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Sunday, October 20, 2013


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I got a document to sign from FKAA approving the grinder pump for my home in Port Pine Heights on Big Pine Key. I thought the people won the fight against grinder pumps? What’s going on? There is so much wrong information going around I’m not signing anything until they force me.

nira tocco realtor 9.12

Someone once said that all politics are local. Well, I got an earful of that reality on Wed at the Harvey Government Center in Key West that put that theorem to the test. It became so painfully obvious that the procedural BS the public was allowed to witness was only the result of well massaged politics behind closed doors.

I was especially stupefied when some contractor lauded the virtues of his program that would allow county officials to make decisions in our behalf relative to global warming issues. The dim witted professor, goat-tee barbiche et al, gesticulated like a nervous Nelly while trying to “educate” commissioners about a program that his company had devised (basically overlays of varying water levels). His associate, a lady that was well spoken, however misleading, began her presentation by showing how well over 50% of all data concerning global warming originated from political circles and not the world of academia. Still, she continued to assert that it was a science and one that the County better heed in its future planning. Obviously, and not so coincidentally a sum of $300,000 was magically available for a first phase study.

What a procedural farce! To top it all off, Mayor Nugent went off on his own to educate the audience about global warming and its inescapable consequences for the FL Keys.

Having just returned from Europe where I faced the same music of elaborate detection of CO2 emissions and a the implementation of a carbon tax, I must come to the conclusion that such policies are orchestrated at a higher level and again shoved down our collective throats for our own good. Give me a break, do we need to spend that much money to decide how high our roads need to be elevated at 30 year increments? Common sense by the numbers isn’t. Furthermore, leadership that needs the backing of questionable graphs is meek and spineless and their decisions are myopic and deceptive. The inescapable outcome of such studies will only serve to devalue coastal properties while inflating insurance rates to the point where eventually only the rich and famous will be able to enjoy waterfront beauty.

aarpI am interested in how or what AARP does with the health care web site disaster. If they don’t speak up they are doing a great disservice. If the liberal side of the media accepts this as ok they are doing a great disservice.The entire health care site, software, protection and safeguards are not good. This is not a glitch. This is not fixable. In this case the baby and the bathwater need to go out the window. A company like Google, Amazon, IBM, or Apple can and would develop a system that would meet our wants. We need health care reform.This is not a good start. There is too much wrong to list. Only with a united front can we get this done right.


Over $1.2 million in grinder pump electrical connection charges has been saved collectively by those homes in areas to be redesigned as gravity sewer instead of individual grinder pump stations!

The fewer grinder pump stations in the system, the lower future rates will be and the more likely it will be that sewer pump-out in times of lost electricity will actually occur.

In no case should an individual be forced to provide a portion of their lot on which to site County-owned/FKAA-maintained pump stations.

In no case should an individual be forced to provide an electrical service for County-owned/FKAA-maintained pump stations.

Unless you live at the treatment plant, all gravity sewer must be pumped from its lowest point. Where long gravity sewers are truly not economically feasible or even possible, a short gravity collection system of one to twenty homes could drain to a single pump-out manhole and 1 to 4 of the FKAA’s beloved grinder pumps can be powered from a nearby pole to pump the sewage toward the treatment plant. A single individual grinder pump is rated to handle the waste of 5 homes. Why would any sane person use 5 pump stations where one would work? (Because he or his boss profits from the sales?)

Why is the FKAA/County forcing people to provide land and power for their pump stations? (Because it makes their design easier, their operating expenses less, and makes the cost of grinder systems look lower?)

Those of us fortunate enough to not be cursed with a grinder pump lot need to use whatever influence we have to help out our friends and neighbors who are still targeted for extra expense and lowered property value. It’s good karma. It’s the right thing to do. It will help keep everybody’s sewer rate lower. It will help prevent raw sewage overflows into the environment with the disease vector that presents. There are still many petitions circulating the Lower Keys that you can and should sign. You are encouraged to call your Commissioners and tell them that you want the total number of grinder pumps minimized for the benefit of all and that there be no intrusions onto private property. Write them, too, so they don’t forget.

