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Schoener-Fernsehen-logo[Free TV] Finally there’s a place to get all the channels and it’s totally free!  This German website has it all. No sign up, nothing (download the free Adblock Plus because ‘free’ means ads, and AdBlock will manage that for you). I wouldn’t cut the umbilical cord just yet. I don’t know how long this site will be on line because commercial TV has a way of stifling free anything. Link
[FTR] I had dinner again tonight at Bistro 31.  They are putting out some really great food, and their business is showing it.  The Chef, J.R. (late of the Big Pine Restaurant) is really doing some great things.  Three of the Big Pine Restaurant servers are now at the Bistro, Heather, Laura and Irene.  They and the balance of the wait staff are delivering the same friendly, locals responsive, service that was ladled out by Sam and John at the Big Pine Restaurant.

[Mums the Word] The Florida Keys Mosquito Control District board passed a policy calling for board members to essentially keep their mouths shut about local Zika, dengue fever and other tropical disease cases unless the state Department of Health has confirmed the case first.

[Candidate Forum] Wow, the candidates want to meet with us at a bar. Drinking would make what they have to say sound more important, but if they don’t pay the bar tab, us locals can’t afford enough alcohol to want to listen!


[Mango Thief] I am bringing to your attention something that happened to Gloria and me. Everyone I know in Port Pine Heights are all wonderful people, but I think we have one person that does not feel the way that we all do. We spend a lot of time nursing, fertilizing, trimming, etc. our mango trees. Last year someone stole our mangoes. Gloria and I were very upset. This year I put a temporary fence up with a sign not to steal our mangoes. In addition to a video camera. I believe this guy comes back every year to steal our mangoes. I watched him fall out of the tree in one video.

That was a pretty bird bath, but this far South we call then skeeter breeders.
[“Lobster Mobsters are on the way”] No, they are here. I tried to stop for a beer last Friday at Boonies, The Tiki and The Wharf. All three were packed to the rafters with touron lobsta’ mobsta’s. Hard to find a place to park, impossible to find a seat for a local.

Thanks to the tourist development folks, we no longer have enough local seafood to serve in our island restaurants and our summer has been lost to a 24/7 line of tourist traffic. Can’t get good food, can’t get a cold beer. It’s probably about time to leave this place for another. I’m looking for a fishing village with a drinking problem not in the USA. Hasta la vista!

white-tuna-Escolar[Fresh, Local Fish] If you see “white tuna” on the menu at a restaurant, beware. There is no species of fish called white tuna — and eating it may relegate you to a day stuck on the toilet.

What you’re actually being served is escolar, a member of the snake mackerel family — not tuna. The reason you may not want to eat it is because eating anything but moderate portions of escolar could cause severe digestive problems like diarrhea and stomach cramps. If you get sick from eating escolar, it won’t kill you, but it won’t be pleasant. Link

[“Helping Cuban refugees”] “I slept well knowing I did the right thing. I helped suffering and struggling human beings.” God bless you. You are a shining example of what the people of the Keys used to be!


Wow, 5 million more of our sewer money, we voted for,  going to fund a Stock Island marina. Plus the Key Largo Marina, Old 7 Mile Bridge. This shit just won’t stop. (pun intended). The BOCC chintzed on the sewers so they could buy more stuff elsewhere.

[Coconut Telegraph Too Nice] Are the any other web sites that allows posting like the Coconut Telegraph in the Keys? It seems like all the news media down here is so far left nothing real is posted, just things that concern the local tourist industry and school system. Reminds me of the movie city in Jaws.
[Media Instigates Woes] The more I read and investigate things, the more I am starting to believe the media is more to blame for all the things happening on our planet. All for ratings and profit.



For those who can’t stand the little fish that nibble on your legs.

[Data Security] What scares me about computers is my system is only a year old and the latest in design and hardware. Then I think about all the errors it gets and bad information online, it makes me wonder how safe the information is in my medical records, my income tax records, my credit card records and just about everything else that depends on these contraptions in the businesses I deal with that have antique systems.  What is the difference between 0 and a 1?
sushi comes toward



Ever wonder why sushi costs more than the same food cooked?

