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Tuesday, August 20, 2013


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an_spy-camera[We’re from the government and here to help you] A few excerpts from this week’s New York Times article on whistle blower Edward Snowden:

… surprised to realize that there were people in news organizations who didn’t recognize any unencrypted message sent over the Internet is being delivered to every intelligence service in the world.

… because of this ability the government has to remotely listen to cellphones even when they are turned off. (remove the battery for privacy)

…Microsoft’s close collaboration with the N.S.A. (this might be why Microsoft installed hidden software that can watch you through your laptop’s camera even when it’s turned off.)


[“Phony Fish”] On background, I’ve lived here for 13 years. I go out to eat at our local resturants often. I like most of them for their friendly servers and menu items. Often tourists ask us locals about our resturants. I love to promote our local businesses and am quick to promote local watering holes like Springers, dinner at Square Grouper or Kakas, etc. My query was to put to rest this issue that has popped up here before. Not that anything is ever put to rest on the CT.

After having the privilege of eating fresh catch for years many of our palettes can discern fresh from frozen, which reminds me of the chunk of wahoo caught by my wife aging in our freezer (the fish, not my wife).I know most fish items on the menus can’t be fresh Keys caught. For example a grouper sandwich out of season. Of course not.

One responding poster wrote that if I want fresh Keys fish order the special. I would love the restaurants to advertise their specials as fresh Keys catch. I bet it would increase their sales of this item. The next time I’m asked by tourists what restaurants have fresh Keys fish I would love to say, “Go to so-and-so and so-and-so and order their special.” I apologize if one of our local restaurants already do this. I had hoped that our restaurants here that have this policy had responded in this fashion.

One finally comment. A while ago a friend and I caught a dolphin. We brought it to Mangrove Mamas and asked to share it with all. It came out blackened, grilled and fried. When we went to pay the previous owner said it was on him. We passed the hat and gave them a two hundred dollar tip.

glass of water pajamas


[Dizzy] I’m old and sometimes when I stand I get dizzy. Someone told me to drink more water. I did and now I seldom get dizzy when I stand. I drink about eight glasses of water a day. 

[Pet Care] Cheapshots will be in the Keys this weekend doing low cost veterinary services from Key West to Islamorada for those who need them there are still some openings for dentals starting at $85 and wellness appointments, etc. Call 305-390-0325 for info.


[“A capella poster”] Are you a singer or just a fan? The reason I ask is that I’d like to form a group. If there’s any interest from you, or anyone, male or female email
NY Subway Doo-Wop 


[“I would like to ask the people for help”] Unbelievable! If you would love to get electricity, then why did you buy/build a home without it? Lack of planning or intelligence on your part does not constitute you now being given any kind of hardship or worthy of donations to pay for it because you are on disability. I’m sick of people crying “poor me” when they are responsible for putting themselves in their situations. This is just one small area of what is wrong with this country.

Take responsibility for yourself, your actions and your own stupidity. I’m sorry you are on disability, but really Dude?

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[Spray Schedule] A schedules of planned times, dates and locations of mosquito spraying are available online at Link

[“Donation for electricity hookup on No Name Key”] Give me a break! First of all, most people on “disability” are screwing the pooch with their ailments. You probably have an affliction that affects all the world (fibromyalgia or arthritis),but you get a check. I can barely pay my rent, but you own a house on No Name Key you bought knowing before hand there was no electricity. I wouldn’t be surprised if you had a 10-20k solar power and water set up already. Sell you freaking house and move to a cheaper area of Florida and pay rent like half the world. I’ve heard everything now. Send me a donation so I can have a AC too!


[“Damn Sanctuary and NOAA rules”] Those “damned” rules have saved the fishing industry here. Before the rules I could grab lobster right off Smathers’ Beach. Than I had to go further out to catch them. Than I had to buy SCUBA gear to get them. Then I just gave up.

I was talking to a tree man from Haiti who said he was a fisherman there all his life as was his father before him. Just in his time he saw the decline of fish populations to the point now, where he would go all day without even a bite, never mind a catch! His family would go hungry because of no regulation. He’s a big fan of regulation. Even though he can neither read nor write, he has sense.



