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Wednesday, August 21, 2013


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tropical-bay-bridge00What’s up with the one lane bridge restriction entering Tropical Bay Estates on the way to No Name? There are massive layers of traffic control and long waits for the new traffic light (!) to change but there is no one working on the bridge. Is this BPK’s version of the North Roosevelt Blvd madness? Did the county have nowhere else to store their barrels, barriers, cones and traffic lights once they finally wrapped up the Duck Key traffic nightmare?

[Over-Regulators] Maps of the proposed closed areas to fishing. The Sanctuary is a growing monster few imagined. Maps
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confederate flag pole sm[Slaughter] Today in 1863 pro-Confederate guerrillas led by William Quantrill raided the pro-Union town of Lawrence, Kan., killing more than 150 men and boys.

Al Jazeera English live stream is no longer available in the U.S. Bummer. I guess they took it offline because they started Al Jazeera America on the television yesterday. 

[N. Roosevelt Mess] I just got back from a rainy day in Key West and I can tell you that a lot of the curb lane of N. Roosevelt was under water.



Today in 1959 Hawaii became the 50th U.S. state.

[Real Fish] I just came from Jack Flats on Duval where I had their “fish bites” which was a plate of the  freshest tasting fried dolphin (real dolphin)  that I have had in long time for $9.95.


[Donate to help on electric] People will write in without knowing one fact about the case. Like it is $30,000 to hook up. Do you have that money in your drawer? Without knowing anything about the subject, mean people will say mean things to make themselves feel better or just to hurt someone–link “ just move if you want electric.” Nice people will understand and try to help if they can.

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islam moon_and_star


I took a chance and read some Al Jazeera online, waited a while, and nothing happened.  I kind of expected to start turning into a Muslim.

[Term Limits Failed] The vote for term limited last night at the Mosquito Control failed 3-2. I would like to share with you how the votes came down. The Commissioners usually vote alphabetically and did so until it came to this vote and then they took the vote out of order with Jill Cranny-Gage making the first vote instead of Bridges. It seems funny that if I am not mistaken, Comm. Bridges was called on first each time the agenda called for votes that were taken during this same meeting. Also note that Comm. Bridges changed what order Commissioners vote when he was Chairman. We figured Goodman and Bridges would vote yes as they did, but Cranny-Gage was the vote we thought we could count on a yes, but she did not come through for us and voted no along with Shaw and Smith.  Chairman Shaw talked for over 5 minutes telling everyone why he could not support the vote to term limit Mosquito Control Commissioners and used the scare tactic of opening up the Special District Legislative Enabling Act.  Then he cut off the Commissioner that put the item on the agenda.

I have heard Gov. Scott does not like the Special District so that was one reason Jill Cranny-Gage gave this as why she could not to vote for term limits.

Gov. Scott might open the Enabling Legislature and decide to put Mosquito control under the County’s control, and mess up the Commissioners jobs and benefits.  Some Special Districts do save money, but for the most part Special Districts cost the taxpayers extra money for staffing, buildings, Commissioners and staff benefits, health insurance for life paid for by our tax dollars for some Mosquito Control staff and for retirees, etc. Is this a duplication of services? County can take over the staff and job of killing mosquitoes and maybe save some tax monies?  Good and bad points can be made for Special Districts.  Let you be the judge on Special Districts.

How the Commissioners voted: Goodman-Yes/William Shaw-No/Stephen Smith-No/Jack Bridges-Yes/Jill Cranny Gage-No 

isaksen-flood 4.23.13
Donating based on “What’s in a Number” post. Reference real estate’s website regarding 32714 Tortuga Lane on No Name Key. All properties on this road are otherwise represented as odd numbered plots. None are close to a 714 address. 32-714 is clearly a creation somewhere/somehow. Perhaps,the “714” is of significance (the number on Quaaludes). Who knows? 

got to go pee




[Drink ‘til You Pee] If you are drinking water and you are not pissing, you are not drinking enough water.

[Al Jazeera America] I watched some Al Jazeera America this morning and I liked it. Finally I can see the real world news and don’t have to rely on BBC America’s limited schedule on TV. Another thing I liked, in addition to the world news is there was little or no celebrity news. I just don’t care what the Real Housewives are up to.  
arrow21[Flying Directions] On August 20, 1920, the United States opened its first coast-to-coast airmail delivery route, just 60 years after the Pony Express closed up shop.  There were no good aviation charts in those days, so pilots had to eyeball their way across the country using landmarks. This meant that flying in bad weather was difficult, and night flying was just about impossible. The Postal Service solved the problem with the world’s first ground-based civilian navigation system: a series of lit beacons that would extend from New York to San Francisco. Every ten miles, pilots would pass a bright yellow concrete arrow. Each arrow would be surmounted by a 51-foot steel tower and lit by a million-candlepower rotating beacon. A generator shed at the tail of each arrow powered the beacon. Link 
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[“Unedited Post”] How about just not posting the unintelligible, and gratuitously hateful posts, Deer Ed? If you cannot figure out what they are saying: don’t post it. If you are offended by the post, send it back to the deer author for editing (and it would send a needed message to the author). Saves us all some time. Thanks for all you do.


