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Thursday, November 1, 2012




This awful devastation was from Hurricane Sandy. The lawn flamingo was badly damaged.Can I get FEMA help, free ice, or some free money from BP Oil?

Today, November 1 is All Saints Day. Christians who celebrate All Saints Day and All Souls Day do so in the fundamental belief that there is a prayerful spiritual bond between those in purgatory (the ‘Church Suffering’), those in heaven (the ‘Church triumphant’), and the living (the ‘Church militant’).

From the Protestant Episcopal Church Book of Common Prayer – A Reading of The Collect:

O Almighty God, who hast knit together thine elect in one communion and fellowship, in the mystical body of thy Son Christ our Lord; Grant us grace so to follow thy blessed Saints in all virtuous and godly living, that we may come to know those unspeakable joys which thou hast prepared for those who unfeignedly love thee; through the same thy Son Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.

Think about that as you chomp your collection of All Hallows Eve candy.

This link helped me decipher the 12 amendmentsLink



[Shades of Disneyland] If the bay bottom is leased to Fury Watersports to permanently place a rock climbing wall in the harbor it will lead to countless other businesses doing the same thing, citing their Constitutional right against discrimination. How do you think that will look.

The company would be allowed to place “a floating vessel platform for 10 Jet Skis and floating platform for 10 kayaks associated with a permanently moored registered vessel and inflatable water toys” the lease states. There will be a giant slide, climbing wall and other activities available.

[Windows 8] I think Microsoft has given up on PC users. They know that desktop computer towers are on their way out. The new technology is smart phones and tablets and syncing them together easily. I wonder how long Microsoft will support Windows 7. I hope for a long time.

Intel is changing their chips too. Their entire business has been focused on desktop computers and servers until very recently. They hadn’t seen the writing on the wall telling them that computing is moving to tablets and smartphones. AMD provides almost all chips for smart phones leaving Intel in the lurch. The PC is dying.




[Genie] Here’s an interesting costume idea.



Voting is an important Constitutional Right. You can vote early in Big Pine Key at the Public Library at 213 Key Deer Blvd. and avoid the rush. Early voting will continue through this coming Saturday, November 3rd from 7AM until 7PM. Early vote in other locations at the Supervisor of Elections offices, in Key West, 530 Whitehead St. Suite 101 and in Marathon, 490 63rd St. Ocean, Suite 103.

[Missing Deadly Crash on Saturday] I am fully aware that the incident with practically no particulars was in Tuesdays Citizen (after I wrote the Citizen asking why they hadn’t reported on the incident by Monday). The fatal accident, however, occurred on Saturday. Miami newspapers covered it by Monday. Both beat the timeline of what I could find on the mug shots and Sheriff’s log. Since I wasn’t the only one looking I doubt I missed it, although it is possible. I have known both victims for years, and now one is dead and the other in extremely dire straits. That would qualify as news in most places. Alcohol was apparently not involved, but vehicles used as deadly weapons, even accidentally, usually get some mention.

I have lived in the Keys for years. You can’t actually think nothing gets swept under the rug here if you pay any attention at all. It’s realism, not cynicism. I don’t know who was driving the van. I’m sure they feel awful about the accident, just like the older couple that ran the light at Sugarloaf Elementary and killed people stopped at the light, but that does not negate what happened.

In my original post I was looking for information. I like this forum because people have the chance to comment on some of what actually happens. Thanks to Ed for that. 

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[UFO] To the guy who sees UFO on the Avenues. I live in the Avenues, I stay up really late and my front door is open. I walk my dog a lot late at night. I have never seen an electric frying pan in the sky. It was a full moon this week so my pictures did not have a black background. the sky was pretty, almost like daylight.

Dear Commissioner Smith, I appreciate all the years you have served the citizens of Monroe County. You were and are well paid in salary, plus the 600 hours of education we the taxpayers have paid for you. Thank you. I also value you’re support in my battling with different government agencies to help keep our tax increases down. My husband and I are on fixed incomes and have to watch our pennies to be able to continue to pay tax increases, insurance rates, and food, so we are able to continue to live here in Paradise. 

