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[“Minimum wage”] I worked at McDonalds in 1964 while in High school when the sign said ” Over 1 million sold.”  I worked a 5-hour shift for $1.15 per hour 4 nights a week and was happy to get it.  It paid for my gas and, along with my two friends who also worked there, we had enough money for a case of beer for the weekend and a few bucks to spend.  it wasn’t intended to pay my rent, buy a house, a new car, luxury goods or a family of 5.  It was a high school kids job. But, it taught me to have a work ethic, to show up on time, do the job I was being paid to do without complaint and take care of and clean up my work station when my shift was over.  I never expected, much less demanded, more money because I realized that I was working an entry level job.  I also knew that if I wanted to make more money I needed an education.  So, I got one and did well in my chosen field.

automated-checkoutI understand that not everyone is blessed with intelligence, but today’s fast food workers couldn’t make change for a dollar if the cash register didn’t tell them how much it should be.  That’s a shame and in part a failure of our educational system. Raising the minimum wage for fast food workers will backfire on them.  Fast food outlets operate on a very small profit margin and will go to automated kiosks for ordering and paying.  There are already automated French fryers/baggers and burger cookers.  Even the bagging and delivery process is being automated.  This will result in those jobs being lost to automation and kids like I was will have fewer and fewer places to learn what it is like to learn to work.  That job was my entry into the working world and I have always been thankful for it.  If you don’t want to make $8.50 per hour, learn a trade or get an education.  And, don’t bother to tell me that you can’t afford college.  I worked my way through working three jobs. Video

coconuts 700x175
[GMO Mosquitoes] The folks wanting to release those mosquitoes in Key Haven forgot to tell people when and where the scoping hearing was to be held. Silly mistake, but makes you wonder what else could possibly go wrong, eh?
dolphins-kemp-chThese dolphins were feeding at the edge of Kemp Channel Tuesday. While taking this shot, what I assume to be the head dolphin, separated from the heard and popped up right next to me and looked at me, then submerged as did all the others, not to be seen again that day. I wonder if he signaled them to vanish once he got a look at my ugly kisser? I jumped when he surfaced next to me; that’s a big thing to be looking at you two feet away!
If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.  ~Albert Einstein
led zepplin3


[“Blimp out for repairs”] They just didn’t have the smarts to hook up a compressor and pump those many thousands of cubic feet of helium from Fat Albert to a storage tank? They had to buy new helium? Don’t they care how expensive and rare helium is? What a waste of our money. A lot of it. Stupid.

Seems to me that the Dollar Store is getting somewhat expensive!
marching bandThat was an absolutely superb performance by ‘Michael and the Jam Band‘ Saturday night at the Looe Key Tiki Bar. If you were there, then you know what I mean. If you missed it, well that’s a shame, because it won’t happen again for several months at the earliest since Michael travels north with his sweet and beautiful wife for the off season. You may catch a few songs by the same bunch on the regular Tuesday night jam if Michael has not left. I don’t recall the fabulous saxophonist’s name that played Saturday, but his horn adds greatly to the sound and I hope he makes the Tuesday jam again tonight. Every one of the regular Jam Band members are very gifted musicians. Cliff may be the world’s best bassist–you have to hear it to believe what he can make that bass do when he is feeling his oats..
It is frustrating that the best music is always scheduled at different places on the same night. We have really world class musical talent right here! And I want to hear it all. Come out and play at your favorite bar; there’s nothing worth watching on TV anyway.
You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.  ~Mae West
[“Flipper Eddie”] Edward Hobson was a very good and close friend of mine. He lived about a year in my driveway on 3rd & D on BPK in his old, short school bus. He was a real master bike builder and racer. He even showed me how to rebuild the old 3 speed hubs. His only problem racing was that he had no arms, so when he spilled, his head hit first. He was a real true brother. Oh, and that big old car he had finally blew out reverse so we had to get out and push it backwards to get out of where his Dad lived in Marathon. Just try to park without having to back up. Ha, ha, I’m sure Eddie is laughing at all of us right now!
binder clip rotate

