2014 August

Thursday, August 28, 2014

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When I picked up this Mason jar with a mangrove taking root in it, it spoke to me. It said, “Never give in–never, never, never, never, in nothing great or small, large or petty, never give in except to convictions of honor and good sense. Never yield to force; never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.” I thought, Thank you mangrove root, I’ll remember that. We both went on our ways. I became a little better as a person, Mr. Root became an Island. I think the best of the deal was had by me.
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[Paranoid County
] I found this huge sign on the gate of the Cudjoe transfer station on Blimp Road last evening. Besides possibly growing weed in this no-fly zone and polluting the back country waters with landfill leachate, what else is Monroe County hiding at the Cudjoe landfill site? Is it true that FKAA is building more than a sewer treatment plant back behind the old mountain of rotting garbage? What are they so worried about somebody seeing on public property?
Wouldn’t it be great if all the gals went topless at Wetstock this Sunday?  It would be just like the old days around here!
Has anyone ever bought one of those foam beds they advertise on TV. I was wondering if you kept it because it was so restful or dumped it because it wasn’t? I hear they are expensive.
[Controlled and uncontrolled burns] SouthWRAP is the primary mechanism for the Southern Group of State Foresters to make wildfire risk information available and create awareness about wildfire issues for the Southern states. Link
I keep a gun handy to protect myself from the NRA types.
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[Sloan’s Consolation Speech] I didn’t want to run this year. I did not choose to run. Angels told me to run, so I ran. The angels didn’t get me enough votes to win. I said I was glad for that, because I didn’t want the job in the first place. Link
[“Middle East problems and solutions”] When some criticize anther’s attempt at a solution to a problem, that is understandable. But their is always that old saw that says never ridicule a man’s plan unless you have what you think is a better plan. So maybe I could say that the ball is in your court!
Jehovah’s Witnesses came to my house and told me Jesus was coming. I said when? They said it is prophesied (dancing around my question). I kept asking ‘when’ until all their flimsy excuses were expended. Then I let them know that his coming was prophesied over two thousand years ago and that if there really was a God he would surely have come by now. Just what is he waiting for? They couldn’t answer that one either. The younger one was acting very nervous with my questions. I don’t think they discuss things objectively among themselves being as they are just dreamers!
Well, this could be read two different ways.
Is the cornhole game just for closet gays, or can anybody play?
baby gun28
[Kids with guns] The story linked in the tweet lists a number of new and colorful targets that it says will engage young shooters who have grown bored with the standard bull’s-eye. In describing a pack of zombie targets, the author, Mia Anstine, writes that children “can imagine they’re getting rid of the monsters from their nightmares.”
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[Yap Dogs] People who have those little barking dogs are entertained by their bad behavior. I worked for a couple who had four and they never once told the dogs to shut up. Whenever the dogs did anything at all, the couple would dote on them (they are childless, the couple, not the dogs). I was watching a couple in their boat in the shallows yesterday delighting in their two small dogs barking like crazy at anything that moved. I can relate because we have a cat that whenever it does anything we dote on it and delight in its furry behavior. At least it doesn’t bark.
[Chiefs and Indians] Even if everyone worked hard and went to college, someone would still need to make our pizzas, stock our shelves, drive our cabs. Quit looking down on them and assuming they deserve to live in poverty.
Key West Grand Jury found the 3- K.W.P.D. officers not guilty of the murder of Charles Eimers yesterday! We either need to start getting used to the abusive acts of today’s P.D., or begin to voice for this to stop. It’s up to us people.
get well soon
I have often disagreed with FTR and had minor spats on the C.T., however, now I wish Mrs. FTR a speedy and healthy recovery. I’ve provided some services to the FTR family in the past and my conversations with Mrs FTR have all been very enjoyable and worth the time spent talking. God speed. FTR married over his head. Well done.
[Cybersecurity official uses Tor but still gets caught with child porn] ormer cybersecurity director for the US Department of Health and Human Services Tim DeFogg convicted for downloading illegal content. Link
Happy Thursday from Springer’s Bar and Grill
. Today we have a great special for you, pesto chicken with bacon and provolone on a Kaiser. It’s an amazing flavor combination. So join us for this totally delicious palate pleasing special.
Friday special: Panko fried mahi mahi
Happy Hour 2-7 daily with great drink specials and happy hour menu.
There’s always something special at Springer’s
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receiver28[“Shop Locally”] Does anybody know of a company or individual that can repair a Denon receiver. Someone told me Bardon Electric repairs audio visual components so I called them and talked to a nice lady named Barb who told me they do that and they like working on Denon receivers. She told me the technician would call me. Well he never did and after two calls to follow up and only get an answering machine I’m guessing they screen their calls and are not interested in my business.

