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Thursday, January 17, 2013



It’s official, Pier House is for sale. Shortly after the City of Key West finally sold them the land, the parking lot was full of Marriott executives come to look over the landmark resort. David Wolkowsky would be rolling over in his grave if he was dead to see the fabulous resort he created sold and changed.

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Last week my neighbor killed a rat in his house. The rat apparently died of a crushed snout, the result of a vicious slam from the spring-loaded steel bar as he was attempting satiate his peanut butter habit. The rat leaves behind a rat mate, a rat mother and a profusion of rat offspring. The identity of his rat father remains unknown, leading me to believe he was a rat bastard. However, he was no dirty good-for-nothing rat — an examination of his little carcass revealed an ankle bracelet designating him as a mercan donor. A celebration of his rat life will be held on the beach. All rat-huggers are invited to attend and hold hands, do a little rat dancing, sing little rat songs and tell funny little rat anecdotes. For more information, go to  ~P.J. Wieting/Citizen

[Gun Nuts] The lame argument to keep assault weapons and mega magazines is that someday they might need them to kill American soldiers.


Daddy Bones‘ Gun Rights Party is a good idea, but sending a portion of the profits to the NRA is foolish. It has been well established that NRA is fully supported by the gun industry and no longer needs membership support of donations. That money just goes into the pockets of the big shots at the NRA for their limos and jets.

an_flare up


[Grill Explodes] When asked what she could have done to prevent her explosion, she says patience is very much the virtue when the flame goes out on your gas grill.  You need to give your grill time to allow the leftover propane to dissipate. After seeing the scary ordeal she went through, I will approach gas grilling with a healthy dose of paranoia from here on out. I hate to say she was stupid, but it was a stupid mistake. When dealing with gas, if the flame goes out, you have to let the gas dissipate. Move the air around the source, lift the lid on the grill! Here’s her story Link

Ronald Reagan on guns. Link

The Marathon Music Festival was a total flop—the only people there was the bands and the spouses and friends of the band!—-good music though, what a wasted venue by a total amateur promoter.



Let’s ban baby mamas, having children out of wedlock, single parenting, rap, and the like and go back to family values, Father & Son hunting and fishing trips and moralistic behavior instead of the live and let live attitude that has grown from the 60s into the disheveled dung of society we have today. 

[Daddy Bones 2d Amendment Party] Golly Gee Ed, the CT really is awsome! Announce a pro gun event and get over a dozen calls telling us thanks and what a good idea it is. Oh to be fair, we did get 1 caller saying they will not be back! Boo hoo,  I am just heartbroken. I bet when they put down the bong and the munchies kick in, they will call. Look, thanks to the 2nd Amendment you got the 1st Amendment right not to come out that Saturday for the party, but if standing for our country’s rights and values bother you, Duck the hell off! 


Thanks for letting us know you only want gun nuts at your establishment. Why would I go to a place that only wants gun nuts? You should make sure that all your concealed permit customers check their guns at the door. I went there after you started advertising on the CT. No more. Thanks for the heads up. May the construction working in front of your business last for years or until one of your disgruntled customers blow you away.

Pat Robertson blames awful looking women for ruining marriages. It is definitely not  weirdoes like Pat. Link 



[Gun Culture — What About the Fatherless Culture‘] 72 percent of black children are now born out of wedlock. In fact, 36 percent of white children are born out of wedlock. Of Hispanic children, 53 percent are born outside of marriage. Link

[Increase in the tree rats] The only thing “off” is likely the lack of drought. More rain means more plant growth/food for rats and fresh water. They rush out at dusk to eat the small budding coconuts, so an abundant food supply and access to water in the palm tree tops will increase their numbers. They prefer moving anyplace except on the ground where they are more vulnerable. Remove ground rubbish holding water, seal your garbage cans, trim branches away from buildings, power lines, fences and other trees significantly enough so they can’t jump. Also place rat barriers around the tree trunks so they can’t climb back up. 

Then that will drive them to use the ground more which you can lay many of those $2 neck snap traps laced with peanut butter. Do not use poison, they die someplace and smell.



People search site 

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 Can I get some help for posting. Thanks.

[“Nothing like a few police cars parked in the neighborhood to discourage break-ins”] Spoken like a true “I just got back down from up north mobile homer.” Where were you when the Big Pine car robber broke into the cops car on Big Crime Key? 



[UFO] This is actually an IFO (Identified Flying Object). The Averocar was revealed in 1960 as the US Military’s failed flying saucer program. This saucer now in the Wright-Patterson Air Force museum in Ohio.

