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conchhorn21[Conch blowing contest] When I saw this post I remembered my long time neighbor (now gone and in a much better place) from Aster Lane, Eden Pines – Jim Lucas (RIP Luke). Many years ago we were celebrating the 4th of July with fireworks next door at Lowery’s (he knew the fireworks family that does the 4th fireworks at our Nations Capital) so we had BIG fireworks – BIG. We were blowing (we thought) conch horns. Luke, I guess listened to our attempts long enough and came down and gave a true Conch blast on the shell that stilled all of us. I remember him and always will remember the ‘great conch toot’

The Keys are a great place to be great. 

Run Fertal Myrtle, run! We were lucky to get a kitten from the Key Deer Subdivision tamed by a very nice animal loving volunteer.  She works very hard for the Forgotten Felines.  God bless her and all the other cat ladies and gentlemen. This feral cat is the best cat ever and I hope he doesn’t break my heart.  Our cats are grounded after we lost one who really loved playing harmlessly outdoors.  Someone put his red collar on top of our mailbox.  To this day we are sad and have a little hope that Sweetieface was catnapped and not road kill.  Our second feral cat was also tame as a kitten.  

Last year we lost 2 elder feral cats, also tamed at several years of age to old age.  When your cat gets into the teens and has renal failure, etc – do yourself and puss a great big favor and take it to the shelter to be put to sleep.  No heroics and no blood draw from their jugular vein under their neck.  Your vet knows kittie is terminal but he wants more of that stuff in your pockets.  Help them cross the rainbow bridge without suffering and without giving more dough to the over-priced vets in Marathon and Ramrod.  They only care about money and understand that you are emotionally involved.  

Please try to smash as many traps as possible.  Big Piner Key is ground zero for global warming flooding and the world would be better served to use all that hateful energy to pick up all the garbage strewn all over that eyesore shanky town.  Run Myrtle and boyfriend – we love your son.  He is the best cat I have ever loved.  We are married.  He doesn’t cheat on me or come home all liquored-up.  He makes bread on my big boobies.  Kinky.  Plus he is very vocal, comes went he is called and is very sweet to our bunny and kisses him.  

coin21I went to the flea market last week. I bought some produce and a few shirts and odds and ends. When I got home there was a weird looking coin in my bag. I have no idea where I got it or what it is.

On Monday I went to the church rummage sale, I got a few kitchen things and bought some hats from the flea market. I got home and there is another one of these weird coins. They have some kind of Chinese symbols on them.

Does anyone know what they are? I have been looking on the Internet, but I can not find them. 

Hundreds of Medical Marijuana advocates to gather in Wash. for Medical Conference, to change Federal Policy. Link
National Whistleblowers Center. Link
good sam21[Helping Hand] What used to be the norm turned into a helpful and refreshing experience for me today. I was parked in front of Napa with the hood of my car open. I was struggling to get the oil fill cap off as guy after guy passed me as they entered Napa. Then a French speaking fellow, here on vacation, came over to me and helped out. Far and few between in the United States, a true gentlemen is hard to find. 
[“Remember the audience they are supposedly posting to”]  Judging only from the things I’ve read, this audience is a wide variety of tastes, ages, education level, sense of humor, etc.  Very little that shows up here is of no interest to anyone or of interest to everyone.
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fine-woodworking-ad 1.7.13
[Guns] Thank you Sheriff Rick Ramsey for joining the other Sheriffs in FL who vow to protect our rights against the spectre of legislation looming over us.
Every sheriff in Florida pledges to protect Second Amendment rights. Link 



[Crooks] Look at a few pages of our Monroe Sheriff’s website arrests records. Imagine that we could eliminate all the people arrested with an address of ‘general delivery’. When the count of less than 700 homeless was taken, they forgot about 800 of them. Ask anyone at the jail. The frequent flyer program at the jail has many more. Menu > Arrest Reports Mug Shots 