This relates to the issue of using local businesses whenever possible. I would be willing to do this and, until recently believed in the concept, but the local businesses who can help are not interested. Why, I can’t imagine. This has proven to be the case for me in a number of instances where I went to locals first and just got snubbed. Two plumbers and neither wanted the work and neither of them return my calls. I had a satellite TV problem and the local guy wasn’t interested in the job and said I couldn’t have satellite TV. A guy came from Miami and set me right up. Local home inspector screwed up my insurance inspection so bad (said I had a shingle roof when it is an almost new metal roof) that the insurance company wanted to cancel me.

I’m all for supporting the local businesses and I always try them first, but unless you are just looking for a bottle of rum, don’t bother with the locals. Back to the question: The nearest Denon service centers are in Tampa or Pompano. Anybody know anyone here who can work on a Denon receiver? Thanks all for letting me rant.

[“9-year old killer”] Let’ put it this way, I hope you never have to defend your home or our country against bad guys or watch your family be beheaded or raped by some slime ball. If you think about it, no one on this earth needs any deadly weapons except a Game Warden or someone in the wilderness. True, this is a dream to have humanity sane, but because the insects and animals we call bad guys have them, I will have them. No one will take my iron from me either!
[Electroluminescent Painted Bike] This is pretty cool. I’d like to paint my truck with this, but I’d be afraid of the lawsuits from the rubberneckers that crashed from gawking. Video
I never thought I would hear this from national news casters…Obama, Wright, Jackson and Sharpton (the career race baiters) will have to change their underwear after seeing this. I have a lot more respect for O’ Reilly after this. I’m sure he is putting his career on the line. What he says is the truth and most of America already knows it, but like the, Emperor with no clothes, no one will dare speak the truth in public.

This video should go viral. Thanks Bill, someone finally had the nerve to say it. Now let’ go something about it! Video