[World Woes] A couple of guys were talking at a local bar about how messed up the world is today. Then they started laughing at how we want to spread our “civilization’ into space to other worlds. Anybody want to take odds we won’t be allowed to do that?
coconuts 700x175
[Platform Economy] Now, AirBnB is suing its hometown, arguing that it’s not responsible for making sure hosts follow city rules and that San Francisco, the place that birthed some of the world’s most innovative startups, is undermining a bedrock principle that allowed those companies to flourish in the first place. In its federal lawsuit filed in June, AirBnB states San Francisco’s ordinance violates a federal law that has long shielded websites such as Facebook and YouTube from responsibility for information posted by users.  This is going to be the first of many kinds of legal battles around the platform economy (AirBnB, Lyft, Uber). I’m sure that other companies are going to mount similar kinds of defenses when they’re in regulatory cross-hairs.”
mosquito-taj-mahal[FTR] We don’t spend a lot of time worrying about the Florida Keys Mosquito Control Board, but we should.

The FKMCB is vital to keeping the Keys habitable and you safe from mosquito borne disease, in doing so they spend long tons of your money.  But they also waste tons of money on endeavors that won’t kill a single skeeter. One glaring example is a brand new facility to be built on Big Coppitt.  While only a garage, workshop and very limited office space are needed, all to be housed in one inexpensive structure; two buildings are to be built. One the aforementioned garage and work shop, the other a luxurious suite of offices for a tiny set of mid-level administrative employees.

Please recall that just a few years ago we built a brand new FKMCB administrative building in Marathon.  The idea was to boost efficiency by centralizing the administration function of the FKMCC. The Marathon facility has more than sufficient empty office space to house the admin personnel slated to be assigned to the new Big Coppit Taj Mahal of skeeterdom.  The new Big Coppitt admin manse will have a lovely break room, two shiny stair cases, a stunning metal roof, a commodious break room, and undoubtedly art in public places.  But it won’t have enough parking spaces for the staff.

One of the main drivers in the decision to build the new office facility was the reluctance of a couple of staffers to drive from Key West to Marathon to work. It ain’t what you know, it’s who you know.

A year ago when the project first was aired, we were told that it would “only” cost about $2.5 mil.  Nonetheless two commissioners battled against it–three voted for it.  The three voting for it were Commissioners Shaw, Jill Craney Gage, and Steve Smith. Just the other day it was revealed that now the total cost has nearly tripled. Surprise…surprise.  Now we are told it will cost us about $6.5 mil.  You can be sure that cost overruns to be announced will kick that number even higher.

Remember that’s for a facility that is not needed. Again two commissioners voted against it–three voted for it.  Once again voting for it were Commissioners Shaw, Jill Craney Gage, and Steve Smith.

There is an election upcoming, and Jill Craney Gage and Steve Smith are again running for office. Get set for a hike in the taxes you pay to keep the FKMCB in business.  Thanks to the votes of Shaw, Craney Gage, and Smith, your FKMCB tax bill will increase by about 45% next year.  Nearly all of the increase is as a direct result of the, costs of the new FKMCB Big Coppit skeeterdon Taj Mahal.

Smith has been a FKMCB commissioner for 2 decades, but he is running for still another 4-year term.  Smith is a poster boy for term limits.  Craney Gage is just finishing her first term.  She should not be reelected. While Shaw, Craney Gage, and Smith waste your tax dollars, they fail to take decisive action against ZIKA.  The current election cycle has sucked up all of the oxygen, but ZIKA is alive and well in South Florida. As of late yesterday afternoon, it was reported that the Florida Department of Health is fully involved in an investigation into two cases of what are suspected of being USA caught ZIKA infections. One in Dade and one in Broward. It’s no secret that big Key West money real estate interests are fighting against the use of genetic engineering to eradicate the skeeter vector of ZIKA. They worry about property values, not public health. Nor is a secret that the use of genetic engineering in the battle against skeeter borne disease is safe and it works.  As of July 14th of this year it was reported that in one area in which it has been used in Brazil, the dengue fever infection rate has dropped by 91%.  That’s reported in “ Entomology Today.”   Cases of Dengue Drop 91 Percent Due to Genetically Modified Mosquitoes

