult as well. Most folks will never know. We stay far removed from those kind of things. As a kid in the late 50’s and early 60’s I spent my time at the commercial docks. The shrimp docks, fishing docks, Navy docks. Anything around the sea and the folks who made a living there. I still feel a strong pull to that time & life.

I stopped by the Blue Hole hoping to show a friend an alligator.  No alligator around but there was a small white ball floating in the water near the platform.  Isn’t something like that what choked a gator to death a while back?  Some thug probably tried to drop it down the alligator’s mouth and missed.  Wish they would stick to drugs for a good time.


an_help-wanted-smHelp Wanted. Boys and Girls Club Weekend Skate Park Attendant at the Big Pine Community Park. Candidates must be 18 years old. Saturday and Sunday from 12 noon to 8 pm. Pay is $9 per hour. The Skate Park Attendant will be responsible for general maintenance and supervision of the Skate Park. Drug Free Workplace and Background searches are conducted. For more information Classified Ads > Help Wanted

[Sewers] The septic system grinder pumps can each hold about 3 days of waste. If everyone on the street turned theirs off, there would be no cumulative effect except a bad smell around the neighborhood. If there is a real power outage, FKAA will send trucks with generators to power each pump until it empties.

If everyone turns theirs off, they may send a team of psychiatrists.

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[Time Marches On] If you didn’t know yet, in 2013, you can reuse your calendars from the years 2002, 1991, 1985, 1974, 1963, 1957,1946, 1935, 1929, 1918 & 1907. And my wife said I was crazy for saving all those old calendars. Well look at all the money I’ve saved, who’s crazy now?

[Mosquito Control Leadership] A week ago I said the mosquitoes would be bad. The Mosquito Control director on the radio said this is what it would be like without Mosquito Control. Well get use to it as the director has made one mistake after another. Most of the senior employees have left with their experience and the remaining group hate him because of all the mistakes he makes. Ed Fussle may have cost us too much, but he built a great District and this new guy is doing all he can to ruin it. I mean for him to say this is what it would be like without mosquito control? I thought I paid for mosquito control this year?


[Travel] After trying to find a decent ocean cruise and looking at every Port of Call all the cruise lines offer, it has become very apparent how small this planet really is and how difficult it is to find nice places to visit without having to crawl through scads of peasants and 3rd and 4th world debris. No wonder the rich have yachts and their own aircraft. Most places we have traveled to, both flying and cruising, we would never go back to. That is a pity, because most do have small spots worth the trip, but they are fading fast. The world seems to be becoming a wall to wall ghetto. Too many people!



[Squirrel Zombie] If you see the original photos, the head is on a fish line, hanging from a tree branch and the head is filled with goodies for the squirrels.  But I love this!

Does everyone know that Venture Out is fighting the assessment for each unit as they want to pay only one fee. We all have to pay the $4,500 so who do they think they are better than us? Let your county commissioner know how you feel.


[Big Sale Today] 3 office unit clean outs there is desk, office chairs 2, 19 in comp screen new, $ 3oo. in pepsi products , chips, vacuum, Halloween stuff, Christmas stuff, and much more. I will be there at warehouse from 12pm to 1pm Sunday, Fathers day. Start the bidding at $200.

If no one wants to buy it all, I will sell it piece by piece. Phone is 305-414-8491 30331. Overseas Hwy Big Pine Key. behind, Ace Hardware in the big warehouse.

Keys mansion bought for $2.75 million was built with toxic chinese drywall. Link

(hey this is patrick i have been assuming carmensw dutys until she gets back or springer gets tired o me. So he wants me to let u know that this sunday he is having a special for fathers day. it will be a prime rib (dinner ?) special, extended HHour, and what else I’m not sure.. You should call him if you can and get better details.)‏



Springer’s Father Day Specials. Prime Rib Dinner and extended Happy Hour!