lower keys boat rental7.11.14
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flies stinky feet
[Toe Police] If you are wearing flip flops or are barefoot, the first thing women do when they encounter you is check out the condition of your toenails.  You know, to see if you have toenail fungus or not.  Then they gather to discuss it.  I wonder if they have a foot rating scale, like one to ten?
Anybody hear anything more about Leah who bartended at Geiger and PT’s?
[KW Police State] It’s ironic reading a few posts lately bashing Big Pine as a place to live. Would you rather live in KW where the police dept suffocates an innocent man to death in plain view, covers up the murder and then is cleared of any wrongdoing? You couldn’t pay me to live in that police state.
[Ferguson Cop] That pro-Darren Wilson post yesterday is typical of the ignorant folks who are brandishing deliberately twisted facts so they can justify their racism. This screenshot of the people donating to Wilson’s GoFundMe defense fund will illustrate the mindset of many of his supporters.
[“9 -year old gun nut”] This should read: Dumb ass firearms instructor aids in killing himself by letting a 9 year old handle and fire a weapon she had no business being subjected to. I guess I am what most morons would call a gun nut because I own and enjoy shooting and I would never allow anyone that young or inexperienced to shoot that particular weapon.
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[“There are at least 6 people in the world who look exactly like you”] I saw my doppelganger in a grocery store. We were dressed exactly alike, same hair cut, build, same everything. It was uncanny and unsettling. We looked at one another and left without saying a word. I’ve often wondered if we should have spoken to one another and what he was like.
[“Melt the Mideast“] It’s not a Hydrogen Bomb that kills everyone and leaves the structures intact. It’s the Neutron Bomb that does that, and back in the 70’s President Jimmy Carter announced that we had that capability ready.
It seems weird that candidate Judge Slaton still got 23% of the votes cast for his position, even though he was removed from his position and clearly cannot do the job. Are people stupid or what (that’s a rhetorical question).
[Whiners] People are never satisfied. They are now complaining about the parking lot at Winn Dixie in BPK. Before the drainage work was done to alleviate the massive flooding that took place, it used to be like a lake after heavy rains. I think they even held a fishing tournament there one year.
[“Western parochial view of religion”] As in the western [Mideastern] parochial view that “There is no God but Allah”?
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[“Melt Mideast”] You are thinking of the Neutron Bomb, not the Hydrogen Bomb, as the boomer that fries the people but leaves their stuff intact.  Next time get your bombs straight or you might make a big mistake!
Police Officers say Orange, Texas cop wrongfully killed unarmed war hero over racial slur, now killer wants back on the force. Link
The BPK W/D Parking lot is horribly uncared for.  Here are a few suggestions:
1. Cut back all the overgrowth blocking our view as we leave the lot.
2. Pick up the trash.
3. Kill the weeds.
4. A few truckloads of mulch around the trees and new trash cans would make a world of difference.
Charlie Crist and Rick Scot will face Adrian Wyllie in November. There is a option to the same old crap people. Try true liberty and freedom for a change. Hey, lets get it right!
[Gun Nut] What every little 9 year old girl should be doing? In much of this world 9 year olds already have had 1 or more kids and marry at 6 & 7, only in America do girls reach puberty at 25 or so!
Fox News is in full panic mode over ISIS coming to the USA.  Why, they “might” be on their way down the 18 Mile Stretch right now!  Or maybe not.
[No Loss] He was an amazing, well respected, loving and lovable sweet gentle inspirational child, as you can tell from this picture of him.  Ferguson will miss him dearly
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not guilty jury
[Travesty] The Grand Jury cleared all police officers in the death of Emiers and recommended they be given sensitivity training. A man’s dead and the killers get sensitivity training. Link
[Compares Guns to Cellphones] When over 4000 teenagers are killed each year testing or cell phone using why don’t cell phone providers report them? because cell phones are cool & guns are not?
[Gun Nut] Hey Ed, that picture is of a Mac10 not a Uzi.
baby gun28
[“Little girl kills with Uzi”
] I blame the parents of the nine year old girl who killed her instructor with his Uzi. There is absolutely no reason in the world to teach a little kid how to fire an Uzi. The only reason I can think of is that her father was trying to instill the same paranoia he lives with on his little girl. Little girls should play with dolls not guns. Duh!
[“Source Of All, there is only one God”] I sure wish somebody would introduce any god to me just once!
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hot temperature
[Hot Summer]
I think yesterday was the first time in weeks that the temperature fell below 90°. This is one of the hottest summers I can remember. Last year was the windiest summer I remember
A neutron bomb kills all the idiots and leaves the infrastructure and, yes, the middle east is great place for 3 or 4 of them. And if we want to save the Keys a couple in Jersey, New York and new England too
[Free Ad] Bargain seekers will want to visit Habitat’s Coconut Closet on Big Pine Key this Thursday, Friday and Saturday for their blow out sale on gently used women and men clothing. Ladies shoes and tops will be priced at $1.00; handbags at 50 cents and Designer tickets items $2.00 off. Men will enjoy the $1.00 sale on button up shirts; long pants; t-shirts; and $2.00 off Designer ticket items. Hours are 9:00 am until 2:00 pm We will be closed the month of September so don’t miss the opportunity to stock up, save and look great for less!
amazon logo28
I ordered a Tablet and a keyboard on Monday from Amazon. The Tablet came from America and the keyboard came from Hong Kong. They both arrived the same day on Wednesday, and both arrived before my mail from Key Largo did.
[Oldies But Goodies] From Louis Armstrong to Frank Zappa – music documentaries from the Radio 4 archive bringing you a brand new episode each week. Audio
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They just stole the copper plumbing from civil rights pioneer Rosa Parks’ house. We all know who “they” are.
Need a different internet service provider? Link
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from the right
sunsmile28Today has been a truly great day. Mrs. FTR’s recovery is going much better than just good. We expect that she will get her get out of jail card Friday, or at the latest, Saturday. We’re both more than anxious to get back on the rock.

Then I had the good fortune to have a great dinner with an old friend who picked up the check, it doesn’t get much better than that.


Finally, an analysis of the voting in Tuesday’s primary election is nothing but good news for good Republican governance. Statewide, Republicans cast 952,000 ballots for governor  compared to Democrats’ 838,000, a GOP advantage of more than 114,000 votes, even though Democrats outnumber Republicans in Florida by nearly a half million.

dixicrat28To add to Crist’s well deserved woes, he under-performed in two-dozen conservative upstate counties where “Dixiecrats” have become reliably Republican in recent general elections. The “Dixiecrats” are no dummies, they just don’t trust Charlie.

Dade is considered to be a Democrat fortress. Dade Democrats outnumber Republicans 550,436/362,514. Only about 66% of Dade voters are registered Republicans as compared to Democrats. But, in Dade, that Democrat redoubt, during the primary, Scott got about 88% of the votes cast in the gubernatorial primary. Charlie only got 65,819, and Scott got 57,325.

It’s becoming more and more clear that Democrats don’t trust Charlie, and who can blame them