Commissioner Smith I will not split hairs on whether Mr. Spoto was convicted, the judge did withhold his adjudication, but Mr. Spoto did confess, served 90 in jail and was terminated. Because the judge withheld his adjudication does that make him less of a person stealing from the taxpayers of Monroe County? It still costs the taxpayers money for the cost of insurance to pay Mr. Spoto the $35,000.00 when he left. I heard you’re testimony in court stating Mr. Spoto was a good steward, a very good employee and you said Mr. Spoto brought the new building in under cost and in a timely manner. Commissioner Smith the building costs the taxpayers $1.7 Million more than the $6 Million dollar bid. You can check with Mr. Southcott, Jr. the Financial Director/Comptroller to see what the Marathon Mosquito Control Building ended up costing the taxpayers. I also will furnish you a copy of your testimony in court if you would like to revisit the trial. 

If the employees of the Mosquito Control rarely ask for overtime, why has the budget for years had $125,000.00 in the budget until this year which was reduced to $50,000.00 and I believe Director Doyle was the reason to reduce overtime expenditures. Employees that attend the budget meetings do not represent the taxpayers; you as an elected Commissioner along with the other elected Commissioners have that job. The Key West Citizen made several very important points in Key West Citizen 10-29-12 editorial (below)

Bug board spending warrants scrutiny. The 2012 revised budget for this agency consisted of personnel costs and benefits — including commissioners’ salaries — totaling $6,757,066, or 62 percent of the total budget. The district’s employees still receive cost-of-living increases and merit raises, not to mention a $200 monthly housing allowance, 100 percent paid medical, dental and vision insurance, generous sick, annual leave and retirement benefits. When retirement benefits are added to the total cost of personnel and benefits, they equal 74 percent of the total 2012 spending. These luxuries are unheard of in other government budgets and in private industry. Chemicals, solvents and additives add up to $1.2 million, or 11 percent of total expenses. This seems to remain flat while personnel costs continue to climb.

Commissioner Smith on the surface your points in your email below seems sound and seem reasonable, but once you take a real close look and try to understand what the content of your email is and what the minutes/reality reflect is different and the facts do not bear your comments out. The costs of personnel and benefits including Commissioner’s salaries are much greater than the cost of killing mosquitoes. The cost of those few hours off for the employees (given off by a Commissioner) for the holiday party…cost the taxpayer $8,000.00 to $10,000.00 dollars and the employees are well paid for their loyalty and dedication don’t you think? I believe you and Commissioner Goodman voted no and opposed the final budget in Fiscal year 2013. I also believe Commissioner Shaw commented in this same meeting that you were voting no because you were up for re-election. You had voted yes for each pre-budget this year and I believe Commissioner Goodman was the only one opposing. The pre-budget hearings you voted for $1,000.000 tax increase. The reason for the $600,000 cuts were I believe again was because of Director Doyle. 

When the votes were taken for the budget FY 2012, Commissioner Goodman voted for a roll back budget, the budget passed. Then several meetings before the final budget meeting last year, a special meeting was called by Commissioner Bridges to try to raise the millage rate above that of roll back. This vote would take a 2/.3 majority of the board to pass. Commissioner Lord Pappy and Commissioner Goodman voted against the increase and you, Commissioner Smith, Commissioner Shaw, and Commissioner Bridges voted for it. Since it took 2/3 to pass the higher millage rate your efforts failed. If you voted against the final budget, you voted against roll back and you voted for a higher amount. In the past years (2009-2011) total revenues for Mosquito Control did decline as the property values also were in decline. The millage rate was raised slightly during those years. However the spending continued to increase. These funds came from Mosquito Control reserves to make up the gap between the difference in revenue and spending. In 2010 Mosquito Control spent $2,000.000 from reserves and in 2011 spent $1,000.000 from reserves. I can understand you Commissioners not liking this but you were and are using our money in reserves as a bank, let that money be in our pockets and not use our money as your bank. You as a fiscal responsible Commissioner could manage the reserves down and cut spending to reach the most advantageous balance for both. In FY 2012 Mosquito Control Commissioners also spent only $100,000.00 from reserves if you do not count the $800,000.00 spent to fund the healthcare costs for personnel OPEB. Mosquito Control saved over $1,000.000 in operating costs for 2012 but this was negated by funding of OPEB of which you and several other seated Commissioners are covered by OPEB and you each have voted to fund it each time.