Pokemon Go


Mr. Bean discovers Pokemon Go. Video

[Phishing At New Levels] “Pls find attached TT for the payment of invoice no. L-2470/2016.   For your records and reference.   Thanks, Beverly–Sourcing Dept – Westar & Kolber International ( T +971 4 7016904 | + PO Box 7916, Dubai – UAE
Confidentiality Note: This Email is Intended only for the person or entity to Which it is Addressed and May Contain That information is privileged, confidential, or otherwise protected from Disclosure Dissemination, Distribution or Email or the COPYING of this information by anyone other than HEREIN. the intended recipient, or any agent or employee responsible for delivering the message to the intended recipient, is prohibited. If you have received this email in error, please notify us immediately at Telephone No. +9714 7016904 or by return email and destroy the original message and all copies thereof. The Al-Futtaim Group does not give warranty, express or implied, that this email is free from infection by viruses or anything else that has contaminating or destructive properties. You should implement virus checking procedures before opening this email and any attachments.”Then they have an attachment for you to download and then your computer world goes BOOM!
bench-propane-tank[$14,00 Bench] California artist Colin Selig was provided with a $14,200 budget for his recycled bench in the courtyard of the Monroe County Marathon Courthouse. (Future version: The bench is steel and will rust out in the rain and salt air, get unsightly, become an eyesore, create a lot of discussion, some will want to throw it out, it will stay, need restoration, more money, another $14 grand.)
[“Cannabis less dangerous than alcohol”] I stumbled onto this article. Perhaps sometime you might care to post a synopsis like what was posted illustrated that Big Pharmaceutical and Big Alcohol are deathly afraid of God’s little green helper. It’s all about the money. Link


Forget about Adobe DC Reader and get the free Foxit pdf reader. Much quicker, smaller footprint, and has a Typewriter mode that will let you tidily fill in forms. Link

[Teen Shootings] 14 to 1 year-olds in a Party Club at 12.30 AM in Ft Myers? What are kids doing in a joint like that at that hour?
I’m looking for setback information for a property on Big Pine Key. Is planning and zoning handled through Monroe County?
hunter bear rifle


Does anyone know where I can sell my high end hunting rifles in Florida without getting ripped off?

You know nothing about a woman until she’s drunk and mad at you
fast food junk[Junk Food] In DesPlaines, Illinois, 15 April, 1955 I was a sophomore at Maine Township High School when the word went out that there eas a new burger joint in town and it was a drive-in! It took me two weeks before I went with my girlfriend and bought 2 burgers, 2 fries, 2 Cokes and got change for a buck. This is what McDonalds was all about: greasy burgers, greasy fries and tooth rotting sugary soft drinks and shakes. I became addicted and still am to this day.

Somewhere along the way some crusaders, who think they know best for everyone else, coerced and threatened law suits for healthier options–salads, fruit, low fat milk, no Supersizing, no polyunsaturated fats, and on and on and Ronald McDonald blinked. I got big news, crusader, if you want healthy food why the hell are you turning into McDonalds? There’s all kinds of healthier restaurants, health food stores, vegan restaurants, specialty shops etc. which specializes in your food of choice. Fast food restaurants historical aren’t especially noted for healthy food just fast, cheap, greasy, unhealthy, delicious, lip-smacking food. And if McDonald’s is unhealthy and I’ve been eating it religiously since 1955, explain how my semi-annual physicals comes back with all my chemical parameters all within the boundaries prescribed medically for my 76 years. And that includes 61years of greasy burgers, fries and Cokes. I guess I got a better genetic heritage from my Magyar grandparents. Leave McDonald’s’ unhealthy fast food alone.

[Marine Sanctuary Trouble] Sean Morton and Mary Tag finally got reprimanded.  If only their pay was hauled, that would be painful for them. What do you have to say now, Billy Causey and people who want the Sanctuary?
[Windows Update Problem] I’ve had Microsoft Update problems for the last month. They will download but not install! Why? I don’t know. All else in my desktop W7 system is running okay


Ms Trump’s beautiful dress is sold out. It sold out the very next day after her, and Ms Obama’s, terrific speech. I’m in love with Melania. She’s a good reason to get a few billion bucks. I should have worked harder.

[War Blackout] On Christmas Eve 1941, Capt. Russell S. Crenshaw, commandant of the Naval Station, ordered a blackout for the entire city to start at 1 a.m. Christmas morning. He said that unsettled conditions in the Atlantic was the reason for his order.
[Conflict of Interest] FKAA’s Wednesday Board of Directors Agenda includes item DUO-04 that is a request for approval of a multi-million-dollar construction contract to Toppino for Key Haven (new sewer & water). FKAA meets at the Mosquito Control building at 503-107th St in Marathon. Regular meeting starts 10:45AM. This meeting really begs public comments on the record.
Is this a blatant conflict of interest or what? It does not matter if Richard Toppino does not vote for the approval. How tough would FKAA inspectors and construction managers be in enforcing standards of that contract with a Toppino on the Board? And the other contractor in Key Haven will be dependent on Toppino (Monroe Concrete) for flowable fill delivery at the least (Flowable is the temporary trenching patch that is weak sand mix concrete.)
Since D.N.Higgins does not keep regular work crews here, they may sub their portion to Toppino as well.
Want an extra, Mr. Toppino? No problem! Name your price! (just like with Layne- no negotiations, no questions)FKAA is also giving Matthews Consulting another $344K for engineer services on WW collection (like they haven’t screwed up enough already in Cudjoe Regional!)