There are still over 1600 homes slated for individual grinder pump stations. There should be no more than 400 small grinder pumps in the entire system, and those should be on public property with the power provided by an FKAA meter. Is there a practicing attorney who would champion a civil suit to encourage our elected and appointed officials to do what is right for all instead of just a few on Cudjoe and Sugarloaf?

atomic bomb Dr Stangelove


[World Nuclear Stockpile Report] According to scientists, if 100 went off at the same time it would mean the end of the world. Link

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[Global Warming Story] One man’s bid to be World’s 1st official Climate Refugee. Still don’t believe in it? Link

Myths On Climate Change. Link



The naming of Indian Key. Part 2  Link




I Ain’t Superstitious –Jeff Beck  and Rod Stewart is the best example of the WaWa pedal like only Jeff Beck can do. Link 

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[The Dirty Truth] Hand sanitizers and antibacterial wipes. Some news for all you clean freaks out there. Link



Awesomely animated illustrations by Robin Davey Link

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It appears as if Danny Kohlege is doing a better job of representing Big Pine Key than our own commissioner, George Neugent.  He was the one who got Big Pine included in the elimination of grinder pumps in favor of a gravity system for the new central sewers.  Neugent, though he eventually voted for the change, spoke against the idea of including Big Pine even though he was strongly in favor of his buddies on Sugarloaf and Cudjoe going to the gravity system.

I can’t wait for Neugent’s term to be over.

olds201994 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Convertible. This car is quickly becoming a classic and has this awesome retro-futuristic look to it. One of the most unique convertibles made in the 90s. This car, with some love, will only go up in value! Great for cruising. A real joy to drive. All leather seats in very good condition – luxurious leather bucket seats.

I’m sad to sell it, but am moving out of the state and have no need to hang onto it. Family owned since 2001. In great driving condition, though it needs some love on small cosmetic details. 156,062 miles. Has been taken care of well mechanically throughout the years. Registration is good through July 2014. A/C, CD player, power doors and windows, cruise control, power steering, power driver’s seat, much more. Classified Ads > Autos 


Parks And Recreation Advisory Board meeting has been scheduled for Monday, October 21, 2013, 6:00 PM, at the

Harvey Government Center, 1200 Truman Ave., 2nd Floor, BOCC Chambers, Key West, Monroe County, Florida. This meeting is open to the public.  For more information Events 



I saw a sign on the old House of Music building that said it is the new home of Jehova Witness church. Who knew? (Ed: It’s now the House of Jonah an Eastern Orthodox Church)

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Lost partial dentures in Key Largo. I’m so upset without my teeth and can not afford new ones. Please call if you found them or know where they are. This is not a joke, I’m sick about it. Marie 305-451-1586 Classified Ads > Lost & Found




[People Vs Winter] So you do not like florida, huh? Video

Installation of my sewer system questions
Why did we pay the $4500 fee to the sewer company?
Who is controlling that money and how?
Do we get any of that money back?
Who will be authorized to connect my house to the Main Sewer Line?
How much should that cost or is that part of the $4500 fee?
Can I do the work myself?
Who has the detailed specifications for the hook up and the materials lists?
What permits do I need?
Do I have to buy special insurance for the county or contractors while working on my property?
How long do I have to finish the hook up?
Who will inspect the hook up for closure?
Why do I have to fill in or remove my septic tank?
Who will pump out my tank?
Why can’t my septic tank be used for something else or left alone to dry out?
Can septic tanks be used for artificial reefs?
Do I have to do anything with my drain field?
Is there anything else I have to know and do?



Braided Rug. Capel “Baby’s Breath” Made in the USA. 95% Cotton, 5% Poly. 4 ft x 8 ft oval, in beautiful pastel colors. Reversible. Never used. $299 Call Lu at 305-903-1514 Tavernier  Classified Ads > Household

coconuts lounge and liquor 9.12


[AT&T Woes] I received a letter from them saying U-Verse (Internet) had been updated in my neighborhood and to call. The first person couldn’t find me and asked several times what state I was in. Second person wasn’t much better and wondered why I had been transferred to them. Third person said she couldn’t help me unless I knew the passcode I gave to set up the account three years ago. This was even as I was reading my accounts (landline, internet and cell) online. Seems my accounts don’t start with the right numbers. As I pay electronically, I don’t remember if there are different numbers on the email notification of a bill.