It is not an issue of you or me agreeing, some of the minutes which are also attached do bear out my statements to be factual. I did not “mis-represent nor lied “as your partner’s and you posted on Face Book. (Also attached below.) I take offense at your partner calling me ignorant because I am supporting your opponent. I again applaud your for your service to the citizens of Monroe County. I truly feel you and your partner owe me an apology.   Cordially,

[Bad Weiner] A five-member panel of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement’s (FDLE) Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission found probable cause Wednesday to have a disciplinary hearing regarding former FDLE Special Agent in Charge Vince Weiner, who now works as a Deputy for the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, who pleaded no contest to a petty theft charge in April.


[Never Trust Our Government] In a secret program called HTLIN­GUAL, the CIA screened more than 28 million first-class letters and opened 215,000 of them between 1953 and 1973, even though the Supreme Court held as far back as 1878 in Ex parte Jackson and reaffirmed in 1970 in U.S. z. Van Leeuwen that the Fourth Amend­ment bars third parties from opening first-class mail without a warrant. The program’s stated purpose was to obtain foreign intelligence, but it targeted DOMESTIC PEACE and CIVIL RIGHTS ACTIVISTS as well. In a 1962 memo to the director of the CIA’s Office of Security, the deputy chief of the counterintelligence staff warned that the program could lead “to grave charges of criminal mis­use of the mails”

A local is someone who can’t afford to go away for the hot summer and has heard the train (hurricane) at least once.



We call this little gal Bigfoot for her deformed hooves.She doesn’t seem to grow either

[UFO “What I captured in the night sky last night”]  No idea, but it’s a fascinating story!  Get in touch with the Mutual UFO Network and show them what you have.  Maybe they’ll come join you and get some documentation that will get more respect than I think you’re likely to get locally.  Good hunting! Link



Three vampires walk into a bar. The first one says “I’ll have a Blood”. The second one says “Sounds good to me, I’ll have a Blood, too”. The third one says, “Not me, I’ll have a Blood Light”. 
Happy Halloween! Halloween jokes are like a vampires bite — a pain in the neck.

If Romney wins I’m leaving the Country. If Obama wins I’m leaving the Country. This is not a political post, I just like to travel.




Can anyone identify this blossom. I think it’s a Honduran Mahogany seed, but my wife says no.

[Sandy] Some seaweed blew up from the canal onto my seawall.  Where do I sign up for some free money?



[Hacked] About 3.6 million tax returns from as far back as 1998 were hacked in South Carolina in what experts say is the largest cyber-attack against a state tax agency in the nation.

You are not a local. A local is someone who is born, lived and died within a 100 mile radius. You may have spent all your retirement years in the Keys. Which at best makes you a long time resident. You are still from Suxnutzs, NJ and after 30 years it still shows.

Locals are home owners and renters who live in Monroe County full time, love it and work and live to enjoy the rest of their lives here knowing they have a choice to relocate to mainland.

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Law enforcement officials from Tallahassee and surrounding Leon County announced Wednesday that they’ll be the first Florida jurisdictions to adopt civil citations as an alternative to arresting adults for first offenses of minor, nonviolent crimes like marijuana possession.

[Local] It seems that to be a Local you have to hate the tourists, the snowbirds, the iguanas, the marine patrol, code enforcement, FEMA, the police[too many], Key Deer, sewers, the National Marine Sanctuary, Jew Fish, the County Government,  taxes, people who talk about sea level rise, people from Miami, US Fish and Wildlife service,  people from New Jersey, etc, etc.  It’s hard to be a Local, there’s a lot to remember.


“Goliath grouper not the slayer of spiny lobster.” I think it was the butler in the study with the candlestick. 

I have been a avid fan of the Coconut Telegraph for many years. We own a home on Big Pine and spend six-plus months a year here. I was surprised a month ago When my computer could no longer find your website (I am the most computer unsavvy individual around). Glad to be back. I appreciate past contacts.  (Ed: We’re glad your back, we never left. You were using an old link and when we changed servers it no longer worked. Simply typing would have worked.)

[No to Sales Tax] If I understand the reason that we should vote to pay an extra one-cent sales tax to our county commissioners is because the county has spent all the extra tax revenue from the last time we voted to raise our taxes and now they need more to install sewers.

Instead of saving the last one-cent sales tax money for installing sewers, our county commissioners used the money to buy the Hickory House Restaurant, to pay for more salary increases and take-home cars, to sink the Vandenberg and to investigate itself for theft.

Now they need more money and we should trust them to spend it on sewers this time? Really?

The county has proven that it simply can’t be responsible with our tax dollars. Shame on them. But if we vote to extend the sales tax increase; shame on us!



[Immigration] A silver Jeep Cherokee that suspected smugglers were attempting to drive over the U.S.-Mexico border fence is stuck at the top of a makeshift ramp early Wednesday near Yuma, Ariz (AP)

[Windows 8] After using my brand new desktop computer with Windows 8 installed for a month, I took it back to have Windows XP Pro and Windows 7 Pro installed as a duel boot set up. I do not know why Microsoft is pushing W8, but it seems W8 it for iPad type toys, not for real computing.





I just discovered It’s like Craigslist. There’s a Keys section. Have any posters had any experience with them?

Political advertisement paid for and approved by Rick Ramsay Republican for Sheriff

[Windows 8] I love my Windows XP Home Edition and they’ll have to pry it from my cold, dead fingers!

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[UFO] I have seen a boomerang-shaped object go over the highway one morning. It was about 100 ft. long and made no noise. 

[1984] The Key West Police Department wants to put the entire City on camera. With a total of 60 to come! Link


[Fracking] Just in case anyone is interested in real information, instead of general panic. Link

An empty coffee cup is like … forget it, I don’t even want to think about it.

Still no “official” details of the accident at mm 29, BPK on Saturday when there was an accident involving a white van, a Harley Davidson and a blue Jeep? How are those people doing? 

[Lower Keys Chamber November Business Social] All Keys Gas will host the Lower Keys Chamber of Commerce November Business Social  at Sugarloaf KOA on Sugarloaf Key on Wednesday, November 14th from 6:00 pm until 8:00 pm.  The staff of All Keys Gas will man the grills again cooking up a feast of food to include grilled chicken, ribs, salads, french fries, key-lime parfaits, and delicious jello shots!  The Barstool Sailors Band will entertain us with original Islandgrass music, folk, blues, reggae and bluegrass and what fun that will be. Please mark your calendars for this Social and show your support for All Keys Gas and Sugarloaf KOA  and enjoy the opportunity to network with other Lower Keys Chamber businessmen & women.  This cost is $10 per person and plan to participate in the Chamber’s Business Card Drawing and 50/50 raffle and don’t forget your dancing shoes. Bulletin Board

Keys Sheriff Peryam to head top level drug task force. Link


[UFO captured last night”] It looks like the dome light in my pickup truck.

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The toughest bridge in the world still remains undefeated! Video




Effects of Hurricane Sandy

[Wisteria Island] The U.S. Bureau of Land Management has asked a judge to dismiss a lawsuit filed by a group of developers claiming ownership ofWisteriaIsland, arguing that the statute of limitations for the case has run out and the court “lacks jurisdiction.” Link

Sand Key weather station could move far away no longer reporting on conditions around Sand Key. Link




[A local] You forgot the old Baltimore Oyster House when it was still owned by Ray Herr and was just a trailer-sized building on the site where KD’s was. Ahhhh, the good old days.

Schools audit panel chief: “We still lack information.” Link



A Mini performance. Clever, those Brits. Link

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Recipes using leftover Halloween candy. Link

[Teacher Workshop] Calling all new Monroe County School Teachers, the Monroe County Environmental Education Advisory Council (MCEEAC)  is sponsoring a free, all-day Teacher Workshop on Saturday November 10th, 8:00am to 4:00pm.  The topic of the workshop is “Opportunities for teachers/students outdoors in our Florida Keys Ecosystems” .  You’ll receive 8 hrs of CEUs from Monroe County Schools.  This year’s event takes place at the Newfound Harbor Marine Institute at Seacamp, located on Big Pine Key.  We’ll have morning field trips to the National Key Deer Refuge and Bahia Honda State Park, and in the afternoon you’ll have the option of snorkeling or exploring nearshore ecosystems.  We are limited to 24 new teachers, or teachers that have not taken advantage of this opportunity in the past. 

The Monroe County Environmental Education Advisory Council (MCEEAC) is a non-profit Florida Corporation that has been active in the Florida Keys since 1988.  MCEEAC’s mission is to: share information about environmental education, develop and distribute environmental education to educators, sponsor and host environmental workshops for educators and network with local, state, and national organizations and agencies to further environmental education opportunities for educators. Bulletin Board

Keys fugitive found in Savannah. Link

[Early Voting] A quarter of registered voters already cast votes. Link



Defense in cop-on-fire case asks for gag order. Attorneys for Circle K Stores and Shell Oil Co. haven’t taken kindly to a recent press release notifying media that a Palm Beach County police officer burned in a 2009 gas-station fire inMarathoncan seek punitive damages from those companies, among other defendants. Link

[Hurricane Sandy] That could have been us. All the damage pictures, the people without homes, gasoline, water, electricity, can’t get to work to earn money to live, puts living at 0 to 14 ft sea level (the Keys) in real perspective. Then I look out the window, see the bright sun,  clear skies, open roads, and the TV is on.

And I’m glad voters in Monroe can vote. The voting locations are open,  the machines are working, and the absentee ballots are safe from water damage.  Go vote!  Because Sandy’s victims may not have that luxury.


In all the years since D-Day, there are three occasions when the  president of the United States failed to travel over to the D-Day  Monument that honors the soldiers killed during the Invasion. The occasions were: 1. Barack Obama 2010 2. Barack Obama 2011 3. Barack Obama 2012. For the past 68 years, all presidents, except Obama, have paid  tribute to the fallen soldiers killed on D-Day. This year, instead of honoring the soldiers, he made a campaign  trip on Air Force 1 to California to raise funds for his upcoming  election. Just how do you think the all the Veterans Families feel  about this? I know how I feel about this and in November I am going to do what I can do about it. Will you vote with me?

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It’s being reported that uncle Mitt’s relief rally was so concerned about lack of participation they staffers went to Walmart and bought $5000 worth of things like diapers, water and bags of un-cocked rice for people without electricity in hurricane ravaged areas in NY and NJ. The Red Cross said they would rather have had the cash. 

[Hussein] I’d like to thank the posters who include Barack Obama’s middle name Hussein in the beginning lines of their posts. It saves me the trouble of reading the same old worn out right wing crap. 



If you wouldn’t elect a Crackhead for President, why would you vote for a Koch whore?

[Donkey dung and drug testing the FTR] I actually felt sorrow for FTR because just before reading his wildly rampant and dizzyingly off course rant from Wednesday, I heard the new radio ad playing in Toledo. It actually goes so far that it stands alone in making the FTR Guy’s defense of Mitt futile as he doubled down on Jeep and China. Face it, this douchbag is just too slippery for even FTR to defend.

Romney to end FEMA in wake of hurricane Sandy while campaigning in Ohio. Link



Vote for Romney. Because he
1. Is a draft dodger
2. Believes that corporations are people
3. Refuses to show his income taxes
4. Refuses to give the details of his economic plan
5. Comes from the Wall Street crowd who caused the recession
6. Changes his opinion constantly
7. Lies without shame
8. Is vague about social issues

Do you really hate Obama so much that you are willing to bet your and your children’s lives on this man? What on earth are you thinking?

The poster trying to tie Obama to other anti American foreign leaders is every bit as silly as saying Mitt Romney supports the killing of American troops because he’s invested millions in the Iranian oil industry which in turn takes those funds and builds IED’s that kill our troops. Vote for Romney. No thanks I support our troops. Now the shoe’s on the other stupid foot.


“So yesterday I am at the commissary with my daughter and she asks me about Benghazi. I proceed to update her on the “new” information. I’m not thinking anything of it until I start noticing the looks. I wasn’t talking loud, but I was running from isle to isle looking for a particular item (commissary “maka no da sence” in their placement of items). So I thought maybe that is why…

people were paying attention to our conversation. But then when I found the item and continued on with my shopping in a non-whackadoodle way, I noticed they were still concerned about what I was saying.

It wasn’t until last night that it occurred to me what happened on my morning walk and my commissary experience were related. FOX is the only one covering the “new” information. My walking buddy, whom if you remember voted for Oblahblahblah in ’08, doesn’t like FOX for the typical libturd reasons. She had no clue that there were drones watching Benghazi go down.”

[Power to the People] Good old common sense. Everyone has it, yet so many refuse to use it, but I in my infinite wisdom, along with some green movement candidates, will open up a retail outlet somewhere in the Fl. Keys. It doesn’t really matter too much where, as the power to our enterprise will be supplied using the same formula that the Liberals on these posts use in their calculations to explain the cost of going green.

In other words it will be free. Just think of the tremendous jump this will give us over all the other existing businesses that use that tired old other method of using power supplied by K.W. power. We must act quickly or other folks will get in on this tremendous method of saving millions or billions of dollars. I can’t really believe that no one has thought of this before now, they are all such fools.



[Voting is an important Constitutional Right]  Voting is important, but it is a privilege, not a right.  The Constitution is only 20 pages long, read it and find out for yourself.

Now we must endure Al Gore, the man who invented the internet, spin about global warming. It’s just as easy for me to say we get a storm like  Hurricane Sandy every 375 years. Who could dispute that. There are no records. The earth is about 4.6 billion years old. That’s kind of old. Now here it comes — global warming. Compared to what and when, it’s just bull poo. Climate change, for sure. Now that’s been going on for a few billion years. Use your head my friends. Don’t drink the Kool-Aid.


Yesterday’s post regarding halal meat was just another cut & paste job from some anti-islamist buckethead. Check out Snopes for the truth. Link

Save the Country make US White again! Link

 Mitt Romney’s opinion on any issue seems to be just that, considering how he will only give the answer whatever particular audience wants to hear.

 From the Right

On January 12 2011, Mr. Obama spoke in Tucson at a memorial service to honor the dead and wounded in the tragic assault on Congresswoman Gabby Giffords and her friends.  In those remarks Mr. Obama said the following: “…..We should be civil because we want to live up to the example of public servants like John Roll and Gabby Giffords, who knew first and foremost that we are all Americans, and that we can question each other’s ideas without questioning each other’s love of country and that our task, working together, is to constantly widen the circle of our concern so that we bequeath the American Dream to future generations.”

Very recently, in keeping with their campaign rhomba line,  Obama surrogates have upped their unrelenting campaign of assault specifically designed to demonize Mr. Romney by releasing  the following web ad. I challenge all to view the ad and think of Mr. Obama’s Tucson remarks. Link

This latest most recent item follows a long and disgusting string of Team Obama ads promoting hate and violence. Some examples spring to mind. Do you remember the series of ads that accused Romney of causing the death of a lady? Romney, the murderer! Do you remember the series of Democrat ads that suggested that  Ryan was anxious to let old people die? Ryan, the murderer! The list is long and disgusting.

Obama surrogates have also just released a web ad that features zombie like children singing lyrics that suggest that Republicans are monsters that are setting out to ruin the future. Link 

I implore you to read the creepy lyrics at: Link

Walk proud Obama supporters.

Part 2) We’ve talked to women, both Democrat and Republican, who are offended by Mr. Obama’s pandering to women.  He and his are apparently completely convinced that women think and vote with their reproductive organs. That’s disrespectful as hell. Women control about half of the American economy. Women run industries, businesses big and small, and still have the skill and fortitude to manage families. Most of the single parents inAmericaare women. Most of the women we’ve talked with believe that the economic health of our nation is far more important to them and their families than does whether or not a small subset of women get free birth control.  Most of these women generally support the belief that a pregnant woman has the right to an abortion, but most are in complete agreement with the Republican belief that abortion for the convenience of the mother should not be paid for with tax money.

While Obama claims to the only champion for women, the fact put the lie to that nonsense. Women in the Obama White House make about 14% less than their male counterparts with similar job descriptions.  Obama] has lost 800,000 jobs during his presidency. Over 92 percent of the jobs lost under this president were lost by women. Obama’s policies have been a war on women.

Part 3)  Look for a huge drop in the BOLS employment report due out on Friday. Last month BOLS reported that 800+k more Americans had been newly hired. Nearly every sentient human thought that to be either Donkey Dung, or simply a huge mistake. Especially since the number of new hires had dropped the previous month.  The latest prediction is that the number of new hires in October will be something far  less than 100k new hires. If that is true, it will be a massive blow to the Obama claim that our economy is on the mend.