Al Jazeera America will go online (ch 107 Comcast) today at 3 pm. With the unlimited wealth of the royal family of Qatar, look for breaking stories the other cash-strapped and downsized news agencies can’t provide.

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[Just Say No] We, the Lower Keys Property Owners  Association, do not want any of our county monies spent on land purchases or any  other Wish List purchases until the entire  Florida Keys have an operating sewer  system.  Other home owner associations feel the  same and I encourage them and others to  write to the county commissioners and let  them know the citizens of Monroe County  will not tolerate another Hickory House.  The sewer system MUST come first.

~Dick Hawkins, president Big Pine Key


[Crooks] A candidate for the state’s chief financial officer, Central Florida Urban League President Allie Braswell Jr. abruptly quit his campaign Monday after it was revealed he has filed for bankruptcy three times.


[War on Poverty] Today in 1964 President Lyndon Johnson signed the Economic Opportunity Act of 1964, allocating nearly $1 billion in an unprecedented anti-poverty measure. It didn’t work. 

[More Crooks] Jesse Jackson, Jr. 17 year veteran of the US Congress, suddenly gets a “mood disorder” (about the same time he learned he was to be indicted) and is going to prison for 2.5 years.  Because his “mood disorder” was so severe, he has become disabled and will receive $8700 per month as a disability payment as well as $45000 a year from his congressional pension, a total of about $150K per year. Is this a great country or what?

Apparently, crime, dishonesty and breach of trust does pay. I can only describe this with one word, unfreakingbelievable!

isaksen-flood 4.23.13

[Climate Change] Coastal communities should assume floods  are going to happen more frequently and realize that  spending now on protective measures could save money later.

an_record2The continuous groove on one side of an LP record is approximately 1,500 feet in length. The microscopic (but also continuous) data track on a Compact Disc is approximately 3.34 miles long. The data track on a single sided Blue Ray disc is approximately 19 miles long. The data track on a 1 Terabyte hard drive single platter is … “To the Moon, Alice!”
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[“Donation for electricity hookup on No Name Key”] Was that a joke about No Name electric?

[County Administrator] Until you show up at the Commission meetings and let your Commissioners know that you want the county administrator out, he will continue to serve his Miami friends and practice his own brand of the Bubba System.  There  are major decisions that this county needs to make in the 12-18 months, and  if all the Commissioners hear is the administrator’s recommendations we will be sunk even before climate change gets us. 



[Oh Shit Department] Deputies were at the home to arrest John Wyckoff, of Marathon, East 63rd Street, on a warrant for alleged failure to comply with vessel health & safety regulations. As they were serving the warrant, they discovered he was growing marijuana and seized 22 plants, 124 grams of processed pot, as well as equipment to cultivate the pot.




[Comedy] We all have trouble remembering passwords, don’t we? Video

World aircraft flight radar in real time. Link




I can’t wait for Wetstock –one of those uniquely Keys things that you can’t do anywhere else. Let’s hope the winds lay down, the storms don’t show, and only real waves are the sound waves!

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World ship locations in real time. Link


[“Phony Fish”] There is a simple way to end this misidentified fish fiasco. When the waitress asks you if you want the fish, fried, grilled or blackened, tell her you want it whole and grilled, or whatever. Most people eat it that way anyway in other parts of the world. Once it’s filleted it loses its identity. Eating a whole fish is actually tastier and the flesh can easily be removed from the bones while the fish is on your plate with a butter knife. This will remove all doubt since you will be able to identify local fish easily. If you’re still not sure, tell them you want the head on the side for identification purposes. Slap some butter on the fillet and have at it. A local restaurant was selling lionfish whole about a year ago. I’m not sure they are doing that anymore.



[Dirty Old Man] Gee, I guess it is ok for broads to walk around in string bikinis and tits hanging out, huh? but if some guy checks them out and he is over 25, he is a dirty old man. Well, why can’t us guys walk around with our balls hanging out? Cleavage is cleavage. 

[“Marathon streets Listed differently”] That’s because Marathon uses the grid system. So 2401 thru 2499 Overseas Highway will be between 24th St and 25th Street and so on. 100 addresses between each cross street.

nira tocco realtor 9.12

[North Roosevelt Traffic] I would like to present one final appeal for the conversion of North Roosevelt back to a two-way traffic flow and hope you will give it your most careful consideration.