Uses for binder clips that you never thought of. Video

[Crook] Caridad Rioseco Alejandrez a Stock Island accountant accused of filing more than 20 fraudulent BP claims who faced a maximum of 420 years in prison if she was convicted on all counts pleaded guilty Monday in federal court as part of a plea agreement with prosecutors. Alejandrez formerly operated a tax return business at 5611 Third Ave in a small strip mall pleaded guilty to one count of mail fraud.
robot-kitchen[“Living wage”] 15 bucks an hour to flip a burger and fry some fries. Robotics, they work around the clock, never call in sick, no special request about anything. At 15 bucks per hour and payroll loading it will not take long to re-coupe your robotic investment. 3 employees will get the 15 bucks per hour and 12 will be put out of work. Lawmakers aren’t sure if they found a rope or lost a pony.
[Chemical of the Day] One of the several chemicals that are not removed by advanced wastewater treatment like Cudjoe, or even a reverse osmosis (RO) water treatment plant (or filter) is Triclosan. That is the very common anti-bacterial ingredient used in hand soaps, wipes, toothpaste, deodorants, and even mouthwash. It enters through the skin and into the bloodstream on contact.
Triclosan is linked to muscle contraction problems, endocrine disruption, allergies, cancer, birth defects, fertility problems, major organ damage, and more. When exposed to sunlight, Triclosan forms dioxins in river water. It is actually similar to Agent Orange.I knew all that, but what I just learned is that when combined with chlorine as used to disinfect drinking water, it creates chloroform! Yeah, that’s just what you want in your mouthwash, isn’t it? Although your breath smells fresh, it might knock out your date faster than a 40oz vodka martini, or kill in sufficient quantity. A steaming hot shower with antibacterial soap? Uh, pass me the old fashioned Ivory Soap instead? (The chloramine gas is bad enough). No problem, soon it will be ocean dips and afternoon rain rinses.
scratch crotch homer[Itchy Dude] It’s the beginning of that itching time of year. Mosquitoes, no-see-ums, chiggers, sea lice, jellyfish, hydroids, and jock itch-crotch-rot-monkey-butt-yeast infections. The best thing by far for most of these bites/stings/infestations is ordinary rubbing alcohol at 70% (or whatever is handy. Even beer helps a jellyfish sting when applied inside and out).

Kill chiggers with baby oil after the alcohol dries.

If you can catch jock itch early, pine oil cleaner diluted 50% with water or alcohol will take it out fast. If you were late on the draw, it will still take it out, but you may lose sanity first from the pain. It’s also going to skyrocket your blood pressure and bring tears to your eyes for some really long seconds when first applied. Make sure there are no knives or shears handy.

Jock itch and its aliases can be fungal or bacterial, and might even be viral. Zinc oxide helps to quell the insurrection (whatever it is) and the itch. You will find it as an active ingredient in medicated body powders and diaper rash treatments, or you can buy it as a straight powder for about $12 a pound, including shipping on eBay or others. Menthol as an ingredient helps quell the itch. Rather than shred yourself scratching, you might try analgesic ointments with ingredient names that end in -caine (you really don’t need to feel your nuts if you are not having fun, and you might even decide to keep them).

Of the anti-fungal applications, Lotrimin Ultra is reportedly the most effective since it contains Butenafine Hydrochloride. Herpes is very often mistaken for jock itch or yeast infection, and there is lot more around than you want to believe. It takes a blood test or a scraping to know for sure. Whatever it is, it may be contagious with close enough contact, so please keep it to yourself if it itches or is inflamed. Good luck in the jungle, ocean, and bedroom!

Key West’s Black community fighting for survival. What’s really going on. ~by Naja and Arnaud Girard Link




Toilet paper on Tarpon Belly Key. How thoughtful—until it gets wet.

[“People with diabetes”] How can there be 442 million people in the US with diabetes in 2014 when there’s only 318 million people in the US?  Do we really have that many illegal aliens?

United States of America population 318.9 million in 2014.

