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[The last flower of summer] My beautiful Royal Poinciana has sprouted one lone flower, assuredly the last of the season. I hadn’t seen a flower bloom so late in the year before.
I’m the “idiot” who thinks everyone should be judged by their actions. I understand that Sharia Law to men is especially scary; generally the same way women have felt for years when extremists assume ownership of all women. Don’t begin to think that American religious zealots haven’t used their religion to justify that ownership. “God defeated the Equal Rights Amendment?” Smoke something else. In the United States men of any color have equal rights by law, but not women. Shame on the bigots who voted it down.  I’ve lived in 59 countries, and three of those were primarily Muslim. The Muslim countries I was in did not speak Arabic. I was thankfully able to converse in their language – not because I was born there, but because I considered it only polite to learn the languages of the people whose country I was in. I’m sure from your rhetoric that you get angry when people don’t speak English here. I took the time and effort to learn the languages of the countries I was going to. I considered it simply being polite. Apparently it worked, because I was treated extremely well in each of those 59 countries. Amazingly, I had to come home and live in the Keys for years to find a jerk that thought I should leave my own country because his intellect is so much higher than mine? Get a life, and please try to read a book. There are literacy classes in the Keys if you need help.
Extremists are generally undereducated jerks who self aggrandize because they are suffering from inferiority complexes – no matter what the religion or political ideology. Isis is dangerous and not to be tolerated. Rational Muslims should definitely stand against them, but to keep it in perspective, it’s a bit like your buddy beating the crap out of his wife. You know about it, but don’t do a thing and just pretend it doesn’t happen.
An amphibious vehicle that can carry three tanks. Video
[“5 million dead undesirables–a war crime, 6 million dead Jews–genocide”] The protester is getting unnecessarily defensive about a fine point when both groups suffered horrifically -together. And they both died -together. I think the original Holocaust poster was trying to say that, although rather crudely.

As far as the complainer, I think when some people see the word Jew they go into combat mode and can’t see what is written. At ease soldier. We should be able to write about anything as long as it is true. I believe the original poster was correct and truethful.

[“Minimum wage”] That was a great post about Joe and Jane Burger Flipper. I totally agree and would add a couple thoughts. First, pay is based on the job (not the person) and that is based on what it’s worth to the market (skills and experience). On that basis, minimum wage may even be generous for these folks. Second, the going rate for a robot to automate manual labor is in the $20-30k range. If there is some wage inflation, that will make a lot of robotic firms’ sales people very happy. They may not have had a business case to sell a robot vs $20k/year labor per shift, but at $30k/yr, there’s going to be a lot more automation, a lot of call centers handling drive thru, and a lot less burger flippers out there. The bottom line is the same as the poster said, learn a trade, get some skills, join the military, but don’t expect hand-outs.
tea party16
[Bigger Government]
The Keys Tea Party has shown it’s true colors. They say noting about extending the temporary half cent sales tax for schools unless Obama proposed it. Patriots? Yeah, sure.
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Halloween costumes
for cute little Muslims woman.
[Sunday Coconut Telegraph] (Ed: Just two more Sunday editions of the Coconut Telegraph before we start our Monday through Friday publishing.)
[Conspiracy Man] I saw a fire breathing penguin wearing a derby while walking on stilts on Ave C in BPK. It was about 9:00 pm. Did anyone else see this?
[Eugenics Alive and Well] Chinese basketball giant Yao Ming was knowingly bred for the sport by order of the state. Link
I think it odd that a major hurricane hit Bermuda and we in the Keys didn’t even get a rain drop or a gust of wind.
[“War crime vs genocide”] I guess the mass killing of 5 million Gypsies, Poles, the handicapped, and many other groups and their respective religions doesn’t constitute genocide in some cult person’s dictionary. I guess that’s what happens when one keeps telling themselves they are better than others for some reason or another.
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A whole new level of a blonde parking.
Ebola can be transmitted by coughing and sneezing as both acts expel bodily fluids namely mucus and saliva.
[Not true] Crist ripped into Scott for invoking his Fifth Amendment right and refusing to answer questions 75 times “during the federal criminal investigation” into Scott’s former health care company for Medicaid fraud.

