2019 February

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Letters to the editor with pictures since 0202. Published on Big Pine Key’s garbage days, Tuesdays and Fridays.


[Mary Poppins a Racist] A U.S. professor is deeming the classic 1964 film “Mary Poppins” racist, accusing Julie Andrews of “blacking up” her face with soot while dancing with chimney sweeps If this movie, makes me a racist, then, ” just a spoonful of sugar, makes the medicine go down.” Is ‘Mary Poppins’ racist and using blackface? Twitter is not having it. Video

I always knew I’d get old. But how fast it happened was a bit of a surprise.
[Invention of the Week] Ear protector from milk bottle cap. A long time ago when milk came in glass bottles delivered to your kitchen door, the cap was made of cardboard that snapped inside the rim. There was a little tab you pulled up on to remove the cap. They weren’t very resealable, but there was a reusable plastic product that looked like a tiny shower cap that would fit over the bottle top keeping stuff out and the refrigerator smell out too.

Last week I had an ear infection and the doctor said not to let water get in that ear. I tried to find one of those old milk bottle caps to fit over the ear to keep the water out while showering. No luck. An invention that is fifty years too late.

[Old Farts Everywhere] I was sitting in a Duval Street Bar when four 20 year old chickadees came in. I said that it was nice to see new faces without wrinkles in Key West for a change. They said they were only visiting their grand parents and would be getting back on the cruise ship as soon as possible. Tells you something about the Keys! Should we rename the Keys the AARP Habitat for Old Farts?
[For Profit Healthcare] I wonder if dentists and doctors are getting as bad as greedy as TV advertisers and just making it look like they are curing our ills to sell meds and services?
[State of the Union Address Tonight] Tuesday, Feb. 5, 2019 at 9 p.m. On your local CBS station or Live stream Online on CBSN, the free news streaming service from CBS News.
My wife came up to me, put her arms around me and said, “I want you to whisper dirty thing in my ear.”  I said, ” The bathroom, the kitchen and the bedroom.”  That’s when the fight started.


[How to Get Pineapples to Bloom] Information about calcium carbide for pineapple plants. Apples also produce acetylene gas, and they are not hazardous.  Your pineapple plants need Acetylene gas. Link

[Fake News] A new study finds that a tiny fraction of Twitter users spread the vast majority of fake news in 2016, with conservatives and older people sharing misinformation more
Some guy just bought a Manhattan penthouse for $28 million dollars, the highest price ever paid for an apartment anywhere in the world.



[Kilt] Now we know.

Smoke it? A medical pot idea tough for Florida to swallow. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis wants the Legislature to repeal a ban on smokable medical marijuana, but it became clear Monday that some fellow Republicans might not be on board. Link
Mangroves car wreck leads to DUI arrest. A Big Pine Key man was arrested on Saturday for DUI after he crashed into the mangroves near Mile Marker 25. Justin Marconi, 30, was charged with DUI and DUI with property damage. Around 1:21 a.m., deputies responded to a report of a single-vehicle crash on the northbound side of U.S. 1. He was arrested for being loaded.

[Gay History Class] New Jersey to require schools to teach LGBT history. Schools in New Jersey must include lessons about political, economic and social contributions of individuals who are gay and transgender, starting in 2020-21. Link

[Planning for the Flood] The city of Marathon is taking advantage of a grant to plan for rising seas and more frequent flooding. The effort will ultimately result in updates to the city’s comprehensive land-use plan. The city has deemed a coastal resiliency study is crucial for protecting the health and safety of its residents and businesses as well as minimizing and mitigating adverse effects due to high tide flooding, sea level rise, storm surge and flash floods. Link
Nice work, over-fishermen, over-tropical-fish-collectors & shark finners, et al, you guys have ruined the entire trac of the Florida Keys reef!  Are you proud of yourselves? What’s next, the Dry Tortugas?  No wonder Mother Nature is retaliating against you Busch drinking crackers! Link



[Boating Safety Course] If you were born after 1988?  Florida law requires you to take this class to operate boats, personal watercraft and recreational vessels.

We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.
[Sal’s] Too bad the Salvation Army couldn’t take over that property to the left of it.  The poster was correct in saying that the parking situation stinks there.  I’ve discovered that there is no benefit telling the folks behind the counter about it.  And, of course, to their defense, they are earning close to nothing for a good cause and couldn’t care less.  On many occasions I’ve tossed things that I would have been apt to drop in a drop box.



It was only half-time during the Super Bowl when my Check Liver light came on!

How can I get a copy of the ‘Bar Bimbo’s Guide to Suing for Sexual Conduct if They Don’t Pay? It must be a free hand-out in most bars.
[“Makeup transformation”] Like I always said, you don’t know what you got until you get them in the shower! Amen.


[Birth Tourism] First US federal crackdown on Chinese birth tourism. Federal agents have arrested and charged 20 people whom prosecutors say brought hundreds of pregnant women from China to the United States in order to secure American citizenship for their children. The charges include conspiracy, visa fraud, and money laundering. Link

If Key West turns into a immigrant s**thole who can I sue for loosing all my property value? The Keys are not what they once were, but for Gods sake, let’s keep what we have and throw out the greedy, bent, bleeding-heart developers and land barons. The sooner the better!
[“God wanted Donald Trump to be president”] I agree with Sara. Happy to see your flexible when it comes to national politics. The New CT. Sweet.
[Affordable Housing Rip-off] Save the Keys! Goal 109 is not for the people of Monroe County. Goal 109 would allow for very dense housing to be constructed in areas of the Keys that cannot support that amount of people. Goal 109 would create one bedroom rental housing that could reach rates of over $2,000 per month. What does this mean?
-The state wants to add up to 1300 building allocations to the county.
– This housing will not be constructed near areas that have high demand for employment
– This housing will potentially disrupt environmentally sensitive and/or critical areas
– Commutes along US1 will lengthen due to the addition of over 1300 additional vehicles
– This influx of vehicles will compromise your ability to safety evacuate the Keys in the event of hurricane
– More cars mean more accidents.Please contact the Monroe County Board of County Commissioners and tell them that you do not support Goal 109. Link
If I were the President, I’d start up a special department to catch and “service” all these commie liars and invaders who are trying to undermine the US Government and destroy America. Enough of this BS.