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Thursday, June 6, 2013

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spitno6[Spit Happens] Well, I decided to weigh in on the topic of military personnel, past and present, being spit on. Our son, from No Name Key, is serving in the USAF and is currently deployed in Afghanistan. He is a helicopter mechanic extraordinaire assisting his team in combat rescue. His wife is also serving in the USAF, stationed at RAF Lakenheath in the United Kingdom.

I am an old geezer and clothes shopping is not on my list of priorities! Accordingly, my kids have been most thoughtful in sending me care packages of nice USAF garb that I can get away with wearing. The T-shirts are neat.

I attend The University of New Mexico studying Solar Technology and Philosophy, mostly to avoid early Alzheimer’s. The school has been kind enough to allow me to take certain USAF/ ROTC classes in order to keep up to speed with things of that nature. The kids are not aware of that. Hah!

I am not a vet. It was a close call for me as Vietnam was winding down and suddenly I wasn’t needed.  However, I venture to say, that appearance-wise, I may qualify as such on the UNM campus and along nearby Central Avenue. I wear the said T-shirts all around town including attending class. I have been spit on three times on campus. It is not pleasant. Nor was the verbiage laid upon me in one case. So, yes, spit happens! I hate to think that such has occurred or could happen to our kids or to anyone who has served their country, whether the politics are right or wrong.


I found out today that if I just let go of the steering wheel, my car will drive itself. The catch is: my car is a terrible driver. This would explain a lot about the south Florida traffic.

an flag 2


[Marines] There are only two kinds of people that understand Marines: Marines and the enemy. Everyone else has a second-hand opinion.  ~Gen. William Thornson, U.S. Army

Enough said. Long live my beloved Corps!



[Cuba] Yesterday’s report from the revolution and it’s reprisals were from 50-60 years ago. What does that have to do with today’s travel and commerce with Cuba?

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[Nepotism] Why does it seem every time a high ranking officer retires from our Navy base here in the Keys we are able to, all of a sudden, create a new unrelated position for him that pays way more than it should?

Fanci Seafood will be closed on Sundays until August. Everyone have a great summer!





Joey Covington, Jefferson Airplane Drummer, Dead at 67. Link

[Sewers] To the person(s) commenting on the sewer work requirement: The total amt. is $4500 per unit, not $9000 bucks. Therefore, if your bill is $9000 then you have a property listed as 2 units instead of one. Read the letter clearly and you will understand the charges. This has been a work in progress for several years now, folks. Why is it all of a sudden a shock to some home owners that the bills are here and it’s time to pay up if you want to continue being a home owner in Paradise?



[Clean Up] Here’s an idea. If people want people to keep the shores clean and don’t want people to dump plastic bottles, plastic jugs, plastic forks, you get the point, then why not have the inmates from BPK Road Prison go along and clean them up and not ask civilians who did not break the law to volunteer their time and do it? 


We need a Walmart on Big Pine Key, or at least in Marathon or Key West.

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[The Second Coming] He’s Here!  Lord RA-EL,  the true messiah and the second embodiment of Jesus Christ is here now. The end times are upon us. Heed his warning and worship him! Video


[God and Country] To the poster who was saying that “God isn’t the founder of America that the founding fathers founded America” — no argument there.

If you read history you will find that the country called America was founded by the fathers and mothers of the founding fathers. They were not allowed to worship God in the “old Country” the way the Bible said they could worship GOD. So they packed up and left Europe and then started this country “America” in the name of God. Hence ~ God and Country.

Then the revolutionary founding Fathers wrote the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Founding the law of this land that their forefathers found.

Both of those little works were inspired by that book called the Bible.

The founder’s parents came to America and founded it in the name of God. Historical fact: This is a Christian Country. Some of God must have rubbed off on their siblings who wrote about founding America on our “God given rights”.

A lot of politicos want to take away “God” from our Constitution and when that happens those rights (given by who?) will disappear quick.

So to say that America was not founded by God would be misleading as He led those who came here – pretty much like he led the Israelites to the Holy Land. Everybody who reads history knows that. It is pretty much how God founded His way into the Marine Corps Hymn. He leads men through their heart. He is founded in the hearts of the Marine Corps.


[“Nice ghetto between mm 30 and mm 17”] Where are you from? Ever been to the north side of US1 when driving through Marathon? Wait, ever been to Marathon with it’s old buildings from the 1950s? Ever been to Stock Island?

If you think the Lower Keys are ghetto, you’re probably from up north — way north. Yankee go home.