That is not true. Scott pleaded the Fifth during a lawsuit deposition for another lawsuit unrelated to the Medicaid fraud.

[Ebola] Cuba is sending about 460 doctors and nurses to West Africa to help fight Ebola, an effort that was praised on Friday by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry. The U.S. is sending hundreds of soldiers!
If you want the real old days in the Keys, remember when Mangrove Mama’s was Capt. Eddies Fish Basket? I could have bought it when he sold it for 15K, but my wife said no as I was spending too much time in bars already.
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My wife just bought a bag of Florida tangerines and no way are the real tangerines with a million seeds and a taste like crap. They are going back to WD for sure!
[Ferguson Officer Speaks Out] The police officer who fatally shot an unarmed 18-yearold in a St. Louis suburb last summer has told investigators that he was pinned in his vehicle and in fear for his life as they struggled over his gun. Darren Wilson has told authorities that Michael Brown reached for the gun during a scuffle, but did not explain why he fired at Brown multiple times after emerging from his vehicle. Brown’s blood was on the cop’s shirt and in his car.
[Marathon Journal] In the Keys. has raised over $500 million to fight Ebola.

Planning Commission meetings covered a lot of action items. Allowing a gun shooting range was passed. The City Council approved the item during their meeting.

The Keynoter reports on Cay Clubs disaster. I remember back when I lived at the trailer park there. I had so many friends. We all thought that Cay Clubs wasn’t on the up and up. Hate to be right. Hopefully, everyone will be jailed for wrong doing.

Marathon City Hall bids were opened and the results settled on Pedro Falcon Electrical Contractors. Finally, a city hall is actually started. I’m looking forward to the building, offices, and parking. The city has improved that land between 97th and 98th. Lots to do for resident. Among those things to do is a kayak dock.

Tuesday’s City Council meeting addressed several workforce housing issues like housing above commercial buildings. That local government is responsive will go a long way to housing out moderate/middle income residents.

Early voting takes place October 20th at the Elections Office on 100th in Marathon. You can find the physical candidate list at your nearest election’s office. Marathon’s elections office is on 100th Street. Park in the parking lot and go in to meet some dedicated people running the place. You can pick up your absentee ballot too. Don’t forget about early voting as well. This like contains a list of candidates. Click on the name to get candidate info. Link

finds all the prayers of mankind in his spam folder.
[Veterans For Peace] Exposing the true cost of war and militarism since 1985.Cost of National Security tickers ticking off the dollar cost of our security. There’s a lot of money being made! Link
[“The way we were”] The last really good Grouper sandwich I ever had was at the old Pelican Post.
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rick dodge19
[National Geographic Channel] Have you seen the lousy shows the NGC has been airing? “The legend of Mick Dodge” He wants to be out in the woods to be away from people, but he does not seem to mind having a camera crew around. I could go on and on. These shows cost nothing to produce and are total crap. NGC used to be pretty good. They are about done too I guess.
Holy elephant turds! I thought FTR Guy would never get around to blaming president Obama for Ebola. I guess he must have been very busy inoculating himself against Ebola with Rob Roy’s.
And the GOP’s response to Ebola has been to tie up funding for Ebola research and to block the nomination for the Surgeon General.
[Temporary is forever] Administration today granted another extension of Temporary Protected Status to illegal aliens first given ‘temporary’ residence in 1999 & 2001′ This does not worry me. Don’t think for one minute these people are taking American jobs. Americans do not want to work in these jobs and are using this as an excuse not to work and collect welfare. Next time you drink orange juice or have fresh strawberries, that’s the Mexicans, because I am not going to pick them.
Gilligan’s island skipper
and a Roman orgy album? Say it isn’t so! I guess that’s what happens when you ask folks about the way things used to be.
[Computer Security] I have 2 good desktop systems, 4 high end laptops and lots of experience with these toys, but I will not trust them for one second. All it takes is one zero to change to a one and my blood type is not O anymore or my Social Security number is gone forever. Hospitals now have everything on computers, so does the IRS, the federal government and the FKAA. No wonder things can get really screwed in a nano second. CLICK! We are all gone!
[The Good Wife, Season 5, Episode 2] I’m watching the above episode on Amazon Instant Prime.  One of the main story lines is the NSA.  I know it’s a TV show, but am wondering if any CT posters have had any experience with the NSA infiltrating their lives and how likely is it.  Yes, I followed Edward Snowden’s story and appreciate what he revealed.  My second question is what is any CT poster’s experience with how likely is it that this particular question is being monitored because I am typing the acronym ‘NSA’?
The President appointed an Ebola Czar to placate Republicans so, typically, they are all mad at him again.
Thank you for posting the ad about the boat chair for $100. It sold quickly.
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firey meteor
Today, Sunday October 19th the comet Siding Spring (C/2013 A1) might impact Mars. The 5 spacecraft currently orbiting Mars will hide on the far side. Hoping for the best if comet is only a near miss. The comet’s tail may change the climate of Mars. Please stand by.
[Ebola] A physician put a patient into Dallas Presbyterian Hospital to have some kind of spinal procedure. That’s the same hospital which admitted the Liberian man, who was infected with Ebola, then they let him leave. Then he came back there and was treated there until he died. That’s the same hospital where two medical technicians, who had helped threat that man, came down with Ebola.

