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Friday, July 22, 2016

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cuban-sugarloaf[5 Cuban refugees arrived at the Sugarloaf Fire Station] Once again, this has happened to me. Imagine my surprise Monday, as I’m driving home from a wonderful day of “riding bitch” on the back of my new girlfriend’s motorcycle. We had a blast! We caused a scene on Duval Street being the hot chicks we are. (I’m happily married, not that kind of girlfriend). So, I’m on my way home to my house in lower Sugarloaf and all of a sudden there are a group of men flagging me down–Cuban refugees! Five of them, soaking wet, shivering, and thirsty. I gave them blankets and water. I brought them to the Sugarloaf fire Department. As It turned out there were 45 more, including children. I went back to get them. They landed at the jumping bridge. I hate the absurd wet foot/dry foot policy. It needs to end, but these people were suffering, human beings and I will never ignore that.

The Border Patrol came and they Cubans have been processed. I slept well knowing I did the right thing. I helped suffering and struggling human beings.

ftr from the right 75h[FTR] We don’t spend a lot of time worrying about the Florida Keys Mosquito Control Board, but we should.

The FKMCB is vital to keeping our Keys habitable and you safe from mosquito borne disease. In doing so they spend long tons of your money.  But they also waste tons of money on endeavors that won’t kill a single skeeter..

One glaring example is a brand new facility to be built on Big Coppit.  While only a garage, workshop and very limited office space are needed, all to be housed in one inexpensive structure; two buildings are to be built. One the aforementioned garage and work shop, the other a luxurious suite of offices for a tiny set of mid level administrative employees.

Please recall that just a few years ago we built a brand new FKMCB administrative building in Marathon.  The idea was to boost efficiency by centralizing the administration function of the FKMCB. The Marathon facility has more than sufficient empty office space to house the admin personnel slated to be assigned to the new Big Coppit Taj Mahal of skeeterdom.  The new Big Coppit admin manse will have a lovely break room, two shiny stair cases, a stunning metal roof, a commodious break room, and undoubtedly art in public places.  But it won’t have enough parking spaces for the staff.

mosquito hoversOne of the main drivers in the decision to build the new office facility was the reluctance of a couple of staffers to drive from Key West to Marathon to work.

It ain’t what you know, it’s who you know.

A year ago when the project first was aired, we were told that it would “only” cost about $2.5 mil.  Nonetheless two commissioners battled against it…three voted for it.  The three voting for it were Commissioners Shaw, Jill Craney Gage, and Steve Smith.

Just the other day it was revealed that now the total cost has nearly tripled. Surprise…surprise!  Now we are told it will cost us about $6.5 mil.  You can be sure that cost overruns to be announced will kick that number even higher.

Remember that’s for a facility that is not needed.

Again two commissioners voted against it…three voted for it.  Once again voting for it were Commissioners Shaw, Jill Craney Gage, and Steve Smith.

There is an election upcoming, and Jill Craney Gage and Steve Smith are again running for office.

Get set for a hike in the taxes you pay to keep the FKMCB in business.  Thanks to the votes of Shaw, Craney Gage, and Smith, your FKMCB tax bill will increase by about 45% next year.  Nearly all of the increase is as a direct result of the, costs of the new FKMCB Big Coppit skeeterdon Taj Mahal.

Smith has been a FKMCB commissioner for 2 decades, but he is running for still another 4 year term.  Smith is a poster boy for term limits.  Craney Gage is just finishing her first term.  She should not be reelected.

While Shaw, Craney Gage, and Smith waste your tax dollars, they fail to take decisive action against ZIKA.  The current election cycle has sucked up all of the oxygen, but ZIKA is alive and well in South Florida.

As of late yesterday afternoon, it was reported that the Florida Department of Health is fully involved in an investigation into two cases of what are suspected of being USA caught ZIKA infections. One in Dade and one in Broward.

It’s no secret that big Key West big money real estate interests are fighting against the use of genetic engineering to eradicate the skeeter vector of ZIKA. They worry about property values, not public health.

Nor is a secret that the use of genetic engineering in the battle against skeeter borne disease is safe and it works.  As of July 14th of this year it was reported that in one area in which it has been used in Brazil, the dengue fever infection rate has dropped by 91%.  That’s reported in Entomology Today. Link

Is your refrigerator running? If so I would vote for it!