I think everyone in Key Haven should sign over an easement and have a grinder pump station put in their front yard. It would save up-front cost and the trenches would be shallow, narrow and fast. Also, the residents would provide the power and no lift stations would be needed. A no-brainer, right? Let’s see FKAA executives choose that system for their own homes! Let’s see if they really think their home will not be devalued. Can they really be that stupid? I sure hope so.

giant-mosquitoIn an effort to combat the spreading Zika virus, the federal government came close to spraying a pesticide across Puerto Rico that is highly toxic and presents the most danger to pregnant women. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention went so far as to ship the insecticide called Naled, which belongs to the organophosphate family, to Puerto Rico without notifying the commonwealth. Documented cases of the virus increase weekly; the island now has 5,582 Zika cases, and 662 women pregnant women are infected, according to the Puerto Rican Health Department. In May, the island reported the first microcephaly case to be acquired in the U.S.

Despite the growing concerns over Zika and Congress leaving for the summer without funding the nation’s response Puerto Rican Gov. Alejandro Garcia Padilla decided on Friday against using Naled. Padilla confronted the CDC earlier in the week, questioning why he was not alerted to the shipment, and sent a team to ensure the pesticide was secure once he discovered where it was being stored on the island.

It was a hard decision for the governor, but opposition to the use of the pesticide was widespread in the commonwealth, and the incident reminded many residents of when the federal government used Puerto Ricans as unwitting participants in contraceptive testing in the 1950s, and when in 1992 the U.S. Navy dropped napalm on part of the island.

With Zika spreading rapidly in Puerto Rico, the CDC and EPA backed the use of Naled to kill mosquitoes carrying the virus, warning that it’s only a matter of time before the commonwealth sees more babies born with birth defects

[World peace or world talk?] If we want world peace, and want it right now, we must make up our minds to take it; and take it right now! Link Peace Art



I love it. One stop shopping.

This month, UWFK focused on collecting supplies for our annual Stuff the Bus school supply drive. Items needed are: backpacks, pencils, crayons, glue sticks, notebooks, binders, and calculators. Last year’s drive was incredibly successful, collecting over 16 pallets worth of supplies for students throughout the Keys. Click HERE to donate
not-in-service-phoneSunday night I smelled burning rubber on Ramrod Key. I thought I must have a sticking pulley or something on the truck and was very concerned so I stopped at Looe Key Tiki to hear the extremely talented Marshall Morlock play. The burning smell was thick inside the tiki too. The guy at the next table was also complaining about the strong burning rubber smell. Gagging strong. I saw smartphones in use at the next table toward the stage and got fire department non-emergency numbers from one of the ladies.

Both Cudjoe and Big Pine Key’s Fire Departments were disconnected numbers! One lady at that table said she was arrested for dialing 911 when it was not a big emergency, so she discouraged a 911 call. She also worried that her car was burning as she neared the Tiki. Whatever was burning eventually ran out of fuel, but something burnt hard for hours and no sirens. Why is there no way to contact the fire departments except 911? Have you looked at your tax bill to see what you pay for such non-service every year? Millions in revenue and they can’t afford a freaking phone number? My friend needed an ambulance but also got a fire truck and was billed over $800. What do our taxes actually pay for?