sink titanic fast


Facts about the Titanic that you don’t know. April 14 is Iceberg Day!  Video

[Bugs Bunny in the Rabbit Of Seville] It’s a shame that my granddaughter will never learn about classical music the way I did, from a cross dressing rabbit.  Real Cartoon
conch-republic-gr-550w[Conch Republic “Nickle & Dime” Foreign Aid Campaign] Given the grave impacts of the Sequester on events of import to the National Security of the Conch Republic, such as the Coast Guard’s inability to participate in the Great Battle for the Conch Republic; the Conch Republic High Command has commissioned the “Nickel & Dime” Foreign Aid Committee to conduct fundraising efforts to collect Foreign Aid for the United States of America.
The Conch Republic has a long history of lending aid to less fortunate countries and the High Command unanimously agreed that we should temporarily set aside our differences and lend aid to our dysfunctional adversaries to the North.
It was also agreed that since the Congress of the United States has constantly and persistently nickel and dimed us all to death, donations to the Conch Republic Foreign Aid Fund should be made in the form of nickels and dimes.
Conch Republicans (not to be conch-fused with the mainland political party) are urged to search their sofas, chairs and cars for those elusive nickels and dimes and conch-tribute them to the fundraising event or to place them into donation jars soon available at fine locations throughout the Capitol.
A “Conch Republic Nickel & Dime Foreign Aid Fundraising Party” is scheduled for Wednesday the 17th from 6-9 PM at the Schooner Wharf Bar. “Anything worth doing is worth a party,” said the Committee.
Events will include a “Half-Baked Sale” in honor of Congress, a “Chicken Drop” board game in remembrance of how Congress is treating us and “Silent Auction in observance of the deafening silence with which Congress regards the concerns of “we the people”.
In a surprising development Secretary General Sir Peter Anderson (even though he’s dead)  announced that The Conch Republic would be willing to forgive the interest on the $1,000,000.000.00 in foreign aid and war reparations that the U.S. has owed us for thirty one years. This immediately reduces the U.S. National Debt by some $186,000,000.00 based on a simple interest rate of 6% per annum on the principle amount. Perhaps, the Secretary suggested, the Congress can use this savings to keep some food banks open on the mainland.
The Foreign Aid Committee was pleased to report that they got more work done in one hour over a bottle of vodka and a pot of Gumbo, than Congress has gotten done in the last six months.
In the likely event that the United States Government will not accept this generous and heartfelt offer, all funds raised will be donated to the United States Coast Guard Foundation which provides assistance to Coast Guard personnel and their families in times of personal emergencies. For inquiries or more information, please conch-tact 305-849-2222. Link
[Seal Level For Dummies] My friend called me to tell me how if everyone stopped eating meat the sea levels would not rise. My friend is one dumbass, gullible loser.
accurate-home insp 700x175
[GMO Mosquitoes] Ooops, the folks wanting to release those mosquitoes in Key Haven forgot to tell people when and where the scoping hearing was to be held. Silly mistake, but makes you wonder what else could possibly go wrong, eh?



Deer plant experts,
What kind of plant is this? It looks native and is growing next to the canal. Now it has these very exotic looking seeds.

[Vaporizer] After studied research I have determined that vaping uses twice the pot as burning. My lungs approve of the additional expense.
beaker purple bubbles fumes


What’s a nineteenth century “sleeping draft”? Is it Laudium (opium)? Vincent Price gave the distressed beauty a sleeping draft in War-Gods of the Deep, a God-awful unbelievable movie based on an Edgar Allen Poe story.

[Pee to Lemonade] I read that several cities in SE Florida are considering treating their wastewater to drinking water quality. At that point, they can pipe it back to the public to drink, or dump it into the ground water to boost the quantity available to withdraw and treat later. In one hare-brained scheme based on the junk science of “confining layers”, they expect to be able to inject it way deep underground and later withdraw it in much the same condition as it was injected (aquifer storage and recovery= ASR). It has never worked yet, but they keep saying it can. FKAA even tried it in Marathon. Lost it all. At great expense.
I also read that FKAA wants to budget for more desalination plants to get drinking water from seawater. FKAA execs say their AWT poop plants treat the water almost to drinking water quality. Since it is cheaper to get potable water from slightly contaminated water than it is from seawater, why isn’t there a reverse osmosis plant being built in Cudjoe or Duck Key instead of replacing the Marathon plant? (you already know, don’t you?)
As it is, that “pristine aquifer” that FKAA draws most of our water from is already being supplemented with the waste concentrate from the Florida City RO plant and will soon be supplemented by the effluent from the South Florida wastewater plants. A cistern full of roof water is sounding better all the time.
green blotch

Does anyone know what the pale green streaks and spots are that have appeared in Summerland Bay are? and what causes them?

About Brothers in Arms. Dire Straights. Audio
sticker-token free
[“Minimum wage”] So those of us with skills and ambition should further subsidize those who are lazy and stupid?   Don’t forget, we already do that thru the progressive income tax system in the US. Those who don’t make much pay a very small percentage in taxes, whereas those who make more, pay a much higher percentage in income tax.  My 6 figures in tax payments are paying for a lot of infrastructure and services for those without ambition and skills.  I sure hope that previous post was a failed attempt at sarcasm.


