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Tuesday, December 12, 2023

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[“Flood and Windstorm Insurance”] If you have a mortgage your bank may force you to have flood insurance (I’m not sure about wind insurance). But if you don’t have a mortgage you don’t have to have either.  Flood insurance is a waste as it only covers your living space and if your home is 20 ft up, as was mine, it’s useless.  I dropped both and self-insured by getting a metal roof for appx $10,000 back in 2007. It was done by Rick Williams who was the best roofer ever. We were so lucky to get him to do ours as he was pretty hard to pin down.  The quote our insurance company gave us back then for the wind premium was $6,000 a year.  The roof was cheaper over just a two-year period. And that roof is still holding strong today after multiple hurricanes, including Irma.  So if you can, drop the insurance as they will argue whether your damage was caused by wind or water – yes water due to roof damage will be argued.  They will also try to say any water damage was caused by flood–if you don’t have flood.  The insurance companies really suck as even the one we had tried to force us to have both, when I did not have a mortgage and lied to us stating “that doesn’t matter” when it does.  They were a local family named company who we then dropped.


So much love. Can it be? Video

[AI] There is a clear danger around recursive self-improvement, autonomy and AI setting its own goals. When this level of AI becomes generally available, it will mean that a computer cluster could become a truly superhuman expert and choose to use its abilities to act on its own. Drawing red lines where the ‘capability ladder’ of intelligent machines can’t be allowed to go further.


Santa Boot Camp. Video

[No More ROGO?] Per Monroe County officials: vacation rental population doesn’t factor into the 24 hour evacuation time for Florida Keys. A 10,000 overall increase in population means nothing.
Does that mean throw ROGO out the window in order to increase building in the Keys? Monroe County Commission meeting on 12-13-23 should prove to be interesting!


[The Invisible Man] The technology to make people and objects invisible exists. Here is proof. Video

Dogs can understand more complex words than we thought. Our furry friends might be understanding more than you think. Cats—not so much. Link
Leroy the Redneck Reindeer leads Louisiana’s annual Redneck Christmas Parade featuring Grinch on a motorized La-Z-Boy, a monster VW and signs saying ‘kiss ur cuzin’ and ‘crack is wak’ – but struggling locals say there isn’t much to cheer about. The annual Christmas parade in West Monroe, Louisiana, last week featured floats with redneck themes. Video
[“Mandatory flood insurance”] If you don’t have a mortgage, you usually don’t have flood insurance because they don’t pay for anything under the stilt house anyway. Now they are telling the unfortunate homeowners who don’t have mortgages that they have to have flood insurance, or they’ll cancel their wind insurance. We self-insure for the last 30 years and as a bonus we get 5.25% interest on that insurance money we put into CDs.

They had a segment on Channel 5 News this morning about how some supply chain issues still exist and there may be a shortage of some items this holiday season. This may force men to start our Christmas shopping early, possibly as early as December 23rd.
[Whistleblower Punished] Air Force disciplines 15 airmen in investigation of accused whistleblower Jack Teixeira. Link
If your grandma got run over by a reindeer, you may be entitled to compensation. ~George Sink, P.A. Injury Lawyer

[Hurricane Insurance] Wind and flood are really rip-offs. You pay thousands of dollars year after year and when you need it they won’t pay!

[Crooks] “Flood and Windstorm Insurance” These people do nothing but push pencils and collect money. When you have a claim, they won’t pay and you have to fight them tooth and nail to get any money from them. At some point, if they have to pay a lot they leave the state instead of paying. I think we should fire the Insurance Commissioner.
Governor DeSantis should spend his efforts on insurance instead of banning books, abortion and drag shows, and Mickey Mouse, subjects few care about. Everyone cares about insurance, especially now that everyone has to have flood insurance, or they’ll cancel your windstorm insurance. We need someone who cares about us.


[Gaming] Grand Theft Auto 6 cost one billion dollars to make. So far GTA has raked in $6,0000,000,000

[Development] As the ROGO clock keeps ticking to expiration, more and more developers are trying to squeak out more and more construction projects, Case in point: Tavernier proposed Publix market, liquor store and 86 housing units! Is US 1 is going to accommodate more and more traffic to an already congested artery? I hope commissioners not only listen to hired lawyers and lobbyists, but also to is lowly residents who only want a more peaceful, less congested area to live out their lives.
How to add widgets to your desktop on Windows and macOS. Work faster and smarter by adding interactive panels to your desktop. Link
[Shipwrecks] Eighty per cent of Kiel, Germany had been destroyed in World War II because of its important naval port. At the time, the fjord of Kiel was the largest ships’ graveyard in the world with more than three hundred and fifty sunken vessels.

[Mysticism] Joan de Arc. “Miracles and portents sprang up to aid the Maid’s cause. In Poitou, France knights in blazing armor were seen riding down the sky…” Link

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