Our marriage was so so until I redecorated our bedroom to look like a motel room. She’s much happier now.


I am Akinator the web Genie Game


[N.  Roosevelt  Blvd 2-Way Traffic] Look at the product and customer service ratings of the failing businesses on N.  Roosevelt  Blvd. The road is only a tiny part of their problem. Quit catering to tourist and treat locals with respect and serve a decent product and you won’t have nearly the loss you’re experiencing. The roadwork is not hurting everybody. There must be a reason some places are still doing ok even in August with the road problem. Please don’t turn it into a killing field for motorcycles and scooters just to try to help some businesses that won’t help themselves.


[Term Limits Failed] It’s no wonder the Mosquito Control failed to pass the vote for term limits. People go into politics for the benefits like health insurance a steady paycheck and others. They go into politics as a career not to perform a service to the community. That is why term limits must be voted on in general elections. Politics are an easy job with many benefits; that’s why they will never vote themselves term limits.



[Dizziness and Water] Dehydration can also cause dizziness. Anxiety doesn’t necessarily cause dehydration, but those that have anxiety already are more likely to become anxious when dehydrated. Also, anxiety can make physical sensations feel and seem worse than they are, so mild dizziness from dehydration may feel like severe dizziness.

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[Tonight] Marathon Elks Lodge’s Hump Night, Wednesday, August 21st is a Member-Drive OPEN HOUSE. No cover charge. Music, Dancing, Food and Fun! Join us and bring your friends. “Papa Pete” is entertaining and Brannon is cooking our famous “Cheeseburgers in Paradise” as well as chicken, shrimp, etc. We look forward to seeing you!

nira tocco realtor 9.12



If you play horseshoes with a toilet seat you might be a redneck.

[“Marathon Journal–Roman Gatesi has got to go”] Light at the end of the tunnel! I have been saying that for the last 4 years, long before his self-serving, I’m better than everybody else, attitude finally got the public exposure. Recently there was a public service announcement (PSA) televised that had him explaining why people should come to the Keys. His words,”We need the money.” Commissioners having done that PSA have all talked about the Key’s great activities and scenery. “Mr Lobbyist” says we need the money. And he has a big smile on his face, like he’s proud of himself. It would never occur to him that his crassness just got exposed. He panders, he plays and he gets his former lobbyist employers and buddies contracts with the county.

His former, maybe still, girlfriend drives her car into a girl on a bicycle. Then the same girlfriend beats him up in a domestic fight.

Of course he walked in and threw money on Druckmiller’s desk. It’s so typical of his opinion of himself. He’s a power monger, considers himself above. He’s the classic definition of arrogance.

Worse, is that the BOCC continues his employment out of fear. Their motive for most all their decisions. Fear that they will be inconvenienced by having to look for another administrator. The BOCC is 100% responsible. By they’re not holding him accountable, they are indicating their approval. The BOCC had the opportunity to thanks[?] and take his money when he offered to pay for the investigators[?]. But did they? No, of course not. Without any discussion among themselves, they just sat there and ignored his offer.

I took a different view of his offer. While doing his I’m-so-sorry contrite act, he was really just offering to buy his way out. That’s what people like him do – see money as an absolution.

Of course he has got to go. He has no professional training or education in government management. He’s making bad decisions about whom he’s putting in charge of things, and now surrounding himself with staff he can throw under the bus and claim no knowledge. He’s allowed the county to get into at least 3 lawsuits, all of which the county lost. He approved the promotion of an employee who previously publicly acknowledged taking county supplies. He has no clue how to manage his staff. And to curry their favor, he makes the public appeal that they all get raises. So much for his responsibility to the people living in Monroe.