Channel 5 coming back to Big Pine Key from the mainland. A sunset is the sun’s fiery kiss to the night. In the Fabulous Florida Keys we get kissed. Wet, delicious & a little salty, right on the mouth. Our sun is a very good kisser.   ~The “NUT”

SpaceX successfully lands its rocket on a floating drone ship for the first time. This is the first in a new age of space flight. Video

robot love dick switch







If you were to insist I was a robot, you might not consider me capable of love in some mystic human sense, but you would not be able to distinguish my reactions from that which you would call love — so what difference would it make?  ~Isaac Asimov

Share if you are old enough to remember making stone tools.
[“Minimum wage”] And most of the people who make minimum wage are on several types of welfare programs. But that’s alright as long as your McDonald’s hamburger doesn’t go up in price.



Floating Tiki Bar. Just what I need!

[“Name that bird”] Down in the Keys, it’s an alive and happy bird.


The sad part about getting old is you stay young on the inside, but nobody can tell.

[“Many homes in Key West have swimming pools”] It’s because most of the people moving to the Keys are afraid to swim in the ocean or the canals behind the homes. Most are here for the weather, not the environment so a pool allows them to not have to venture away from home. When your dream in life has been to sell your home and business and move to Florida, the Keys look like a bargain, but we know bettter.
[“How come some mangrove islands are loaded with birds and others, nary a peep”] The ones without birds are in a no fly zone.


[Sundog] While fishing offshore there are many unexpected treats, a ‘sundog’ being one of them. Sundogs happen when everything is just right and ice crystals meet with Mr. Sunlight. Sweet. It’s right up there with stopping to smell the roses, shooting starts and hummingbirds. I remain amazed.

Beware of vacation package scam. Link
old dunce[Seniors & Computers] As we Silver Surfers know, sometimes we have trouble with our computers.   Yesterday, I had a problem, so I calledGeorgie, the 11 year old next door, whose bedroom looks like Mission Control, and asked him to come over.   Georgie clicked a couple of buttons and solved the problem.   As he was walking away, I called after him, ‘So, what was wrong?   He replied, ‘It was an ID ten T error.’   I didn’t want to appear stupid, but nonetheless inquired, ‘An, ID ten T error? What’s that? In case I need to fix it again.’   Georgie grinned, ‘Haven’t you ever heard of an ‘ID ten T’ error before?   ‘No,’ I replied.   ‘Write it down,’ he said, ‘and I think you’ll figure it out.’   So I wrote down: ID10T
I was sexually abused by my baby sitter. I made her stop when I turned 45, she was 47.
painter wall

[Painter Wanted] I need the interior of a 3 bedroom house painted by a licensed painter. Has anyone had a good experience; and would you like to recommend someone? They must be licensed. There are so many hacks around that I’d like to avoid them, but I need legal recourse in case they do screw up big time.

[Cannibal Snakes] A Florida island where nesting birds mysteriously disappeared last year is experiencing another confounding event: Snakes are cannibalizing each other. The Gainesville Sun reports that the birds still have not returned to Seahorse Key, an important nesting site in the Gulf of Mexico for many bird species. Now a University of Florida researcher has discovered that the island’s cottonmouth snakes that relied on discarded fish scraps from birds as a primary food source have started eating each other. Researcher Coleman Sheehy told the newspaper that he has witnessed the venomous snakes eating one another. The island is part of the Cedar Keys National Wildlife Refuge, and biologists investigating the bird disappearance say they still have no answers.
nira-tocco 700x175
[Marathon Journal] Dear Michelle Coldiron, Lott Pansky has written a letter in Friday’s Marathon Weekly. I’m sure that you know. Concerning Lott Pansky, I have known him longer and better than most anyone else in Marathon. I consider him a friend but in this matter Lott is wrong, very wrong, I am sorry to say. First, after reading the letter it is clear that Lott did not write this letter, it is not his style and certainly not his words. I believe that you know who wrote this letter but it was not Lott Pansky. Secondly, factually speaking, Lott’s stated position on Marathon’s Affordable Housing Committee is not true. Lott was asked to step down from that position two meetings ago. Thirdly, his reference to 425 “new” hotel rooms is false and intended to be misleading. I believe that even you, Michelle, understand this. The majority of these 425 “new” hotel rooms are really re-development of existing rights and are not “new” rights at all. The only really new rights would be for Peter Rosasco’s County Club project which I am opposed to because of the ongoing conflict of interest he has with the City as a preferred developer and as the City’s financial services contractor which you do not seem to care about.

