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Tuesday, July 18, 2023

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LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01
LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01

Save our Key Deer organized a meeting with the refuge people and others hoping for different answers to the same questions we’ve been asking for years: Why doesn’t anyone come when we call in about an injured deer. They say they don’t have enough people. That’s BS, they have enough to pay for a whole host of PHDs who sit around in some out-of-state office thinking of new projects to keep them busy, like spending millions of dollars installing 4 culverts where non are needed. Money better spent would be to transfer one of those PHDs to the actual refuge to come when we have an injured Key deer or man the mostly closed Refuge Center. Over the years I’ve called for help to no avail. Now they want the Sheriff to come for the injured deer. That is the Refuge’s job not the Sheriff’s. They did come once about forty years ago for a deer, but they used an air powered net gun that was so loud the dying deer came to life and bolted faster than the net.
Photos: Air-powered net gun. Refuge Officer Wilmers and volunteer assistant Shakey Bill.

Mega millions, Powerball, etc. Winning doesn’t matter, your still going to die
[Free Art Class] This week-3 Basic Brushes. New item in class, we will go, “Back To Basics!” This is for all levels, including our beginner class attendees. It is always important for all of us to get back to basics, refresh and reviewing various tools and materials. This will be part of the beginning of class for the next while. I will try to keep it to 20-30 minutes if not less and cover different tools/ art material each class. If need be, some classes may be extended to end at noon when library and everyone’s schedule allows for it. As usual, you are free to leave at your own pace and schedule but please come on time to benefit from the entire program.
See you on Tuesdays, 9:30-11:30am at the Marathon public library  ~Maria Gonzalez
[Made In Asia] I took a venture into a “shop local” gift shop. I ask the manager if the products are truly locally made, or nearby.
She said, “The owners pick out everything, travel far and wide to obtain these goods.” I started looking for the label of manufacture: Made in China, Vietnam, Philippines, etc. Gee, owners travel to Amazon hot spots?

Up until 1916 there were only men’s rooms. That was the year ladies’ rooms were added to all public places. Are they going to change the law for trans people?
(Editor: If I’m late publishing today blame GoDaddy] I wasted 2 ½ hours this morning trying to get GoDaddy to get me access to my website.)

[Prayer Aids] Does anyone know which is better for my salvation: rosary beads, Islamic prayer beads (Misbaha), or the spinning Tibetan prayer wheel? Which Heaven-aid works the best?

[Quantum Mechanics] All things are possible until observed.

First over-the-counter birth control pill in the US approved by the FDA. The pill is sold under the brand name Opill and should be available in early 2024. Link

[On Writing] If you ever read William Faulkner’s novels, in which some of his sentences run a page or longer? Hemingway would not have been caught dead writing like Faulkner. But then, why should they write alike, when they were two entirely different men from two entirely different backgrounds? Faulkner, from Mississippi; Hemingway, from Illinois. Between Faulkner and Hemingway, I preferred the latter’s novels, because I liked reading war stories, and I loved fishing and hunting, which were Hemingway’s passions.When I was a boy, my mother gave me the serial installments of The Old Man and the Sea, which I think were published in Life Magazine? I didn’t know anything about Hemingway, had never heard of him, when my mother gave me those installments to read. She didn’t know why I loved to fish, but she knew that if I didn’t get to fish, that would be really bad for me. I did not yet know the lakes and streams where I fished were churches, and the fish were God, and when the fish had taught me how to fish, they would send me forth to fish for souls.
I reread The Old Man and the Sea during the American novels course at Vanderbilt. I took copious notes to feed back to the professor on the final exam, but I didn’t need any notes to remember he said that you know who the bad guy is in a Hemingway novel, because he does not drink. I drank a bit back then. All my friends drank a bit. Sometimes we drank too much, but it didn’t take us over like it took over Hemingway. ~Sloan Bashinsky
[Freak Show] When I was a kid, I had to buy a ticket at the Fair and wait in line to see a 600 Pound Woman or a Man with his Face Covered in Tattoos or a Man with 500 Body Piercings. I saw all three this morning at the Walmart before 8 a.m. What a great time to be alive!
Steal a man’s wallet and he will be poor for a week.
Teach him to be a writer and he will be poor for the rest of his life.

This reminds me of my first date in South Philly. I had to push her behind to get her in the car.