Bringing the cop cars home to discourage break-ins does not seem to work here in Big Pine.  It was not many months ago that a cop car was even broken into. 



[Tree Rats]I take care of a house in Key Colony Beach and there was a rat problem there just last month.  I caught two of them in sticky traps and then, of course, the associated palmetto bugs, etc. Ugh.  This never happened before.  Yes, there’s one coconut palm in the backyard and the fronds touch the roof.

I’m sorry to here about Fred Cabanas death. What a true Keys character he was. My condolences to his family.

[Discounts] RetailMeNot Android Mobile App (also on iTunes).  Snag a free shipping code or to score an in-store coupon directly from your phone.  Coupons for 130,000 online and brick-and-mortar stores, including grocery stores. Link


God created man. Sam Colt made them equal.

Robber brings knife to a gunfight. Video


[Thieves in the Keys] Hooray we are starting to arrest thieves in our Government and elsewhere with some well known names. Lets keep this going. I ask and urge everyone reading this post that knows of theft going on in your workplace and want something done about it to call the Tips Line and report it. You will not be identified, no one will ever find out who you are so not to worry about that. Please do the right thing. There is way too much corruption going on here.


The absurdity of Gun Free Zones. Video

[“Court Rules Floating Home Not a Vessel”] Vessel: 1. a craft for traveling on water, now usually one larger than an ordinary rowboat; a ship or boat. 
2. an airship. 
3. a hollow or concave utensil, as a cup, bowl, pitcher, or vase, used for holding liquids or other contents. 
4. Anatomy, Zoology . a tube or duct, as an artery or vein, containing or conveying blood or some other body fluid. 
5. Botany . a duct formed in the xylem, composed of connected cells that have lost their intervening partitions, that conducts water and mineral nutrients. Compare tracheid. 


[“Police cars parked in the neighborhood prevents crime”] Unless it’s on Big Pine where thieves steal the guns from police cars.

fine-woodworking-ad 1.7.13

[“Bullying and hazing – KWHS student takes own life”] So many criminal acts occur at KWHS that the general community is unaware of. We would find out sometimes weeks or months after a criminal incident. I was told on a number of occasions that the principal was instrumental in covering up these acts. It is time for a change in leadership at that particular school. There needs to be complete transparency in the day to day operation of our schools. When crimes are committed, law enforcement should be notified, and proper reporting procedures need to be followed. School Resource Officers have a sworn duty to investigate and enforce the law. They should not be influenced or intimidated by School Principals. Until this stops we will constantly face these issues.



[This one hits the nail on the head!] More people are killed each year with hammers and clubs than guns. Hammer laws first, then gun laws. Hammers’ rights are not protected by the Constitution.

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Mr Colion Noir: How to stop mass shootings. Remove notoriety now. Video



Is this Sheriff Ramsay’s girlfriend everyone is asking about (not the one in black with the bad hair)?

I heard about a recent survey of young people where 85% of them thought that they were above average.

Sen. Nelson to take part in Python Challenge. Link


[“Tree Rats”] No cats, you got rats!

[“The major polls show a majority of Americans favor gun ban”] Just how many people were in that poll? I am sick of the media and those who just believe the crap that spews from the idiot box is the truth. The polls that I have seen encompass 1500 to 2000 people. That is hardly a majority. The numbers are manipulated to give the desired result. When the fecal matter hits the rotating blade and the police can’t protect everyone, I wonder how those who think gun control will make things better and will fend off the monsters that crawl out of the mangroves or head south from Miami. 



Here’s a good idea to give your dog fresh water whenever he’s thirsty. 

An estimated 6 million tons of marine debris is added to our oceans each year, sickening and entangling wildlife and destroying sensitive habitats. Think of this the next time you are about to flip out your ciggy butt or drop some trash in the water off your boat.


Fun facts from the NRA.
If the dinosaurs had guns, they wouldn’t be extinct. 
If Bambi had a gun, his mother would still be alive. 
If Jesus had a gun he never would have been crucified. 



Bacon wrapped French Fries. Is this a great country or what

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Marathon Music Festival was unsuccessful because there were no name bands, only bar bands that we see every time we go out. If you want to have a music festival you have to at least have one famous name or it will be a bust. Even with a name performer your chances are not that good in the Keys.