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an_penny_walk[County Purchases] Dear President Big Pine Key Property Owners Association, As I understand it the County monies will not be spent on things other than Wastewater that comes from the referendum we voted on to extend the 1 cent sales tax. The referendum was worded so the BOCC Commissioners cannot spend one thin dime until Wastewater in the Florida Keys is taken care of.  I, like you as a taxpayer, do not want another Hickory House! The extra dough is coming from bonding the extended sales tax which we will have to pay back. Looking at some of the purchases the BOCC is talking about are things that would fill some of the long awaited wishes here in Monroe County. I would like to see some of the items Roman Gastesi has been talking about purchasing as I am sure you would too.   Hopefully the engineers the country has hired will give their report on the old 7 Mile Bridge tomorrow at the Key Largo BOCC meeting will help our Commissioners make a good choice on that purchase.  Thanks for caring enough to spend your time to write this to Coconut Telegraph. 
tarps bungee cords
Check out our Menu At Springer’s Bar & Grill. Open Daily From 11:30 am – 10 pm

The Bar with the big Army truck out front.


[Sticky Sheets] Just think what you and your mate do in your abode then wonder if you really want to go to dinner at other people’s abodes.

eye14Hackers can watch you on your TV. You watch your TV, but hackers have figured out how to make your smart TV watch you. Video

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[Captain Doom and Gloom] “North Roosevelt Traffic Businesses” What is this BS, another pity me because I am losing money. Tough titty guys, it is the way the world goes round! Most of your profits are too damn high anyway. Take the hit and quit crying the poor mouth blues!

“Pity Me Ad” A friend in college taught me a trick to gain funds, just advertise a Pity Me ad online or in the newspaper and the dummies and bleeding hearts will send you beaucoup money. Tax free! Yes, there are really stupid idiots out there and they vote too.

religion politics zone
[“Exclude TV channels from showing Republican debates”] There haven’t been debates on those channels for years anyway.  They consist of some lib moderator slanting every question and discussion to topics they want to talk about, not issues important to choosing a Republican candidate.  Maybe they’ll talk about practical matters this time.

swedish-meatballsSweden has passed the United States in hours worked per working age adults.  Let that sink in for a moment: Swedish workers–living in the enlightened social democratic paradise according to the American left–are working harder than Americans.  The figures cited are rather startling:

The only reason the welfare state remains solvent is that an astonishing 85 percent of working-age native Swedes work and pay taxes, far above the European average of 70 percent.

Is it possible that the American welfare state is now more generous than the Swedish welfare state?

The key difference between the Swedish and the U.S. is that pensions and most transfers, including unemployment insurance, are taxed in Sweden, and so the goal of the Swedish is in effect to cut taxes on wage income while leaving taxes on pensions and most transfers unchanged, thus making work a more attractive option.

Hmmm, I’m starting to think maybe we should copy Swedish social policy after all.  I wonder if this observation, from a Swedish policy expert Reihan cites, has anything to do with it: “In recent years, Sweden has cut taxes and dramatically reduced the generosity of unemployment insurance and other programs.”

The United States has however moved in the opposite direction, having government grow under Bush and explode under Obama.

Republican = Working class, taxpayers.  Democrat = Welfare class, freeloaders.

Is it any wonder why no Republican like Democrats or liberals?

FTR’s Egypt, Suez Canal and Keystone. The Keystone pipeline is for Canada and Canadian oil companies to sell oil on the open market to the entire world and for refineries on the Gulf coast to sell refined petroleum products on the open market.

Its not for ‘America’s oil supply’. Sorry but you aren’t telling the big oil companies who they can sell oil to and who they can’t. That’s not a Republican policy now is it?

The Republicans have gotten more careful on who they select to monitor debates because of the Candy Crowley debacle. If you watched the debate, you would have seen that Crowley from the CNN sided with Obama and helped him out on a question. That is a liberal bias and the republicans are sick of it in the CNN.

green tea21


The Green Tea Party coalition bridges U.S. political differences regarding renewables. Video

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[Birther] As far as the issue of the citizenship of Texas Senator Ted Cruz goes, Republicans have to decide which is worse, being Kenyan or being Canadian.  It must be hard being a Republican. 
[Coup d’ Etat] America is caught in its own beliefs when it comes to Egypt. America has made spreading democracy one of its core goals. When a dictator that was killing his own people in Egypt was removed Egypt had elections. The people that won the election were not who we wanted put in place so as usual there are people screaming about why we supported the man elected by his own people. Our President is walking a fine line there. On one hand the world sees America supporting free elections but on the other they see America wanting those elected overthrown. I believe that Obama is walking the line as well as expected. He’s discussing the end of violence against humans and at the same time supporting Egypt’s ($1.3 billion) military aid package. It’s a back channel way of supporting their military which in the end is the right decision. If only we could get the Right to support their President for once, but then again the Right has morphed itself into the American Taliban.

keystone kops21

How can FTR get so much so wrong so often? The Keystone pipeline is for us to be able to sell Canadian oil around the world not to help reduce America’s oil dependency on foreign oil. The only benefit is to the workers who will build it. After that the American oil companies and foreign buyers will be the only beneficiaries of the pipeline.

