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Thursday, August 1, 2013


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jet f-18 an[ Environmental Impact Statement] The Navy has prepared and released to the public a Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) regarding NAS Key West airfield operations. The Final EIS addresses the potential environmental effects of three action alternatives (and a no action alternative) for operating next generation aircraft and conducting future airfield operations at NAS Key West. The Navy has identified Alternative 2 as the preferred alternative. Alternative 2 supports the transition to next generation aircraft and provides the flexibility to accommodate additional carrier air wing Field Carrier Landing Practice at NAS Key West.

The EIS now undergoes a minimum 30-day waiting period before the Secretary of the Navy will make a Record of Decision. Please see attached press release for more details. NAS Key West Final EIS

For more information, contact Ted Brown, the Installations and Environmental Public Affairs Officer at U.S. Fleet Forces Command at (757) 836-4427, or me at the NAS Key West Public Affairs Office at (305) 293-2027 TODAY, as civilian furloughs have us out of our respective offices on Friday. 

Thank you, Very respectfully, Trice Denny,Public Affairs Officer,Naval Air Station Key West, (305) 293-2027, (305) 797-8560.

fanci ad 7-16-13
[History] Yesterday’s poster may think he understands history, but it’s obvious he doesn’t know how to research it.  George Patton has one of the lowest casualty rates of any general in World War II — on either side. 
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Calm Keys photo. Wow! Beautiful. Now I remember what I miss most about the Keys.

[Spandex Bikers] I was out riding my bicycle yesterday and was passed by a group of serious bikers. They all were dressed about the same- colorful spandex and those weird shaped baby helmets. Do these folks realize that those outfits look like they were designed by Big Gay Al? Picture a Harley rider wearing this attire.

tarps bungee cords

an_protest-megaphone[Non-Construction] A small group of people have gotten together to try and correct the massive cluster of N. Roosvelt blvd.  We need numbers, not just the businesses who are failing but the people of Key West who are inconvenienced daily and will be for the next 2 years if we don’t stand up for what is right.  If this were any other place this project would be done in a timely fashion.  But once again the state has treated us like the red headed step child.  If you can pass this on to your email friends and encourage them to show up on Tues maybe we can make an i impression.  Numbers speak loudly. If only a few of us show up they will think no one else cares.  Please, please come,  encourage your neighbors and employees to come.  This affects everyone, through cut wages, which mean people have less to spend locally, fewer taxes being generated by fewer sales, I could go on.  It’s the trickle down effect, but instead of more dollars being generated to spend locally, there are fewer dollars being generated.  

We would urge you to also encourage your friends and customers to come to the important FDOT meeting, Tuesday at 5:00 p.m. at the Old City Hall on Greene Street.

[Climate Change] In yesterday’s Telegraph the climate change denier claimed a quote from a UN official proved “This is the first high-level official admission that cAGW was a lie”.

If you actually read the article you will clearly see this was never suggested. What the official was stating was that it is in the wealthy countries’, with reserves in oil and coal, interest to oppose and deny global warming.

There is nothing new here we have been reading the junk science sponsored by the oil and coal company for years.



Sign on Duval St

[“Fresh fish”] From ABC investigations:  New investigation provides fresh evidence that restaurants and markets continue to dupe seafood lovers into paying top dollar for low-grade fish. As part of a special “Fishy Business” series, the Boston Globe spent five months buying fish from dozens of establishments throughout Massachusetts and sending the samples off to a lab in Canada. DNA tests found 48 percent of the fish had been mislabeled as a more expensive type of fish.

Fish samples were gathered from 134 restaurants, grocery stores and seafood markets, and the results were staggering.  Every one of 23 white tuna samples tested turned out to be something other than tuna. In most cases the fish labeled tuna was escolar, which the Globe said was “nicknamed the Ex-Lax of fish by some in the industry for the digestion problems it can cause.” Video

If this is happening in Massachusetts, can you imagine the fraud in the Keys.  The sanctuary just never helps.  It does not help the consumer, the fisherman — nobody.


[“Fresh fish”] Or you could go out, have a peaceful day of fishing and cook it yourself.


[Toni Braxton] “Today I am embarrassed to be an American.” Toni Braxton, July 141h in reference to the Zimmerman case. You aren’t embarrassed by the thousands of babies being aborted? You aren’t embarrassed by all the unnecessary murders and deaths by black people on black people? Oh, wait, you weren’t embarrassed when you filed bankruptcy twice in the past 15 years? You weren’t embarrassed when you transferred funds to your husband in order to avoid paying back creditors in your bankruptcy case? Yes, you do Toni Braxton – you have a right to be embarrassed for the truth.

