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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

[Tanya Rossi’s Burnt House] Locals do help local hard working people. Please have Tanya or anyone who works with her, that can reach her by phone while they shop, come to the Flea Market this Saturday or Sunday. Come to Cody’s Discount in the front near the picnic area. I will donate a large box of anything that will help her get started again. Having your house burn is so devastating that I hope we can brighten her day with anything from hair ties and nail polish to housewares and cleaning supplies for any of her treasures she could salvage. Ask for Cindy.


Coconuts just recovered our 3 Brunswick  Monticello 9 x 41/2 foot billiard tables. We use only Simonis cloth, the best cloth in the world and also the most costly. If you enjoy pool stop by the “NUT”. Simonis plays better, longer all the while allowing you to play your best. Because it is the most accurate cloth it allows you to play better, which allows you to more fully enjoy the game.



The “NUT” 30 years in business. Rock ‘n you right at the Light. Downtown Big Pine Key. 

[Waste and Ego] The City of Key West is buying another 20 new, big and powerful full size cars instead of small, fuel efficient cars to patrol the City limits whose maximum speed is 30 mph. The last time they bought those big cars I asked one of the commissioners why. He said the police don’t like to be seen in little cars.

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[Out of Joint] The world is full of things that we don’t notice until we have an interest or need, and then they appear everywhere. I’m a candidate for, not one, but two knee replacements. With this new knowledge, I’m seeing references here semi regularly. I’ve experienced worse, but when FTR spoke of complications, I went on emergency. I’ve survived sepsis, staph and blood poisoning — barely. I hold my breath when I pass a hospital. I gobble Aleves like Regan ate jelly beans. I want courage and assurances. I often refer folks to Google. I am more interested in what my neighbors who have had replacements and are happily walking up stairs have to say. This situation is tough on a guy who used to be one of the world’s fastest running Caucasians. 

[Discrimination] In the very early twentieth century White laborers building New York City  got paid the highest, coloreds were next and Italians received the lowest pay. This was only fifty or sixty years after slavery and Italians received the least pay. They were called to testify in court very rarely because of their notorious superstitions. A lawyer never knew if they were going to say a thing was caused by the evil eye or the saints as proof of some point.



A few years ago uptight fisherman were saying that kite-boarding in the upper Keys was scaring the fish. Fishing scares fish too. But then they also live with the fear of being eaten and the pain that comes with being clubbed in the head or shot with a spear gun. 

Only about 27% of Internet users are English speaking, but 57 percent of the material is targeted to them. There is a big piece of the pie left out there until someone finds a way to translate instantly into the other languages, and it’s not just the other languages they have to translate to but the dialects are needed too.



In 2007 Apple introduced the iPhone and changed telephonery forever. (You can buy the latest iPhone 5 at the Big Pine Radio Shack.)

Boat dockage in Big Pine. $8 per foot per month. Located on wide, deep canal with 4 foot control depth at canal opening. Short distance to ocean on Atlantic side with no bridges, west side of BPK. Marina, dive shop and tackle shop all within a minute’s walk. Classified Ads > Boats


Why does the Right think that the government wants to take away our guns? Or take our money and give it to “undeserving people”? Or turn us all into homosexuals? Or make us secular humanists? 
The answer from Merriam-Webster: Paranoia 
1. a psychosis characterized by systematized delusions of persecution or grandeur usually without hallucinations
2. a tendency on the part of an individual or group toward excessive or irrational suspiciousness and distrustfulness of others 
The Kinks – Paranoia, Big Destroyer

an_shoot hit ship


Best UFO sightings for December 2012. Link

[Fish Feel Pain] I feel pain when I get stuck on a fish’s spine or when they bite me, so we are even. We have been given dominion over all creatures by our creator so eat more fish.


