2019 August

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

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[“Change 2d Amendment”] Are you sequestered from reality? Living under a rock? “No reasonable person wants to take your guns away”, you say. Would a former Supreme Court justice qualify as ‘reasonable’? Well Justice John Paul Stevens does want to take your guns. He wants to repeal the second amendment. Does former Rep. Major Owens D-NY qualify? He actually tried. None of these people are spreading rumors for the NRA.

There is vast momentum to repeal the second amendment and actually confiscate fire arms, all of them including old revolvers and shotguns and hunting rifles. This is not a conspiracy; it is led by powerful lawmakers and political appointees and voters. Here is a list of just some of the non-NRA affiliated politicians who are actively working towards stripping you of your constitutional rights:

Sen Cory Booker D-NJ, Julian Castro Obama’s Secretary of Housing Rep Seth Moulton D-Mass Former Maryland Congressman John Delaney Sen Amy Klobuchar D-Minn Rep Eric Swalwell D-Caif., Col. Gov. John Hickenlooper

If these people get their way, well, let’s just say no more squirrel hunting on a fine fall day with grandad, no more plinking with the .22 behind the hay barn, no more ability to reach for the trusted pistol if, perhaps when, a meth-headed tweaker bursts into your home intent on killing you. This can and has happened to people.

So, don’t be so complacent. You may not believe people are working against you and your gun rights, but they are. They publicly say so. You just aren’t listening.

[Interesting Key Deer Fact] 2 years ago the determination to delist the Key Deer from its present endangered species status began. As part of a general directive from high-up people in the US Fish & Wildlife Service, who have likely never even been to the Keys, are trying to delist the key deer. Their local representatives parrot their message, with little compassion and no rigorous scientific data. With our reefs dying offshore and the deer’s habitat continuing to shrink inshore, do we really want to deny continuing vital protections to one of our most unique wildlife? As many of our old-timer Keys resident friends say the paradise of the Keys has been slipping away. This is yet another important part of it – with more development and less nature to enjoy in the Keys as a future result. Soon there will be not many “interesting facts” at all to tell about the deer or the Keys.
Support the deer. Attend this Thursday, August 22 at 6 p.m. at the Marathon Government Center, 2798 Overseas Hwy.
Folks, we’ve been trying to give you interesting facts each week about one of your most unique neighbors, the Key Deer. Today we pause because a new development has begun. Save Our Key Deer, Inc. Link
[Bad Humans] It is a shame that the human race is so immature and war like. You would think after a few hundred thousand years we would have grown up enough to stop all the fuss and bother with our fellow man. No wonder no space aliens want to visit us. We smell of death and hate.




[Suffragette] Know her name: The women who fought for the right to vote. Link
Suffragette City —  David Bowie

[Bar Stools] Those barstools in MM[?] are killers. Sure they are wide enough for the fat chicks from NJ, but with the 2×6’s cut with square edges, they tend to shut off the blood to one’s legs after only four beers. Any good bar design has very comfortable barstools, so the customers stay and slurp more. Men sit at bars; woman sit at tables. That’s the law, I think. Or should be. Where’s the damn bar foot rail that joint has needed for the last 100 years? Anyone want to vote to extend the bar to the back wall? With this being my home away from home I got rights, ya know.
[Save Our Deer Petition] Please sign and share this petition. I saw no notice on the Federal Register that this was being planned (thus no 30-day public comment period), making it a last minute (and illegal?) decision. These deer have already lost most of their habitat and to allow developers to take more of it will sign a death notice for the deer. Petition
[To Let] When I was little and playing with the other children on our dead-end street, one of the tenements had a sign in the second floor window “To Let”. I couldn’t read and thought the word was “toilet”. For quite some time I thought that sign in people’s windows meant they had a toilet. I never knew why they would tell people that. Everyone had a toilet. In those days they didn’t have TVs, but they had toilets.
[Eat Iguanas] Wanted recipes for iguana fritters, stews and burgers. I’ve had it with these invaders ruining my property. Will my dog eat an iguana? How about hash? My cat?
[TV] What is going to happen to broadcast and cable TV if the Fire Sticks and Roku services take over? People are sick and tired of commercials that are longer than the show they are paying for. It sucks! I subscribe to 564 channels and only use 9 of them. The rest are junk or repeats or topics of uninterest


[Building Boom] If they change the endangered species status of the key deer there will be a development boom on Big Pine Key. The endangered species listing is the only thing separating us from “Condo City” Oh, excuse me, I mean “Affordable Housing City”

Me: Can I open a joint account?
Banker:  Ok, with who?
Me: Anyone rich!


The developers have won the building height battle. Now they can double their profits, pay for their lobbying bills (bribes) and ruin the quaint look of the Keys forever. They sold the higher building concept to the naive people who believed they did it because of affordable housing and climate change. Look for higher and higher buildings. Soon this place will look like Clearwater Beach’s condo row.

[Nutty Gun Nuts] Trump removed restrictions for mental patients but now says he wants to restrict their access.
[Old] I’m at the age where my mind still thinks I’m 29, my humor suggests I’m 12, while my body mostly keeps asking if I’m sure I’m not dead yet.
[Boat/Trailer/Car Race] Full sized race cars, towing full sized trailers, carrying full sized boats… and they are racing! OK, grab a beer and enjoy this little video of about 9 minutes long. You can almost call it “The first day of mini-season on US 1.” Video



[Duct Work] I saw a video from overseas of new construction where they were using lightweight oval-shaped plastic duct work for the heating and air conditioning system. Link

[Forgotten History] The time the USAAF bombed an American city. Link
[Killing Because Of New Road] The priesthood of the Afghan border instantly recognized the full meaning of the new British road. The cause of their antagonism is not hard to discern. Contact with civilization assails the ignorance, and credulity, on which the wealth and influence of the Mullah depend. But the Mahommedan religion increases, instead of lessening, the fury of intolerance. It was originally propagated by the sword, and ever since, its votaries have been subject, above the people of all other creeds, to this form of madness.  ~W. Churchill



Donations to Stuff the Bus are being accepted through August 31. Link

[“Zombie movies”] Can you imagine the mentality of those morons who like that entertainment? They must live in the Keys.