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Tuesday, August 22, 2023

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Wow, 6 months after Black History Month and it is still eating away at you. Because of slavery (human trafficking) and the following Jim Crow (disgusting racism) era, many good-minded people decided to try to enlighten those who were not taught a complete, accurate version of American history. For some sad reasons there are people who feel superior to some others based upon how many pigment cells are in their skin.
Remember – being different than you is OK for many, and with the power of a remote control device, you can steer clear of content you feel is offensive. Getting along is so much easier than conflict.
[Change the Voice on Your GPS] Anybody can be your travel guide with customized Waze voices. Switch the app’s default voice and have someone you care about tell you when you missed the exit. Link
[Maui] Everyone is blaming the lack of sirens for the disaster, but it’s really the lack of communication that is the culprit. That’s the same with the aftermath of hurricane Irma in the Keys. Our recovery was stymie by the lack of internet and cell phones. The emergency people still fail to recognize that we need internet more than FEMA. FEMA can help us later, but internet is needed immediately.
[Hard To Believe] Revolutionary electrolyzer efficiently converts CO2 into renewable propane fuel. Link
What happens when you die? Unlike most people, I know. I have a video. Link

[Bluegrass Archive] Lyrics to all bluegrass songs. Link

[“To the Hidden Fees poster on Friday 8/18”] Contact your bank. Let them know you were not told beforehand of this convenience fee and would like the charge reversed. I realize 3% isn’t much, but in this day and age every little bit helps. Plus, for me, it’s a matter of principle.
[Apple Clone] In 1980, a company called Franklin Computer produced a clone of the Apple II called the Franklin Ace, designed to run the same software. They copied almost every detail of the Apple II, including all of its ROM based software and all the documentation, and sold it at a lower price than Apple. We even found a place in the manual where they forgot to change “Apple” to “Ace”. Apple was infuriated, and sued Franklin. They eventually won, and forced Franklin to withdraw the Ace from the market. Link
The last day of 2023 will be 123123.

] Can someone tell me why the government is trying to change the name of UFOs to UAPs (Unexplained Ariel Phenomena)? Why do they always do that? Everyone knows what a UFO is. Leave it alone!
[“Hidden fees”] Merchants should have to verbally tell you about any extra fees, not point to a sign in the shop informing customers of the fee — after you’ve been charged. Usually there are so many signs you can’t read them all. The worst offenders are hotels with their destination charge where they make you pay for getting there, or their resort charge for things you wont use.

Monarch butterflies cannot fly if the temperature is over 85°

A tourist was struck by lightning while riding a personal watercraft in Cow Key channel Sunday afternoon. As of Monday, he was in stable condition in the hospital. Link

[Politics] When something goes wrong in the circus, they send in the clowns to distract the audience. Well, something has gone very wrong with this circus, and the clowns are everywhere.

Aldi is about to swallow Winn-Dixie — and that will mean some changes for customers. The German-based discount grocery chain Aldi, with a growing presence in South Florida, announced Wednesday that it plans to acquire the more traditional Winn-Dixie and its larger supermarkets from Jacksonville-based Southeastern Grocers. In the deal, Aldi also is acquiring Harveys, another Southeastern chain with stores in Jacksonville, Winter Haven, Lake City, Ocala and Lakeland. Aldi cuts costs by not bagging and you also pay a deposit to use a shopping cart. Link
THE FAT CHICKS ARE COMING!  THE FAT CHICKS ARE COMING! Lizzo’s current backup dancers have expressed support for the singer, thanking her for “shattering limitations and kicking in the doorway” for them as the artist faces a lawsuit from former dancers accusing her of sexual harassment and fat-shaming. Link
[Greyout] Thursday, driving through the Saddlebunch Keys I experienced the tropics’ version of a “whiteout”. The rain was so heavy it was a “greyout” and some cars had to pull over because they couldn’t see the road.

[Drawing] This is the uncoloring book. Draw

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Yesterday, gas in Marathon was $3.65 and $4.10 in Big Pine. Why is it $.45 cheaper in Marathon?
[Cool Cars] Revology Cars is the manufacturer of new reproductions of 1965-1968 Ford Mustang and Shelby GT automobiles. Link

Behind every angry woman stands a man who has absolutely no idea what he did wrong.

Britney Spears gets licked by mystery man, goes topless in new videos shared days after announcing divorce. Video
[Movies] I’m watching Band Wagon starring Fred Astaire (my cat Freddie’s namesake) on TCM. Great cast. How many of you youngsters remember Oscar Levant? Or Nanette Fabray? Or Cyd Charisse? Surely Ava Gardner? Or Julie Newmar? Did you know that Rita Hayworth was Mexican and changed her name to make it in the movies?
You can’t give away a used mattress, but somehow we’ll pay three hundred bucks a night to sleep on one at a hotel

[Irony] Remember when people used to have diaries and got mad when someone read them? Now they put everything online and get mad when people don’t read them
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