I’m Ross Lewallen down from Santa Fe, NM painting in Big Pine Key. This is my third year to be here for Jan and Feb. I want to post some paintings here as they want to come out and say hello. I currently have a show up in Matlacha, Fla and will be showing work Feb in Key West. You are welcome to have a look at my painting website and blog. I am fascinated with the Everglades and my latest work is exploring the wildlife and mystery of the sea of grass. Link

Once you have flown, you will walk the Earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been and there you long to return. — Leonardo da Vinci



[Fashion Police] Let me guess, if you’re wearing Black socks and sandals you’re from MI. White socks and sandals, WI. Black calf covering socks and leather “suit shoes”, the Northeast.

Cure depression naturally  
Take 400 mg SAM-e every morning
Use a happy light for an hour after waking. Link
Exercise every day
Get two pets and love them
Have something to look forward to
Take care of your business
Do good deeds
Practice the four agreements [?]
Sleep 8 hours
Eat clean healthy food Link


2013 Python Challenge reaps few reptiles, many TV crews.  Maybe a new made for TV reality show? Link

America is so unsafe to the point where you have to carry a gun to protect your life. We are in decline.

[Spiritual Side] ] Now let’s look at our world. We’re so way off on the material side that even if we do not have it we desire it. We are so lacking on the spiritual side that whenever we discover all the technological advances, the first thing we do is to turn them into weapons and use them to kill people. This is because our spiritual well-being lags so far behind. The valid research for the future is on the spiritual side. We need to bring the two into balance so we’ll know how to use well the material well-being we already have.



[Bad editor! Bad!] Sit. Roll-over. Shake? Good boy! Who’s a pretty publisher? You are. Yes you are! You changed ‘balls’ to ‘guts’. Bad Editor!

[“Angry vs Mad”] The reason they use “angry” in the movies to describe a pissed off or mad person is because they use the word “mad” to describe someone who’s insane.



Pasta & Shrimp with Basil recipe. Link

Homeowner confronts burglar with shotgun. Link
letter17We’ve elected a new Republican sheriff. Has anyone heard his position on the 2nd Amendment issues we face? Like all cops, military and politicians, he has taken an oath to protect and defend the Constitution from all threats both foreign and domestic. To me, that means he’d defend the citizens of Monroe County from any federal enforcement of laws passed by the President.

A sheriff in Oregon has now joined the ranks of those in Wyoming and Texas who are making their stand known. Is our newly elected sheriff ready to promise us that he too will protect us from tyranny or will he fold up like old lawn furniture when the Feds come knocking? I’m sure US1 radio or the Coconut telegraph would give him the forum to publicly declare his position. 

[Gun Nuts] You don’t have to arm yourself to go to Winn Dixie, but it’s easy to see what will soon be coming from the gun nuts.  They will spin this issue to read that anyone who is not armed at all times is un-American and un-patriotic and probably a communist Muslim and is one of the reasons we have mass shootings of little kids.

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nogun[Captain Doom and Gloom] “New Gun Law” New York state will be revoked because the Mob and streeters do not like it! Custom Suit makers like it because they do not have to “adjust for the lump” in suit jackets.

Who is the poster who keeps slamming FTR.  Seems anyone who knocks anyone’s posts and says nothing on their own is no good to anyone!

“New TV Watching You” Like it was said, wimps and idiots posting old news they think is new news. This TV Watching You has been going on for 20+ years!  All frequencies are monitored for advertising and channel line ups.

“Ready to find another internet provider” I think most of us are about to do the same with TV in any form. Too many ads, overlays and BS to try and figure out what the hell the program is about. Cable was supposed to be commercial free back when it started a 100 years ago or so, but as with everything those people always fine a way to bribe somebody to change the laws so they can make more money! maybe it is time to scrap all TV and get a life!

“NRA membership does not need mental health checks”  What is needed is testicular fortitude checks on all you sissy sheep and bleeding heart wimps that think No Guns is Good Guns. You better wake up and smell Big Brother.

“Sneaky Dealing” It is what politicos are all about. They do not care about you, they care about money, lots of money no matter how they get it or who they hurt. If dredging is legalized in one place, the entire Keys will re-dredge all the canals “for the betterment of the community” and the profits of the few. It will happen and Amityville will come to the Keys with yachts and more greedy bastards and we locals will be pushed into the sea! Bet on it! The problem is, most of you are so into yourselves, any profit is good profit, even if you have to move back to Quebec, Michigan or NYC!   


