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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

peaches[Up In Smoke] My good friend Tanya Rossi (aka Peaches) suffered a devastating loss yesterday. Her home in Key West burned…really burned. She lost 100% of her possessions. Everything! She still has her life and her sense of humor, but this is a tough, tough blow. There will be a benefit for her in a week or so at Boondocks. In the meantime if you want to help, you can drop off contributions at Parmer’s Resort (565 Barry Ave, Little Torch Key, FL 33042). Anything and everything is welcome. She has nothing. You can help with cash, gift cards, small appliances, furniture, linens, radio, personal care items, whatever. The things that you use everyday. Please help. That’s who we are!  



~Fire Photo: Rob O’Neil, the KW Citizen

an_eyehole[“Does Amazon keep my files and why”] Amazon is the largest possessor of servers in the world. Information is money. That is why they use any information they can gather about you. They use that info to target ads specifically towards you.

Google your name to see what info is public. Crooks do it all the time. That’s how they usually start. The more info they can gather about you helps them to recover passwords for your accounts in order to do you harm. With a little bit of personal info the crooks can phone your internet provider (for example) and talk the support person into reissuing your password. If one support person refuses they just call another until they get a sympathetic person who will reissue your password. Once they have one password they browse through that account for more personal info in order to get more passwords for your other accounts. It gets easier and easier once they have the first password.

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There’s nothing wrong with Fox News. The point of contention is should we change the law to permit one media corporation to control the thought of any particular region. 

[What I learned from a lot of years of reading the Coconut Telegraph”] The person that posted that first post yesterday about the history of the Coconut Telegraph should be commended in my opinion in the fact that she or he certainly started my day at least off in a positive and pleasant attitude. The post was so true to what I believe most readers to find by reading the C.T. I personally get more capsulated news in ten minutes of perusing the C.T. than most any other news outlet , and for people who still have to work for a living it has simply become one of the brighter little lights of living in the Keys. Splendid post and good job C.T.!


[Gun Cleaning] How long do I have before I have to clean my gun after firing it? I know I should clean it right away to prevent corrosion, but often I don’t feel like it or don’t have the time. I suspect I can put off cleaning it for a week with the modern gun powders they use now.


In 1877, Crazy Horse fought — and lost — his final battle against the U.S. Cavalry.

[What I learned from a lot of years of reading the Coconut Telegraph”] That was probably the best post I’ve ever seen. Whoever wrote it nailed the CT perfectly.


I’m thinking of getting a new kitchen range. I’ve always had gas, but my wife wants one of those flat cook tops that are so easy to clean. My question is, how much will my electric bill increase with an electric stove? Right now my propane bill for the gas range is just $.30 a day.

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[“Donated $5,800 to various campaigns, as well as another $800 from the Marathon Marina. ‘Everyone thought that was natural because he was looking to have the City Council go along with some of the modifications they were making down there,’”]  So our councilmen admit you can’t get anything done by the county unless you pay bribes for it up front?


[Bent Feet] The poor deer suffered from, or is suffering from, the effects of Laminitis. It is also called Foundering. Immediate treatment is crucial, or the results are devastating…as pictured. It is brought on by stress and over heating. I’ll keep this brief. Google tells all. I’ve seen it in horses. Sometimes, if the horse’s fever can be quickly reduced via diet and antibiotics, and the horse can be induced to lie down, the horse can survive and be a normal horse. It destroys the career of polo ponies, and race horses. Their weight bends the tiny ankle bones which are horses’ weakest link. Obviously, the deer was not treated. 

[Voter Apathy] The age old question, can people summon the discipline to govern themselves responsibly is indeed the vexing question of the day, or as so many civilizations of the centuries will we be relegated to the also-rans, which judging by recent history seems to be the road on which we are traveling ,for the last five decades or so we have been incrementally on the road to mediocrity, in my judgment this has occurred in large part because of the influx of voters whom refuse to accept the realities of life or are simply unaware of the realities, in our country I believe that the chasm between informed and practical voters is widening all the time, and the problem with this is that as our older and wiser generations pass on they are being replaced with one who’s reality is about on a par with his favorite video game. one only has to look at the quality of the posts on this site to get a flavor of what I have just posted, F.T.R. posts facts mostly and he is ridiculed from the left as posting hate, time and again he has rebuked his antagonists with proof to which he seldom gets any reply , only generalities and evening news talking points from the myriad left wing ideologues on the evening news.