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[It’s Not About The Nail] This sort of hits the nail on the head. Video

[Iggy and the Ultimate Disgrace] Barefoot Mike (Michael Wade Smith) is alive. To those of you who are friends and better friends with Mike on this, his death anniversary maybe you will enjoy this little piece I wrote to help clear up what may have appeared to be a bum riding on a bicycle around the Island and how mistaken one can be. Link

[Spittle fraud detective] You need to stand down. You accused the Marine vet of being a fraud. Kind of hard to prove that since the information you used was that of the US Army. Two different worlds, two different services and two very different experiences. I corrected you on exactly verbatim that which you accused that Marine of. There is no “levy papers” If you are basing your allegations of fraud based on your US Army experience, it is you that stands as a ‘dismissed’ information source.

Your response should have been: “that wasn’t my experience when I left the Army. I have no idea how the Marines operated during that period”. I’m sorry but you don’t rate ‘dismissing’ a retired service member. I didn’t ‘dismiss’ you, I corrected you.

To the rest of the readers, lets keep God and politics (leftie/right wing nuts, etc) out of it. Atheists, agnostics, Christians, Muslims, Democrats, Republicans, Independents, etc all served and continue to serve. To demean anyone’s belief system is utterly disgraceful.




Exploring Corals of the Deep. Video

An old woman was asked, “At your ripe age, what would you prefer to get : Parkinsons or Alzheimers?” The wise one answered, “Definitely Parkinsons – Better to spill half my wine than to forget where I keep the bottle.”


[Downstairs Enclosures] There used to be a time when your property was yours to do with as you wished. When you wanted to build an in-law apt. or add an extra bathroom you  just built it. Now you need inspections and permits or your nosey neighbors from up north will turn you in to Code Enforcement. What’s wrong with making a little something from your property to help pay off the new insurance rates, or sewer fees? Apparently, the county has more to say about your property than you. Sad, greedy times indeed.




99 cent eBook. Link

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Fake Marine caught lying on camera. Who’s fooling who? Video


The first person to call you a jerk is probably just jealous, but the hundredth may be on to something.

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[Conspiracy] I believe that the poster posting what was said on these sites to be a pretty credible conspiracy theory is creditable only in the eyes of one who is compatible with the ideology of the poster doing the posting on the conspiracy, indeed, then Pres. Bush (92), speaking on a new world order in my readings, was talking about something completely different than what the poster seemed to imply, by the same reasoning to cherry pick 4 or 5 Corp. that seem to be doing O.K. out of the hundreds of thousands of Corps presently operating out of the U.S. and implying that the atmosphere in which these corporations do business is doing well as the health of these corporations attest, is disingenuous at best, any  trader who would invest in our present stock market, with the exception of day traders would have to be a fool of outstanding proportions, one does not have to be a mental giant to realize that the whole house of cards is being held together by that tower of integrity known to fools as the Fed. Reserve. It is difficult to rebut conspiracy nonsense as original source is often some professor in some obscure second rate college, or else some nut case trying to make a buck out of peddling this trash to a certain element that is only too glad to immediately immerse themselves in such things, as it usually supplies them with reasons for their own miserable achievements in the world which they feel are being dismissed at the peril  of all mankind.

an mouse love


The next meeting of our Big Pine Computer Club is coming up this Saturday, June 8, 10 am at the senior center.  Hope to see you there. Bulletin Board

nira tocco realtor 9.12

orange-real[Vietnam] Don’t forget about the gift that keeps giving — Agent Orange! Not only our vets, but there still are birth defects to innocent children in that hell hole. Agent Orange was invented to be used as a vegetation enhancing aid, soy beans, etc. As usual our government found a way to use it inconsistent with the use the inventor intended. Evil instead of good for all.

Facts above were gathered from Dark Matters-Twisted But True, was on the Science Channel for awhile last winter, great show and very interesting but is no longer aired. A lot of history and other things we never would have learned in school.

[Developers] Utah’s $1.5 billion cyber-security center is under way.  Now that we know that the Feds have a secret arrangement with Verizon ( and who knows what other companies) , for all of our phone records etc.,  guess who is building the $1.2 billion cyber snoop building there. Can you say Balfour Beatty? I feel so much safer now. Link 

“How about the half million American youth killed in Vietnam?” 50,000 is not half a million.  Maybe you should have spent more time in math class and less time demonstrating.



From the ISS

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[Captain Doom and Gloom] “Deaths in 2013” so far! Kind of makes you wonder, is it worth not partying your ass off after 60?  Nah, party now or forever hold your pecker. Link

“Got a $9000 bill for my sewer” Ask yourself how many baseball bats that $9000 buys?

“Mosquito Control For Lakes” This will work on any water, no matter the size or condition. Maybe the chopper should try Skin So Soft instead of that grow-bug crap they are using now.

“Cookies” 12 cookies for $9 dollars? Are you nuts? They better get me high on the first bite!

DEF: war, sports, religion, art, governments, Useless: adj. See: and their assorted toy manufacturers.