From our perspective the main reason for requesting a return to two-way traffic is the restoration of revenue to the businesses lining the boulevard. Most of these businesses have lost from 25 to 30 pervent of their gross revenue starting with the onset of one way traffic.  Few businesses can survive if their bottom line is decimated for a substantial period of time,  Some businesses have already failed while others are in imminent danger of failing.  This surely must be a cause of concern for each of you.

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[Recycle Bin Gone] Windows told me to update so I did and lost my Recycle Bin! I followed the instructions for restoring it:
1.  Control Panel > Classic View > Personalization 
2.  In the left pane, click Change desktop icons > To display the Recycle Bin on the desktop, select the Recycle Bin check box. 
3. Click OK.

It’s still gone. 


[Construction traffic] I heard the eastbound only idea on North Roosevelt, but wonder if there’d be a back-up on Stock Island to make the left turn into KW. Maybe two-way traffic will work on the Boulevard if they limit left turns to the intersections with traffic lights, and possibly squeeze in a turn lane. I hope the renewed focus gets it done faster – that’s the best answer.



SammySam is playing bongos at the Tiki every Sunday with the Irie Trio Reggae Band. Come check it out.

Volunteers start building City’s composting shed. Recycling at it’s finest. Well done. Link

tarps bungee cords

We are all one. Only egos, beliefs and fears separate us.


The greatest revenge is to accomplish what others say you cannot do. So go out & do it. Like getting Yoko Ono to acknowledge the Community Peace Park in Key West at the West Martello Tower. Ring the Peace Bell!

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capt conch chef

[Baked Potato] Hey, What kind of potato did you use? (Chef Captain Conch: Russet or Idaho)


[Gravity] If Looe Key did indeed turn into a titty bar, it would be tough to tell the tits from the kneecaps.


[“Drones to eradicate mosquitoes”] Ha! They have been using drones in that office for years and it’s government too!

[“Evidence was that he knew his fish”] If you live and fish in the Keys, then you have a good idea of what the fish looks and taste like, whether you are drunk or sober. The texture and flaking of the fillet are dead giveaways. Maybe you can’t tell the difference between local fish and that crap from Vietnam or China, but many people can.

an pound monitor


Don’t buy a new computer to pick up speed, try cleaning it first. There are many free tutorials online. Don’t pay for it! Also if you’re using Windows XP plan to get a new operating system by April 8th, 2014. XP’s end of life is coming. There will be no more security updates and that is one of XP’s greatest vulnerabilities. Video

[Captain Doom and Gloom] “Dredging For Cheap Tourists” Has any study been done to prove the truth of how much money the cruise ships bring in per passenger spending in Key West. The docking fees are horrendous we know, but most tourists do not buy much except for a T-shirt. They get everything they need on board. The smart travelers never drink the water or eat off ship because … you know why. If the junta has dreams of making Key West a Departure Port, then all hell will break lose and that town will be like Fort Lauderdale with nothing but parking lots, badges, and junk vendors. The old saying, “Burn the bridges” might just be correct.

religion politics zone

I love the Republicans’ irrationality. They want you to consider voting for them, but exclude TV channels from showing their debates. Keep up the great work you wild and crazy guys.

general jumping[Politics At Its Worst] Coup D’état: a sudden decisive exercise of force in politics; especially : the violent overthrow or alteration of an existing government by a small group.

That is exactly what happened in Egypt. Obama ignores the fact that an elected President was ousted by the military; and keeps sending about $1.23 billion a year in military aid to Egypt because we need their strategic location and support in the middle east.

What is the Republican plan? To throw out the trash, what else? This should have been done 100 years ago.

[Unedited] re fox and hillrary ,dont get no lower than deriliction of duty my friend and hill and barrack were just that 9-11 last year4 dead in BENGAIZI 4 american heros very sad indeed u get court martialed for/it in the service u be very scary oh what does it matter disgraceful human being they were someones children wake people, this sewer needs drained no clintons no obamas no bushes no soros ,biden gingrct ect clear the deck peolpe nuff said

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Why is the US fussing about Egypt?  Are Germany, Sweden, Australia, Brazil, Mexico, Philippines, Canada, China or any of the other sovereign nations around the world sticking their noses in?  They know when to mind their own business.

