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Wednesday, October 16, 2013


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[Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority] If you screw someone when they are sleeping, they call it rape.

FKAA is trying to keep you quietly asleep until they have slipped you a big nasty grinder. Once they have stuck it to you it’s too late, so y’all better wake up now, fighting angry and yelling, and save the asses of you and your friends. We will all be paying for this violation if it is not stopped now. Are you just going to lay there and “let it happen”?

nira tocco realtor 9.12

I’m not an Atheist, I just don’t accept Jehovah as my god because he clearly states in the Old Testament (Torah), that his Chosen People are the people of the nation of Israel (Jews), and anything other than a Jew is a Gentile (Goyum), and will not be favored. Gentiles are considered Sub-Human people. This, in my eyes means that God the creator, created Gentiles so they can be picked on and slaughtered, and especially through war like fashions without a guilty conscience, as it clearly demonstrates in the Old Testament and still today. I’ve sat with many of my Jewish friends, and have conversed upon this topic. For one, they don’t believe in Satan, Jesus, or Hell. They actually scoff at the notion of Christianity, and I don’t blame them. Their view is, “We created this for ourselves, and no one else”.

It was actually the Romans (Emperor Constantine) who came up with the Christian concept, using it to their advantage in uniting, and repairing a falling, crumbling empire, and through this concept, ushering in a very fruitful empire, still today. The Romans came up with the New Testament version, and clearly transformed Jehovah into a loving and peaceful god, when before, god was the complete opposite. God was a bitter miserable, wretched, egotistical megalomaniac who liked seeing his chosen people slaughter everyone who got in their way.

The reason why King James made his English version of the Holy Bible was because he was fed up with the Church only using Latin while reading the scriptures. This prevented everyone except clergy, from reading the bible, and prevented the common man from gaining any knowledge . According to historians it was William Shakespeare who translated the Holy Bible from Hebrew and Latin, to English. Due to the interpretation, many wordings and phrases were misinterpreted also.  Another fact is that the Church purposely led on with the misconception that Mary Magdalene was a prostitute. Yet when the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered in 1946, and were translated, it showed that Mary Magdalene was actually the chief disciple, and the church had knowledge of this for centuries and it wasn’t until recently when Pope John Paul II declared that it was a false acknowledgment about Mary Magdalene. If the Dead Sea Scrolls weren’t discovered, would this apology have taken place by the Church?

If Jehovah is the Almighty god of this earth, then why didn’t he himself create a chosen people as one? Why did god need to send human messengers? Why is it that it also took until the 19th and 20th century for people of other lands and nations to know about this god? 



Another invasive hits the Keys! A carnivorous reptile called a tegu lizard — joins the list of unwelcome invasive species confirmed to be at large in the Florida Keys. Link

[Sewers] They came and marked in the middle of my driveway for the sewer. Does that mean I can’t drive on my driveway? 

an snow static


Boeing’s Champ missile successfully defeated electronic targets with little to no collateral damage. The future of warfare or the absolute control of humanity? What does it do to heart monitors and hospital equipment, nuke power plant control rooms, sewer systems, transportation systems. another demented invention for careless profits. Video

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[“BOCC to slip some more money to the Pigeon Key bridge project like the $2.7 million they just did”]   Wow, pretty hostile. Instead of just “watching”, and casting assumptions and suspicions in anonymous post, why not just ask the County for the facts?  Probably because it’s easier and more fun to stir gossip and rumor, or self gratify with vigilante mission.  There’s a difference between watching and being genuinely involved.

Here’s what the County told me this morning when I asked. No money has been spent, or is scheduled to be spent. That $2.7 mil is a placeholder in the very far off, incredibly unlikely chance that FDOT is ever able to come up with a plan. Further, no County monies will ever be spent without an affordable plan getting approved.

There, now you know and it’s boring, but facts usually are.

for sale lady

[“How come 1934 No Name Drive and 1909 Bahia Shores Road aren’t on the MLS or on her website?”] 1 – maybe private sales, without real estate ghouls,  2 – why do you care? 3 – how is that your business? 4 – this is just a fake post, to get free advertising?