[Google Your Name] Wow, it says I’m a doctor in Hawaii, so why am I here? 

an_detective73I found a wedding picture of someone I’m trying to find. Her name was Anita Ann Fischer and she was married to my Dad until he passed away in 2000. We lost touch, but my niece sent me the photo of her and I wanted to see if there was any way to reach her through you. Her married name is Anita Ann Brouwer, and the last I knew she still lived in Summerland Key. The photo you had was of her in white bridal bathing suit, including garter, on a boat with her husband. My daughter graduates in May and I just wanted to let her know and send a picture. Any help you can be would be appreciated. (Ed: It would have been nice had you included the picture.) 

I had a policy with AIG several years ago. They buried me with paper until I dropped them. Now they want another bailout. What nerve!

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[Electric Stove] I purchased a Jenn Air flat burner stove at great expense. The first time I tried to boil water to cook spaghetti I found out that it wouldn’t get hot enough to boil a pot of water. I called the company and they confirmed the fact. Keep your gas stove.

[Gun Cleaning] For person who wants to know How long they can wait to clean their gun after firing it. The answer is so easy. Clean your gun as soon as possible after you sink the body.



[Gun Cleaning] Guns have two enemies, politicians and rust. If you’re shooting a revolver, you can probably get away with missing a cleaning. If it’s a semi-automatic, you need to be aware that the ejector (on the slide) gets dirty and may not grab the spent casing to eject it as the gun cycles to load the next round. This can cause a failure to eject and the action will jam. The spent casing could stove pipe or the new round could butt up against the spent round.

Since I carry everyday and depend on my weapon to work if I ever need it, I clean mine right away after each trip to the range and at least once a month if I don’t go.

[Bland Fish] I don’t like being the bearer of sad tidings, but the reason the local restaurants get away with substituting tilapia or other fish for snapper and grouper is because snapper and grouper are, like all other white fish meat, basically tasteless unless you jazz them up with your favorite flavorings.  There, I went and said it.

Afghanistan is awash with guns, always has been.  Yet the Taliban took the place over rather easily.   What makes you think that everyone having a gun here would prevent some group from taking over?

jam9[Race on US1] As a person who travels to Key West frequently from Big Pine I was on the road Saturday. I can only say from my perspective, what a frustrating, and idiotic scene there was. Frustrating because I don’t know who planned the stops for this race, but crossing the street so many times caused massive delays and stoppage on the highway. I was in the mess, and it took me 1 hour and 45 minutes to travel from Key West to Big Pine Key.

Idiotic because I can not imagine who sent 6000 runners down the side of the road 2 feet from my vehicle. Many times I was forced into the opposite lane of traffic. Many times I had to slam on my brakes because the people in front of me gawked and took pictures of all the bananas, jesters, and other oddly dressed runners.

This is a very dangerous situation, and I cannot believe law enforcement allowed this to happen in this manner. I was stopped 4 times by Sheriff’s officers to allow runners to cross the road on my way down to Key West in the morning. On my way back in early afternoon, I was stopped 5 times. This is a road for vehicle use, and should not have that many people on the road. The road is in such bad shape anyhow, that sometimes drivers ride on the shoulder for a better ride. If this race is allowed to continue, someone, someday is going to get seriously hurt, or killed. That is just too much going on for Saturday drivers. Saturday and Sunday are days where there is the most inexperienced drivers on the road. Also they picked the weekend where most people staying in Key West for the holiday week were heading home. How this race is scheduled in the middle of highest season week is unbelievable.

Cancel this race and any others that clog our road and make it dangerous for everybody involved. Also a side thought. I have been a victim of a heart attack recently. If I lived on Summerland Key, and on Saturday I had a heart attack, I would probably be dead because there was no way for emergency vehicles to travel cross the Niles Channel Bridge. It was packed with sitting cars not going anywhere. To whom it may concern, please use this information, and info from other stranded motorists to make a smart decision about the use of US1 as a track and field sports venue. That it’s not. US1 is a very dangerous road on any given day, and should not be clogged with people running 2 feet from vehicles moving at 50-60 mph.