DEF: Park n. A portion of valuable land set aside for dog shit, kids shit, and idiot shit, not to be confused for a fertilized garden in any respect.

DEF: Drone n. A unit encompassing nothing important, incapable of self thought, created for pleasure by a Queen, who serves as a speaker of redundant BS!

DEF: Flowers n. A man-made growth serving no function except to be discarded as useable fertilizer and profit maker to a drone!

DEF: Marijuana n. A plant used to create a state on mind akin to the intelligence of a ameba behind the wheel of 5000 pounds of steel going 70 MPH. SEE: Blonde

DEF: Tiki n. A structure of tentative construction usually housing a libation station for mosquitoes, gnats, and drones to consume one another at Happy Hour cheaply! 

religion politics zone

The best thing about Obamacare is the Individual Mandate that will make it so that all the skates and freeloaders will now have to pay at least something into the US healthcare system.  Of course they are squealing like stuck pigs over that one.


Some posters say the Republican Party is out of touch with modern America. I question if the person meant this to include our adherence to our constitution, which at this point in time is the oldest constitution in the history of the world?

[War] To the person talked about dumb American kids doing what the government says. I wonder do you pay federal taxes to that same f**ed up government? By the way myself and the Vietnam vets I know are Democrats. 
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Ah! finally got FTR to admit he does use medicare. wow, its like pulling teeth to get a straight answer from him! Yes, FTR uses Medicare. Oh, and I am not a ‘female/lady’. Assuming make an … 




[U.S national debt clock] What’s the problem? I have a clock at home and I can reset it anytime I want. Tell the criminals in Washington to turn the debt clock back to zero. Duh!

FTR, Frontier Communications Corp’s stock has dropped 50% since 2011. Is there a correlation between that stock and our FTR? Should the stock be a buy? Nah.


right only grey

susan15Yessir by golly a poster yesterday hit it right on the on the old noggin when s/he posted: “Kudos to Obama for appointing Susan Rice as his National Security Advisor.”  Who  but Obama could or would have selected Ms. Rice to be his National Security Advisor?  We know by her deeds that her first allegiance is to Mr. Obama rather than the United States 0f America. We know that she is either monumentally stupid or so committed to Obama that she would permit herself to be put out front to try and sell such embarrassing bull shit such as she tried to sell to America after Benghazi. 5 days after it was crystal clear that Benghazi was a terrorist assault, she insisted it was nothing more than mob violence on 5 major television news shows. Honestly, there is a third alternative, I pray that it is not the case: that is that she is as dumb as a box of rock.

We should take a look at her record as the American Ambassador to the United Nation. Since she has held that post are we any closer to a non nuclear North Korea or Iraq? Nope! Since she has held that post has she forged any alliances to quell the slaughter of innocents in Syria? Nope! Has she forged any new alliances to tamp down international terrorism? Nope! The Nope’s list goes on and on.  America’s influence in the UN has declined even further during the Obama/Rice tenure.

About the best thing that can be said for Ambassador Rice is that she is totally dedicated to Mr. Obama and is willing to lie for him, no matter how poorly. Kudos to Mr. Obama, he gets what he deserves. The country deserves better.

jobs6Part 2) ADP is reporting  modest new hiring from May to April. They report the addition of 135k  new jobs. That’s slightly more than the previous month. But, new hires have been substantially less each month since November 2012. The biggest loss in jobs has been in manufacturing.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics unemployment report will be released Friday. According to ADP new hires were less in this reporting period than they were in October 12.


NNK “Whine,” no, resentful, admittedly. I can forgive a modicum of ignorance, but much opposition for grid electricity came from hard core no nothings. They didn’t live on the island, and were not intellectually curious enough to do more than jump on the environmental bandwagon, and display themselves in free propaganda t-shirts while knowingly espousing things they heard, but didn’t understand. Some were transported to suggest inflated numbers. As for the very few dissenting minions who actually live on the island, they enjoyed pretending to be everybody with daily posts of misleading and erroneous information. I know who they are, and those that don’t could and should care less. Already, they are watching their neighbors getting hooked up to the grid while they are depressed like the weather knowing that to use their microwave or take a shower, they stand the chance their system will shut down, and their refrigerator will be in a crisis state. Too, the same could happen if they use their fans or lights tonight, after three days of minimal isolation. T.V.? Forget it. These folks will hook up in time, but now they are too embarrassed. Their stoicism is not flattering of their intellect. Stand alone solar is as antiquated as a room full of typewriters. Whine? Pray, who is the potter and who is the pot?

Over the last years many solar community homes have been and continue to be added for sale. Of the remaining 9 solar-only community homes left, 3 are currently available for sale:

1934 No Name Drive

1868 No Name Drive (contingent show)

1843 Bahia Shores Rd

Recently sold solar community homes = 4 others.

I guess it’s not the grid-tiers who are selling out.