Gram Parsons was the greatest. Video

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[Found Keys] Found the morning of October 15 a ring of keys on the corner of Coconut Palm and Fern on Big Pine Key. Please email me to identify them. It was likely someone coming from the Eden Pines boat ramp. Classified Ads > Lost and Found 

[“National Security Agency harvesting millions of contact lists email”]  I guess this means the end of the CT or at least gives them a field day laughing their socks off with the super posters here.


Grinder pumps don’t make sense. I think we all should threaten to sue the people responsible as well as the company responsible. In this Communistic grinder pump fiasco we should deliver the “goods” (s**t in a bucket when we can’t use out toilets) to those responsible. God forbid the sewer backs up in our homes and ruins everything. Maybe if they knew they would be held personally responsible they wouldn’t be so greedy.



Meals on wheels 2

[Welfare Glitch] Walmart to get stuck with most of food stamp shopping spree. Link

[Traffic Confusion] I hope the Key West business people along North Roosevelt are happy with the new traffic arrangement.  I couldn’t help remembering the old saying, “Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.”

an_windmill[Wind Energy costs millions in tax payer subsidies] According to a new study conducted by Texas Tech University Professor Dr. Michael Giberson for the Institute for Energy Research, the government and wind lobby aren’t telling taxpayers the whole truth about how much wind energy really costs. The study comes as the wind lobby is set to receive another extension on massive subsidies with little results to show for it.

“As Big Wind’s lobbyists fight tooth and nail to extend the wind Production Tax Credit, it is important that we look at the true costs of wind power to taxpayers and ratepayers,” IER President Thomas Pyle said about the study. “Despite being propped up by government mandates and billion dollar subsidies for decades, wind power continues to be an expensive and boutique energy source that the American people cannot rely on for power when they need it. Although lobbyists for the wind industry prefer to downplay the real costs of wind power, Dr. Giberson has produced a fact-based study that demonstrates just how expensive it really is.”

According to the study, wind energy costs taxpayers $12 billion per year and shows wind power costs $109 per megawatt hour, nearly double government estimates of just $72 per megawatt hour. The study also shows wind power doesn’t decrease the cost of electricity as environmental groups and government advocates claim, but instead shifts costs onto taxpayers. In addition, wind energy subsidies allow those who start wind projects to easily game the system.

“Wind power projects often obtain additional production subsidies, and these subsidies allow the wind project owner to profit even when power prices go negative,” the study states. Link

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Radio Shack Ad pixlr9.16.13
I noticed that the bicycle path construction has left us with a lot of “ponds” or shallow gullies where they are working. It seems like a perfect place for the mosquitoes to breed. These gullies also decrease the area where people can park cars in case of a storm. Are they going to be filled in?



YES “90215” 30th anniversary interview. Video

[Clueless on Big Pine] I was talking to a loser in the bar who just got out of jail and says his SS check is being held to pay for his jail time. He says it’s not going there, but into the pocket of his keeper. I tried to explain that it was pretty hard for anyone to cash someone else’s SS check, let alone a parole officer. He was blaming every problem in his life on the ‘system’ never considering his bad choices.

Women probably spend more time thinking about what men think than men actually spend thinking.

an_orchid bloom slow

The Key West Orchid Society hasn’t had regular meetings the last 3 months, but we haven’t been idle either. We had field trips to members’ homes to see how they grow their orchids, and your Board of Directors has been busy making plans.

The October meeting is next Sunday, the 20th, 1pm at the Fort. A full program is planned.  There’ll be lots of information for beginners, and maybe some new ideas for experienced orchidists. Read our newsletter at Menu > Ongoing Events

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guillotine grey359h

On this day in 1793 French queen Marie Antoinette was guillotined for treason.

[“How come Rose Dell’s two listing on No Name Key aren’t on the MLS or on her website”] Why don’t you call her and ask her? Or go by Coco’s Cantina in the W/D shopping center, buy a cafe con leche and chat with her. She’s really nice.

From my years of experience working in the local real estate industry; sometimes Seller’s ask us to market their homes in specific ways, like holding a listing as a pocket listing.

coconuts lounge and liquor 9.12

[“‘Closed’ sign and shutdown conspiracy”] I would like to believe story, but as I age the old antennae always pop up at this type of story. Why wouldn’t the government have it’s own print shop in DC? I know it makes too much sense to print your own stuff instead of farming it out — to the gov anyway! But then again, the government is stranger than truth and or fiction.