A lot has been said about our beloved editor.  All I can add is that Ed has taken on a monumental task that some of you just can not seem to appreciate. A significant amount of postings are shared each day (except Saturday of course), some of it is simply shared information, some is a bit of humor shared with the readers, and occasionally there is something that should not even be posted but thanks to Ed all is posted.  We can then determine if we want to read it or not.  Just because it is posted does not mean we must read every single last word.

an_old_man_angry[Grumpy Old Man] Maybe I’m not patriotic, maybe I’m a grumpy old man, but why are the local shakers and movers able to come into our neighborhood and take over for the Fourth of July fireworks? Not many of these folks live by the Community Park on Sands so they could care less about how people will treat our private property and drop their little trash tidbits everywhere. Who is going to clean that up? Who is going to monitor where people park? This little used park has changed the face of our neighborhood and not for the better. Before we never used to have kids stand in front of our home and scream and throw things in the yard for no apparent reason. And if we were to even kindly suggest a little respect for our area it would only bring trouble… there again, I’m probably just a grumpy old man. 
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Man like he is! Video


[Conspiracy man] “I have proof that employees at the Coconut Telegraph have been monitoring our posts, posted on the C.T.”, according to a whistle blower. “Deer Ed, has no knowledge of this, but is guilty of adding comments to posts that weren’t made from the persons who had sent them”, whistle blower claims. These allegations come from a former staff member (private contractor) of the Coconut Telegraph, who is under armed government protection while hiding out at the Looe Key Motel, in Ramrod Key, Fl. While further investigations to the allegations continue by the FBI & NSA.

castel home an


Key West boasts 4 historic forts. Link

I laughed out loud to see you had scratched out NO NAME ELECTRIC and wrote SEWERS. The crabbing from the pro-electric folks will never end.  Thanks for answering that question. 
an_flagman32It seems as if the people that are supposed to be working on the boulevard project read and comprehended the bumper stickers on some cars here in the Keys.  “SLOW down you are not on the mainland”

If you boneheads didn’t plant trees right under the power lines you wouldn’t have any reason to whine about how the electric company trims them. The rest of us have to pay for those trimming guys in our electric bills, thanks to all you dim bulbs.  They ought to just chop those trees down to the ground and leave them laying there. Bah, humbug!



This ran in the June 13 edition of Konklife.

[Privacy] If you are not doing anything wrong why worry about someone secretly listening in on your phone calls?  Of course the outcome might vary depending on that eavesdropping someone’s own definition of wrong!

nira tocco realtor 9.12

[Do you suffer from Bitchy Resting Face] When a woman looks ‘thoughtfully sad or angry for no reason,’ she could be suffering from Bitchy Resting Face. Women who suffer from Bitchy Resting Face seem to encounter animosity whenever they go – from their own boyfriends who are resentful of the dagger-piercing look, to retail saleswomen, who are unimpressed by the seemingly rude customer they are serving.

‘These women might be suffering without you even knowing it,’ ‘They might just have faces that to you, look bitchy. They might not be bitches at all. Video



If you need a laugh watch these toddlers. Video

[Citizen’s Link Lock] I’m not aware of any links in the Citizen except for email addresses. The online edition that I read daily comes in a PDF format, but I don’t recall them having any other links in the paper itself. The F5 key will reload a page. Try the Esc key, that might work or the back arrow in your browser.

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[“What his blog would be like if it went international With the internet and everything, it’s only limited to the Keys”] Not if you’ll send the link to everybody on this rock!


[Sewers] How come after all this time we can get any information about the shit factory we’ll have to install on our remote property. The only info I was able to get was the square foodage required for me to set aside. I want pictures!


I think I met the Capt. Doom and Gloom guy this weekend.

[Was the Biotech Wheat Found in Oregon Surreptitiously Sowed by Anti-GMO Activists?] There is no other explanation for the Oregon discovery. Roundup is Monsanto’s glyphosate herbicide or weed-killer, among the commonest used since 1974; a Roundup Ready crop means it is gene-spliced to be resistant to the chemical, while the target weeds are killed by it. Monsanto has strenuously denied having any RR wheat trials in Oregon over the past nine years, and tests of over 30,000 wheat specimens in that region in 2011 showed no evidence of the trait.

So what’s behind this bizarre appearance of RR wheat? The FDA said it poses no threat to man, beast or the environment. It’s safe, just like the yields of the 400-million acres of GM-crops (over one-tenth of the world’s acreage) harvested in 2011. In fact, since the beginning of the “biotech revolution” in 1996, as GM harvests have spread worldwide and accelerated, there has never been one instance of adverse health or environmental effects caused by biotech crops or products.