[Blaming Woman] I didn’t get the Tuesday CT until Wed morning, then had to back up to the Sunday issue for the supposedly man hating post FTR referred to. I totally agree that my taxes have been ill used in perpetuating the welfare lifestyle by bestowing more money for more children of illegitimate parents. Legitimate parents take care of their children, financially and emotionally. They do not need to be married to be legitimate. My first husband beat the heck out of me after our two children were born. When I divorced him he stalked me, and a year later ran me off a road and raped and beat me again. I went to the police station every single day with my battered and bruised face for six weeks before they would allow me to press charges. After all, “I was once married to him”. They later threw it out because the road he ran me off of was on the city/county line, and they weren’t sure they had jurisdiction. Women’s rights have indeed changed for the better over the last 40 years, but they have changed because I and others have fought for those changes. That activism is the rent I pay to live in a society. 

I raised my children myself, without welfare of any type, and they have indeed exceeded their mother, which was my goal in raising them. If I had it to do over again, I would have never gotten married before having children. This does not mean I hate men, but it’s generally true that the woman is the one who raises one parent children. As FTR stated, few families have two parents in this day and age. 

Instead of blaming women for getting pregnant (women do get horny too, in case you missed it) I still feel the best alternative for our tax dollars, and our society is a simple snip of all male children at birth, which can be reversed when financial responsibility can be shown, would actually work. Those men who are thinking “oh no, not to MY manhood” are probably the type represented by Ryan and his ilk, who think that women are responsible for getting raped (if it is actually a “legitimate” rape). 

I actually thought the woman on Sunday was referring to the shooting. The Sandy Hook shooter obviously fell through the cracks. I don’t believe arming teachers is the answer, but I don’t believe disarming the nation is an answer either. We do need more time and space for observing downward spiraling behavior.

I would like to thank the Marine who expressed his opinions yesterday about the views of FTR. He was right on. I would like to ask FTR if  there is anything that the Republican Party wants that he disagrees with. Does he have his own mind? He is either a zombie or a coward.  I cannot respect anyone who does not question.

It is interesting to note, how some posters when criticizing another poster will spin the post that one is critiquing to fit their own post’s agenda, indeed it brings to mind that old saw that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, all the while the critic is taking their nemesis to task for his perceived transgressions the poster is partaking of the very sins they are accusing their object of ire as committing, case in point they complain that FTR’s posts are divisive, then they question if he is a member of the Tea Party Nuts, nothing divisive their, then when the man holds a different opinion they accuse him of drinking some concotion that they imply must bring on immature delusions of some sort, nothing divisive their, all the while reminding us with the obvious implication that he left such delusions behind long ago while serving in the U.S. Marines, while he may have indeed served with honor It is my opinion that the gentleman did no more no less than what any American male should be eager to have done and that is to protect the land where he lives with his mother wife father and children, having said that one must remember that marines like the rest of us are human beings, some  being very smart and competent , some a little less so,.as far as the recession belonging to Obama or not I personally believe that it was inevitable, and will eventually be a whole lot worse, It certainly was not all Obamas doing, however the gargantuan Am’t. of spending etc. done by this administration has certainly gave matters  leading to disaster a large boost and indeed largely speeded up the coming chaos, generally speaking I find FTR’s posts perhaps more factual than most, many folks simply cannot ascribe to such facts when they interfere with their ideology , even tho. a reckoning is coming as sure as rain, so whether you like purple and I like orange in the end of this mess it just isn’t going to make a pinch of s**t  difference.

I’m waiting for FTR to claim Newtown never happened. His posts have moved to that level. 

[Gun Nuts] How come most of the gun nuts are Republican?

right only grey

an_bangWell the first shots have been fired by Team Obama in his war against the Second Amendment.  Deer Friends, think about this.  Mr. Obama is actually urging Doctors to try and determine if their patients have guns in their homes. Obama offers Federal protection to Docs who inform on their patients about guns in homes. Isn’t that just freaking ducky? Obama tells us that he intends to spend $4.5 billion in his quest.  Think about it folks, the number of deaths by firearms are less than deaths by auto, drugs, and poisoning. In 2011 about 25% more people died in tornados that died by gunshot from a rifle. It is rifles that simply look like assault rifles that are the ground zero for the Obama assault on the Second Amendment.

Please reflect on the fact that in 2011, the total number of gun-related deaths was 8,583. Taken by itself, out of context, that number seems overwhelming. But taken in the context of overall deaths in America from–including natural causes–that number represents only .34 percent of all deaths for that year. In other words, the percentage of deaths that were gun-related in 2011 does not even equal half of one percent of the 2,513,171 overall deaths for that year. And if you really want to see how exaggerated the current anti-“assault rifle” rhetoric is, just look at 2011 numbers for the percentage of rifle-related deaths. The fact is that the FBI UCR tells us that 2012 marks the 4th consecutive year the number of rifle caused deaths has declined, ‘07/453 vs ‘12/367.  The liberals are in HIGH DUGEON and are on a witch hunt that would make Salem blush.