Maybe FTR was thinking of the Keystone Kops!

FTR continues to support pouring more of our young blood into Iraq. Once again the old have no problem sending the young. FTR needs to volunteer in some way to our returning vets. He does not have a clue about our vet problem.

[Birther] I’m embarrassed for the Republican Party. When are they ever going to stop their nonsense and start governing? The latest is the hypocrisy in the whole “Birther” question whether our President is qualified to be our President. Hmmm. The first Gov. Romney was born in Mexico and nobody questioned it because at least one of his parents was born in America. Sen. McCain was born in Panama but nobody questioned it because at least one of his parents was born in America. President Obama was born in America and everyone questioned it even though one of his parents was born in America. (So what difference did it ever make if he had been born in Kenya–even though he wasn’t?).

The Republicans went crazy over this. Remember Donald Trump saying he had teams of investigators on this huge problem. Now Sen. Cruz comes along. He was born in Canada. One of his parents was born in America and one was born in Cuba–nobody is questioning his eligibility to run for President.

Boy have the Republicans changed their tune on this one. Now they are saying it took too long for President Obama to hand his birth ertificate over. He was smarter than anyone. He knew it didn’t make any difference anyway. All of the above are qualified to be President. I hope the GOP keeps up their crazy stuff. The American public is on to them. The more stupid stuff they say, the better it is for the Democrats. Keep it coming. Ha!

from the right

cnn21Common sense ruled when the GOP made the decision not to permit NBC and CNN to participate in any of the GOP primary debates. The management of NBC and CNN are rabidly left field. Even more so that most of the major media. The miniseries concerning Ms. Clinton will be a towering piece of puff propaganda for Clinton. Even potential Democrat presidential candidates are irate at the notion of Clinton getting hours and hours of free vapid publicity. Even they are angered at the certainty that Ms. Clinton will be viewed through rosy gauzy lenses. The Clinton brand is like cuddly rabbits to the media, they can do no wrong.

There are dozens of news sources other than NBC and CNN.  Some of which are actually pretty fair brokers. It would be wrong and foolish for the RNC to reward NBC and CNN when they are out to poison the political waters against Republican candidates.

72-miami-dolphinsPart 2) A huge tip of the FTR fedora to 1972 Miami Dolphins players, Hall of Fame center Jim Langer, offensive lineman Bob Kuechenberg, and the famously talented Manny Fernandez. Some of us will remember that the 1972 DOLPHINS had the only undefeated season in NFL history.  The record still stands. The 1972 team was invited to the White House for a photo op and ceremony with Mr. Obama. Good publicity for Obama to be seen with winners. Langer, Kuechenberg, and Fernandez respectfully declined the invite.  Why? Langer best said it: “”We’ve got some real moral compass issues in Washington,” “I don’t want to be in a room with those people and pretend I’m having a good time. I can’t do that. If that [angers] people, so be it.” Fernandez said: “”I’ll just say my views are diametrically opposed to the President’s,” “Enough said. Let’s leave it at that. I hope everyone enjoys the trip who goes.” Kuecnenberg said: “I just don’t believe in this administration at all. So I don’t belong. Anyone on the left or the right has to respect one man’s opinion” … Character counted in 1972 and for these gutsy guys it still does.

Part 3) As a retired cop I get irritated when people come down on our police officers, saying that they don’t care about or respect others. Well, here is a story that clearly shows not all cops are in that category.

This story involves the police department in the small hill country town of Fredericksburg, TX, who reported finding a man’s body last Saturday in the early evening in the Pedernales River near the state highway-87 bridge. The dead man’s name would not be released until his family had been notified.

The victim apparently drowned due to excessive beer consumption while visiting “someone” in Kerrville. He was wearing black fishnet stockings, 10 inch spiked heels, a red garter belt, a pink G-string, purple lipstick, dazzle dust on his eyelids, 2 1/2 inch false eyelashes and an Obama T-shirt.

The police removed the Obama T-shirt to spare his family any unnecessary embarrassment.

See there, Texas police do care.

A new peer reviewed paper (O’Dowd et al.) from the National University of Ireland presented this summer at the 19th International Conference on Nucleation and Atmospheric Aerosols suggests that clean air laws put in place in the 1970′s and 80′s have resulted in an increase in sunlight impacting the surface of the Earth, and thus have increased surface temperatures as a result.  In one fell swoop, this can explain why surface temperature dipped in the 1970′s due to an increase in air pollution, prompting fears of an ice age, followed by concerns of global warming as the air got cleaner after pollution laws and controls were put in place. Noooo! Link