Coconuts would like you to be part of “Art Loft”, a channel 2 program sharing the world of Uker’s. Art Loft will have a video crew at Coconuts this Sunday from 7 to 9 PM. The Coconut Ukulele Orchestra, along with you will host the show. Come out and play! No experience necessary. Uke out this Sunday at the NUT.

[Sick Hospital] Officials from Community Health Systems, the for-profit Tennessee company that owns Lower Keys Medical Center, are in Key West this week in the wake of former CEO Nicki Will’s Friday resignation. In a Tuesday memo to the board of trustees, employees and medical staff of Lower Keys Medical Center, CHS executive Paul Smith announced the appointment of Stephen Pennington as interim CEO of the Stock Island hospital.  ~Mandy Miles Key West Citizen
bear scratch balls crotch[Crotch Rot] Neosporin doesn’t work on jock itch because it is a bacteria and Neosporin treats germs. I think I got that right, that’s what the doc said, something like that. The ointment he recommended was not covered by Medicare ($114) so Walgreens suggested a combo of Walgreens Hydrocortisone Cream, USP 0.5% and Walgreens’ Clotrimazole Antifungal Cream, USP 1% ($19). I mixed a little of each on the end of my finger and spread it on my crotch. The itch stopped right away and the rash was almost gone in a day. Do females get jock itch too? I know it’s sweaty down there for them also.
[Buying Stock Island Waterfront] The Monroe County Commission will take the first significant step today in purchasing the former Gulf Seafood commercial working waterfront on Stock Island. The commission will vote to accept a $2.2 million state grant that would go toward the roughly $7 million purchase of the waterfront property, which is currently home to about a dozen fishermen. The county set aside $5 million in sales tax revenue for the purchase more than a year ago. The project could accomplish the goal of protecting commercial fishing in an area that has seen a tremendous growth in waterfront hotels, resorts and upscale marinas recently.
Sean Morton of the Marine Sanctuary has been reassigned and is working remotely, for creating a hostile work environment, according to the press. I said no to NOAA in the late 90’s and have said no to Sean as a leader since 2007. What has the Sanctuary actually saved besides the retirement packages of those who retire from the Federal government.

Show me one reef that looks like it did in 2007, or 1997, or better yet, in 1967! The reef’s dead, the sanctuary failed under poor leadership.

pull finger to fart

You know you’re getting old when one big fart throws out your back.

I have lots of those little mini LED lights all over the house telling me the power is on for that appliance. Why? If it costs 1 cent per mini light per month, times 10 lights in my house, that’s 10 cents per month x 12 months = $1.20 per year. Now multiply that by 30 million homes! The number of business and government buildings that have these mini lights and you’re talking mucho buckaroos for the power companies. Everything’s a con.
You wouldn’t believe what I had to go through to downloading Adobe Reader DC. It would not download the normal way, so I had to find the FTP Adobe site to download it directly as an .exe (executable) file then install it. Adobe sucks!

(Ed: This link is a lot easier. Make sure you uncheck both offers in the center panel before clicking Install now. Official download site. Link)

live free or die nh


[Irony] New Hampshire license plates bear the slogan “Live Free or Die” and are made by prison inmates.

[Everyone Should Carry A Gun] Pretend for a moment that you are a whacko who wants to kill a lot of innocent people and be made infamous on CNN and Fox News where everyone in the country will know your name. Or you’re a religious zealot who wants to make a big statement with the deaths of heretics, infidels, or whatever the target of the day is.
Okay, now pick your victims. Will it be families at their place of worship that is different than yours? A wedding reception? Spectators at a parade? Or a bunch of people leaving an NRA meeting? Probably not the last one, huh? Predators of all species like defenseless victims.
Shame on the media for showing the faces and giving the names of predatory killers. It only encourages more of them. They should be saying something like, “An unidentified man in his thirties with a gun opened fire on a crowd of shoppers, but only slightly injured 3 before he was torn to pieces by return fire. When police arrived, there wasn’t much left to identify him but his driver’s license. Nobody knows why he was out to kill people, but he was obviously both stupid and mentally ill.”
I bet that would discourage the next infamy seeker. And save his mother the shame
Cool idea for a bird bath in paradise. Recycled lamp DIY bird bath. Link
coconuts 700x175
If the Old 7 Mile Bridge was for sale, how much would it cost me to buy it and develop my own tourist business?


