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Tuesday, April 23, 2024

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As of Thursday or so, the Locustberry oil-collecting bees, Centris errans, are out and about now in the pine rocklands. One nesting area is in a certain area of the Blue Hole paved walkway and they can be seen if you know where to look. Easier to find, perhaps, is at the butterfly garden on Key Deer Blvd next to the entrances of the Watson and Mannilo Trails. But any flowering locustberry will have visiting bees.
[Coral Bleaching Again] an April 15 report from the National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) that warns that coral reefs are undergoing a fourth “global bleaching event.” Reefs drive some $36 billion in tourism across the globe. Link
[Big Pine Key Museum] Way back in the late 1970s, I remember there was a state forestry fire tower near your volunteer fire department. I think it stood from the early 1970s until it was removed in the late 1980s. Would you have any photos or other information about this tower? I still remember to this day climbing up the stairs to the top of the tower and taking in the breathtaking views. Full Menu > Big Pine Museum
The Pope banned sex-change operations this week. He said altering one’s God-given sex is an attempt to “make oneself God”.
[Pam] The secrets behind Pam cooking spray. The typical can of PAM Cooking Spray includes several ingredients, the most notable being soy lecithin, dimethyl silicone, and food-grade propellants such as butane or propane. These components are what give PAM its non-stick quality and ability to be sprayed. The inclusion of soy lecithin helps oil and water to mix, providing that slippery surface crucial for non-stick cooking. Link
[Realtors] There are great, mediocre, and terrible realtors out there. Looking at houses for sale, it amazes me how some unscrupulous real estate agents buy a listing, meaning the property has a snowballs chance in hell of being sold for anywhere close to the asking price. In the meantime, the property is owned for 6 months or 1 year listing by the realtor. God bless Zillow!
The Disinformation Dozen are responsible for up To 65% of anti-vaccine content. The Disinformation Dozen account for up To 73% of Facebook‘s anti-vaxx content. Facebook is underestimating the influence of leading anti-vaxxers. Up To 17% of anti-vaccine Tweets feature The Disinformation Dozen. Platforms must act on the Disinformation Dozen. Platforms must do more to protect users from harmful misinformation. Link
These meat-eating plants are masters of deception. Get up close with the many ways carnivorous plants lure insects to their doom. Link
[Expiration Dates] What most people don’t know, though, is that all sorts of other products have expiration dates. Sunscreen, car seats, and even condoms all go bad eventually. Here are a few things you possibly didn’t know expired, complete with links to reputable sources where you can read more. Link
[Salmon Sperm] Ladies, desperate for a libido boost? Get salmon sperm injected into your vagina: Bizarre wrinkle-defying trend is now being used to rev up women’s sex lives (but it’ll cost you £400!). The treatment used to banish under eye wrinkles is also used in intermate area.
[One Trillion Dollars] (and it is very possible that a few have many times that) 1,000,000,000,000, that’s 1000 billion to you peasants. It’s pretty tough to understand exactly how ludicrously large a figure one trillion dollars is. ‘One with twelve zeroes’ doesn’t do it justice, but instead imagine this: even if you were profligate enough to spend a million dollars a day it would still take you 2,739 years to burn through a trillion dollars. It’s that much money.
The owner of such a sum would be wealthy enough to give out $140 to everyone on the planet, or – if the whim took them – buy the entirety of central London at today’s real estate prices, as The London Times has recently reported.
If you’re blown away by the idea that fewer than 100 people control as much wealth as half the world today, imagine how concentrated money used to be. Even if Bill Gates took the most extravagant vacation he could fathom, he probably couldn’t cause a regional currency crisis. If somebody were to kidnap any billionaire, would any ransom they could demand send a continent into recession?  The old world Kings were much more powerful. Then there is the Rothschild family who live in a small country in Europe! Whomever has more than this clan, we will never know! They sure do not live in the Florida Keys. Link
[RV Resort] Full-hookup sites available to book at a monthly rate of $1600. Sites are at 33000 Overseas Hwy with breathtaking ocean views. Our monthly guests have access to a pool, laundromat, and our own convenience store. If you’ve got a boat, you can opt for a boat slip as well. Big Pine Key Resort offers rustic campsites, Full Hook-up and RV sites, Airstream and roomy Travel Trailer rentals – many are waterfront. Link
[Squirrels]  I’ve always said we don’t have squirrels down here. It was a fact. Not anymore. I saw one on the Blvd this morning. No mistaken ID. A real squirrel. He held still in the road for a moment, then scampered up a palm tree. I assume he then took a coconut home to feed his family next winter. Or to use as a home.
[Anti-Vaxxers] Just 12 people are behind most vaccine hoaxes on social media. Researchers have found just 12 people are responsible for the bulk of the misleading claims and outright lies about COVID-19 vaccines that proliferate on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Link
[The Beautiful Islands of San Serriffe] The story of the most elaborate April fool’s joke ever printed. The seven-page like any travel feature that newspapers were printing at the time. It featured a map of the islands, pictures of palm trees, an image of the leader, and a short “Guide to the Republic” which gave many facts and figures about the island nation. But not all was as it seemed. The feature was an elaborate April Fool’s Day joke. The islands of San Serriffe did not exist and everything was completely fabricated. Link
[The Grunion Run] Millions of small fish fling themselves on Californian beaches to have sex – strictly under the full or new Moon. This incredible mating ritual is threatened, but citizen scientists are diligently working to save it. On a Southern Californian beach in the middle of the night, a citizen scientist stood observing thousands of fish having sex. “Unruly thousands, all making noise,” they duly jotted down. “Looked like some post-apocalyptic marine Mad Max.” Link
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[Book Club] For May we are reading The Yellow Bird Sings by Jennifer Rosne and will meet on May 18th at 10:00 am at the Big Pine Library.  If you need a copy of the book, reply to this email or text me and I can drop a copy at the library for you.
[Alice In Chains] As a way to say goodbye to their lost friend and singer Layne Staley, Alice In Chains released a record entitled Black Gives Way To Blue
[Low hanging Nuts] Getting old sitting on the toilet.  My testicles hitting the water in the bowl actually felt good.
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