[“What is the Republican plan”] Their plan is to continuing to say no to anything that helps and to refuse to offer a plan for anything.

from the right

I must respectfully disagree with some, not all, of Sunday’s posting by a moderate Democrat.  S/he in the first item opined that the USA should not assist the Iraq government in its current battle with AQI and its clones.  

muslim brotherhood20Before we make such a decision we really should consider the monstrous growth of fundamentalist Islam over the last few years.  It is metastasizing like a monstrous deadly cancer sprinting through the world.  The Muslim Brotherhood, the Mac Daddy of all terrorism, now has functional control of more of the region than they ever did in the past.  We should also remember that their goal is not simply regional rule, but global rule.  Their interpretation of their religion requires them to fight for a global caliphate.  It may make no sense to you and I, but it makes perfect sense to them.

Next we should consider the Status of Forces Agreement former President Bush signed with the newly-democratically elected Iraqi government.  At the time it was anticipated by both sides that a subsequent agreement would be forged, and that subsequent agreement would direct that a peace-keeping force of American and allied forces would remain in place to assist the new government in tamping down insurrection.

You will recall that we did the same in Korea, Germany, Italy, France, and Japan, and all of that worked out pretty damned well.  Unfortunately, the Obama administration and Secy. of State Clinton failed to come to any such agreement with Iraq.  And so the Obama administration withdrew all of our troops, and set Iraq adrift.  Now Iraq is again being bombarded with terrorism on a grand scale, and the terrorists (AQI and its clones) appear to be winning.  They are determined to drive democracy and freedom from the land.

If the issue was simply to let Iraq stand or fall on its own, it would be an easy call to totally cut them loose.  But it’s not that simple.  If Iraq falls into the hands of the Muslim Fundamentalists, they will have once again made a huge leap forward in their fatwah against liberty, and in their obsession with global control.

I am deeply suspicious of the resolve of this President to hold in check fundamentalists anywhere.  If the decision is taken to assist Iraq we must hope and pray that it will be with the goal of winning.  We have abandoned that goal in Afghanistan, yet we still keep our military forces in harm’s way.  That is wrong, dead wrong.  But it’s wrong only because we have decided not to win.  Because of the Obama administration’s commitment to surrender, we should be pulling our troops right now.  When we flee from Afghanistan, expect a bloodbath of American troops on the way out.

Egypt danceAs for Egypt, we face a Hobson’s choice. One the one hand, the current regime is there as a result of a military coup.  Our laws require that we cut off all aid to any country that has been seized by a military coup, yet Mr. Obama has decided to disobey that law.  Disobeying laws is nothing new to Obama.  

On the other hand, Egypt’s military has been a long-term friend and ally of the US. Finally, there is the fact that the Muslim Brotherhood, the base of AQI, and nearly all of its clones are engaging in an all-out attempt to seize control of the Egyptian government.  If that happens, we will have lost yet another of our dwindling allies in the region, and the Muslim Brotherhood will have gained immense prestige, wealth, power, and, perhaps most importantly, control of the Suez Canal, a route vital to the traffic of oil tankers.  Loss of the Suez Canal would have the immediate effect of skyrocketing energy prices and would be an incredibly powerful economic weapon for the Muslim fundamentalists.  That’s yet another reason that Mr. Obama should immediately approve the Keystone pipeline.

In my opinion our leadership has an obligation, not only to the US, but to all of the free world, to combat the spread of Muslim fundamentalism – not because of its religious component, but because of its insatiable appetite for power.  If that means sending troops to Iraq, I’ll support the President.  If that means assisting Egypt’s current government, I’ll support the President.  But my support would only apply President Obama makes a full and complete commitment to win.

I urge all, but especially the female members of the CT community, to read the chronicle entitled “Driving My Own Destiny: An Inspiring Story of One Woman’s Courage.” by Manal al-Sharif.  It is a riveting revelation of life as a girl and young woman under Sharia law.  It is fascinating and a really good read. This article clearly illuminates why we should be aggressively combating the spread of Muslim Fundamentalism:  Link

As to the rodeo clown flap: I agree with Sunday’s poster, but I find the hypocrisy of the left on the issue is disgusting, though nothing new