[Jane Fonda] I served ’65-’68. The Army saw fit to assign me to Europe so I was spared the horror of Vietnam. But what Jane Fonda did during her ‘visit’ to North Vietnam is and will be forever inexcusable. She is and will always be a hated person from my generation. 
Biggest python in Fl snake hunt was released back into the wild. Link



Across the Spanish Main by Harry Collingwood is probably the best pirate book ever written. It’s even better because it’s free at Gutenberg Project. Link

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Crispy Beer Battered Fish recipe. The solution to the age old question “How do I make crispy batter?” Link

Springers-Prime-Rib00     Doerfels-at-Springers

Prime Rib Dinner    Live Music


Jane Fonda had a choice and chose to be a traitor of America. We didn’t so were going to be drafted and sent to Vietnam so we went. She is hated by all Vietnam vets because she didn’t have to go there like we did but went over anyway to cause death and permanent injury to a group of POW’s. Only Obama could treat her as one of the most important women of the century. Us Vets don’t go along with his reasoning. Jerry Driscol, my friend, was so severely beaten he could not continue his aviation career after being severely beaten after her visit to their POW camp. Don’t watch the movie unless it is free. One of our AA first officers was saying goodbye to passengers leaving his airplane and she came by making a comment to him and he did not respond. She said Vietnam vet? We had to go, she didn’t. Obama’s heroes are not mine. Of course he is commander in chief of something he has no knowledge of. God help him.
I’m a redneck and I back in because I can! 
[Crooks] Why do I cringe whenever I see something in the paper about any of our public officials down here having anything to do with handling  a bunch of money?


General Motors is becoming China Motors. Did they use our 80 billion tax dollar bailout to move to China? Video 

[Climate Change] Any museum can show you fossils of tropical plants found in cold climates or wooly mammoth bones found where they could never live these days.  There’s places in the Rocky Mountains where seashell fossils are commonly seen in the rocks.  The planet keeps changing and life will adapt or go extinct. 
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Iron Butterfly–In A Gadda Da Vida

an sexy happy fish[Fake Fish] Nationwide study casts a wide net over seafood fraud. From the story:

The two most mislabeled fish, according to Oceana, were snapper (for which 33 different species of fish including rockfish, perch, sea bream and tilapia were substituted) and tuna, which was mostly replaced with escolar – an often-banned snake mackerel that can cause mild to severe gastric distress to those who consume it.

In many cases, Atlantic cod, which is often overfished, was mislabeled as the more sustainable Pacific cod (and vice-versa).

Grouper was often replaced with at-risk species including Gulf grouper and speckled hind, or in one case, king-mackerel, a high-mercury fish that the federal government has advised sensitive groups, such as pregnant women, to avoid.

The most frequent outlet for mislabeling was sushi restaurants. Out of 118 sushi venues visited, 95% sold fish that varied from their menu identification, including the previously mentioned snapper and tuna, as well as yellowtail/hamachi, which was incorrectly labeled in every case.

The matter is further muddied by the fact that 91% of seafood consumed in the United States is imported from other countries.  

[Conch blowing contest]  Very cool!  I was hoping for some video and sound files. Toot toot!
janeJane Fonda also participated in a staged press conference with American servicemen held captive by the Viet Cong, the purpose of which was to “prove” that the POWs were not being mistreated by their captors. Years later when the released POWs described the very real torture and degradation they suffered at the hands of the North Vietnamese, Fonda called them “hypocrites and liars.”

Fonda’s behavior at that time, considered treasonous by some, earned her the nickname “Hanoi Jane” among the veterans and POWs of the Vietnam War, some of whom hate her to this day. I know I do! 

Leave a message for future generations in a well placed time capsule. Link
I’m not an alcoholic, I’m a soberphobic.
howard21[Howard Livingston] This has been an incredible week of amazing events. First and foremost thanks to everyone who attended Keystock. Despite it being a chilly and windy evening, the place was packed. Three Dog Night was nothing short of amazing and they rocked Key West. What nice folks they are, and then, a surprise visit from country music star Billy Currington. WOW!