[Labels] We have lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questionable. Why not add R, S, & PC for retards, stupid and politically correct?
accurate-home insp 700x175
[Food Labels] Marco Rubio voted in support of the “Dark Act” that let food manufacturers wait 2 years to put a QR code on their packaging to indicate genetically modified ingredients instead of clearly labeling in words. He wrote to tell me, since I had specifically asked him not to support it. I guess he wanted to show how much wiser he was than me? I replied:
I am highly disappointed in your vote.
I do not care to use a smartphone, so cannot, nor should I have to scan a QR code to know what crap that I try to avoid is in the container. Industry has 2 years to even do that much. Even if GM food were safe out of the seed, that they often enable heavier pesticide/herbicide use makes the end product toxic without question. Even if the end product were safe, I should not have to go to extraordinary effort to find if it is something I personally choose to avoid.I really don’t care if you personally trusts GM food. You have protected big business and stiffed your voters. I will remember; I will pass the word.
liverAcetaminophen (Tylenol) is found in many over the counter and prescription drugs. It is the number one cause of acute liver failure in the US, and it does not take an overdose to do it. A study 11 years ago found that liver failure can result from the “the maximum recommended dose.” But it is easy to overdose on the stuff because of its addition to other remedies. Read the boxes, or maybe you should just vape some weed instead?
Somebody slammed Health Sciences Institute, including a link to Rip-off Report (that didn’t work). In their defense, HSI’s health news articles are free and include links to their information sources. HSI is not funded by Big Pharma, but by membership contributions and probably a small sales percentage or ad space fees from products that are advertised on their newsletters and website. Don’t buy the products or their often unlikely claims and you have no chance of being ripped-off. The products advertised may or may not work as the marketers claim, but the independent research and reporting of HSI is a valuable free service. Take it or leave it. Do you believe all those big pharma TV ads, “Ask your doctor if Valtrex is right for you?” How about those night-flying butterflies through the open window? (they are really space aliens and you will sleep soundly right through their probing). Complaints and Reviews



Most of the sunscreens available contain carcinogenic ingredients or else nano particles that go right through your skin. And none stay on very well in the water. So I made my own with zinc oxide powder (real cheap online) and was going to use Vaseline, but had none so I used dollar store cloned Vicks VapoRub. Mix it well and you get really tenacious white war paint that is not going to come off easily even when you shower with ordinary soap. It should be reef safe. Possible shark repellent I hope. At least you won’t smell like a tarpon. Avoid substituting menhaden oil for the Vicks). With a Lycra snorkeling hood, Lycra dive skin and dive mask, there is not much left to burn, but this will cover it while you tow for hours scouting for lobster holes. Like any sunscreen, avoid getting it on your mask’s glass. Have fun, stay safe!

[Keys Doctors] Years ago I was told years never to get sick in the Keys because the doctors down here are terrible; and to go to the mainland for anything more than a scratch or head cold. So far this has been proven right several times.
vcr eject vassette tape

The last VCR maker calls it quits. Link

[Sewers] The term color of law denotes the “mere semblance of legal right “, the “pretense or appearance of” right; hence, the action done under under the Color of Law colors(adjusts) the law to circumstances, yet Said Apparently legal action contravenes the law. (1):” Law dictionary 4th edition, S. H. Gifis, p. 86

The SCUS has Interpreted the U. S. Constitution to construct laws regulating acts of Officials. Under “Color of law”, it is a Crime for one or more persons using power given to them by a governmental agency to willfully Deprive or Conspire to Deprive any person of any right protected by The Constitution or laws of the United States. The taking of private property is protected by the 5th and 14th Amendments of that Constitution

Is our Trustworthy BOCC acting under The Color of Law when dealing with property owners assigned grinder pumps in the CRWS.Extortion is an ugly term-look it up, and that is being done with regards to citizen’s low pressure sewer connections. Is FKAA’s “rules” stating a transfer of ownership of something the FKAA installs on private property “Color of Law” even though this installation is of something that they Don’t Own. How can they transfer ownership of something someone else owns? Is this “Color of Law””

Could this possibly be a RICO Act violation? Perhaps the FBI might be interested?

rock-saltYou might think this Rock Salt Guide is some sort of a joke if you live in the Keys, but what rock salt does for ice and snow, it does for weeds and unwanted grass sprouting through Pea Rock and Drive Ways. Using Agent Orange or better known as Round-Up is a no-no with all the fishes in our local wawa, so being that the wawa is salt water, it stands to reason that using salt to kill off unwanted plant life is better than poisoning our environment. Call your local gravel guy and see if they can ship you a few tons of good old rock salt to spread around your property. It has to be a hell of a lot cheaper than weed killers. And the nice thing is, the rain will do all the work soaking it in! Link
Verizon just bought Yahoo and if Version screws up AT&T’s ISP connections or raises the costs, I quit AT&T for everything. I have been over paying for the last 10 years. $300+ per month is nuts!
[No Aerial Spraying] Puerto Rico’s governor announced Friday that he will not authorize aerial spraying with the insecticide naled to fight an increase in Zika cases as U.S. health officials have urged.