This America used to be a great country, no?



Melody Key aka Money Key can easily be seen using the satellite feature in Google Earth. Just zoom in to the southernmost point of Summerland Key and look just to the west. The dock is on the west side of the island. You can also clearly see the house and the pool. 

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[“Found guilty by a group of their peers”] Who the hell says anyone is my peer? 99 percent of the people I know and live around could not judge their own kids let alone judge me or mine. The worst thing there is, is a jury trial full of prejudice idiots too stupid to get out of jury duty. 



Stone Crab In Season!] Fanci Seafood has fresh, never frozen stone crab claws that were in the ocean yesterday!

[Affordable Care Act – Max out of Pocket] – For those of you that are under 400% of the federal poverty level (FPL), you will get subsidy assistance on your insurance premiums.  If you are 250% or less of the FPL, your max-out-of-pocket is capped and you also get assistance for deductibles & copays.

The caveat for both is you MUST sign-up for insurance thru the exchange.  This allows you to pay your reduced premiums monthly & the government sends in the other part.  To qualify for the 2nd max-out-of-pocket, you must sign up for a silver plan.

I just talked to my licensed insurance rep and she was trying to sell me silver plans and was talking about the deductibles, co-pays and premiums and I said if my max out of pocket is capped at $2250 per person, why not go with the higher deductible and lower premium anyway because that $2250 is lower than the lowest deductible of 3,000. She knew nothing about this.

Here is a good link for those of you that will qualify for subsidies. Link
Here are the 2013 FPLs.  2014 is To Be Announced. Link
The insurance reps can’t sign you up on the federal exchange because it’s not stable yet, but she said they will be really busy once the insurance companies are given the OK. Link


Guitarist Chris Hillman at the Library of Congress. Video

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[Captain Doom and Gloom]  “Is the county going to house all of these homeowners in hotels after a hurricane pump crash” Ha, who says the hotels will be flushing too!  Maybe having a back up, underground storage tank for poo poo until the FKAA fixes the pumps is a good idea. Whose brother-in-law sells these tanks in the Keys?



“Hello, FKAA? I have a grinder pump problem in my toilet!


“Milk” What ever happened to real milk? I just dumped some milk into my oatmeal and it was almost transparent. My wife said I did not shake the carton enough. Why should I, I asked? She said to mix the settled stuff on the bottom. What settled stuff? the white coloring they stick into the water? Remember when the milk used to push the top off the bottle when the milkman delivered and the weather was cold? Now the cartons explode with the chemical reactions, I think?



religion politics zone

The Tea Party is doing just what they were elected to do. They will be very safe in there districts and are not going anyplace. I feel safe in sharing that their numbers will increase this next election.America is catching on and we are madder than hell. We are not going to take it any longer.The folks in government work for us.

Core belief of the modern-day Tea Party movement: “Be sure you put your feet in the right place, then stand firm.” Tea Party Movement Platform


America, open for business! What a great country. Link

I was too hasty. The article is false according to Snopes. Link

[Government Shutdown] I for one am very pleased with my Tea Party vote and the job they are doing. Wait until the dem slaughter in the midterms. It’s simple, most Americans don’t want to become Greece or France. And really to leftist loonies can actually believe Putin did not smack Obama around on Syria is mind boggling..Anyone can see after that exchange Obama is totally worthless. Who would have thought Russia would ever care more about the USA than our own leaders.

from the right

tongue depressorDeer Friends, my apologies for being awol the other day. Mrs. FTR and I had had a very long day in getting back to Ft. Lauderdale.  Our day began at 3:00 am in order to catch a 5:55am flight out of Dulles. We flew into Miami and drove to Ft. Laud, we were supposed to attend a retirement party for one of our co workers last evening.  But, somewhere I picked up a really nasty bug that set my throat on fire and clogged my chest. So we bailed out of Ft. Laud and got back to the rock late yesterday afternoon. No politics today, this olde fart feels so rotten that he can’t concentrate.  Maybe later in the week.  Good to be back on the rock.

One more thing, the e-mail address,, should work.