Guess what? After being released from Dallas Presbyterian, the fellow who had the spinal procedure now can’t find any rehab facility which will admit him for the rehab prescribed by the man’s surgeon.

Even if there was no risk of his patient contracting Ebola, which hardly can be assured, the surgeon ought to have foreseen what was going to happen after the man was released. Imagine a rehab facility admitting this man, instead of turning him away. Imagine the man being admitted, then showing symptoms of Ebola. Won’t surprise me for Dallas Presbyterian to see quite a drop in patients, and they won’t have anyone to blame for it but themselves.

I suppose science can come up with a vaccine or antibody for Ebola, but when? Looks to me science dropped the ball on Ebola big time, and I’m not going to lay that off on the US Government. Ebola was like AIDS, in a way. As long as Ebola was just infecting Africans in Africa, it wasn’t really a big deal. As long as AIDS was affecting American gays and drug users, and Africans in Africa, AIDS wasn’t really a big deal. But when AIDS started showing up in heterosexual Americans who were not drug addicts, and in people who had been in American hospitals, AIDS became a big deal. And the AIDS med cocktails made the pharmacy companies a hell of a lot of money.

Not surprisingly Senator Ted Cruz has joined the likes of FTR in blaming Obama for Ebola. When will the insanity end?
Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital had revenue of $600 million last year. Not this year. Their revenue is so far down since they screwed up with the Ebola guy that they had to placed two full page ads in area papers apologizing.
For years Key West has complained and whined about gated communities and now the Meadows (Peary Court) refuses for the gates to be torn down. I’m talking about the Angela Street fence. So do you like and want gated communities or not?”
Roger Cousineau’s post yesterday was too damned long to read. Yawn. So are the Dump the Pump posts. Zzzzzz. the Editor should bring back the Long Winded Tome section.
[“The way we were”] Ah, the Pelican Post and Artie, one great bartender. Thanks for the memory!
[Combat Troops] Wow what a bunch of letters saying nothing. Boots on the ground means one thing, you can’t drop big ones and the war machines profiteers will make mucho dinaro again. Nuke the bastards and be done with it!
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[Jesus dress-up fridge magnets] You’re going to hell for this! Jesus Halloween Dress Up site shocks. (you were warned) Link
[Glen Campbell Dead] Major Hanky Alert! A sad but beautiful heartfelt song, my sympathies to Glen and his family!