Michelle, where were you in 1999 when the discussion about forming the City of Marathon took place? Where was Lott Pansky? One of the cornerstone issues behind forming our City was to allow and encourage re-development of our failing local businesses which were not allowed under Monroe County Government control. If you do not understand this, you understand nothing! Yes, the City of Marathon did receive 200 new transient rights for completing our central sewer system project back in 2012. The first 100 rights were given away in order to encourage and support re-development. The fact that the first 100 rights were given away free to mostly out of town developers should not be how we handle the next 100 rights. The City of Marathon should get something for them because they do have a value.

There needs to be a discussion, a conversation and an exchange of ideas, not a “time out” or a “Tactical Pause” because you do not know what to do or care to be open to any new ideas and/or solutions. Whenever the City of Marathon has made decisions without discussion or thought, it has been wrong. You only need to look to the 1500-foot rule to know this fact. We should not exchange our past Mafioso form of local government for a form of a closed military based dictatorship. Free enterprise and open discussion of the true facts is how democracy works. When does a moratorium not be a moratorium? When you, Michelle Coldiron, decide we need a “time out” or when Lott Pansky believes he needs a “Tactical Pause”? I think not! This is the time for discussion and free forward thinking, not control by self-interested protectionist business people who want to restrict basic rights and free enterprise.

Michelle, you need to rethink your positions, in fact, you need to start thinking through these issues instead of simply reacting as you seem to want to do. I know that you are trying, I know that you are still learning but if you are getting pressured to do certain things then you need to defer to one of the four other City Council members who are more seasoned and more knowledgeable.  ~Bruce Schmitt

music-machine[Wooden Music Machine] There are times that we come across something so completely awesome that it’s hard to believe it’s real, like genius musician Martin Molin’s out of this world music box, which answers the question: “What do you get when you cross 2,000 marbles and a hand crank?” Turns out you get pure, mechanical poetry. Not quite a piano, not quite a Rube Goldberg machine, and completely awesome, Molin’s built an ingenious instrument like nothing you’ve seen before. It’s a music box you can actually rock out to. When’s the last time you jammed to a music box? Video
What do you call Harrison Ford when he smokes weed? Han-So-High. May the force be with you.
johnsons 700x175
[“Living wage”] Empathy is lacking in our society. People tend to think that everyone else is like them. Well, they’re not. People in menial jobs are there because they are too dull to better themselves and have no ambition. That doesn’t mean that they don’t have the same bills and expenses as the rest of us. They do. How can they pay those bills if they’re too dumb to try and learn a skill. They need a living wage.
number one alligator gators[Alligator Love] This article claims a man was arrested for raping a 12 alligator. Man, those ol’ Florida rednecks are a tough bunch. I doubt if any of the gator’s “minor injuries” were from Darwin’s little pecker!
With a 12′ ‘gator, she probably didn’t even notice. I hear female gators don’t get that big. Maybe Darwin can’t tell the difference–or doesn’t much care? It gets lonely in the swamp, you know. I wonder what strange STD he might have picked up? Maybe just crabs (preferably blue). Bizarre enough or what? I think I’ve heard it all now. And people in Collier County think the Keys are weird? I think they just raised the bar. It’s likely a hoax, but a creatively sick one. Pray there are no hybrids born from the ‘gator and Darwin! Snopes is quiet on this one and it was not April 1st. Does that make it true? Link
Tell Congress to support Sanctuary funding. Link
hacked credit[Crooks]  ”… We recently learned that sometime between January 22, 2014 and January 26, 2016, our computer system was accessed without our authorization.  During this time, it is possible that our customer credit card information may have been compromised.  We have no evidence that any specific information was accessed or stolen.  Out of an abundance of caution, we are letting you know about the incident so you can take steps to protect yourself.