Activists stridently opposed to biotechnology would understandably want to make a big deal out of this event. The issue is driven solely by money, not science. It is a battle being fought by those who want to reverse real progress, based upon their anti-big business agenda and to promote their own organic mega-businesses.These are the same folks who, while posing as crusaders for “public health,” are endeavouring even now to label foods with GM-ingredients, scaring consumers away from perfectly safe products towards their pet organic foods.

If it is impossible for GM wheat to have somehow migrated to that particular isolated farm, or to have spontaneously mutated, there could be only one logical explanation: an intentional surreptitious sowing of rogue RR wheat seeds for the purpose of promoting fear and suspicion of all gene-spliced products. This sort of agenda and tactics have won the day in Europe, which has adopted a Dark Ages approach to biotech agriculture, with activists burning GM crops like their forebears did to witches and infidels before the Age of Reason, screaming “frankenfood” as they do. Link 


[Printer Problem] I figured out how to use my printer until I set up the wireless. I changed my Default Printer from Network to Series. I’ll just have to remember to put it back when I get the wireless.


Aren’t we lucky to be living in the Keys ‘cause there isn’t anything worth anything here for the bad guys to come and mess with us.



[“Never again will the diving around here be like it was in the 70s”] Try the Dry Tortugas. I would like to live aboard on a cushy yacht for a week without being policed by pushy divemaster.  This would include a naked scuba dive and freedom to drink, smoke and swear all we want. Please, no bunk beds with shower curtains.  Any private yacht divers interested and what would your fee be for 7 days?

[Rotting Seaweed] No Name Key already has a sewage plant, just on the other side to the NNK Bridge where the smell of rotten garbage comes from.

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nasa6.15Two or three times a year, NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory observes the moon traveling across the sun, blocking its view. While this obscures solar observations for a short while, it offers the chance for an interesting view of the shadow of the moon. The moon’s crisp horizon can be seen up against the sun, because the moon does not have an atmosphere. (At other times of the year, when Earth blocks SDO’s view, the Earth’s horizon looks fuzzy due to its atmosphere.)

If one looks closely at such a crisp border, the features of the moon’s topography are visible, as is the case in this image from Oct. 7, 2010. This recently inspired two NASA visualizers to overlay a 3-dimensional model of the moon based on data from NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, or LRO, into the shadow of the SDO image. Such a task is fairly tricky, as the visualizers — Scott Wiessinger who typically works with the SDO imagery and Ernie Wright who works with the LRO imagery — had to precisely match up data from the correct time and viewpoint for the two separate instruments. The end result is an awe-inspiring image of the sun and the moon.

[“Shut off grinder pump”] You’d have a lot of crap backing into in your house.You have hit the reason for the pumps, so that the home owners’ insurance companies can sell us more water back up riders. This whole sewer gig stinks!



[Captain Doom and Gloom] “Ground breaks on Marathon Aquarium”  If they built the damn place right, the ground would not have broken!

religion politics zone

[Syrian Gun Nuts] I’m a little puzzled why we’re going to give small arms to Al Qaeda in Syria without requiring universal background checks on each one of those so-called “rebels.” I mean, it’s for all those little Middle Eastern children, isn’t it?

And is there going to be a registry of the serial numbers of all those small arms so we can trace them back to the individual terrorist we gave the guns to when those guns are used against Americans — as they inevitably will be?

And I’m concerned that those containers full of small arms being shipped Al Qaeda Syria may all feature magazines with a magazine capacity greater than 10 rounds! And real assault weapons! Have you seen any of the Syrian videos? Hell, they don’t even aim! Where is Michael Bloomberg on all this? It’s only common sense! I’m sorry, but we’ve dumped enough blood into that sand, and I don’t see any flowers blooming.


Since 1968 I have never voted a straight ticket. I am a very open minded person, a live and let kind of guy. I do feel that President Obama is not doing the job he is being paid for. He is not a leader.

Oh the shock of a certain poster worshiping the Patriot Act author who now is so upset and indignant. He sure wasn’t upset two years ago when he expanded the powers of the Patriot Act.