The topper for me however, was receiving a proclamation by Key West Mayor Craig Cates that February 16th is Howard Livingston Day in Key West. I am humbled and honored by this. Thank you very much for all the accolades. Well, from here on out February 16th will be a party day!

Friday February 22nd. Sugarloaf KOA Resort. Meet and greet is at 6:30 and the show starts at 7:00 PM with the Mile Marker 24 band. Our Schedule  

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[Parody of Sexy and I Know it] “I’m a Daddy and I Know it” 2 + triplets. Video  



The post office, which lost 15.9 billion dollars last year, just announced an exciting new business venture. They are going into the clothing business and will open in the New York garment district in 2014. My only question is there anything dumber than a government worker? You can’t fix the post office by selling clothes. Link 

Create a bird-friendly habitat. Link
In Christianity neither morality nor religion come into contact with reality at any point.. ~Nietzsche
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A friend of mine traps cats and raccoons all the time. He just takes them for a drive up to Marathon and introduces them to their new home behind Publix. His philosophy is that collar or not, a cat on his property is a wild animal. Of course, he keeps the collars as souvenirs.  

Daddy Bones Key West website. Thanks for the 10% off. Anyone who boasts that they have the best smoke in the Florida Keys has to be bold and brazen. Drive on! Link
When the Government fears the people this is freedom. When the people fear the government that is Tyranny. 



Tales of terror from the briney deep. Link

This cat learned to knock on the door when she wants in. It sure beats meowing all night. Video
Dave Edmonds–I Hear You Knocking

an virus thermometer


The next meeting of our computer club is coming up this Saturday, February 23, 10 am at the Senior Center.  Hope to see you there. Bulletin Board 




[Cruise Ship Flounders] The lawyers are coming! The lawyers are coming! Link

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15YEARS[Captain Doom and Gloom] “Whenever they can’t find the problem they have you start all over and reinstall Windows.”That is why you should be running a commercial server version of Windows.

“The Palmetto Bug Killing Club” do you guys have a wild game recipes for these like the iguana cook books? I hear they make great Palmetto Poppers with the same crunch!

“The IKC has only received 2 applications so far.” Then someone is stealing your mail, Dude! 


[DronesFTR claims Obama’s successful use of drones is because Bush had them set up. Fine, Bust made the bullets, but Obama pulled the trigger. Is the fair Mr FTR?
[Electoral College] If you can’t win, cheat: the GOP plan for the Electoral College. Link 



[Science] The closest republicans get to science,is mixed drinks.

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FTR you’ve been caught yet again. You made it sound like Drone attacks were started with GWBs administration and you gave Dubya the credit as expected. The drone attacks were supported and used during the Clinton administration. Why are you not praising Clinton’s use of drones and how come you are not giving Clinton the credit for using that tool before Bush?
The marvel of all history is the patience with which men and women submit to burdens unnecessarily laid upon them by their governments. ~George Washington 



Defense Secretary Leon Panetta told Congress on Wednesday that if automatic government spending cuts kick in on March 1 he may be compelled to furlough the “vast majority” of the Defense Department’s 800,000 civilian workers.

[“2008 Dow-Jones 8500 — 2013: 14,000 Anyone have a problem with this?”Yes, it goes to show your ignorance in economics and finances. Because of the $7.5 trillion dollars created out of thin air to pay for socialized sub-prime housing mistake the Democratic Congress caused the economy (buying massive amounts of bad loans through Freddie and Fannie), it weakened the US dollar so much now it takes a lot more of them to trade the same value stock.

Say one has $100 and in 2008 it can buy 100 cups of coffee. They buy a stock worth $100 and it goes up $200 and they sell it for $300 in 2013. 

However in 2013 a cup of coffee is now $3, so one still gets the same 100 cups of coffee for the $300. There is no net gain. (one even has to pay taxes on the $200 in profits on top of that!)