Stop by the “NUT” Sunday, July 24th, 7 to 9 PM. Help us & Channel 2’s program “Art Loft” make a video about Big Pine Key, Coconuts, and the Coconut Ukulele Orchestra!

[Shooting in Michigan] You get the same lack of media coverage when a Blacks kill Blacks. In fact the last time I was on the jury in Detroit we were hearing a Black on Black case. All lives matter!
potato chip sculptureA while back, I started receiving inquires re GE (Golden Enterprises) stock price rising. I said I knew nothing that might explain it, which was true, other than it looked to me someone was taking a position in GE common stock for reasons unknown, because the company’s profits are not going up to explain the common stock price increase.

Inquires continued coming to me, as GE common stock price kept rising, and I gave same response.

I did from time to time speak with former GF (Golden Flake) employees, who said they did not know why GE common stock price was rising.

After yet another inquiry this past Friday, re GF common stock being over $7 a share, a huge rise, relatively, since the first of the year, I called the same former GF employees. Here’s what they said they had heard on the GF grapevine (from inside GF, rank and file employees).

3 companies, Snyder, Mexico Coke and Utz, were negotiating for GE. Mexico Coke pulled out. Snyder missed the cut, got bent out of shape and stopped selling its pretzels to GF. The apparent winner Utz is trying to get more information about GF’s deals with its customers and is having trouble getting that information because GF recording keeping not all that good. Closing expected next month. Buy out price, $16 per share GE common stock. Mark McCutcheon has negotiated a golden parachute for himself.

I told the former GF employees this is all handed down, and who knows what really is going on? However, I said, I did not think someone trying to buy GE (Golden Enterprises), thus GF (Golden Flake), would be taking a position in its common stock before the purchase, because that would be costly if the purchase did not go through. Rather, I think GE common stock price rise is due to insider trading, or insider information being leaked to people not working for GF/GE. I told the former GF employees, if they buy GF common stock now, they will be viewed as insiders doing insider trading, and they could go to prison, so don’t buy GF common stock now, and don’t tell relatives and friends to buy it.

I own no GE common stock, nor any interest in GE/GF, other than provided in my father’s estate plan. I will not be buying GE common stock. I am not telling anyone to buy it.

I suppose the GE Board of Directors needs to be apprised of what I wrote above, in case it is not old news to them.

codys-discount-800wThe Flea Market is open this weekend and next weekend. After August 1 we will be closed for 2 months. We will reopen Oct 1st for the new season.

For those of you that believe the Market is closing forever, please understand that rumors like this happen about every other year. After 22 years Codys Discount is still open from October until the end of July.
Codys Discount has all the craft stuff from the now closed Ben Franklin Craft store in Key West.

Thank you to all the women who came in and helped us sort the truckloads of stuff. It’s amazing how many little packs of beads, paints, embroidery things and so much else we brought. I think I could make a ribbon trail from here to Alaska and back. Last Saturday a lot of girls came in at 8 am, before we could even unload one of the trailers. This weekend most of it is unloaded. Shop for new craft supplies tomorrow and next weekend before we close for the following two months.

The Flea Market has sunglasses, homemade soaps and scrubs, housewares, jewelry, reading glasses, tarps, bungee cords, toys, sea shells, dive flags, wind chimes, signs, tools, knives and much more. So hurry in this weekend and next weekend, before we go fishing for 2 months.

Last week I had many girls come in for craft stuff. The one thing I noticed was no men wanted any of it other than paint. The guys sat in front of my fan and waited for their wives to sort through all the new crafting stuff. They men always seem happy to visit and wait patiently while the girls shop. I love the Keys and now I know more of the locals than ever.

Thank you so much for shopping and supporting us locals. See you this weekend!