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Calling all chefs!  If you think you make the best conch chowder in the Keys, join Habitat For Humanity in the Conch Chowder Cook-Off held in conjunction with their Island Grass Music Fest on Jan. 27 from 1-6 at Boondocks.  No entry fee. All you have to do is fill out an application and bring 5 gallons of your finest conch chowder.  Guests will purchase your chowder then vote with dollars to see who has the best.  You can sign up for the professional or amateur category.  It’s all for fun and all about raising money for Habitat for Humanity.  For more info Bulletin Board

[Gun Law Upheld] On June 26, 2008, the Supreme Court ruled that “the Second Amendment, part of the 10-amendment Bill of Rights adopted shortly after the Constitution itself, guarantees the right of individual U.S. citizens to possess and use firearms for traditionally lawful purposes” in a 5-4 vote. 



[Gun Control] I can’t even think of a scenario where our government would need to be violently overthrown. We do have elections here and this last election showed us that it can’t be bought. As far as a foreign power overthrowing our government, if that happened no amount of assault rifles will change that scenario. And I’m a paranoid person writing this. 

Contrary to the web of lies that Folgers has been spinning for years, the best part of waking up is actually going back to sleep.

[Birthers] Los Angeles Hermas Inc were running an operation out of their home allowing women from China to travel there and give birth at the mansion so their babies would be considered American citizens. Link
fine-woodworking-ad 1.7.13

[“I gave away my private information”]  The courts have ruled you don’t have any expectation of privacy with online electronic devices. Anything you enter into them and connects either to the Internet, to the cell tower networks or to machines that do, or broadcasts a signal (like Bluetooth and WiFi) is fair game for anyone to record, abuse or use in methods without your knowledge or consent, like for instance recording your physical location 24/7 that occurs with all modern cell phones.

There has been no rules or laws drawn up for the protection of personal privacy with these devices, it’s all up to the services, device and software makers which haven’t been too keen to comply with users demands for control over their personal or location data, preferring to cater to advertisers and governments (good and bad) over those who purchase their devices or use their services.

Your only choice is not to use them, turn off the GPS,  or severely restrict their use or ability (like using Faraday bags for dumb cell phones) or use aliases as much as possible.

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[Gun Ban]  It starts with gun control, chipping away at what kind you can own, who can own one at all, what you have to do to own one, and it all begins with gun registration.  The same pattern has been repeated in country after country, all leading to the same result; confiscation and tyranny.  Learn from history.  Stop the pattern now.

The Key Deer Protection Alliance will hold its monthly meeting tomorrow, Thursday, January 10 at the Lower Keys Property Owners Association building, located on Bogie Road near the Old Wooden Bridge Fish Camp, beginning at 7:00.  It will be a potluck dinner with a short business meeting.  The public is invited.

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[Gun Control] Why is everyone getting all hemorrhoidy worrying about them taking away our guns? No one has said that. They just want to remove assault rifles and a few other things we don’t need to defend ourselves. In America we’ll always be able to defend out selves with guns. It’s time to wake up and smell the cordite. No one’s ever going to take away our guns so stop saying that.

Sacred cows make the tastiest hamburger. — Abbie Hoffman

Wikileaks case likened to Civil War espionageLink

Don’t be lazy, every time you shoot someone you should always clean your gun.
Do fish feel pain, I don’t know and I don’t care.
What caliber gun was the woman in the Wal-Mart photo carrying, I want one.
You don’t have to waste ammunition on the malpractice doctors, hang them instead.
Practice gun control, always hold the gun with both hands.



I wonder if the people who believe the NRA when they say the Second Amendment includes assault rifles have ancestors who believed the earth was flat? 

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Slow cooker dessert recipes. Link



[Electric Kitchen Range] I’ve always had gas too, so I got a new stove and I still have gas. Maybe I need Beano?

[New Kitchen Range]  I’ve never had a gas range, so I can’t speak to that, but I have a flat top easy to clean one now and it is the best thing since the intro of the microwave. The kitchen looks so much better with that nice flat shiny surface.