Glen Campbell – I’m Not Gonna Miss You
I’m still here, but yet I’m gone
I don’t play guitar or sing my songs
They never defined who I am
The man that loves you ’til the end
You’re the last person I will love
You’re the last face I will recall
And best of all, I’m not gonna to miss you.
Not gonna miss you.
I’m never gonna hold you like I did
Or say I love you to the kids
You’re never gonna see it in my eyes
It’s not gonna hurt me when you cry
I’m never gonna know what you go through
All the things I say or do
All the hurt and all the pain
One thing selfishly remains
I’m not gonna miss you
I’m not gonna miss you

[“Bottled water bogus”]  NYC has the best tap water not Florida.
Deer Roger Cousineau, Your post didn’t work. I read none of it because it just rambled on and on like all you politicians do. The CT is best as one liners and shot subjects. Got that? I thought you said you knew how to communicate.
You’ve got to love the Jersey women.  Sure they’re plus size plus, but loving and accommodating. A few buckets of KFC and they’ll profess everlasting love.  All you need to do then is roll them in flour and look for the wet spot.
mozart19[Keeping a Beat to the Oldies] Just because music is older doesn’t mean it isn’t good. Listen carefully to this classical masterpiece from Mozart “Eine Klein Nachmusik.” Note the nuance and blending of melodies. You may have to hear it more than once to fully appreciate it. Maybe this will help the “older music sucks” crowd to appreciate older music. It was written in 1787. Video
[“From the Halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli”] But we know who took care of the Barbary Pirates, Don’t we. Semper Fidelis!
I keep hearing the old line, ‘Bush lied people died’. Of course now that the cache of weapons of mass destruction have been found you do not hear anything about any retractions or apologies from the Left wing media. And besides a few mentions here and there, it is not being widely reported.
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How to prevent you PIN number from being hacked. Video
[“The way it was”] Remember when Big Pine Liquors was Bougainvillea Liquors located on County Line Rd where Marty’s Bike Shop is now?
[For Whom the Bell Tolls Episode 1 of 2] High in the pine forests of the Spanish Sierra, a young American volunteer prepares to blow up a vital bridge as part of a Republican offensive during the Spanish Civil War. Audio
[Beach bag that charges you phone] Carry-all tote powered by the sun. Now you can easily charge your iPhone, Android phone, Tablets and more no matter where you are! The solar panel is there for you to charge your favorite device on the go. solar panel on one side and fabric on the other.
That ‘thing’ being built in Cudjoe Gardens on Colson Drive might be a Mosque or some sort of public building. Whatever it is, it will sure as hell stand out in that neighborhood!
Lawyer at deposition: What is your name?
Rick Scott: Rick Scott
Next 75 answers from Rick Scott: I refuse to answer on the grounds I may incriminate myself.
Question 76: Mr. Scott do you like fans?
Rick Scott: No and I’m not going to leave my room until they are all gone.
With all the Ebola and SARS and other major disease problems hitting mostly the black and brown people, who is going to drive the taxies, sweep the streets and pick up my garbage? Something has to be done about this asap!
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Remember these crappy speakers and drive-ins?
[Temporary is not forever] The half cent sales tax for schools has served it’s purpose. Let it die like all ‘temporary’ taxes should. Temporary: lasting for only a limited period of time; not permanent.
[“Jersey girl basher”] Gee wiz lady, can’t you take a joke? We do every time one of your NJ Dairy Queens hits the Keys. Fagetaboutit!
lower keys boat rental7.11.14
[“Bush lied and Americans died”] Americans died and Obama lied. Also, according to The New York Times, there were chemical weapons in Iraq.
Sneakin’ In To The USA. Music Video
[Seaworthy and dry running flats boats] I would have loved one of these back in the square grouper days! Link
Dump the Pumps had no public speaker for Friday’s BOCC meeting, but wanted to get the facts in front of the commissioners before the vote on commercial sewer connection subsidies. There are 249 commercial connections identified on the current permits, not counting Summerland and Upper Sugarloaf where the commercial connections are not differentiated from the residential ones on the permit. We know that there are many commercial connections on Summerland just by looking along the highway, but also because there are 2718 EDUs on the permit and only about 850 physical connections of which 28 are identified in the contract as duplex commercial pump stations using illegal residential pumps. So the number of commercial connections is considerably more than addressed by this agenda item. The agenda item only addresses 238 commercial connections, so there at least 39 commercial connections not covered by this item. That alone is grounds to reject the proposal. FKAA does not even know how many connections there are, let alone how much wastewater to expect from them.