[Seaweed] Boater discovers bale of weed floating in the ocean off the Florida Keys. Link
[Winning] It always cracks me up when the lottery gets huge and everyone keeps buying more tickets. Your odds of winning the big jackpot are something like 1 in 365 million, give or take a dozen million. I remember my uncle Steve who won the Pa., lottery for $100,000. He said he almost broke even. They take your taxes, set up a fools’ lottery to get more money from the fools then re-tax you if you win. Then the leaches come out of the walls and the mob guys say, “Hello Pal”, and your never known before relatives start bugging you for handouts. You go on a long cruise to get away, but it doesn’t help. You buy a new house in “Nowheresville” but they find you. You give money to your friends and relatives, but they get stung paying income tax on the ill-gotten gain. Big Bro sits in a black 4×4 in front of your house. The fire marshal and cops have to inspect you and your property every week. Sure it felt great to win gobs of money, but now what?  Then some accountant tries to tell you how to keep most of it, how to get high interest and where to bank it. Yeah, right, you going to trust Mr. Green or Mr. Corleone? Funny too, how you become so attractive to beautiful blondes. I can go on, but just think what you could have had if you used that lottery ticket money to buy a product and resell it. It’s called a legitimate business. Then after it’s all over and you are resting in peace, who’s knocking on the box for a handout now?
[Mallory Pier] I took this photo 1977, 42 years ago it’s the corner of Mallory Square I shot it from the Navy base it was November half hour before sunset. Key West the way it was. ~Keith Terracina
Why do holy people, when quoting the Bible, always bore you with the chapter and verse number of their quote? What does it add to the quote? It’s distracting. When someone quotes Shakespeare they don’t say what play and what line in the play it is from.

Know the rules for Florida Keys lobster season. Link

“All the simple people. Where do they all come from.” As Hitler said, “Keep the people confused and you keep them controlled.” Sieg Heil!

[Water Wings] I bought a set of those flotation rings you put on Kids’ arms so they can’t sink in a pool. I told my wife to put them on her ankles to help her swim easier. He, he, he.
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[Doom] If the government doesn’t straighten out soon and throw out the gonif bastards who want to start WW3 for fun and profit, we are all going to die. It is a sad world the junta has created, and it just might be too late to fix it.
[Island Moguls] The problem in the Keys is not the low waters, but the low intelligence of who live here that let the politicians and real estate moguls control their lives. They want to rebuild this paradise into an up-scale tourist trap. But without dredging the waters deeper that would be useless to the boating industry. If the wrong guy gets into office in Florida, these Keys are history, and your property will be stolen from you by higher taxes and new laws and regs that won’t allow you to fix or rebuild anything. Enjoy these sand dunes while you can, time is short.
[Be a Seafan] What should be reported? Report any unusual sightings, including marine debris; vessel groundings and anchor damage; invasive species; harmful algal blooms; fish disease and fish kills; discolored water; and coral disease and bleaching. There is no special training needed and no further participation is required; just report what, when and where the incident was observed. Link
My July 14th coconut is February news. (Editor: Please hit the refresh icon on your browser.)

Chicken Fried Bacon with Sausage Gravy. Yum! Yum!

[Apps] Which apps are best for your life and family.  The tips you need. Link
[Love All But Woman] At its annual meeting last week, the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) voted “to make it explicit in their constitution that women can’t be pastors at any level.” The nation’s largest Protestant denomination, with over 13 million members, the SBC believes the Bible gives men authority over women, who should “submit graciously” to their dictates.
Fundamentalists fear they are on “a slippery slope” if they continue to permit women in any leadership positions, so the “doubled down on their crusade against female clergy.” These “ultraconservatives” fear that appointing women as pastors or elders would give modern liberalism a foot in the door, and would lead to eventual acceptance of gay marriage, premarital sex, and other forms of “sexual immorality.”
Last year, an internal investigation revealed that the SBC ignored sexual abuse in its churches for decades. The investigation found that victims of both genders and of all ages said they’d been abused by church staff and leadership—including members of the SBC’s executive committee
[Captain Doom and Gloom] Geo-engineering? Block the Sun. No, block the baby boomers, block the oil whores,  block the anti-recyclers, block the greedy industrialists, block the stupid useless eaters, block the unnatural animal breeders. In other words: block the idiots! I am glad I’m old and will die in a few years, then laugh my socks off in my box as they burn me.  Ha!
[Warp Speeds Chart] Taking a ride across our universe would still be impossible even at Warp 9. Warp 10 forgetaboutit! Read the chart and realize how freaking big space is. Link
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