One of my neighbors walks daily because his knee replacement surgeon has ordered it. Another kind neighbor has a chair in her front yard to allow him to have a rest if he gets a little tired. Big Piners are wonderful.

an_cannibal2I miss the good old days. In 1672, mob of angry Dutch killed and partially ate their prime minister.

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I watch Fox News a lot, mostly for amusement.  What is disturbing to me is the number of people who take them seriously.  I do especially enjoy “The Five” show,  always with one of those hot, leg pumping chicks perched out in front.  I think that must feel good to her when she does that.

[“Cost of Dying”] So much for the Hippocratic oath! Live/cost. Die/cost. Sorry, you die.



I like pigs! The way they use to be served in the Keys (whole), roasted on a spike or in a Cuban coffin. Anybody still around knows how to do it? I’m planning one heck of a Super Bowl party–sorry, no turkeys allowed. We got them down pat. This will not be a church party so booze is part of the cooking. Anybody interested post. We’ll plan. The place to be announced.

I enjoyed reading yesterdays post titled “Learn from Prisons” This person made a lot of sense. The though was enlightening.



1905 Fireman’s Bicycle


[Spaghetti Dinner] Big Pine Key Boy Scout Troop 573 is holding a $10 All You Can Eat Spaghetti Dinner                                                                                                                                                 5-7 PM ,on Sat Jan. 12 at the  Big Pine Methodist Church, 250 Key Deer Blvd.  There will also be door prizes, a 50/50 raffle, and delicious  home-made desserts!  Please come out and support our scouts and their camping  activities.  For more info Bulletin Board

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It’s good to have the FTR  guy back. I don’t like his opinions, but I have to read them. I didn’t think I’d miss him.


Well, Well, Rudy met Forest Gump and again the south rose to the occasion. Roll tide! and again the south rose to the occasion. Roll tide!

[Gun Control] I think everyone who enters elementary to high school should get a book and a loaner handgun—-every one who enters a movie should get a small box of popcorn and an loaner handgun–every one who enters a fast food should get a small fries and a loaner handgun—- to be turned in as you leave—-meaning what can you do?


Top 10 Light Dessert recipes. Link

fine-woodworking-ad 1.7.13

[On guns] Maybe it’s time to move the gun comments to a separate section. You could name it “Small penises” or ” Small Tomes.” To the person who pointed out that more people die from malpractice than guns, should we shoot the doctors?

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[1909 Reading Standard Board Track Racer] No brakes, no clutch. Leather or linen helmet. Just pedals and big cajones. They raced on wooden, steeply banked oval tracks. This one restored in 1992, and runs perfectly today. Concourse winner at Pebble Beach Car Event. 


[Fish Feel Pain] Why do people jump to the conclusion that they want to ban fishing because a new study reveals that fish feel pain and stress?

The dog park in Marathon is partially shaded, free of poo and totally fenced.  Those are the good points.  The negatives are that it’s very dirty (meaning full of dirt and dust).  You will have to take a bath (along with your dog) when you get home after letting your doggie get some exercise and socialize there.  Dusty, dusty.  ~Dusty Dogfield (get it? Like Dusty Springfield) 



The waning crescent Moon appears lower each morning until dawn on Thursday, when it forms a spectacular pair with Venus very low in the southeast. 


chamber_of_comm100hThe Lower Keys Chamber Board of Directors at the January Board Retreat elected officers for the 2013 Board of Directors that included President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Membership Vice President and Parliamentarian.  Please allow me to introduce you to your new Officers and Directors and join me in congratulating them when you see them:

President –                                                          Steve Miller – Vox Communications

First Vice President –                                      Kim Trice – Capital Bank, Big Pine Key Branch

Second Vice President –                                Cathy Talcott – Sandra Walters Consulting, Inc.

Treasurer –                                                          Sheila Cantler – Centennial Bank, Big Pine Key Branch

Membership Vice President –     Susan Miller – Habitat for Humanity

Parliamentarian –                                             Leslie Valant – Edward Jones Financial Services

Secretary –                                                          Carole Stevens – Executive Director, LKCC

Director –                                                             Josh Eitel – Reel Keyz Charters

Director –                                                             Marie Boyett – All Keys Gas

Director –                                                             “Keys” Kelly Kline, Realtor – Coldwell Banker Schmitt Real Estate

Director –                                                             Judy Rowley – PizzaWorks.