Dump the Pumps is not against relieving commercial property owners from the burden of providing their own new, high maintenance infrastructure just to make a connection. Dump the Pumps is against lifting such burdens from only some of the properties. It has been DTPI’s position all along that the Cudjoe Regional sewer collection system unfairly burdens some properties much more than others. This is unconstitutional as well as unethical. Put all sewer collection and pumping infrastructure in the road right of way and provide a gravity collection point for all except for the rare few that would prefer a pump in their yard.

Dump the Pumps strongly recommends that E-1 grinder pumps be absolutely minimized in the system. The County need not worry about being stuck with pumps that are already bought. Pre-purchased pumps would be gladly purchased by other communities who are being gouged by their E-1 distributors for replacement pumps after the “introductory special” pricing expires. Taylor Coastal Utilities in Perry Florida “can’t keep up with repairs” according to town meeting minutes and their sewer department was authorized to maintain 15% spares instead of the more typical 3%. They were quoted almost as much for a rebuilt pump as for what FKAA paid new, but report that the rebuilts have an even shorter service life. Their assigned distributor is also Water Resources Technologies.

Individuals would snap them up on eBay to avoid the price gouging reported in those areas where residents have installed their own and find replacements much more expensive than the originals, with only one source to purchase from.

To the poster who compared the fast food worker to someone in the military. Thank you for setting everybody straight. I was totally unaware that the workers at fast food places got free housing, or a very generous housing allowance and, of course, free health care! Free dental, cheap haircuts, a clothing allowance, free medications, free eye exam and glasses. Thank God they don’t get cheap liquor or cigarettes! Come to think of it, they shouldn’t get the eight bucks an hour most receive.
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health tip.
[Captain doom and Gloom] The fun in government debates” Mommy, he’s got nicer shoes than me. Mis mic is longer then mine! Wwaaaaaaaaahhhhhaaaaa!  And we pay this ass to rule our lives?
woman zombie boo
[“Big Pine Ride of the Living Dead”]I live on BPK and want to ride and do not even have to get a costume!
[Commercial Sewers] Commercial properties that will require more than one pump (termed a Simplex pump station) or that have more than one building to connect will need a DEP permit and a Professional Engineer according to the DEP-FKAA meeting minutes of October 2013. The Agenda item wording contradicts DEP permitting requirements. Is it proposed that FKAA or the County will spend public funds to pay for the engineering and permitting for those properties that require a duplex station or more? If so, why are they not providing that for all of the businesses?

As a result of Dump the Pumps Inc’s legal challenges, the DEP and FKAA finally admitted that the E-1 brand grinder pump that the entire Cudjjoe sewer system has been designed around is not listed as safe or legal to use for anything beyond a residential connection of not more than 5 dwellings. It is also specifically against the State of Florida Administrative Code to use other than a properly listed explosion proof pump in lift stations. Are the County and FKAA proposing to use pumps that are legal and listed as safe and explosion-proof for the commercial connections, or is the intention to further ignore national life safety codes and the laws of Florida and install residential E-1 grinder pumps?

The property owners that have package plants will require engineered plans and both a DEP permit and County permit to install their pump stations, all at their own expense, while favored businesses are provided with pumping facilities estimated to cost up to $100,000 each paid with public funds. How is that equitable treatment, especially where, and I quote, “37 will be able to connect via a simple gravity connection.” A gravity connection does not require a DEP permit or engineered drawings. In every case of a gravity connection, the pumping of their wastewater is by a publically funded lift station in the collection system. Which 3 favored Outer Island businesses are getting their own $100,000 pump station at public expense? These $100.000 pump stations are like those used to serve whole neighborhoods. Why are they not in the road allowance and others connected by gravity?