Oliver Stone, in his TV series “Untold American History”, lumps the Tea Party in with hate groups such as the Klu Klux Klan,  the American Nazi Party, the John Birch Society,  the McCarthyites,  and other extreme right wing groups.

CTSpyCams[Captain Doom and Gloom] Has anybody come up with a accurate explanation of what is going on with the latest sewer crap? Seems the document we have to sign is so open ended they can do anything they want for one dollar. Something stinks about this whole scam and it is not my septic tank. Aluminum railings anyone? More yellow road lines and reflectors? Spy poles? Grass strips over proposed pipe lays? Bike path the same? Enough already!

“Guns” With the stupidity of the comments, pro and con, on firearms, people will never learn why We the People want to defend our rights to protect ourselves. Those that hate firearms should move to Uganda or some other dictator-controlled-culling-shithole and those who are advanced gun nuts should too. The rest of us will do no harm to good people, but bad guys beware, we will not take any crap from anyone!

Basic economics research has determined that  austerity (reduced government spending) has a depressing effect on currently weak economies, the adverse effect being greater than one might think. Cutting Government spending during a recession is a bad idea.  Actually the Government needs to be putting more money into the hands of people who will spend all that money in local economies, and not into the hands of people who already have everything money can buy and will just squirrel it away someplace.

[Guns] The naïveté of some posters is absolutely astounding. Any one that does not comprehend the simple fact that no politician ever remains in office acting on the words he has spoken, by direct action, because that is political suicide. If football teams made as many end runs as politicians that would be the only play in the play book, in other words don’t listen to what they say, but watch very closely what they do.

Ah yes, the gun debate will indeed make many twists and turns as do all political discussions. We must be thankful that all our politicians are so totally honest–in their words. You know like, “I never had sex with that women, not once”. Therefore deer posters, I would deeply suggest you observe Mr. Obama’s actions on gun control, but take his words with a lot of grains of salt. 

an_orchid bend petal

The Home Depot Garden Club’s last chance to buy one get one free orchids. Link

[Gun Nuts] Did you see the story from Atlanta? Good luck with that .38. I’ve always said if you want to take someone down go with a .357 at the very smallest caliber. There was an incident in the ’70s when a woman that was being attacked shot a guy with a .22 four times and he still beat her to death. 

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Congress is hard at work figuring out how to make the death of the American dream look like an accident.

[Obama Supporter Bad] My goodness that Obama supporter was certainly on a rant yesterday, asking all us poor conservatives to show me this and show me that , I would suggest he do his own research he may learn something he never knew before, now I couldn’t begin on one post to answer all his questions, and bore all our readers to death by giving him answers, so lets take just one for now, the gentlemen tells us we think we know why folks voted for the candidate on the left, then tells us the fact is we don’t know ,he himself works hard, doesn’t want freebies etc. then says that is a hint, this fellow is perplexing to say the least, yet he is perfectly willing to let us twist in the wind with out any answer to his question maybe he is looking for a job in Gov. only a guess but pray tell sir please enlighten us poor pilgrims and explain to us why any hard working person would ever vote for Mr. Obama, the suspense is maddening.

right only grey

While I thank yesterday’s Obama supporter for taking the time to post, I marvel at his/her inane thought processes, grasp of current history, and appetite for Donkey Dung.  The fact is that during the Obama admin more Americans have become dependent on government largess than any time in our history.  That fact gives Obama and the left huge political capital.  Obama simply cannot support real entitlement reforms without losing his. Entitlements and promise of more entitlements won the election for Obama. Want proof? Simply take a look at the post-election demographic polling.