Director –                                                             Debbie Novak – A Caribbean Dream Salon & Day Spa     

Thank you all for your commitment to Big Pine and the Lower Keys, to help direct the Chamber’s programs for effective action and by offering your time and commitment to serve on the Board of Directors, you show the true meaning of community involvement and spirit. Congratulations!


[Lack of Manners] Is a terminal disease in the Keys, especially during season. The next person that rudely interrupts me having a conversation will be told about it!

Fox News is one channel and now maybe some more outlets of a different nature. ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC and so on are all exactly what you don’t want Fox News to be. Wake up and smell the coffee.



[Captain Doom and Gloom] I second the motion to reinstate the military draft and to make it a “sine qua non” condition for voting and citizenship. That seems to be the only sure way out from the massive leftist/defeatist sellout of this great nation. How about a rental fee to live here and use the facilities. There should be a base cost fee for everyone who lives in America!

Ever notice, no one seems to win big money in the lotteries in white ‘hoods? Why?

“Dial M for Murder” He should have gone online and searched for that type of business for laughs or just gone to Miami and …….never mind!

[Gun Nuts] Hear, hear! I second the motion to reinstate the military draft and to make it a “sine qua non” condition for voting and citizenship. That seems to be the only sure way out from the massive leftists’ defeatist sellout of this great nation.

1. So far heres this years most ridiculous Anti Obama cool guy insult. The subject was why are our Presidents approval ratings going up. We were told that “we are devolving into a nation of dumb shits”. Thats kind of funny considering I thought that was the reason the Neo Cons made Romney their candidate. Maybe hes RIGHT.

2. The right keeps trying to tell us that the only reason people voted for Obama was that they dont want to work they all want free money. If thats the case why are the unemployment numbers dropping? If that silly pseudo fact was so the unemployment numbers would be rising not going lower. I guess we can reason that the people of this country wanted more job growth and were seeing the presidents job numbers turning around. Sorry you couldnt fool us with Romneys lies such as ‘Jeep will be moving their autoworks to China”.  Turns out you Neo Cons were the ones that swallowed those blatent lies. You were so naive you still bought it after the head of the Jeep division told you it was all lies. Jaundiced vision at its worst.

3. I love when people try and tell you and everybody else why you “Voted for your President”. Its called “I cant take reality so I have to spin it to support my narrow view”. It makes life easier for them. Kind of like a mental patting of yourself on the back. Its their version of trying to act like everyones a fool to not agree with them. Reality is they dont know the reasons I voted for our President. Heres a hint. I do very well and work very hard. I dont want anything given to me.Fact is I know 6 people that were Republicans and voted for our President. Maybe the poster should look at his own partys candidates. There may have been more votes against Romney then there were for Obamas policies.

4. I challenge one Conservative poster to show me one little blurb, comment, written word, even a slip of the tongue that the words “I want to take away Americans guns” from our President. Just one! That should be a slam dunk for you deep philosophical and well read folks claiming  thats what he wants to do. I challenge you to stand behind your rhetoric. Just 1 time the President has said he wants to take away your guns. You preach it everyday prove your facts.

I have a feeling we will get the usual “act like they didnt read the challenge given” and pretend it wasnt asked. Then drop the subject for a few days and start it up again. very old and outdated propaganda trick.

June 2008: Candidate Obama swore to us, “I just want to be absolutely clear. All right, so I don’t want any misunderstanding when you all go home, and you are talking to your buddies, and you say: “Ah he wants to take your guns away.” You’ve heard it here. I’m on television so everybody knows it. I believe in the Second Amendment. I believe in people’s lawful right to bear arms. I will not take your shotgun away. I will not take your rifle away. I won’t take your handgun away..

There you go folks. FTR just proved my point for me. Thank you sir. Its like Ive often said on here. The right helps our President more then they know. Let them speak for awhile and they will talk themselves into agreeing with our President. How that  wacky birther Queen doing? Has she taken it to the Supreme Court yet?


[Gun Nuts] Does anyone know where the Right gets the idea that the Left wants to disarm America? I’ve been searching the web and can’t find any Leftie proposing such a thing. All I can find so far is cries for gun control not gun confiscation. That’s rational, confiscating guns and changing the 2d Amendment is irrational and un-American and will never happen.

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