Meanwhile businesses like Big Pine Restaurant, Big Pine Motel, Looe Key Bar and Resort, Mangrove Mama’s, Sugarloaf Lodge, the shopping center with Winn-Dixie, Big Pine Fishing Lodge, and presumably Bistro 31 and the community of Venture Out will have to pay full fare including all engineering and permitting. These last three connections are not listed on the Agenda item “Attachment 3” as having package plants, but they do. There may be others.

Venture Out has not been shown on the Agenda item as having a package plant and is not shown as getting a publically funded lift station. According to court documents, this community does indeed have a BAT compliant package plant and was assessed for sewer based on the number of dwellings rather than water consumption like a business. However, FKAA and the County declined to take over the ownership and maintenance of their gravity collection system. These citizens are expected to pay full individual assessment, a full rate sewer bill, full cost of designing and permitting a lift station, full maintenance cost of the lift station, full cost of maintaining their collection system, and demolition of their recently upgraded treatment plant. FKAA took over all facilities in Shark Key, Key Haven, Hawks Cay, and proposes to take the Navy’s facilities. How is that fair or the least bit equitable?

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from the right
Once again Mr. Cousineau has provided us with a very interesting posting. Certainly Mr. Cousineau prides himself on being a “communicator”, and considers himself to be a very pleasant and likeable person. I have no reason to rebut that.

But we must consider the attributes that Mr. Cousineau claims that will qualify him to be a conservator and policy maker for the FKMCD. At a forum Mr. C. bragged that he was skilled in being able to “relate to and communicate with 14 year-olds.” He told the audience that skill set provided him with unique ability to serve on the Board. Frankly, I doubt that that “communication” garnered him any support. Nor is that an attribute that might make him an effective board member. That skill set might be of great value if he were running for 10th grade class President.

Mr. C. tells us that he is a real estate salesman. He tells us he was involved with cryptology while in the military. We should all thank him for his military service. He assures us he will be a good and faithful steward of the FKMCD by increasing spending. That is all very interesting. But hardly qualifies him for service on the Board.

Mr. C has failed to inform us of his having any management experience. He has failed to inform us if he has any experience in crafting, understanding, and managing multimillion dollar budgets.

We don’t know if Mr. C. has ever served on a Board, now or in the past.

But, we do know what Mr. C does not know. He does not know how to be a member of the FKMCD board. We know that because he has told us. He has told us that he intends to learn the job, yep, on the job, by attending “conferences”. Conferences that we know cost us tons of money. None of these conferences offer any instruction in crafting/understanding budgets, managing execution of budgets, personnel management, or any of the sundry skills necessary to be a member of any board that oversees a public utility. But they are excellent events in which to socialize.

Mr. Goodman was appointed to fill the balance of the term of a FKMCD Board member who passed away in 2011. Mr. C. seems to suggest that being an appointee is a negative, perhaps even with sinister connotations. That’s odd considering that all the Supreme Court Justices are appointees, as are each member of the President’s Cabinet. Mr. Goodman was appointed because of his life experience, and his educational background. He holds a degree in Chemistry and a Masters of Business Administration.

Mr. Goodman’s appointment to the FKMCD board was a grueling process. He competed against 15 other individuals seeking the post. He was subjected to a thorough background investigation as were all the other candidates, and was required to travel to Tallahassee for in depth interview on his skills and background. On the other hand, Mr. C. simply paid a small filing fee and became a candidate. It’s worth noting that Mr. C. professes to hold Ed Fussel, previous Director of the board in high esteem, Mr. Fussel was amongst those who applied for appointment to the board. He was rejected. Link

Mr. Goodman’s decades long career was involved in the chemical industry. His company was and is a multimillion dollar international corporation. The chemicals he dealt with have the identical components that are widely used for application in the agriculture and food industry. The environmental effects of the chemicals he dealt with mirror the environmental issues faced by the FKMCD.