The benefit of this printing money scam is the debt is static amount, the government is paying the debt, but then denying those getting the money the same purchasing power they had before, somewhere along the line someone gets screwed, it’s the one who holds dollars, like savers and US citizens who need that currency for their daily lives.

Why was gold $500 a ounce and now $1500? Because the currency was intentionally devalued at least 3x.

It’s really not “Bad Obama” more like “Bad Democratic Congress” as they are the ones that derailed the economy under Bush, then blamed him for it and got Obama elected under that false accusation. 

It’s the Federal Reserve that had to resort to devaluing the currency to fix things and still is, to the tune of $45 billion a month as long as unemployment is above 6.5%. The Federal Reserve is politically independent like it is in Germany, intentionally so because politicians are largely incompetent and elected on popularity and not on their ability.

The problem is Congress, it always has been and always will be. 


right only grey

Recently we saw chart that claimed that Obama is frugal as compared to other presidents. I recall that there was no info as to where the chart came from.  If we look  at little further we will find that even the White House disagrees with that chart.  The fact is that Obama is the biggest spending President–ever.  Even his own White House web site agrees that Obama is the biggest spending president–ever. According the White House chart, linked below, Obama spent $3,795,547,000,000 in 2012.  He expects to up the ante in 2013 to $3,803,364,000,000.  By contrast in GWB’s last year in office, we spent $2,982,544,000,000. You can read all about it in the White House document to be found at: Link

Whoops, I almost forgot to tell you that in GWB’s last year, our deficit was -$458,553,000,000.  Today it is $1,326,948,000,000, or at least that’s white the White House now claimed a few months ago. That’s nearly a 30%  increase in our deficit under Obama.

By the way, if sequestration is so horrible, so threatening, then why in the hell did he take off on a golf vacation instead of staying in DC and trying to come to a deal with us Republicans? Even though the Obama is spending doom and gloom over sequestration, the amount of the cut is a measly 2.4% of the total budget.  Obama’s goal is spin this into a shot at the Republicans.

an_oil-well2Part 2) Yesterday a liberal poster gave a big wet kiss to capitalism and the law of supply and demand. He/she wrote that gas prices are still high is because there are foreign buyers who are willing to pay very high energy prices. The poster suggests that that is the reason for our high gas prices. The poster does not understand the prime directive of the laws of supply and demand. While it is true that the market sets the energy prices, it is also true as supply diminishes the cost to purchase increases. The corollary is also true, as supply increases to be ahead of demand, prices decline.  The only reason that foreign customers are willing to pay high prices for gas is that currently crude is in relatively short supply worldwide.  If the supply of US crude increased, gas prices would decline. If Obama were to lift bans on drilling on federal lands, gas prices would plummet. By mid-2008 gas prices in the USA had grown to record highs. Bush issued executive orders that opened up millions of acres to oil exploration and exploitation. In only 6 months the price of gas had dropped by 50+%.  The reason that our gas prices are astronomical today is that Obama rescinded Bush’s orders. Obama is scratching the itch of his green constituency by killing Bush’s orders that opened up vast lands to oil harvesting.

On the one hand, our oil exporting is a good thing because it helps our balance of payments problem, on the other hand the real shortage of gas and energy results in higher energy prices. That fact is a huge drag on our economy. It is one reason that we are still in recession conditions.

Obama cannot claim any credit for our current level of production. Today, the vast majority of our production comes from State and Private lands. GWB opened up massive areas of federal lands. That led to the massive increase in our production.  As one of his first acts, he rescinded GWB’s orders. The Congressional Research Service has published a report that states: “ (in)…2011, oil production on federally-controlled lands — lands under presidential control — decreased by 275,000 barrels per day.”  The fact is that we still are producing decent quantities of oil are in spite of Obama. Obama is using the power of the Presidency to gut the petroleum industry.