Anyway, how difficult is it to change to Comcast and go with Verizon? Can I still keep the same landline and cell numbers? I won’t do today because I’m still fuming! Thanks for giving me a place to vent!

Yoko Ono was awarded the German Peace Prize. All we are still saying is, “Give peace a chance”. Link



Happy Halloween!

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I wonder if FKAA had already obligated itself to purchase X number of grinder pumps?  Now that the Cudjoe issue is somewhat resolved, will they try to install these pumps in places not previously planned?  After all, if they were not good for Cudjoe, why would they be good for installation any where else within this project’s scope of work, since the defeat there seems to be largely based on long term costs.


Dear Capt. Gloom and Doom, Always anxious to justify your moniker, you assumed the worst when you lambasted those who brought the giant oarfish to land. While I tend to agree with your complaint of “hunters and fishermen always pride themselves after capturing the breeder size animals”, in this case,the animal was already dead when discovered. But don’t let that stop you: Blow on, Captain!



The Chamber’s Annual Island Art Festival is Saturday, December 14 from 10 am – 4 pm. Events

I met the new manager at WD the other day. He was most helpful. I also find that the staff is most courteous. I think we’re lucky to have a grocery store so close by.


Hello, Jammin’ Jim?  Who is the artist singing “Great to be back in The Keys”?  The Tourism people could try to buy that song.  It used to be played on the reggae show the radio station took off the air for some reason.  Please write with the artist name and where I can score that one song!

backyard20[Politician] When an ordinary person knowingly violates a city’s code that’s an issue between that individual and the city. It isn’t news. When someone who is running for Marathon city council flagrantly violates the code it is news. That “someone” is Mark Senmartin and his case is illustrative of both the failure of government and the local media that should be the eyes and ears of the public.

“The bottom line is clear. A candidate for Marathon city council knowingly violated city code and the city itself doesn’t particularly care. It’s not a question of property rights or even of environmental issues. Either the city should enforce its own code or the council should change it. They can’t have it both ways. Except that they almost always do.”

In March of this year, Senmartin began constructing a manufactured home on Bluefin Drive in Marathon. That was the beginning of what became a contentious saga.

According to his neighbor David Rasmussen, Senmartin “took a backhoe and cleared his entire lot and pushed it five feet into my lot. He pushed over a 35-year-old thatch palm and killed it. He dumped a bunch of concrete into my yard.”

Senmartin’s yard had been a hardwood hammock, full of native trees. Harry DeLashmutt, who had been a biologist for the Department of Community Affairs of the state of Florida and who later trained the City of Marathon’s first biologist Wendy Dyer, reported that he had seen the lot in 2000 and that “you couldn’t see through the trees because there were so many.” Link


“Loner” Black Sabbath‘s new video


[Legal Safety Valves] Something that hasn’t been addressed in the Coconut Telegraph is the S. 619, the Justice Safety Valve Act of 2013, which was introduced in the U.S. Senate by Senators Patrick J. Leahy (D-VT), chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, and Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) on March 20, 2013.

Safety valves allow federal courts – in some circumstances – to sentence a person below the mandatory minimum if that sentence is too lengthy, unjust or unreasonable, or doesn’t fit the offender or the crime.

This proposed safety valve is not a “get out of jail free” card. People will still go to prison. The new safety valve simply ensures that no one goes to prison for longer than is necessary to keep society safe. And that means our prison beds and budget are saved for those who pose the biggest danger to us. I’m in favor.

crystal ball hand


“The Occult Experience” Documentary. Video

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religion politics zone

[Crooks] “Welfare Glitch” Anyone that took advantage of this glitch should have their welfare and food stamps revoked. It’s the same as stealing cash out of the taxpayers’ pockets.