[More things you should never say to a woman] You look really good with makeup on./That dress really makes you look skinny./Sure hon, I’ll get it at the commercial.

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[Grumpy Old Men] While riding down the canal Friday I saw a tourist along the seawall cleaning fish and throwing the carcasses in the canal. I wanted to say something, but my spouse-thing said I’m turning into a grumpy old man, so I didn’t. But I didn’t wave to him either, I couldn’t go that far.

The next day the boat ramp had three of his dead carcasses rotting in the sun; and along the canal there were others smelling up the waterway. I should have ignored my wife’s advice and said something.

[Elected Employees] Just because some people get voted into office, does not mean they rule the world and our lives. They are our employees, not our rulers. If an employee does not do what the employer wants done, that employee is fired and replaced with someone who does what the employer wants done. This goes for the junta too, but they have legally set up a BS system to protect their positions. They hide behind legal mumbo-jumbo and the high costs of arbitration to get them removed from their office. They know the sheeple are too poor, too timid to get them out, so they sit back and wait until the locals forget what is happening and the officials are back in business again. We can change this.

[XKeyscore] Don’t worry about the NSA, you have nothing to hide. They may even publish your past 5 year browsing history in the CT after they pluck it out of the cloud with XKeyscore. The NSA boasts in training materials that the program, called XKeyscore, is its “widest-reaching” system for developing intelligence from the internet. Link 
music1[RIP JJ] J.J. Cale biggest hit was the Buena Vista Social Club. You can hardly tell he was performing at all because he was such a professional he never tried to steal anyone’s thunder. His guitar playing on this track is beautiful. You can almost see the swaying palms and smell the cigar smoke in this Cuban folk song. Cham Cham 

[Shuttle Fares] 50 miles on the bus $4 okay. One mile $4 sucks.


After you tipped over the coral head to get the lobster I am confident you turned it back over to it’s correct position, as any responsible diver would do, thereby doing it no real harm.



[Pickett’s Charge] Talk about sending men to their deaths and then sending a lot more…how about Confederate General Pickett. Wasting lives is what war’s all about. 

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Naked Ladies infected with smutty fungus (pictures). Link


[Movin’ On Up] Hitler sings The Jeffersons’ theme. My main man the fuhrer. I’ll bet you never thought you’d see Adolph in a music visdeo. Music Video


Come to the first summer book sale at the Big Pine Library. We’ll be in front of the library from 10-3 on Saturday, August 3. Get your reading treasures now because the next sale won’t be for many months. Thank you to the community for your generous donations.  Events

Report on the homeless to focus on needs. Maybe it would be cheaper to fly them to Hawaii. Hawaii is sending theirs here.  Link

isaksen-flood 4.23.13

[Flood Insurance] Congressman Joe Garcia has sent FEMA a letter expressing his “deep concerns regarding impending rate increases under the National Flood Insurance Program.” 

an_mosquito-girlHomemade mosquito repellent is also good for ants & fleas. It’s free from chemicals that poison the body.

1/2 liter of alcohol
100 gram of whole cloves
100 ml of baby oil or similar (almond, sesame, chamomile, lavender, fennel etc)

Leave cloves to marinate in alcohol four days. Stir every morning and evening./After 4 days add the oil. It’s now ready to use.
Gently rub a few drops into the skin of the arms and legs. Observe the mosquitoes fleeing the room. Repels fleas on pets too. You’ll smell like a breath freshener.

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[Florida Keys Journal] The Journal interviewed Florida’s US Congressman Joe Garcia. We talked about college students paying more in interest based on income. The Democratic bill went nowhere, but the Republicans have their own bill capping interest.

What do you think of Middle Keys’ assets Boot Key Island, Harbor, & Marina along with Old 7 Mile Bridge? The locals are thinking of making these a state and/or federal issue.

“Few parts of the United States have the natural beauty and resources, supportive climate, and environmentally-friendly population to protect such assets as Boot Key and Old Seven. Here in Marathon, we do.

Boot Key is a rarity in its lack of pollution and is an asset we need to preserve so that Marathon families and visitors can continue to enjoy its pristine waters and sands. Should Marathon begin to become more heavily trafficked, Boot Key Harbor and Marina is also a promising natural port.

Old Seven, has a history to rival many of our national treasures. And as any Marathon resident will tell you, it also remains an important and widely-trafficked part of our Keys community. Beyond its use for recreation, fishing, and sunbathing, its vistas of the Gulf and Atlantic draw people from around the world.