[New Soup Kitchen Mega Complex] The Key West Planning Board unanimously approved the major development plan for a 37-unit expansion of the Catholic Charities complex on Flagler Ave. Currently home to Saint Mary’s Soup Kitchen, a 21-bed men’s dormitory building and 10 efficiency units for disabled and elderly residents, the Flagler Ave. complex will expand to 47 units, with six new buildings — five housing efficiency units and the other an office, meeting room and commissary kitchen.
[Zika] Health officials in Florida are investigating whether the Zika infection of a woman in the Miami area could be the first transmission of the virus from a mosquito bite in the continental United States.
sold real estatePeary Court is off the market. The $60 million sale closed Monday afternoon, when Hollywood, Florida-based developer Jeff Cornfeld agreed to buy the 24-acre townhome neighborhood that was originally built as military housing and develop an affordable housing community on the site. The city of Key West contributed $12.5 million of the $60 million purchase price from Monroe County Land Authority funds as an incentive to convince Cornfeld to permanently deed restrict the property and designate it as affordable housing for residents earning moderate income.

$2,000 rents still qualify as affordable under the definition of moderate income housing.

The $12.5 million contribution represents Key West’s share of bed tax revenues collected from lodging establishments in each of the five regions of the Florida Keys.

[Invasion Continues] “Seventy-nine Cuban migrants have reached the Florida Keys since Sunday as 50 landed on Lower Sugarloaf Key in separate incidents between Monday night and Tuesday morning.” When will this madness end? Stop the Wet-Foot-Dry-Foot policy now! It’s cheating Americans.
thumbing through bills

[Free Money] The Monroe Sheriff’s Office recently announced a list of unclaimed bond money, with a deadline of Sept. 1 for claimants. A list of unclaimed funds is available on the Sheriff’s Office website at Link

[Poop Talk] The Fish & Wildlife Service compound at the west end of Watson on Big Pine Key has the equivalent of 5 residences (EDUs) of water use. FKAA ignored the existence of this property when designing wastewater collection for Big Pine. The EDU sewer assessment would be $22,500 and it would cost less than $16,000 to connect them- complete with the grinder pump installation (sans electrical service- just like everyone else). The CRWS budget goal was $22k per EDU and the average cost per EDU system wide was over $16k, so $80k-$110k to connect FWS was within budget. When Kevin Wilson asked on behalf of the County why FWS was bypassed, Tom Walker of FKAA told him that the FWS was being considered for a passive treatment system funded in part by EPA. Since it was very economically feasible to connect FWS in the usual manner, and since the FWS has plenty of KEYS commercial electricity available, why was the passive system not considered for No Name or Big Torch alternative energy residences instead? Maybe FKAA was afraid to try to extort a grinder pump easement from the Feds? (“Book him, Danno.”)
algae6The algae crisis will only take time, money and science says the Citizen newspaper. Well, we have tons of money and science people. Don’t worry about a thing. Gov. Scott wants “unspecified millions” to get homeowners off septic systems, but wait, it gets better. The Army Corps of Engineers to the rescue. Who’s responsible for this mess you ask? The Army Corps of Engineers.
Smells like job security to me. No mention of big sugar in the article. Not a peep. To quote Johnny Rotten of The Sex Pistols, “Ever get the feeling you’re being cheated?”
18 years? Sounds like they have the time part figured out. How many of those Army Corps of Engineers will be retired before 18 years is over?
[Dow & Du to Merge] Dow Chemical and DuPont say shareholders approved companies’ potential merger so they may break into three parts.
doctor clip board nodsMedical marijuana is expected to be available in the state by the end of next week. On Wednesday, the Department of Health informed Trulieve and Hackney Nursery that they have received authorization to process and dispense low-THC cannabis. The Gadsden County nursery in Northwest Florida is the first of the six dispensing organizations to receive processing authorization. Call for your doctor’s appointment today!
Until we come together as a nation, as people to heal as a people. If we don’t do that and this madness continues, we will surely perish as a people.   ~East Baton Rouge Sheriff
meet the candidates[Candidates Forum] The Lower Keys Chamber of Commerce is hosting a Candidates Forum on Monday, August 15 beginning at 6pm at Boondocks Grille & Draft House on Ramrod Key.

