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Thursday, August 8, 2013


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an zoo[“Key Dear Zoo”] Let’s be careful not to split hairs, or misinterpret each other since we are apparent three people who are most concerned about Key Deer safety, and interested in the great potential for educating folks about our endangered flora and fauna. As a university professor, I was a vocal proponent of outdoor education, and schools without walls. This is not to say that outdoor education outweighs classroom instruction, but the application classroom instruction from math, science, literature, history and much laborious homework can be studied outside in communities, effectively researched and elaborated there. I visited applications of this concept in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Florida, and California.

I believe that interest centers should be as close to the source of its focus as possible. When I mentioned the house on No Name, nota bene, it is surrounded by a mile of wetlands. In California, I visited numerous centers, all of which had school buses present on a scheduled basis. Each had a classroom and audio visual equipment available to teachers who scheduled their use. At least one had provisions for an overnight stay on a docked Clipper ship. I would not be in favor of tour bus visits. Today, cars flock to No Name Key and most park in the road, and many feed the deer against the obvious warning signs. There is no enforcement. I would not recommend reprimanding parents in the presence of their kids.

Anent fencing, few would argue that the corridor fences have saved hundreds of deer casualties. I continue to advocated fencing prominent roads preferably out of sight along the refuge boundaries. I wouldn’t fence the waterfront property. Indeed, deer can swim, but where? I have dissuaded many heading for Little Pine Key in former years though I haven’t seen any recently. Perhaps they swim at night? It could be there are alligators there…something that should be research since small ones frequent our canal from time to time. If offshore Keys are habitable, I would favor access to Key Deer. The only thing keeping them on Big Pine Key, and elsewhere, is human food and some would add, water, but if there is water… It is unfortunate, but apparent, that so few folks are in favor of reducing the number of deer roaming neighborhoods, eating non native food, disrupting traffic, and being killed at an alarming rate. They are also responsible for as many as 10 miles of uninterrupted 25 mph driving. Their potential for education and health depends on better management. If you care to check, Alabama has about eight environmental interest centers, Florida about fifty, but there are none in the Florida Keys, and California has over eighty.




[“Corporations don’t fish, fisherman killed the seas”] And I bet you think the Gorton’s fisherman is real. “Gorton’s of Gloucester is a subsidiary of the Japanese seafood conglomerate Nippon Suisan Kaisha, Ltd., producing fishsticks and other frozen seafood for the retail market in the United States.” Corporations fish for huge profits from the sea!

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[Pet Peeve] How come the expiration dates on foods are distorted, placed in unlikely locations or in code as to be indecipherable? I think I know the answer, but I not to be too negative.


Here is a possible reason for the lack of grinder pump drama on the CT lately. Cudjoe Key’s Isaac Newton Society figured out that they would have to pay a lawyer to bring the suit that they threatened. Since there would be no actual money awarded if they won, they tried to convince us that grinder pumps were terrible things and that we should contribute to the suit. When someone pointed out that if the suit was won, it was possible that everyone in the Cudjoe Regional District would have to pay more, so few people contributed and the group folded.

And here I thought that they were doing all of this for the benefit of the Monroe County taxpayers (sarcasm). Maybe they should have called themselves the Don Quixote society.



[Choice] Have an orgasm instead of doing a crossword, it’s better for your brain, says scientist. The science is settled. You don’t want to be a science-denier, do you? Link

[Crook] BPK man, Alex Bogomonly 41 is an international identity theft who just got Caught by Detective Chavka. Link 
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[Going …going] If you live in Marathon you may want to take a walk out on the old 7 Mile Bridge. Sounds like FDOT could close it any day. The end of another era. Sad.




Trade Costa Rica prime home property with spectacular views of the Arenal volcano for your canal/waterway property anywhere in the Keys, call Shawn Classified Ads

Isn’t it funny that god punished the earth in the bible with flood, fire, plagues, locusts, droughts, red tides — all naturally occurring and recurring disasters. 
isaksen-flood 4.23.13

You know how I know women won? I now put the seat back down in public toilets in the men’s room!



[“Pay more to pay online”] Maybe to protest we should all go back to paying by paper check,  either by mail or dropping off at their office.  If they have to start handling paper again that might slow them down enough to make them rethink their surcharging.  As for their excuse that their bank makes them do it – get that in writing from the bank,  and then send a complaint to the banking regulators. We all have enough voice,  we just need to flex,  instead of bitch.

Of course paper checks and mail will be inconvenient for us, but worth it in the end if they abandon their surcharge policy.

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A Saharan low and trough headed for the prime generation spot ( Cape Verde) for Atlantic Hurricanes off the west coast of Africa is something worth watching over the next week. Link



[Fresh Fish] All this talk about misrepresented fish in restaurants, reminds me of the sign I saw over at a Fort Myers beach restaurant, on the right just before the beach. “Key West Style Salmon”. Funny, but I never caught a salmon here. Maybe I should try trolling for them.

[Too Much?] OJ, IRS, GSA, ATF, EPA, DEP, DEA, FDA, TSA, NSA, FBI, CIA, DNR, DHS, FWC, NOAA, DOT. How much government is too much? Ask any government employee. The growing of government can not even be slowed now. We now work for them. The scale has tipped. They won. Your main concern now should be how to keep as much of the thieving scumbags out of your pocket. Good luck to you all. You’ll need it.