Each of these needs to be protected, and to an extant, that is the coordinated responsibilities of our state, local, and federal agencies. Each of these players must be brought to the table to discuss how best to sustain these integral pieces of our keys community.”

I asked his opinion on the four-way race for Miami-Dade Mayor. Garcia had good things to say about all four. I wonder if he knew that was very political of him.

The Florida Keys are mandated to put wastewater and stormwater systems in place by the new date of 2015. Any thoughts of funding and support?

“Our unique ecosystems and the only living coral reef in the Continental United States are among our greatest assets here in the Florida Keys. In order to protect these natural treasures, we need to continue to upgrade and modernize our waste and stormwater disposal systems.

“Funding for storm and wastewater system infrastructure is one of my most important priorities for the Florida Keys. Early on in my tenure, I began discussions with the Army Corps and will continue to track the Corps’ progress to ensure that the Florida Keys receives its fair share of funding. I also sent a letter to Governor Scott earlier this year, encouraging him to reconsider the allocation of 50 million to the Keys in Mayfield Grant monies.”

Congressman Garcia had a brief chuckle over Rep. King who certainly can turn a phrase. I asked how a congressman could serve two years without starting the reelection campaign right after being sworn in. We wondered at some representatives who have been in Congress for 20 years or more. 

[Hospital Failure] There has been virtually no mention in the news media of the fact that the Lower Keys Medical Center in Key West recently failed an inspection by the Joint Commission. The silence suggests that this is a part of the news that is not fit to print.

Does this failure reflect a decline in standards and effort by the medical center in anticipation of its forthcoming sale to Community Health Systems?


Great tour but you wouldn’t want to live there! Moving expenses would be a tough act. Video

Handling a tough boss. Link            



Must have accessory.

[“Tipping over coral heads”] I have to correct my post and confession of yesterday. I never tipped-over a head. I lifted (tipped) many and let them drop back down after I got the bug out from under it.


usa-inc52h[“Conspiracy Man--Our government is now being completely controlled by big corporations,  Is this what you want?”]

No,  but it’s what those in office made happen, and protect.  In 2012 a law or regulation or whatever it was got passed / approved that removes how much money can be donated to candidates directly. Also included was a provision removing the restriction preventing foreign companies for donating.  This our new motto “Country For Sale” .

It all starts with us. If we don’t want this to be our fate, then we have to change how we vote.  I look for those who actively propose bills and support election reform.  Unfortunately, there are not enough of them in office to ever get anything improved [job security].  And that’s our fault because we don’t make election reform a campaign issue anywhere in this country.

hanoi-hilton1I guess we have to assume the Ho Chi Minh supporter feels Ho’s treatment of prisoners of war was normal and acceptable. He probably approved of “Hanoi Jane’s’ words of encouragement to Ho as beneficial to those POW’s being tortured, maimed, and killed. I comprehend Ho’s attitude on fighting for his people. That included sending them to death before and after the war. I comprehend history also. I can understand fighting for your country, however sending children and women as decoys, torturing and beheading prisoners, I consider terrorism. Why support terrorism, there are ways to make your case. It may take a while, but so far as I can remember terrorism leads to dictatorship, which is not much better than being overrun by foreigners. 
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[“Council OKs Second Sewer Assessment. The Islamorada Village Council unanimously passed a second $20 million sewer assessment last week with no debate.  For those who choose to be billed annually, the assessment will cost $256 per year for 25 years. The average home will pay monthly rates of $74, not counting the assessment costs”] I’m a veteran victim of Key Largo Wastewater, so I am watching with interest how Islamorada coming up with their charges.

How does the Islamorada Council know that the annual assessment will cost $256 per year for 25 years?  Have they borrowed all the money they will ever borrow? KLWTD told its victims in 2006 what the annual assessment spread over 20 years would be,  but every year that assessment amount increases,  because KLWTD took out additional loans, each had their own interest rates. So now KLWTD victims are repaying 4 loans — each with its own interest rate. KLWTD victims who chose to pay over 20 years are paying much more than they originally were told they would be obligated to pay.  I know many KLWTD victims who wish they had the money to pay off their remaining obligation,  to avoid all these additional increases.  Based on KL’s experiences, for Islamorada to commit to annual assessments $256 over 25 years does not seem likely.