During the time period that someone may have accessed our system, all credit card information processed on our systems was stored on an encrypted server and was protected by security protocols. maintains industry standard security protocols, and, since learning of attempted activity on our site, has implemented additional security measures designed to prevent a recurrence of such an attack, to quickly identify unusual activity, and to further protect the privacy of your information.  We are also actively working with forensic investigators and law enforcement.  In fact, we delayed our notification to you under the direction of the Federal Bureau of Investigation so they could take steps to identify the individuals who appeared to have accessed our system …”

[Crook] “It is my wish to solicit your assistance in a claim of €10.800.000.00 belong to my deceased client who is a business merchant  from your country, also shares the same surname, This is the true statement that will be of great benefit to both of us, and I cannot reach it without your support, therefore I need your cooperation to claim this fund from the bank after which you will be eligible for 50% of the fund, while 50% will be mine…”
[“Marathon street numbers”] Hopefully that post was a late April Fool’s. Marathon has the easiest street numbering system. 20th Street, which you were searching for, has a regular green “20th Street” street sign. Then many more street address signs before the next you noticed as 50th. Also the addresses on US1 correspond to the street, 2005=20th St. The ‘missing’ 1-11th you heard about are actually a separate city of Key Colony Beach. How much easier could it be? Maybe pay more attention.



The “NUT” showing the wild west side of Big Pine Key many years ago. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We also sold milk, eggs, bread & butter along with a few more grocery items. Served lunch and sold Lotto tickets too. Coconuts has rolled with the flow for over 33 years. Rock’in you Right at the Light! Down town Big Pine Key.

Don’t forget the April 10th benefit for the Rev. Chris Todd who got all beat up in Key West.

More plastic than fish in oceans by 2050 helps drive calls for reduced plastic use. Link


[Name that bird”] It is a sea hawk or osprey. (Ed: Thanks for the suggestion, but ospreys have that dark line coming from the schnoz.)

Are there other marinas on Ramrod Key and Little Torch Key besides Dolphin Marina? I’m checking in case they are filled up. I’m looking to bring my 36′ boat for a couple of weeks which I live on.
[Zika] New study links Zika to brain disorder in adults. Video
Read this before blaming road rage on your cat. Link
lady lays easter egg


Annual Easter Egg Hunt in Marathon. Video

[Presidential Primaries, Caucuses, and Conventions?] 3 delegates from each Congressional district. So who are ours, either D or R? Anybody got a clue? Bob Dean maybe? Who knows? Link


Diane French

[From a Miami Blog] Roman Gastesi: what kind of county administrator falls for “cheap” iPhones being sold out the trunk of a county employee’s car? From Eye on Miami. Link
Our new sewer system is all a huge mess and very unfortunate.  The money’s already gone.  It’ll be long gone by the time we manage to piece it all together, if we ever do.  The worst part is, I think there will be a lot of additional expense associated with correcting the flawed design and faulty construction.  This will haunt the Keys for decades.
Discovery-Saturday_Earth-Day-2016Kids in kindergarten through fifth grade are invited to join the free, fun-filled Discovery Saturday at the Florida Keys Eco-Discovery Center (35 East Quay Road, Key West) on Saturday, April 16 from 10:00 am to 11:00 am. Challenge your friends to a game of Earth Day Bingo!  Make a recycled sun visor to take home. Play a game of Trash or Treasure? For more information contact 305-809-4750. Space is limited, so please call to register.

Learn more about the Florida Keys Eco-Discovery Center here:

The Key West Orchis Society’s April meeting is Sunday, April 17 at 1:00 at W Martello Gardens’ meeting room at Higgs Beach. A new speaker, Krum Sotirov former orchid specialist at Kew Gardens and founder of the Bulgarian Orchid Club will give a fresh take on orchid culture and have plants for sale and raffle. As always the public is welcome to come and bring their favorite blooming orchid to Show and Tell to share and perhaps win a gift plant for Best Hybrid and Species. For more info go to or contact Marie 305 509 7744

KW Orchid Society April Newsletter. We’re holding elections next Sunday at the April 17 meeting, so a ballot is included if you can’t make it. Remember, only paid-up members can vote.

Don’t forget the Redland Orchid Festival on May 13, 14, 15. We’ve booked transportation for Friday, the 13th. It’s your lucky day; the cost is only $35 which includes the ride, free entrance to the Fair and a $5 coupon. Make your reservation soon because space is limited. You can get more information about the Festival at Full Menu > Ongoing Events

Look Trumpeteers, quit yer bitchin’. Quit yer whinin’. While you folks piss and moan about things not being fair, sounding a lot like liberals, you guys have reaped a huge (“yuge”, “tremendous”, “awesome”, “wonderful”) reward from … (continued on the National Politics page …)
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