[Term Limits] They are good and bad. Good because the bad electeds are out. Bad because the good electeds are also out.




Major tip of the hat to Gloom and Doom for posting “The God Delusion!” Erased all doubts that he, himself, may be, whoops, is not delusional. Rock on! 

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I have found that bragging about one’s academic degrees is inversely proportional to one’s actual intelligence.


[“Key West’s homeless population — an awful lot of losers for such a small place”] That’s a pretty despicable and hateful statement. Blanketing a whole population like that is never right. I think it would be a wonderful service to humanity if whomever wrote that statement immediately cease breathing.


[Scam of the day] Esteemed, I am Barr :(Alhassan Coker),I have business proposal of deposit sum of(7.5Million) Dollars, if interesting email me for more details with legitimacy document.I have with me. I hereby seek you to partner with me and make this claim with all legal proof.

nira tocco realtor 9.12

Global sea level rise is ending. Link




[Sewer Fat] Will our sewers’ grinder pumps handle this, or cause it? Link

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[Wiener Department of Hard-ons] San Diego Mayor Bob Filner is accused of making sexual advances to 13 woman. He even hit on a few at a Military Sexual Abuse support group. He said he’s taking the cure at a two week counseling session. Oh, sure, two week’s counseling will solve all his problems. Get rid of the loser. Don’t put up with his bad decisions and the same goes for Wiener too.


Isn’t ironic that NSA whistleblower Snowden had to go to Russia to be free!





Awesome lysergic prop anomaly flying out of Key West.

[“Fresh fish”] I stopped ordering fish down here a long time ago when I got a dolphin sandwich for like 7 or 8 bucks. Eating out down here has just gotten way too expensive. That last time was not even close to worth $6! Another great thing about the Keys is gone.

tarps bungee cords


Never buy paint for kids. Make your own. 
1 cup salt.
1 cup flour,
1 cup water,
food coloring

Share this recipe with your friends so they can make it too. 

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[“Quit living in the past. listening to 60s and 70s music”] In his whiny post every song he listed that he liked was from the 60s and 70s. Yet he tries to tell us to stop living in the past!

religion politics zone
[UBL] I too have always wanted to ask FTR who is UBL, but I was afraid he would twist it into an anti-Obama tirade. 

Obama is on safari in Africa, hunting down Al Qaeda.  He is taking care of business for us,  unlike the jaw-jacking Republicans in Congress. Link

[“Tea Party thinkers vote”] So do communists.  



A question that FTR guy would ask. 

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What a slick move by Obama in shutting down all of those embassies to cover where his latest attack on the terrorists will be.

The real war on women. The Clinton machine’s plan to destroy Monica Lewinsky before 2016. Link

[Obama On Leno] The Republicans on are on TV this morning complaining because the President was on Leno the other night.

Hey there all of you Tea Partiers and sundry right wing nuts.  Just wanted to remind you that there are only 1190 days left until Hillary wins the 2016 Presidential election in spite of all your BS.

[Obama On Leno] Barack Obama: “One of the investments we can make is deepening Gulf ports. Places like Charleston, South Carolina, Savannah, Georgia, and Jacksonville, Florida. Deepening these ports would increase our trade.”

One problem, Obama is clueless. All of these are Atlantic coast cities. Not one of them is on the Gulf coast. And the leftist media crickets–not a word!

from the right

Yesterday a  poster took shots at Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, and Mike Lee, all newbie Senators. The left field poster was pro term limits, but strangely s/he ranted that they had been in power “far too long.” Sometimes you’ve just got to wonder where some of these left fielders get their information. Senator Marco Rubio has been in office since 2011. Ted Cruze was elected to the Senate in November 2012. Senator Mike Lee was elected in 2010. Every one of them is a first termer. Not a single one of them would be affected by even the most severe term limits. Where in the hell do these left fielder get their info? Nonetheless, I do agree with the poster that we should get rid of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi,


2) A poster tried to gig me yesterday for using the initials UBL when referring to  Bin Laden. All that poster did was to display his/her arrogant ignorance.  Usama Bin Laden is a commonly used alternate spelling of Osama Bin Laden. In fact, the very first wanted poster concerning him, UBL, was published by the FBI using the name Usama Bin Laden. They  sought info about Usama Bin Laden, UBL.  Read it and weep Deer critic at: Link


Ouch! Another peered reviewed study in the science journal Nature slaps the cAGW alarm mongers brutally hard…ouch!! again. ” A recent study by a team of British scientists published in the journal Nature. While regions like North America and Europe have been experiencing greater temperature variability, wild shifts from extreme heat to extreme cold, some parts of the world have been seeing more consistent temperatures.

“When taken as a whole, global temperature variability has been nearly constant over the last 50 years, according to Chris Huntingford, lead author of the study and a climate modeler at the U.K. Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, part of Britain’s government-funded Natural Environment Research Council.”

Wait what? A government funded research scientist in a peered reviewed journal says global climate variability has been essentially stable for the past fifty years. Ouch again and again! Link