Each of the candidates currently running for office has been invited to attend this forum hosted by the Lower Keys Chamber of Commerce.  This is a great opportunity to learn about their views and opinions as they answer questions presented by moderators Ezra Marcus of Florida Keys Media and Steve Estes of the News Barometer.

There is no charge to attend, and this is open to the public. Plan on spending the evening at Boondocks to enjoy their extensive food and beverage menu as you learn more about our candidates. Please call the Chamber with any questions call 305-872-2411

alien ray gun

The Kepler Space Telescope just discovered 160 new planets. With all these worlds and possible life forms like ours or better, I think we should take the hint about not bothering them.

[Are You A Floridian] These questions are based on actual Floridians in the recent past who were simply living life the way it’s meant to be in our over-baked paradise.
1. Two teenagers are playing Pokémon Go on their cellphone in a car parked on a street outside of your house at 1:30 a.m. You are certain they are up to no good. How do you respond?
A) Call 911, and congratulate yourself on being responsible.
B) Dress up like Rambo and hide in the bushes.
C) Wave your gun around, and then fire three shots as the panicked teens drive away.
2. You have been accused of robbing a bank, and are being questioned at police headquarters. You ask to use the restroom in order to:
A) Collect your thoughts and assess your options.
B) Look for a window or vent to escape through.
C) Cover yourself in feces and then attack the cops.
3. You avoided jail after you were caught driving without a license and committing battery on a cop. What’s the best strategy on meeting your probation officer?
A) Borrow a shirt and tie from a buddy.
B) Skip the meeting, and brag about being on the lam.
C) Show up with a loaded gun while driving a stolen car.
4. As a state legislator, you oppose Florida adopting the national Common Core educational standards because you believe:
A) State and local tests are a better measure of progress.
B) The federal government can’t be trusted.
C) Common Core tests are a ruse to make kids “as homosexual as they possibly can.”
5. The best preparation for a 110-mph chase that includes throwing beer cans at cops, having a stash of weed hidden in your jeep and punching a police dog involves:
A) Having your attorney’s phone number handy.
B) Having a bail bondsman on speed dial.
C) Stashing a handcuff key in your rectum.
6. The first place any self-respecting Floridian goes after stealing a van that is equipped with a GPS tracking system is:
A) A house of worship to seek forgiveness.
B) The Georgia state line.
C) A Waffle House.
7. Select the appropriate reason for a politician to delay an execution:
A) Concerns about justice being served.
B) Worried about the role of protestors.
C) Conflicts with your campaign fundraiser.As any native knows, the correct answer to each of these bona fide Florida dilemmas was “C.” If you had five correct responses, you’re probably already wanted. Three correct responses and we’ll give you a voter registration form. If you answered “A” to any question, please consider visiting a place with stronger family values. Like Las Vegas.
accurate-home insp 700x175
[Guns Don’t Kill] What do you call a conglomeration of metal, wire, and plastic sitting unused? A machine. And what do you call a person who uses this machine to kill people? A murderer. Naturally I’m talking about a truck that killed a lot of people over on Niece. I’ll bet you thought i was describing a civilian self-loading rifle that unfortunately has the appearance of the 2nd most popular infantry shoulder weapon. So it is a fact that there are Many More things killing people than this cosmetically similar self-loading firearm. Put things in their proper perspective.

Alcohol kills more people than firearms. Vehicles kill more than firearms, it’s alleged that tobacco kills more people than firearms. And it’s been proven by statistics that distractive driving (cellphones) kill more people than firearms. So all you anti-gunners, stop picking on FTR, and put your whining in its proper perspective. America exists as a country because of guns in the hands of citizens and if you have a problem with guns consider moving to where guns are outlawed like England–considered the most dangerous country in Europe they don’t allow guns in the hands of their subjects