Mr. C. is flat wrong on several of his claims. He claimed that Mr. Goodman had not attended Board meetings prior to his appointment. That is not true. I suggest you read the link which is a news report of Mr. Goodman’s appointment and his attendance at board meetings prior to his appointment. Link

He is wrong on his denigration of term limits. Term limits protect the public from elected officials acquiring too much political power. Term limits protect the public from excesses such as having FKMCD board members receiving life time pensions and lifetime health care benefits. Currently two long term members of the FKMCD Board enjoy those expensive benefits paid for with your tax dollars. Please remember that Board membership is not a full time job, it requires only a few hours per month. Most Florida state elected officials are term limited. The President is term limited (Thank God). Many Florida County Commissions are term limited, they all should be. As should the US House and Senate. Further, failure to have term limits tends to lead to stagnation in thinking and in leadership.

Mr. C.’s “take” on the Big Coppit facility is wrong, deeply wrong. The issue is not in the construction of the Big Coppitt facility. It will be built. The issue simply is that the facility should be strictly an operations facility. Currently the plan is to add office space so as to house two employees who have fiscal responsibilities. That will increase the cost of the structure and increase the cost of operating and maintaining the facility. Those employees should be housed in the administrative office spaces to be located in Marathon. But, the two fiscal employees object to commuting to Marathon from Key West. Hence, sympathetic board members, ignoring the public trust, are attempting to spend long tons of tax dollars simply to accede to the wishes of two employees. That, is fiscally and administratively wrong. It is a mammoth waste of your tax dollars, and a disservice to the public. Please recall that the Florida Keys are a finite and unchanging landscape. Mr. C’s argument that FKMCD might “outgrow” the Big Coppit facility is hollow. Indeed as the efficacy of the various applications continues to improve, as even more modern technology becomes available, and if the potential of the use of genetically modified mosquitoes comes to pass, the very real possibility exists that FKMCD might actually require less equipment and staffing.

Mr. C. was flat wrong when he wrote yesterday: “This slash-and-burn mentality is the same ideology that has cut other human health programs like the CDC and food safety from effectively doing their jobs.” The fact is that the budget of the CDC was increased by 8.2% this year. And yet they’ve blown the Ebola crisis. Link

As to “food safety”, FDA’s food inspection services spending will have increased by $25 million dollars from 2013 thru 2015. Link

I believe that Mr. C.’s default mindset is frivolity. I partially base that belief on Mr. C.’s posting yesterday concerning this very serious discussion of the oversight and management of a very important public utility, FKMCD, and his qualifications to participate in the control of that utility. In yesterday’s post, Mr. C. states: “I guess 2+2=3 for Mr. McDonald (Board candidate from District 5) because as any CPA knows, math is just a belief system. Either way, Mr. McDonald’s accounting expertise is clearly subtraction.”

That is not the mindset or comments of a serious person. Mr. McDonald is an accountant who has previously served with distinction on the Board. McDonald was and will be a fierce conservator of your tax dollars while ensuring the delivery of the best mosquito control that technology can deliver.

The voter’s choice is simple. Mr. C. is not qualified to be a FKMCD Board member, he wants to spend more of your tax dollars on functions that will prove to be a waste of tax dollars, and he opposes term limits.

Mr. Goodman is eminently qualified, he has a proven record in industry and of responsible action while on the Board. He is prepared to spend tax dollars, but only when there is a near certain necessity or benefit. He is a serious man who pledges to husband your tax dollars and to protect the Keys from the discomfort and disease associated with mosquitoes. He believes in and will endeavor to institute term limits while on the Board.

Monroe County needs Mr. Goodman on the Board of the FKMCD.

Part 2) Deer Friend, imagine this: You wake up on November 5th and Charlie Crist has won the Governor’s race. You walk over and see your absentee ballot still sitting on the kitchen table. You never sent it in. Could your vote have tipped the election? Don’t let that happen—return your ballot right now, and remind your friends to return theirs.

Please take action today. Every vote counts!