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Tuesday, August 8, 2023

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[Vaccines] With less than 7 percent of the U.S. population, Florida accounted for 14 percent of Covid deaths from July through October. The vast majority of the 23,000 Floridians who died during those months were unvaccinated or had not completed a two-dose reg men; 9,000 of those were younger than 65. Social media’s conspiracy attack on vaccines killed 23,00 Floridians.
[Wanted: Dock space] I’m looking for a dock slip for a 34′ fishing boat. or Tyler Johnson on FB
[Ring Around the Collar] I wonder what all those labs and scientists are working on now that they have eradicated “ring around the collar”? That was a big threat 30-40 years ago and now you never hear about it until the former president’s artificial tan rubbed off on his collar.
[Bigot Department] NASCAR driver Noah Gragson suspended indefinitely for liking meme mocking George Floyd and admits: ‘I messed up plain and simple’ and got caught. Link
The tall ship Gotheborg, the world’s largest ocean-going wooden sailing ship, answered a distress call the other day. Imagine waiting for the coast guard or whatever to show up and instead a replica of 18th century merchant ship pulls up and tows you to the coast.
[Auto Paint Damage] How to keep tree sap from ruining your car’s paint. Learn how to get rid of your car’s worst enemy during the warmer months. Link
[National Purple Heart Day August 7, 2023] Bless all our brothers and sisters unable to wear their medal through death or infirmity.
[Scamming a Scammer] How to scam $159 from a scammer. I scammed a Scammer. I was contacted by an obvious scammer the other day. They asked for $160 and I went along with it. I got their Cashapp and sent them 1 dollar instead of $160 lulling them into a false belief that they are smart and I am dumb. They were all like “Iolol wrong amount but I got the dollar you sent, you can send me $159 and it will still be fine” So I typed in $159 on Cashapp then pressed “Request” instead of “Send” Pretty sure they didn’t read it. They definitely just clicked “accept” instead of “decline” and I proceeded to block the lowlife scammer, $159 richer.


What it takes to make fake dinosaur fossils. Link

[Healthy Diet] Best foods to eat in each decade of life. Link
[Dead Dive Instructor] Thomas Aaron Faulkenberry, 44, disappeared last Wednesday afternoon while diving the U.S.S. Gen. Hoyt S. Vandenberg, a former 17,120-ton military troop transport and missile-tracking ship that sits 140 feet on the bottom of the ocean. The wreck, about seven miles off Key West, was intentionally sunk in May 2009 to serve as an artificial reef and has since become a popular dive destination. Link
[Cinema Etiquette] Guardian readers speak on the decline of cinema etiquette. After an article on the rise of audiences behaving badly at the movies, you shared your thoughts and anecdotes. Link
[Anti-Americans] The FBI arrested two people who live on a boat in Marathon for participating in the Jan. 6, 2021 riots at the U.S. Capitol to overthrow democracy. Tonya Bishop and her husband Bryan Roger Bishop. Link

[Exercise] The isometric secret: 15 ways to get much fitter – without moving a muscle. Link

Deer Editor, did I do something wrong?  I am not allowed to write to the CT. It says “see site administrator” (Editor: No you didn’t write anything wrong. I fixed it, I think. With computers, it’s always something. Thank you all for your contributions. )
[Blimps] Fat Albert has a baby in the skies over Lower Keys. A trip through the Lower Keys has Keys residents doing a double take as the iconic Fat Albert blimp appears to have procreated. Flexing its massive investigate muscles, the Weekly happened to connect with Chip Lyons in hopes of unraveling the Lower Keys blimp mystery. Lyons is the manager of the Cudjoe Key Aerostat Site. Link
[Stomach Trouble] Gut problems. Video
[National Day] Monday was National Purple Heart Day. How quickly we forget those who shed blood for this democracy. Don’t ever forget them or take them for granted.
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Never snort Viagra.

I want to know why fans throw dangerous objects at the pop stars on stage when they paid hundreds of dollars to see them perform. Is it intense jealousy or something else? Why do fans keep throwing things at artists during live shows? From Bebe Rexha to Cardi B, the list of victims of this strange trend is growing. So why are fans behaving in this way when seeing stars live on stage? Link
[Hurricane Preparedness] I keep pre-cooked bacon in my fridge that I call “Hurricane Bacon.” When the hurricane hits, I’ll put that bacon in my pocket, so if I get buried in a pile of rubble, the search dogs will find me first
[Sacrilege] Porsche edits giant Jesus statue out of sports car video before putting brakes on ad. The 92-foot tall statue of Jesus was edited out of an initial Porsche ad the carmaker posted, leaving just the 269-feet-tall pedestal. Link
[Atomic Bomb] How the real Trinity test was filmed and photographed, and where to watch it. Christopher Nolan’s film “Oppenheimer” cinematically depicts the first atomic test, but actual footage and photos from the event endure. Video
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