Folks, do your own homework on Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner and his flip-flopping tantrum for the cameras. And no, faux news and the guardian are not “fair and balanced” reporting. I love how so many pertinent facts are always covered up. Just do your homework. Yeah, certain things posted by certain posters are always manure. I just get so tired of liars. Oiy vey!

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Even when he was young, FTR guy knew he had to protect himself from the liberal agenda and people who think for themselves.


right only grey

You know, you’ve really got to love all the “interesting” facets of Democrat governance. Let’s think about just a few.

an_dunce_horseJust the other day, our erstwhile FBI director, Mueller, testified to a congressional committee that he didn’t know how many agents had been assigned to investigate the IRS scandal, and he didn’t even know who the FBI official in charge of the investigation is.  That’s pretty stunning given that the IRS scandal involves the IRS using its powers to punish entities who are critical of the Obama administration. And it is one of the biggest scandals afoot today. It goes to the very heart of the power of our government. Be assured that any competent agency chief should know what he doesn’t know. But wait, it gets worse:  as of Friday it was reported that not a single FBI agent had interviewed a single IRS employee in Cincinnati where the assault on the Tea Party and other conservative groups began. Reporters have ferretted out info that reveals that the affair was not limited just to Cinci as the administration claimed, but that it was managed from Washington.

Mueller also testified that he did not know that the mosque in Boston that radicalized the Boston Bombing brothers, had been started by an anti American imam who is now in prison. Please bear in mind that the Justice Department has decided that data mining of mosques is off limits. But, data mining from our St. Peters Catholic church, or the Vineyard, or the Methodist Church, or the Baptist church, or any religious entity except Islam is just dandy.

Some will remember that Mueller was a GWB appointee, way back in 2001. I have no idea what political party he belongs too. But before that gets you too excited, don’t forget that Mueller’s boss is Eric Holder and Holder has been his boss since January 2009. And don’t forget that Mueller’s term was to expire in 2011, but Obama begged him to stay on for another two years.

Watching the antics and machinations of Obama’s IRS is always fascinating.

On the one hand we’ve got incredibly stupid antics like spending long tons of money on “conferences” where line dancing by employees, video spoofs of Star Trek, hot tub séances, and sundry other cheap thrills cost you and I millions.  On the other hand we now see downright criminality on the part of IRS employees. Which is worse, misusing the power of the office, or stealing government money? Last week we learned that a new and separate investigation has been launched into evidence that more than a thousand IRS employees have misused government issued credit cards.  Isn’t that just special.

Then there is the really troubling news that Holder lied to a congressional committee. He testified that he had no knowledge of any investigation into journalist James Rosen personal life or affairs while Rosen was investigating the Obama administration’s conduct of the 2009 Korea problem.

During that time DOJ was attempting to ascertain the identity of the “leaker”.  Contrary to his testimony, Holder himself signed off on a warrant to examine the phone records and the e mails not only of Rosen, but also his parents. The FBI characterized Rosen as being as possibly being an “aider and abettor and/or co-conspirator” in the leaking of classified information. Deer Friends, Holder intimated that Rosen is a criminal.

Then there is the strange case of CBS investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson.  Last year she was working hard and probing deep in the administrations secrets about the Benghazi murders. The administration was furious with her. We’ve just learned that her computer has been hacked several times by ultra sophisticated means. No data was destroyed, no Trojans or viruses were imbedded, but the hacker examined all her data and copied much of it. All of that was certified by a major cyber security firm.

Attkisson is known for reporting on the anti-gun-trafficking program Operation Fast and Furious, as well as on the attack in September on the U.S. outpost in Benghazi, Libya, in which the U.S. ambassador to Libya was killed. Attkinsson is persona non grata with the Obama admin.

Several other news organizations have reported infiltration of their computer data. The Obama administration denies any involvement. But DOJ admits to having gathered data on reporters of at least two other news outlets, the Associated Press and Fox News, for recent leak investigations. Very, very interesting.

By the way 76% of registered  voters want the investigation into the misdeeds of the IRS to continue and to probe deeper.

Personally I think that we ought to get rid of the IRS and go to a federal flat tax, no deductions, or a federal sales tax. Think of all the money we’d save  by getting rid of the pencil necks at the IRS.

Respectfully submitted: