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Thursday, October 17, 2013


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nopump17[No  More Pumps!] After a long and somewhat contentious discussion at today’s Board of County Commissioner’s Meeting, the BOCC voted 4-1 in favor of our objective, namely to convert most of Cudjoe Gardens sewer hookups to gravity rather than the Low Pressure Systems that had originally been planned.  We believe the gravity system will be more reliable and cheaper over the life of the system and will save rate payers money in the long run.  Mayor George Neugent had added the discussion to the BOCC agenda today and it was strongly supported by Commissioner Carruthers.  The only commissioner to vote against the proposal was Sylvia Murphy of Key Largo.

Special thanks go to Walt Drabinski and his dedicated team of volunteers who fought so long and hard for this result.  We were joined by Sugarloaf Shores and Cudjoe Ocean Shores in this effort and the result of the vote drew a huge cheer and applause at the meeting.  Thank you to all who supported and fought for this outcome.

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Dear all Men, We know that us Women are all screwed up and that we really do not know what we want, we can make life miserable to you when we feel like it and we want you to know that deep down we are not really satisfied our life, we are always thinking how nice it would be if we were with a clean, handsome, rich, sexy, interesting man. So, please forgive us and try to understand when we start an argument with you that we are just so flustrated with our own life that we want you to be miserable along with us.

Poster_of_the_movie_The_Land_That_Time_Forgot[Lizard Invasion] Me and my neighbors have taken an aggressive stance on the iguana population lately. I’ve killed 8 in the last month, one over 4′ long. Tegus are next!

I found a great deal on a pellet gun. It came with a scope, but I prefer the fiber optic sights on the gun. Here’s a good place to start. Link

If it’s not native kill it! (Lionfish, iguana, tegu, pythons). Lizards are filthy, salmonella carrying shit machines. The tegu, like the iguana can be nasty to pets and humans when threatened. Not to mention their shit washes into the canals behind our homes.

And before the Subaru and Prius driving greentards start their rants. If you’re feeding iguanas, you are creating safe space for invasives to breed, kind of like NOAA does for lionfish with the SPAs[?].

If you really want to save the Keys and Florida, go out and regularly thin the herds of invasives or the other animals and plants you love will be gone. 


[Spies] Think you can live offline without being tracked? here’s what it takes. Paranoia Lesson for Thursday. Link

flasher back[Pervert] A man was arrested at Big Pine Community Park Monday evening after he was seen masturbating in his car. Dispatchers received a report from a man who said his wife and children were at the park. He said his wife called him and told him a man was sitting in his car, masturbating while watching their children play. He said he went to the park and walked up the black Toyota Corolla where the man was sitting. He said the man – later identified as 50 year old John Woodruff – had exposed himself in the car. He said he asked Woodruff what he was doing there and Woodruff just laughed at him.

Detective Manny Cuervo and Deputies Joshua Gordon and Donald Stullken responded to the park at 6:30 p.m. Woodruff was still there. He told the officers he had just come to the Keys from Indiana and was living in his car. Woodruff was arrested by Deputy Gordon. He was charged with indecent exposure and he was booked into jail.

Watch out for this guy, fellow Piners, he may snatch a kid on his exit out of the Keys.

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[Grinder Pumps Gone!] If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands! If you appreciate all the months of effort and cost of legal action to win gravity systems wherever possible in the lower Keys, rather than  grinder pumps, which would have cost us all more in  forever  maintenance, please send a contribution to: The Sir Isaac Newton Coalition(SINC),P.O. Box 420395, Summerland Key, FL  33042



Giant sardine off coast of California. Can you imagine how many pizzas this could make!

[“America used to be a great country”] I don’t think America is so great. The only thing we got going for us is freedom of speech and we can shoot other Americans if we wish. If a country can be hijacked by a few extremists and shut down, that isn’t a great country! Greed and self-interest is our downfall.


[Traffic Pattern] Not all Blvd businesses were in favor of opening the Blvd to two-way traffic. I was against it from the first time it was discussed. It’s an assine idea, it’s terrible the way it is. People running up to the end of turn lanes then sitting thru arrows to go straight and holding up left turns. The pavement so uneven it’s unsafe for scooters and motorcycles. And lord forbid we get a big rain. Here’ the 64k dollar question? Did it really help any of the already failing businesses that cried the loudest that the road was hurting them when it was their own business model and prices that was killing them. I just hope the Citizen keeps a tally of the accidents and deaths caused by this nightmare of a fix we have now. I’m not a fan of City Commissioners usually but Mark Rossi called this one right, it’s a “real cluster phuck.”

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hard drive2Why you only have to wipe a hard drive disk once to erase it. The Gutmann Method is a an algorithm for securely erasing the contents of a computer hard drive. Introduced by Peter Gutmann in 1996, it utilizes a series of 35 patterns to completely and redundantly overwrite the contents of a hard disk. The method, and the white paper in which Gutmann outlined its use, was widely misapplied and misinterpreted–although many people used the full 35-pass technique, Gutmann never intended for the method to be used from start to finish in such a fashion.