[Rum War] Havana Club vs. Havana Club: Inside the rum war between Bacardi and Cuba. Link

People are complaining about the plastic waste that ends up in the ocean.  Have Mary Tag and Sean Morton from the National Marine Sanctuary clean it up.  They made the environments in their offices intolerable, so why shouldn’t they go into nature and make what they were supposed to be protecting tolerable!
question dollar signWe lived on Big Pine for three years before having to move back to Texas to sell our home there. We have now purchased a double lot in Eden Pines and have our permits ready (YEAH!). Our question is, has anyone recently built in Big Pine and how much does it typically cost per square foot? We plan to build a 3/2, about 1900 sq. ft., 2-story (master on 2nd. floor). This will be an ICF[?] home with concrete floors and concrete roof. We have been told $250-300 per sq. ft. but this is a big range. We are working with a builder. We would just like to know what other people have paid recently to build a new home. Thanks Big Piners, we can’t wait to get back to paradise!
I wanted to have another tools only yard sale because nobody came to the first one. My wife said I was wasting my time because nobody buys tools in the Keys.
[Welfare] Why do we Americans think giving away wealth to the non-productive helps our stability? To off-set war–we now have extended welfare, lottery’s, controlled sports to vent hate and frustrations, media displays to control the loss of time that simplify and occupy the lives of the great unwashed, and news issues totally irrelevant to anything close to the realities that are happening on this planet. It is called brainwashing or in more acute terms, the absolute dumbing down of potential aggressors who may park their pick-up trucks next to my Bentley! It is time to cull the heard and close the corral gate, else we who appreciate our freedom, our dignity, our class, will have nothing if the hordes continue. Or is it too late
nira-tocco 700x175
[“Marine Sanctuary woes”] I am writing to inform you of some temporary changes in FKNMS leadership related to the ongoing NOAA inquiry regarding the FKNMS office.  As of July 18, Sean Morton and Mary Tagliareni will support the Office of National Marine Sanctuaries (ONMS) headquarters priority issues.  ONMS headquarters staff members Edward Lindelof will act as superintendent and Lisa Symons will act as deputy superintendent for operations and education to help ensure continuity of operations for the time being.

The relationship between ONMS and the Advisory Council is critical to our success in protecting the ecosystems of the Florida Keys.  We are committed to ensuring that this partnership remains strong and following through on investments we have all made in recent years.  These temporary changes will not affect our relationship with the Advisory Council



[Interstate Highway?] I saw on the news that due to severe conditions in Hawaii, the interstate highways had to be closed. I wonder what states those “interstates” go to?

[Zika GMO Mosquitoes] It’s nice to see FTR attacking another topic than his series of “lies” posts. With his new interest in the Mosquito Control Board I hope he doesn’t run for the Board in the upcoming election. I only say this because FTR appears to be incapable of changing his opinion and that’s always a bad thing.
cockroach legs move

An old sock can be pulled over your SCUBA regulator to keep cockroaches from eating holes in the diaphragm or nibbling off the edges of your mouthpiece, while still letting it breathe enough to dry out so it doesn’t grow fungus. Also, you won’t be inhaling any cockroach or spider eggs (or the whole insect/arachnid). I used to service regulators and it is really disgusting what is often found inside (by the way, forget that bad advice in SCUBA school about puking through your mouthpiece. Tilt it out of the way at least).

If your feet are big enough, a sock will also keep the roaches from nibbling the edges of your dive mask if you don’t have a mask box. Roaches just love silicone rubber!

Former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke, an avowed white supremacist, officially signed up Friday to run for U.S. Senate in Louisiana, saying “the climate of this country has moved in my direction.” Duke’s candidacy comes one day after Donald Trump accepted the GOP nomination for president, and Duke said he’s espoused principles for years that are similar to the themes Republicans are now supporting in Trump’s campaign.
[“Affordable housing”] If you cannot afford a decent home then you cannot afford kids. Get sterilized. It’s all a ruse to take your money and give it to some useless eaters.


[Found] Underwater camera on West end of Looe Key Reef on Monday July 25th. Describe the camera and photos on it to claim it. Call 872-2215 (Looe Key Dive Shop). Be aware that this week is Mini-Season, so the shop may be real busy.

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