[Fiscal Responsibility] Congratulations GOP on your great victory over Obama. Sure, the shutdown cost $24 billion, but it was worth getting rid of Obamacare.

no-one20[Let’s Begin With Congress]  It’s quite evident that America is asking for change, but the error that we continue to make is that we put our trust and belief in politicians who have continuously made false promises. It’s time that we wake up and realize that if we want change, it’s up to us, and not them, to give us this change. We need to realize that these people in Washington, are not to be envisioned as powerful Demigods, but as what they really are, corrupted corporate puppets. Be it Democrat or Republican, White, Black, Brown or whatever. It’s time to give the Independents the chance we’ve never given them, due to the partisan allegiance we’ve been brainwashed to follow. This allegiance has demonstrated that it’s a one way street. We show them loyalty & faith, and they, in return, turn around and dedicate their allegiance to the corporate lobbyists. These politicians are supposed to dedicate all their work and effort to us, “The People”. But for how many decades have we seen anything that is truly beneficial for us, when it comes to our political officials? It’s now become where they are the ruling class. They actually dictate to us, instead of it being the opposite as our Constitution states.

[“Obama didn’t blink”] This contributor was correct. He never intended to blink, negotiate, compromise, or in any other way alter his plans. He was correct, the “other side” would not let the country go ” down the tubes, into government insolvency.” And good old Harry Reid came to the “rescue”.

What Rescue? Another nine weeks for “spend like we had it ?” Our good old America is like one of us at a casino. Are we losing? no, just a bit of bad luck, bet more money and were bound to win. We just raised the debt ceiling, in nine weeks, we will do it again, and I would be willing to bet it will continue until President Obama is gone. Then, assuming Hillary is placed in power by my democratic “friends”, it will start all over again, no fiscal budget to reduce the debt. No containment of welfare programs,

no checking for fraudulent users, spend money we do not have. I am suggesting to my grandchildren they take Chinese is school. The American Dream has become a nightmare.

Proof that Pres. Obama is a terrible President consider this. When he ran for election in 08 he stated that Government needs to change and he promised to fix broken politics. He has been President for 5 years now and I heard him say just yesterday that Government needs to change. Not only has he not fixed Government he has made it worse.

[New York State leads in ACA sign-ups] It seems as of Friday afternoon, only a mere 257,000 people had signed up for new insurance plans. More than half of those, 134,000, are in New York state. It seems for 27-64 year olds in that state, their monthly premiums dropped 29% across the board compared to private plans. Colorado is down 33-36%, Ohio is down 3-43%, so they are also singing the praises of ACA there. California and Virgina are mixed.

They are really hot in New Mexico, where rates have climbed a staggering 94-159%, South Dakota up whopping 74-147%, Vermont up 55-133%, Connecticut up 29-89%, D.C. up 18-81%, Oregon up 24-54%, Washington up 29-54%.

So far it appears that New Mexico had awesome private rates of only $191 per month for 64 or older, now it’s $494 under the ACA. So far ACA is appearing to be anything but affordable, with more ups than downs.

Many who are working poor or destitute, thus can only afford subsidized plans are finding out their deductibles are astronomical, over ten thousand dollars, thus it’s only catastrophic coverage. “I am totally shocked and taken aback at how little it did provide at the level I could afford.”- Colorado public school nurse.

The minimal fine or tax, when one files their 2014 taxes for non-ACA sign-up is $95 or 1% of income whichever is greater, to go up to 2.5% the next following tax season and likely more after that. Link

It’s not that conservatives don’t care. We do. We just have different answers than liberals do. It’s a difference of the mind, not of the heart.  ~Tom Selleck

A poster on here wanted me to give my opinion of how things can change for the better. Sure.
1. Cut financial aid to all foreign countries. No pure cash aid. If they need supplies of any type we purchase and venders send the supplies direct. Take out the ability to siphon off the cash.
2. Cut the tax exemption for churches. Sorry but im not a big fan of having crystal cathedrals and millionaire pastors preaching the words of Jesus a simple carpenter.
3. Sorry Afghanistan/Iraq but you wanted us out we get 100% of our troops out and you’re on your own.
4. Continue on with constructive/verified relations with Iran as they are a threat to our ally Israel. Keep communications open. The sanctions are working and new election results in Iran say the same.
5. Do not repeal Obamacare however continue working to improve the problems and move forward.
6. Limit the amount of contact between politicians and lobbyist. Lets face it our country is for sale to the highest bidders. Anyone caught breaking the rules should be banned from public office.
7. Secure the borders. Period.
8. Both parties need to appreciate good news for America not continually whine and cry about every single issue. (Im guilty).
9. Stay on Syrias ass.
10. Quit whining about the oil industry boom only using private land. Theres nothing wrong with citizens making huge profits from their lands.Thats America.I never could understand why the right complains about the government not opening up government lands when they want the government out of everything. Its like whining for getting what you want.

