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Tuesday, December 5, 2023

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[US1 Closed] Fatal crash shuts down U.S. 1 in the lower Florida Keys. A fatal crash early Tuesday morning shut down U.S. 1 in the lower Florida Keys, said the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office. The crash happened around 5:20 a.m. on Sugarloaf Key near mile marker 21, shutting down all lanes on US-1. As of 7 a.m., all lanes remained closed! A traffic homicide investigator is coming down from Miami.

Fatal, fiery head on crash shuts down U.S. 1.  Video

[Y2K Fear] Although my very strong fears of the Y2K transition have mellowed significantly, I am still not 100% sure this event will be completely harmless.
(It’s not easy being me.)

[Boat Electronics] New, in-the-box. Garmin 400C Fishfinder and Garmin 545 GPS. Asking $400. Dave 305-797-1218 is dedicated to exploration by bicycle. We inspire and inform through original bikepacking routes, stories, and coverage of the gear, news, and events that make our community thrive. We believe travel by bicycle has the power to encourage conservation, inclusivity, and respect for all people and cultures. Link

Happy Pride Month
from Raytheon Technologies.
[Navigation Charts] Where can I find a link to an accurate chart for North Big Pine Key.
NOAA’s famous paper chart 11442 is nowhere to be seen. They’re being discontinued. NOAA’s online chart containing Big Pine doesn’t even show the canals of Port Pine Heights or the Kohen boat ramp approaches.
Forget about Tides Pro, it shows 1 foot SW of Howe Key Mangrove when it’s always 2 feet. And shows only ½ foot west of the Annette Key area where it’s 1 foot.
It may seem inconsequential to lubbers but it’s important to us back country idiots. A half a foot of water can mean the difference between a fun ride and a crappy afternoon dragging a boat through the mud looking for deeper water.
And US Harbors website was also useless. Link
[Tickle-Me-Elmo] A while back I ordered a Tickle-Me-Elmo for a Christmas present for my grandson. I removed Elmo from the large shipping box with all the protective stuffing etc, and there was Elmo in the regular box. Before I wrapped him, I thought it best to make sure Elmo was in good working order, so I opened the box and tried Elmo. Nope!  Would not work so I contacted the company and they said “sorry”, send him back for repairs or replacement. I wrapped Elmo up securely and sent him on his way. I asked the company if they would, please, before shipping, to be sure he was operational, give Elmo 2 test tickles.

Tesla Cybertruck launched. Video

[Guns] Another mass murder in Texas today. Too common to even report about.

Vegan is a healthy and hip lifestyle choice, just ask these teens.

[High Interest] First State Bank offers 5.25% APY on 8-month Certificate of Deposit.

It’s runny nose season. Here’s how to cope. The popular nasal decongestant phenylephrine was deemed ineffective in pill form in September. Link

[A/C’s Rule in Florida] A criminal trial in Key West, but the AC broke so court was postponed. I thought only us citizens were the only ones with malfunctioning AC systems, not a govt court?
Reminds me of an AC breakdown I had in 2020.  Brand new system installed, compressor, air handler. I had it installed one year prior. I called the sole proprietor company that installed it for the fix. He says he’s busy, his helper is busy also. Huh? I then called City of KW Building Dept—useless. Called Florida contractor licensing dept—useless. Called an old time, reputable AC company from Key West who came out for repair and did it right.  They explained the misfit company came down here in 2008, 2009, set up shop doing quick installs, quick 100% markup on units, and nowhere to be found for repairs.
This bastard-AC-one-man-show is still in business! Karma will prevail, God knows…
[Cicada] The sound of summer in the Keys. These are those noisy bugs with a high-pitched buzz making a racket during summer.
Illegal vapes pose problem for c-store owners. Tobacco is the highest-selling department in convenience stores, with cigarettes as the best-selling category, and other tobacco products, including e-cigarettes, ranking 4th. However, in recent years the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has cracked down on the selling of flavored vape products due to their popularity with people who are underage. Therefore, avoiding selling illicit tobacco products, especially to minors, is on the mind of many convenience store owners, as doing so can lead to fines from the federal government or even the revocation of a store’s tobacco license. Link

The earliest known image of Kieth Richards c.1140CE

Yale’s Long COVID program aims to treat patients with lingering COVID-19 symptoms, such as fatigue, brain fog, and shortness of breath. Link

Budweiser has changed its name to “America” for the summer because there is nothing more American than an iconic brand selling out to a foreign company, then using an image of false patriotism in an effort to make more money.

 The many ways Epsom salt can help your garden grow better.  It’s also good for enemas and soaking your feet. Link

Nine minutes of cat videos.

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[“Morton Kosher salt smaller crystals”] To the contrary, I think the crystals are larger not smaller. You say tomato I say tomatoe.
Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers — Let’s Call The Whole Thing Off
[A Holiday to Remember – Chevrolet Commercial] The best part of the holidays is the memories, the ones we make and the ones we reminisce. Watch this heartwarming story about a woman’s holiday journey to gift her grandmother memories from years past. All told from the front-seat of a classic Chevrolet Suburban. Video
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