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Tuesday, February 7, 2023

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It’s not a spy balloon, it’s China Garden’s new delivery system.

[Justice or Revenge] I’m not a bad person, but if a convicted prisoner admits to heinous crime, is mentally fit, is convicted with a plethora of evidence, and is going to be executed, can we not have the victim’s family mix the dose that will finally end the stealing of oxygen from our planet?


You can always tell when people up north get bored.

Living in Key West, there’s no tv needed. Just go for a walk, all the free entertainment one can want.

[Community Yard Sale] Port Pine Heights (Directions: Key Deer Blvd to the end, left on Gulf or left on Kyle to enter the neighborhood). Tables throughout. Wide variety of items for sale. Starts at 8 AM Saturday Feb 11th.

[Panama Canal] How much does it cost to go through the Panama Canal? It depends on weight. The average toll is around $150,000. The most ever paid was about $850,000. The cheapest crossing was for a swimmer who swam the length of the canal. He paid 38 cents. Guess you could kayak through at today’s prices for about a buck and a half.
[Combating Nazi Censorship] Brooklyn Public Library is launching a new campaign today, titled Books UnBanned, to help teens combat the negative impact of increased censorship and book bans in libraries across the country. For a limited time, young adults ages 13 to 21 nationwide, will be able to apply for a free eCard from Brooklyn Public Library, unlocking access to the library’s extensive collection of eBooks. Fascism is the slow removal of small rights until there are none left.
Fix back pain. Video
[Free Advertisement] Jolly Mon Bar & Grill, 31251 Avenue A, invites you to join Joy & Keith’s Musical Jam Sessions every Tuesday from 6:00-9:00 pm. Come early and take advantage of their 3:00-6:00 pm Happy Hour featuring reduced drink prices and happy hour food specials.
(Editor: You can advertise on the Coconut Telegraph at for $100 a year and reach about 60,000 Keysers a month.  No tricks or extras. Pay by credit card or check.)
My emotional support animal is a chicken. 4-piece with mashed potatoes and gravy with a biscuit and sweet tea.
It seems to me that the ‘skeeters are worse this year than typical.  Are they still spraying?  Did they ever release the frankenskeeters?  Anyone have any info?
Netflix used AI-generated images in anime short. Artists are not having it! Video


Last photo taken by the Chinese spy balloon over Myrtle Beach, SC.

[Military Buildup] U.S. and the Philippines agree on a larger American military presence. Link
[Winner] 18-year-old teenage girl wins $48m lotto jackpot. That would make a good reality show. We could see how fast a teenager can piss away $36 million. I know I’d piss it away too when I was 18. First stop: Ferrari dealer, second stop: iPhone store, third stop: drive by my high school so all the girls could see me in my new Ferrari. Link
[Inflation] In a 1974 movie, a guy orders 2 coffees and a pack of cigarettes and left a dollar on the counter.

Dive-ins are gone and replaced with malls, shopping centers or condos. I miss drive-ins. This picture is the Stock Island drive-in.

Due to the cancellation of our Full Moon Kayak Excursion because of the small craft advisory, we will be hosting a Pre Valentine’s Day Sunset Kayak tour set for February 13th. Departure time, from the Old Wooden Bridge Marina on Bogie Drive, Big Pine Key, is 4:45 p.m. We’ll be finished about 6:45. Call Bill from Big Pine Kayak Adventures for information and to let us know whether you’d like to be in a single or tandem kayak – 305-872-7474. You can reserve your space by visiting the event page. Donation is $30 per person and benefits the 4 refuges of the Florida Keys. Let’s hope Mother Nature smiles down upon us.

On January 25 I heard the first cardinal’s call of the year. Coincidentally, that first song was on the same day as last year’s.

[Real Men] When I grew up men didn’t touch or hug. It was a sign of weakness. I don’t remember my father ever touching me, he was a ‘real’ man (who left his wife and children when I was 16).
[New Engine Design] The Israeli revolution of the internal combustion engine. There are no valves, no lubricants, only twelve components. In fact, the engine does not generate any torque, but electricity. It is a generator. Link
[Chili On Fire] 231 Fires raging at the same time in Chile, many intentionally set! Link
The USA’s surface naval force is 164 ships That doesn’t include submarines, aircraft carriers, or sealift ships. Unfortunately, about half of those ships are not seaworthy or combat ready at this time. (The United States Navy has over 490 ships in both active service and the reserve fleet, with approximately 90 more in either the planning and ordering stages or under construction.)
[Captain Doom and Gloom] Ha, multi-billion dollar fighter toy to shoot down a kids balloon and the morons with the stars on their shoulders have the stupidity to brag about it.  Ha! They could have used a Piper Cub with a pointy stick! Link

The stars were out in outrageous outfits on the red carpet for the 65th annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles on Sunday night. Link

[Driver Assist] I just bought a 2022 automobile. It has computer-controlled steering. Drive down the road, let go of the wheel, drink a water, eat a sandwich. Beeps every so often to tell you grab the wheel. My wife says it’s unsafe to do this. I told her the car wouldn’t be made like this if they didn’t want no hands. Ok, I’m old.
Amazing collection of Henry Ford’s postcards. ford_plant_postcards_circa_19172-rfh
[Price of Gas] I got gas today. Unfortunately it was at Taco Bell.

Singers, singers come join us. Be a part of our chorus. We rehearse 6 Sundays live starting at 4:45. Big Pine Methodist church Is where. We rehearsal, we hope you dare. Please call Jamie to learn more. (305) 923-1054

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