That’s the view from this American independent.

Millions of taxpayers’ dollars spent on a computer program to sign you up for Obamacare, and it doesn’t work.  You’ll spend millions more to fix it.  Are you getting the idea of what’s in store for the rest of this governmental screw up!

Who do you think is going to pay off the USA debt of $17 trillion (and growing)? Generations of Americans to come because Democrats can not stop borrowing money. Obama said, “I will just go out and borrow more money”. I submit that you can only go to the well so many times before it runs dry.

announcer on tvCue the television announcer: Ted Cruz, now that you waged an unwinnable war to defund Obamacare, started a $24 billion dollar shutdown, made the G.O.P. look foolish, embarrassed America in front of the world and came away with nothing what are you going to do?

Ted Cruz: I’m going to Disney World.

I expect the same people that believe Putin matters will also tell us this was a great Republican victory.

[Threats] Don’t know about you’ll but if them Moslims start their crap here in America like in France and England, there’s going to be a lot of blood spilled in the streets!

“Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.” ~George Carlin

Do you think he meant the Congress as a whole or the American people for putting such self-serving idiots in DC ?

[“What is the problem with making affordable health care insurance available to every American”] The answers are:
1.  I don’t like government running anything i’m forced or fined to comply with.  Haven’t you noticed how many things they run now that are screwed up.
2.  Since it’s likely that you and I are in different earned income brackets, it’s more than likely that one of us is going to have to pay the lion’s share for the other and I for one, don’t want to pay anymore of my “earned” income out to someone or others who failed to do the same.
3.  Since you didn’t have the income to pay for insurance before now, what has happened under Obamacare that will cause you to afford it now?  And now that your paying an insurance premium, where are you going to get the money to pay for the deductible upfront.  After all you now have less money in your pocket because you’re paying for a policy you didn’t have before.
4.  Since it appears that you’re new to this sort of thing perhaps you’ll understand better when you have your first medical appointment and you hear these words spoken: ( a.) I’m sorry, but we don’t accept that type of insurance here, or ( b.)  “‘m sorry, but if you’ll read the fine print of your policy, you’ll note that that issue is not covered.  And now, you won’t have the funds to pay for it yourself because you were sucked in to the government crap of a policy.

Well, I feel better now.

Democrat politicians are feeling orgasmic for you because of this great wonderful law. They provided it for you, your family & all of America. Yet they are all exempt & you are not. They are the elite rulers & will keep the health care system they spent years attacking as inferior & wasteful. We are the dumbass ruled masses who’ll get the shaft. Congratulations to those who voted for the people who promised it.

They can’t even get their sign up website running right, “too many visitors!” What’s going to happen when the sick & injured start piling up? We’ll be England.   

Time will tell if you really won. Or if you were part of destroying something no one else in the whole world ever had. Once gone, it’ll never be again. When your done celebrating, make a list of reasons why so many politicians, political allies, their friend & all families are all exempt from Obamacare. More exemptions keep getting approved, but you will never be exempt, just heavily fined if you fail to comply.

Enjoy having these elite people waste your tax dollars on themselves using what they called an inferior, wasteful health system. Now the government and IRS will have all our medical information on file.

[“What is the problem with making affordable health care insurance available to every American”] Nothing! It’s the pages and pages of other horse s**t that was included in the bill. The bill that Nancy Pelosi said we could read after it was signed into law.

The way Obamacare is written now, health care is the prize for all the information you must share to get it. Basically, the government will tie in your health, financial and lifestyle data together creating a file on each person in the U.S. in the plan. If the government wants to assist in providing health care, let them pay the insurance companies directly based on each person who signs on at their doctor’s office, not online where your information is routinely stolen.

