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Tuesday, April 16, 2024

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Great news for American manufacturing. The Biden administration’s  Chips and Science act has guaranteed funding for an advanced leading edge computer chip manufacturing facility which will produce 20% of the world’s needs. This takes away from China’s hold they had over years of American manufacturing.
It will provide over 17,000 high tech construction jobs and over 4,500 manufacturing jobs.
I’m sure some deer poster will find a way of producing some dark cloud in the great American news but protecting American industry from China’s control is great news. American manufacturing has returned with this project and many more.
[“Over 300,000 jobs added”] The poster denies 300,000 jobs added is inconsequential because they are largely in the health sector. Is he mad or just a troll trying to make the current administration look bad? Was that a Russian hacker spreading misinformation? Or a Chinaman?

For those idiots who think that a civil war is the only way to make this country great again. Y’all need to see this movie and think about it. Trailer
[“Over 300,000 jobs added”] I hope I can help a poster understand some very basic economics. The poster said the recent uptick of over 300-K jobs was not good news because a major source of those jobs was in healthcare which add nothing to the economy. Healthcare Jobs pay very well. Many start at over $30 an hour with benefits. Those same new employees do indeed benefit the economy because those jobs enable them to purchase everyday needs,  greatly benefiting local businesses. Pays for food, vacations, vehicles, educations, materials for home repairs, vehicle repairs, retirement plans. That money goes directly into the local economy helping improve living standards. That benefits all Americans and business owners the most direct way possible.
Cooking a frozen White Castle Hamburger, commonly referred to as a Slider, it is habitually overcooked resulting in a rock. After much experimentation I finally was able to claim a eureka moment, I found It. The perfect method short of driving up to Orlando, the home of the closest White Castle hamburger joint to BPK.
[“No successful Socialist country”] Many outspoken people don’t know the difference between socialism and communism, but they continue to spew. I wish they’d start teaching Civics in schools again.
[Don’t Investigate Police] Gov. Ron DeSantis on Friday signed a bill limiting civilian investigations by government-affiliated boards into the behavior of local law enforcement officers, including in Miami, St. Petersburg and Tampa. The law, which takes effect in July, has consequences for civilian oversight panels that in more than 20 Florida counties and cities look into citizen complaints against officers by using public records and witness interviews and by auditing police investigations. Some boards, which make recommendations about discipline, were created by voters and others by government officials after policing controversies.
[Steel Drum Band] Thursday, April 18th will be a fabulous night at the Marathon High School.  At 4:00 p.m., the Dolphin Bistro will serve the first 50 guests a fine dinner for $20 as a fund raiser for their culinary program.  At 4:30, ocean related nonprofits will be answering questions and providing information outside of the auditorium and at 6:30, we will have wonderful steel drum performances on the stage of the auditorium.  Come support the students and the adult pan community.  The concert is free, and we will be accepting donations.  Plenty of free parking too, so head on down Sombrero Beach Blvd and spend some time seeing and hearing what your neighbors are up to.
[Smells] Why childhood memories of smells are so powerful and emotional. Neurobiologists and cognitive psychologists explain why we remember childhood smells so well. I still remember what my great-grandmother smells like. Even though she passed more than a decade ago, I know her favorite perfume just as well as I recall every contour of her face. Link
Q:  What is the difference between a politician, a priest, a teacher, a criminal, an entertainer, and a farmer?
A:  Sweat.
[I’m Hurt] This has lots of pizza, but it shows that the author knows nothing about where real pizza came from — south Philly which is not mentioned. The Atlas of Pizza: 23 Types of Pizza with pictures. Link
[Trolls] I love it. Someone is trying to tell us that adding over 300,000 jobs in March is bad. I bet the families those jobs help support feel different. Odd how adding American workers now upsets some.
[Cicadas] Get ready. Trillions of chirpy, red-eyed periodical cicadas are getting ready to emerge from underground in a rare double emergence event. These specific types of cicadas crawl out from below the ground every 13 or 17 years and can make as much noise as a jet engine. Link
Computer maintenance tasks you should do every month. Keep your desktop or laptop in good health. Link
How to protect the eyes from the sun’s UV rays. Purchase UV-blocking sunglasses. To avoid sunburn, buy a pair of sunglasses that 100 percent block UVA and UVB rays. Both ultraviolet rays are linked to skin burning. Heyman says you’re going to want to have sunglasses on whenever you’re outside in the daytime. Additionally, you’ll want to have your shades on for activities such as surfing, boating, and skiing, as the water and snow reflect the sun’s UV radiation. If you’re going to be in the sun for long periods of time, wraparound sunglasses are another option for protecting the entire face from the sun’s glare.
[School Prayer Banned] High court upholds top London school’s ban on prayer rituals. A ban on prayer rituals at one of the highest-performing state schools in England, famous for its strict discipline and high-profile headteacher, has been upheld by a high court judge. Link
[“Over 300,000 jobs added”] When we are told that there has been 300,000 new jobs, does that mean A or B?
A:  300,000 people that were not working, now have jobs to work
B:  300,000 HELP WANTED signs have been seen around the country?

[Old] When we were young, we sneaked out of our house to go to parties. Now that we are old, we sneak out of parties to go home.

Federal agents stop migrant smuggling boat off Florida Keys. The boat was intercepted off Key Largo, federal officials have confirmed, but that’s all they are saying. Link
Phone conversations with law enforcement can be recorded without their consent, court says. The court’s decision – involving a citizen who accused the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office of misconduct – is the latest to provide new mechanisms for civilian oversight of law enforcement. Link
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