Then we must consider the fact that there are about 270,000,000 guns currently in the hands of the American public. But there were only 8,583 gun related deaths. It sure looks to me that you’re safer around guns than you are around cars.

Meanwhile, the percentage of overall deaths that were the result of falling off things like rocks and ladders was 1 percent, or nearly three times the percentage of deaths that were gun-related: 26,631 versus 8,583.  Gun-related deaths represented only .34 percent, (just to help out our liberal pals, that means just a little more than a third of one percent) of all deaths in America in 2011. If the left wants us to feel safer, maybe they need to start banning ladders instead of guns.

Part 2) A tip of the FTR fedora to my jarhead critic, I thank him for assiduously reading these humble postings. I wish to convey my respect and gratitude for his service to our nation.  It is the service of that Marine and of countless other armed service members, active and not, that has preserved our rights to free speech.  My leather neck critic availed himself of that freedom, and that is a very good thing.  He is entitled to his opinions, no matter how absurd. On the other hand one must wonder why the jarhead is so upset at me voicing my opinions. One must wonder why the jarhead found it necessary to engage in a slew of ad hominem attacks instead of simply stating his “take” on the issues he mentioned. 

He only mentioned two issues; the balance of the posting was name calling and general silliness unworthy of serious discussion. The first of the two issues that he mentioned were my comments about the Obama Recession. I stand by my statement that our current malaise IS the Obama Recession. Obama has overseen the most agonizing non recovery since the Great Depression. He has done precious little to actually encourage growth. The growth of our GDP growth is abysmal. It is only about half of what it was in Q1 2010. When the Democrats took control of Congrss in January of 2007, the unemployment rate was @4.6%. But today after 6 years of nonstop Democrat governance, ut is it is pushing 8% and it increased in the last reporting period.

an_indian-bowThe only arrow in the Obama quiver seems to be handouts and subsidies. Those handouts and subsidies are far too often based on political favors not the public benefit. The handouts and subsidies are paid by your tax dollars. An obscene number of his handouts and subsidies have resulted in mind blowing company failures and gargantuan wastes of tax money.

Instead of encouraging growth, he has smothered business ,big and small, with grinding new regulation. From January of 2009 until December of 2011 under the Obama admin, more than 11,000 new pages of regs were added. That nearly doubled the number of new regs over the previous decade. But it didn’t stop there.    It is reported that more than 4,100 new Obama regulations are in the pipeline. Then there is the fact that Obamacare will saddle the health care industry with about 13,000 pages of new regs. It is estimated that only 13 of the most expensive new regs will rip $515 billion from the economy. The Wall Street Journal reported that “The Obama administration has been quietly postponing several multibillion-dollar regulations until after the November election,”  “The Obama administration has been quietly postponing several multibillion-dollar regulations until after the November election,” The elections are over, and the regs deluge business. Don’t forget that the hell storm of regulations attendant to Obamacare take effect this year.

Our current mess is a mess of the Obama making.

The jarhead also posted that he believed that Republicans or Tea Party thinkers are against contraception.  He is totally and absurdly wrong. There are certain religious denominations that abjure contraception, but it is not a political issue with Republicans or the Right. We do strongly object to paying for contraception with public monies. We are firmly and totally opposed to  paying for abortions with public monies. That does not mean that we wish to “outlaw” abortions. And so there you have it. Semper Fi!

Then the was the poster who actually took the time, trouble and research to find out how many times I had used the term “high dudgeon” in the past @380 FTR postings. He reckoned it was 7 times. As of today it is 8 times. Deer Friends, it beggars belief that while our nation is teetering, our economy is in the tank, AQI and Muslim fundamentalism is running amok in Africa and the Mid East, while the liberals are mounting a full blown assault on the second amendment, that anyone could take the time to count how many times the term “high dudgeon” was used in CT postings . Incredible, I urge that poster to get a real life.

Part 3)  Just for the hell of it, for a mental exercise, and perhaps a moral exercise, you might want to ponder that fact that there were about 1,220,000 unborn children killed by abortion in the USA during 2011.  Every one of those deaths was as a result of a conscious decision to end the life of a nascent human. Many of the abortions were paid for with tax dollars.  You do the math….1,220,000 deaths, all premeditated deaths by abortion, vs 8,583  by criminal homicide with a firearm.