At the time the method was introduced, it included several features that are no longer necessary or relevant for secure file erasure. The 35 passes include patterns intended to wipe out data structures that are no longer used, for example, and further research into data recovery has shown that even a single pass or two of zeros over a hard drive renders it unrecoverable (the Department of Defense only uses 7 passes in its most intensive wipe, quite a bit less than 35 many people mistakenly used with the Gutmann Method.) Link


3rd Annual Stone Crab Eating Contest October 19th. Business team challenge to benefit the Dolphin Research Center.  The event will be held at Keys Fisheries Restaurant in Marathon located at 3502 Gulfview Avenue.  The event will start at 1pm with prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners. The two member team challenge is $100.  Entrants must register and be present by 12 noon. For more information, or to sign up, stop at any Capital Bank location or contact Rebecca Lacey Events



Grinder pump issue reaches Congress!

Pressure cookers (2) used. Mirro-Matic 6 quart pressure cooker canner Model 394M and Mirro-Matic 8 quart pressure cooker canner Model M-0498. Includes 2 racks & 1 weight and reprinted copy of manufacturer’s instruction manual. May need new rubber seals/gaskets, still available from the manufacturer. Made in the USA. Heavy aluminum. $50 for both. Call 304-0038 BPK Classified Ads > Household goods

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Rub a walnut on damaged furniture to cover up dings. Someone had posted the useful tips, but this is an uber complete list of 99 household tips with photos.  Link


I would really like to know how a grinder pump with mechanical parts can be cheaper to install than a lateral pipe running to a sewer line. 
Radio Shack Ad pixlr9.16.13

[Screwed By Keys Energy] If you screw someone when they are sleeping, they call it rape. Well the insurance company for Keys Energy’s is doing all they can to avoid paying for damages to my house when Keys Energy incorrectly energized a transformer.  After 3 months of waiting, their insurance company, not Keys Energy customer service, is sending me this letter.  Customer service should not be farmed out!

“The denial of your claim and the letter I wrote 3 months ago is based on no notification. The letter indicated that we did not find negligence on The Utility Board of the City of Key West because they did not know or could have known that the transformer was going to blow, nor did they have any prior history of blown transformers at that location. However since we were trying to provide you with the best customer service, we looked further into your concerns that the individual breakers to homes should be turned off before the spark testing to fix the problem should begin. Now we addressed this concern even though you were not sure if your electronics and appliances went with the first surge or not. When I noted the published standards, I was referring to the national and state regulations governing utility operations, the National Electrical Safety Code, and the Lineman’s and Cableman’s Handbook. I hope this helps you further. Unfortunately there is nothing further we can do, but if you find documentation stating otherwise I will be happy to review.”

guitar acustic man


Springer’s Bar & Grill has live acoustic music Saturday, October 19th starting at 6:30pm

Commissioner Sylvia Murphy seems to be the only turd blocking the sewer grinder pump issue. She loves them. 

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frankenstein electric charge


[Haunted Laboratory] From October 27-30 from 7pm-9pm at the Big Pine Community Park with free admission.  If you would like to volunteer for exhibits and construction, call Steve Miller or Steve Estes at Events

[“I’m not an atheist“] I am. Did it ever occur to you that the bible is nothing more than an old book of fiction written generations after Jesus died? With old men in the sky, people with wings, and lets not forget, virgin births. Is it any more bizarre than a Harry Potter book?

Floor Jack Posts (3), Vestil FJB-100. 2 are like new condition the third is new still in box. Used 2 of them for 1 week. No damage, scratches rust or dents. Welded steel floor jack post (also called a basement floor jack) 54″ – 100″ Height Range, 11200 lbs Capacity temporarily secures floor beams and joists during construction or repairs. Extends telescopically for applications with different height requirements. End plate has screw turning bar to adjust height. Two dual-lock pins for securing the jack post at the desired height, Red oxide coating resists corrosion. Located on Big Pine Key. Paid $65 each + shipping. Asking $50 each or all 3 for $125. Call 872 4264 Classified Ads > Tools
an_pumpkin_strip2St. Peter’s Church on Big Pine Key has opened up the “Pumpkin Patch” for kids and adults alike.  Stop by daily from 11:00am-dusk.
coconuts lounge and liquor 9.12
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an frankenstein


Monster Bash tonight, October 17 from 6:30-10PM at Mangrove Mama’s sponsored by the Lower Keys Chamber.  Just what will your Fantasy Fest costume look like? Give it a test drive at this event.  Ghoulishly fun contests, Hellaciously good appetizers and Horror Hour prices.  Tickets are $25 at the door.