Yesterday’s left fielder wrote that unemployment was declining.  That poster was again dead wrong. The last unemployment report published by BLS for December of 2012 is a shocker. The report tells us that while there were only about 28K more employed persons at the end of December than November, that’s less than population growth.  At the same time, the number of unemployed increased by 164K. I beg you, think about that: nearly 6 times more folks went unemployed than became employed.  In fact, BLS tells us that there were fewer people employed in December ’12 than there were in October ’12. Damnit people, were going backwards.  The BLS concluded that our unemployment rate actually increased by .1% in December as compared to their first November report. In the first BLS November report they stated that November’s u/e rate was 7.7%. Given than, the u/e rate actually increased.  But then in the December report, they raised the November u/e rate to 7.7%. Hence, they now claim that from November to December our u/e rate is unchanged. Go figure. Those are not my numbers, you can see them for yourself on the chart published by Obama’s Bureau of Labor Statistics to be found at Link

Then we must consider food stamp usage. Food stamp usage has soared to a new record high of 47,102,780. As of August 2012, 1 in 6.7 people are on food stamps in the United States. That’s 15.0% of people living in America are on food assistance. The United States population in middle of August 2012 was 314,484,000 and this figure includes everyone, including Americans overseas. Food stamp usage increased 2.9% from August 2011 and 0.9% from July 2012.

Our feckless poster is proud of Mr. Obama’s accomplishments. While I congratulate him on his personal prosperity, the nation does not share that prosperity. The Census bureau tells us that Americans’ median household income fell 1.5 percent to $50,053 last year — 8.1 percent lower than it was before the start of the recession, and even lower than it was in the late 1990s.

We must also consider that while we are told that Obama has saved the middle class from tax cuts, your taxes are going up. You will be paying and additional 2% in payroll taxes. In 2013, the rate will rise back to 6.2 percent.  If you make about $51K per year, that will cost you an additional $85 per month.

an_shoe-manAs to “dumb shits”.  There is an old saying: “If the shoe fits…”. The dumb shoe does fit.  In June of 1012, The Huffington Post published an article about America’s standing in education worldwide. We are losers. The study shows that foreign students academically outpace Americans. At that same moment, another study tells us that student self-assessment and self-image is at an all-time high. That study also tells us that students have an all-time highest sense of entitlement. That study is reported at Link 

Students in Shanghai who recently took international exams for the first time outscored every other school system in the world. In the same test, American students ranked 25th in math, 17th in science and 14th in reading. Do yourself a favor at read the report. Link 

Finally, if the Left field poster actually believes that Obama is not dead set on restricting private gun ownership, the poster lives in another dimension. The media is chock a block full of articles and opinions on the issue, check them out for yourselves by using the search term “Obama gun control”.  Indeed, in true Chicago politico style, Obama has identified this issue as being urgent while the horror of the Sandy Point massacre is fresh on our minds. He has assigned Biden to examine gun control.  Obama will let no tragedy go unexploited. Biden’s pinnacle accomplishment, prior to his current gig, was gun control. Biden is and has been a fierce advocate for strict gun control. Obama is demanding action before the month’s end.

It is no surprise that Obama demands federal regulation of private gun ownership. To Obama and the left, government regulation is the be all, the cure for all societal problems. I urge all to read the Second Amendment. The founders intent and language is crystal clear. They promised us that “A well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”  Regulation, by definition, is infringement. I urge you to check out the definition of “regulation”.  

It’s curious that our Left field pal is in denial about Obama’s assault on the Second Amendment because the vast majority of Liberal folks are jump up and down happy at the prospect of even more gun control.  You can read, we see a great deal of left wing thinking right here on the CT.  To those left fielders, folks such and myself who value the total Constitution, are Right Wing nuts, gun nuts, and nuts in general. To the left, each of us is a nacent killer. Deer Friends, it’s coming, get ready for the battle.


Deer Friends, we really shouldn’t take it. We really shouldn’t acquiesce by silence. Your opinion counts. I urge you to begin talking politics with your friends and your circle of acquaintances.  Post your opinions to CT, send copies to your e-mail list. Declare yourself, stand up and be proud. Become an ambassador, an advocate. Tell all who will listen the facts, convince them of the truth, and the value of your opinions. I urge you to speak out, to write letters to the editors and simply make your voice heard. You do have power, your opinion counts, let it be known.

Respectfully submitted,  FTR