The government giveth nothing without taking something away, and in this case it’s your privacy. I ain’t signing in, signing on or purchasing Obamacare ever. Come arrest me now and put me in jail, I’ll take 3 squares a day, free room and board and free health care and let the public pay for it. 

from the right

All about our great land we can hear the shrill cries of joy and the rhythmic sound of chest thumping from left field. After all, they won. But at what cost?

debt20First of all, we have to remember that Speaker Boehner at the beginning of the drama explicitly said that he would not permit the nation to go into default. Frankly, I disagreed with him, I was convinced then and now that we must get our spending and debt under control and that a perfect, if uncomfortable, fix is to stop borrowing and only spend the treasure that we have. Nonetheless, there was no chance of making any significant inroads into our debt because the Republicans only control one third of our governance, and Team Obama specifically refused to negotiate or compromise. They held all the cards, they could not have lost, and the United States could not have won.

The notion that “default” was a certainty if the debt limit was not raised is far from being proven. Default simply means that we would have stopped making our interest payments on our debt. That need not have happened because we have a sufficient income stream to cover those payments. This year we will have a record amount of revenue, it will surpass the previous record that occurred in 2007 before the recession began. Stopping borrowing would have been uncomfortable, it would have necessitated a cutback in government services, and spending, but it certainly was “do-able.”

It is particularly interesting to learn that the Chinese government is gleeful that the debt ceiling was raised, but in the same press release they announced that they were downgrading the US’s credit rating. They said “The fundamental situation that the debt growth rate significantly outpaces that of fiscal income and gross domestic product remains unchanged,” They also added. “Hence the (US) government is still approaching the verge of default crisis, a situation that cannot be substantially alleviated in the foreseeable future.” It pains me to agree. The upshot? They will charge us more for the money we must borrow to run our government. Isn’t that so terribly sad that we have to borrow money from the Chinese just to run our government.

Yep, the Democrats won the power to spend even more money, to add more debt, and to reduce our nation’s standing in the world. Walk proud and rejoice left fielders. While the left rejoices, every single American is a loser.

By the way, did you know that the government workers who had been furloughed will receive back pay and are scheduled to get raises?

One more thing, please remember that the Reps begged for a year’s delay in implementing the ACA personal mandate, Team Obama refused. They’ve had nearly 4 years to get ready. But now, weeks into the program, the $700 million computer network still doesn’t work.  That network/program was put in place by a Canadian company that Team Obama hired. That company put  in place much of Canada’s single payer net work.  That company was fired by Canada for screwing it up. Experts say that Team Obama will have to spend millions more and the system probably will not be properly operational for a year or more.

Part 2) Fridays CT had a posting that stated “the Republicans are only concerned with money matters, never what’s good for Americans.” Deer Friends that is liberal think and liberal speak. The simple and plain fact is that money is good for America. Money funds Social Security and all of the various social programs and entitlement that are currently in place. It is American wealth and prosperity that funds the social programs. Republicans are committed to the belief that every American must have the right to strive to prosper to the fullest extent of their ability and their ambition.  Republicans believe that American society has the responsibility to provide an open road for all who strive to prosper, and a safety net for those who are unable to do so.

an hammock young manNot so the Democrats/liberals/progressives. They are determined to give a hammock and a rum punch to all who ask. They are committed to the redistribution of wealth. Their perhaps “well intentioned” policies strip far too many of ambition and self-pride. Too many politico’s on the left see the recipients of entitlements as being a rich source of votes, hence political currency.  Hells bells, the government even has “food stamp recruiters,” they have a quota for these recruiters to sign up 150 new recipients each month. Rhode Island hosts “SNAP (food stamp)-themed bingo games,” and the USDA tells its field offices to throw parties to get more people on their rolls.

The Democrat/liberal/progressive ethos is to simply share and share alike. They are fully committed to the belief that stripping wealth from one group of people to redistribute it to another group of people is sound governance and is just and moral. Their entitlement programs have created generations of persons who have become addicted to the notion that simply because they exist, they are “owed” a comfortable life style.

The Democrats/liberals/progressives seem unable to plan for the future. They stubbornly refuse to curtail their spending which is placing our nation on a path to perdition. They seem to live in a “feel good now” world with no worries about tomorrow. They furiously resist any attempts to reform Social Security or the plethora of other social programs currently in place even though the cost of those programs as they are now structured are certain to gut the programs and founder our nation.  If/when that happens, and it will happen unless the programs are reformed, the suffering will be unimaginable.


Their attitude is nothing new, it has been a part of human existence since time immemorial. Do you remember Aesop’s fable about the ant and the grasshopper?