It looks like the Grinder Pump fiasco has been settled, but how much so is still a question until the actual blueprints hit the web showing who will get Gravity and who will be stuck with Grinder Pumps. Suggestion: Do not run out and buy that new car yet, until you know for sure you will not have to give the Bubble Bubbas half of your life savings to take a dump. You live in the Keys and you should know by now what that means. 
[Apartment for Rent] Big Pine Key. 1300 sq. ft., 2 bedroom, 1 bath unfurnished apt. Close to shopping center and school $850 per month plus electric. First and last months rent required. Security deposit negotiable. Classified Ads > Houses For Rent



[Fat Girls in Bikinis] I was in Key Largo yesterday on business when I spotted this group and had to get a picture. They are headed down to the lower Keys for a long vacation. Guess where they are from — New Jersey! They will be popular at the big and little tiki huts. 

[Let them eat cake] The Washington Post is reporting that American taxpayers are footing the bill to cover basic necessities for low wage fast food workers because the fast food companies are busy posting billions in profits and forcing their employees to rely on the public safety net. It’s the American way. Seems like another form of corporate welfare. Link


Global warming is a controversy most people have no idea about what is true or false. The Media and Politicos have spun the topic every which way possible for as many reasons. Some scientists say one thing, others say different. The Oil companies say Nah but the Environmentalists say Poison. The Bakers say yeah but the people say give me more. So what does this tell you? It tells me to sit back, not to take any of the BS from either side to heart and head to Happy Hour to have fun while I can!

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To the person concerned about “big wind” $109 per mwh is no where near “almost double” $72 mwh.[?] In case you are interested it”s barely 50% more, not 100% more. When you make outrageous misrepresentations like that,do you really think anyone takes you seriously?



religion politics zone

Obama didn’t blink!

shutdownI cannot understand why Republicans are so out of touch with mainstream Americans. They were in the last presidential election and now they’ve gone overboard trying to make America default on it’s obligations –all while shouting, “Fiscial responsibility!” One of the shutdown group appeared on TV saying that defaulting on our debt would have no real effect on anything. Like I said, “out of touch.”

[Affordable Care Act] What’s really going through the mind of millions of Americans right now. Frannie and Freddie government sub-prime nightmare revisited. Just tell us one thing, how can we game the system? What do we need to do? What illness gets us the most freebies man? Work a job for awhile and buy what plan? Talk to what doctor?

Declare bankruptcy? The gov’ be on the hook to take care of us still? What man what? Tell us how to game the system man, the angle, the maxie-taxi on ObamaCare before they realize they are idiots. Just look man, they can’t even get their fool website working!

Heck man, all I need is to get all fixed up and healthy like, I’d be ready to change my name or jump a plane or boat outta this country before I’d have to pay for any of it.

Boy I just love socialism. Go Democrats! Go Obama! Yea baby yea! Gimmie, gimmie, gimmie!  

In my lifetime I have never seen a political party self-destruct as the Republican Party just has. A party of fools.

[“Wind Energy costs millions”] Obviously you are a greedy, egg sucking Republican who knows nothing about science, and you don’t care about the environment, global warming, humanity, your wife, homeless people, children, minorities, the Kardashians and lost dogs. And don’t give me that ‘bird cuisinart’ nonsense;  we all know the Koch brothers started that rumor to help protect their oil interest. Now go buy some more oil stock and a bigger SUV. (That should cover most expected greenie responses, so sarc is now officially off.)


The Fox News dogs have let loose of their Hillary-Benghazi bone long enough to bite and hold onto their Obama-shuts-down-WW2-Memorial-and-deliberately-disrespects-the-old-Vets bone.

[Sarcasm] Look, most of the fault for this crisis is Obama’s. He could have jedi-mind-melded the House GOP into doing their jobs, but he didn’t.

Syria admitted they have chemical weapons after years of denying it. Russia of course supported their denial. Russia demanded that before Syria would give its information over America had to take the threat of an attack off the table. We didn’t do it. No deal. Outcome is Russias demands were not met and Syria has already given a list of weapons and Inspectors will be doing their jobs. Even Iran has stood firm against Syrias weapons programs now and those dirtbags are huge Syrian supporters.

Yes sir Putin really showed us didn’t he? Amazing how far the “hate America Party” will go in their hatred for our country.

Its just a matter of time before Putin becomes  a Tea party patriot with all the blessings and Hannity bookings leading way.

Another case of Conservatives snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

Talk about mind boggling.


In an unbiased economic scorecard shows that global warming provides a net 1.3% GDP gain so far. “It will come as a big surprise that climate change from 1900 to 2025 has mostly been a net benefit, rising to increase welfare about 1.5% of GDP per year. Why? Because global warming has mixed effects and for moderate warming, the benefits prevail. The increased level of CO₂ has boosted agriculture because it works as a fertilizer and makes up the biggest positive impact at 0.8% of GDP. Likewise, moderate warming avoids more cold deaths than it incurs extra heat deaths. It also reduces the demand for heating more than increases the costs of cooling, totaling about 0.4%.” Link