How does Islamorada Council  know that the average monthly sewer rate will be $74?  Answer: because Islamorada sewage will be quantified measured as it goes into KL, and the KLWTD Board agreed to charge Islamorada a specific rate for that measured amount. Then Islamorada will divide that measured amount charge among Islamorada payees.  If KWTD victims wash a boat,  water plants, or fill a pool, all those gallons are included in their sewer bills,  even though those gallons never impacted sewer usage.  Yet Islamorada residents can do all those things and never a penny for any of those gallons will be on Islamorada sewer bills.


The Stand Your Ground Law is being attacked in Florida by racial profiteers. Trayvon’s mom is at the Fontainbleau Hotel in Miami. I thought I read that she said, “We should all allow ourselves to get the shit get kicked out of us and let the black hoodie kid that did it go home safe and sound”  I think that’s what she said?

The Stand Your Ground Law and a proper firearm are often all that stand between us and the black hoodie kids that want to kick the shit out of us. So I say no to Mrs. Sybrina Fulton, mother of Trayvon. It’s American to stand your ground.  It’s in our DNA.



It’s kind of sad that J.J. Cale passed away

[Crook] “Craigslist short lobster sale” Anyone want to make any bets that this cute dental hygienist got caught doing the dirty work of a derelict boyfriend? I wonder if she gives him free dental work too.

an_email_flameAnother Snowden bombshell: XKeyscore. A top secret National Security Agency program allows analysts to search with no prior authorization through vast databases containing emails, online chats and the browsing histories of millions of individuals, It sweeps up emails, social media activity and browsing history instantly. Link

Fish isn’t the only thing on the menu down here that is being substituted with something else. I was with what I thought was a Czech hooker last weekend but was shocked to find out she really was from Estonia. Next thing you know they will be importing them from Jersey. The good news is that you won’t need a DNA test to tell the difference.

nira tocco realtor 9.12

We’re getting out of the Marines because we wanted to be part of an elite force. Link

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I’d have to say people are getting wise to the phony fish debacle. How silly could you get, trying to sell fake fish here, in the Keys? Is it illegal to sell phony fish? It should be.

religion politics zone

I love Charles Krauthammer. He’s like FTR … so clear and concise. Are they the same person? Krauthammer On Obama: “This Is His Economy And He’s Pretending He’s Just Stumbled Upon It” Video



Sarah Palin says she’s “still shocked and disappointed that Peyton Manning betrayed his country.”

[Water Rise] The average depth of the water in my canal, a canal that is connected to all of the oceans of the world the last time I looked, has risen 8 inches at a minimum during the last 35 years.  My question is this: if I join the Tea Party will it go back down?

pray1[Captain Doom and Gloom] Great bumper stickers for Democrats and other losers! I think I would be willing to put any one of these on my car. How about you? 
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[Wednesday’s FTR part 3] Lets not spin it so fast. How about a little truth about that senate race win by Andy Vidak. First off, it was a special election and voter turnout was low (over all about 23 percent), Secondly, Mr Vidak is not a cut and dry party worshiping GOPer. He’d have serious issues with you. He’s a unique individual in Calif because he crosses party lines unlike you. The Republicans that do well, because of moderation in any election, are going to piss you off to no end. Don’t get your panties in a wad, ok?




The right question is, what would Obama have accomplished had Boehner tried to be helpful?

[Gun Nuts] I do not believe in taking away the right of the citizen for sporting, for hunting and so forth, or for home defense, but I do believe that an ak-41, a machine gun, is not a sporting weapon or needed for defense of a home. ~Ronald Reagan

from the right

arow1You might be reading some crowing from Team Obama that our GDP has increased at a greater rate than expected this last quarter. What they won’t tell you that is it increased is because they revised the previous quarter’s growth downward. The growth rate in the first quarter, was revised down to 1.1% from 1.8%. Deer Friends, that’s worse than anemic.

Some of the flacks are crowing that last year’s economic growth was reflected the nation’s best economic spurt since 2005.  That may be true then, but it damn sure isn’t true now. That growth has not been seen in 2013. Consumer spending -— the engine of the U.S. economy — rose by only 1.8% in the second quarter after a revised 2.3% gain in the first quarter  of 2013. That’s a less than the 2.2% average over the past three years. The fact is that our gdp growth, post recession, peaked in Q4 2012, It has declined in nearly every quarter since then. Damnit, we’re going backward.




Part 2) Deer Friends, perhaps some will remember that I mentioned several months ago that we had gotten a really cute fluff ball of a dog from the Broward ASPCA. She has blossomed and has become a very much loved member of our family.  Naturally we named her “Righty”, I thought that you might enjoy seeing a picture of her. (Ed: This is true.)