diver catch lobsterThe Lobster Mobsters are on the way! The annual raping of the reef will begin in earnest next week as the mobsters, poachers, multi-trip per day violators and the rest of the invaders crowd the waters, boat ramps, bars and liquor stores.  They also crowd the reef and back country with little regard for common sense or courtesy while making life for us mere locals miserable for the duration of their stay.
[Raising Money to Support Monroe County] Something confuses me. We pay our property taxes and those moneys are used to pay the salaries (excellent benefits included) of employees to perform their designated tasks, whether is repairing potholes in the roads or doing paperwork at a desk. So why is the County charging taxpayers extra to have their employees do the work that they’re being paid to do? Naturally I’m talking about permits. First, we are mandated to connect to the sewer system. A mandate means we have no choice in the matter. So if we have no choice, why do we have to ask permission and pay extra to an employee to do the job they’re already being paid by us to do? Is this another form of unjust taxation? I wonder why I don’t trust my elected officials. It appears that the only thing that they’re interested in is how much they can take from us, and the pork they can get.
serve and protect[To Protect and to Serve] North Miami. Kinsey, 47, said he was trying to coax his 27-year old patient back to a facility that he had wandered from. Police ordered Kinsey and the patient, who was sitting in the street playing with a toy truck, to lie on the ground. “Lay down on your stomach,” Kinsey says to his patient in the video, which was shot from a distance and provided to the Miami Herald. “Shut up!” responds the patient, who is sitting cross-legged in the road.

“He has a toy truck in his hand! A toy truck!” Kinsey says to officers who have their guns drawn. Kinsey said he was more worried about his patient than himself.

“I’m telling them again, ‘Sir, there is no need for firearms. I’m unarmed, he’s an autistic guy. He got a toy truck in his hand,” Kinsey said.

An officer later fired three times, striking Kinsey in the leg.

“When he shot me, it was so surprising … It was like a mosquito bite, and when it hit me, I’m like, I still got my hands in the air, and I said, ‘No, I just got shot,’” Kinsey said.

“As long as I’ve got my hands up, they’re not going to shoot me. This is what I’m thinking. They’re not going to shoot me. Wow, was I wrong.”

[Nitpicking Weapons] The military doesn’t recognize the term assault rifle, as assault is a verb and has nothing to do with a piece of metal and plastic. It is common knowledge that it was the media that coined that phrase for its sales value. And who the hell are you to tell me that I can’t use my shotgun for home defense or I can’t use the Colt semiauto rifle that I use for marksmanship competition or home defense
sports winners girls



The Marathon Games is a Pentathlon coming up October 1. Link

CheapShots is in the Keys this weekend doing low cost veterinary care. They are in Key West Fri and Sat, Big Pine, Marathon and Islamorada on Sat and Marathon on Sunday morning. For appointments or more information call 305-390-0325 or go to
There has been a lot of medical advice posted lately, but it all seems to come from one source- the Health Science Institute. You may want to look at this information regarding this institution. Link
chair dining rotate

[Lifting A Chair Experiment] Lifting a chair seems easy — if you’re a woman! Try this at home. Video

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” is not true because the old bastard is still alive!


[“Review Santero 7 rum from Cuba”] Hmmm, perhaps the spelling was in error and it’s ‘Santeria’ rum and has the neck blood of seven roosters in it.

I think all the affordable housing should be on Shark Key (the luxury island) because they are the ones who hire these “worker types”!
nira-tocco 700x175
[Gun Violence] Everyone talks about stopping gun violence but they refuse to address the first step in solving it. Outlaw automatic weapons.


5 Cuban refugees showed up at the Sugarloaf Fire Station last Monday night. I stayed with them until Border Patrol arrived a few hours later. As you can see I gave them some new shirts from our fire station.

[Crooks] AT&T has about 139.6 million customers. They make an extra few cents on every voice mail sent and received—both ways. They intentionally have a lengthy voice mail message in order to bilk more money from you. T-Mobil and another major company stopped the practice thus saving their customers, cumulatively, millions of dishonest dollars
smash than explain why computer


The next meeting of our Big Pine Computer Club is coming up this Saturday, July 23, 10 am at the senior center.  Hope to see you there. Full Menu > Ongoing Events

[Cleaning Up the Oceans] More than five million tons of plastic waste ends up in the oceans every year. The abandoned fishing gear and bags and bottles left on beaches can smother birds and sea life. Audio
calendar today 1999 pencil

Please, please, please, if you can’t get the date right (last Friday was the 15th and today is the 19th) how the hell are we to believe that anything written here is correct? (Ed: It’s isn’t, but thank, I’ll change the date.)

[Between Seasons] A few more sweet weeks of no stop light at Crane Boulevard and no zigzagging around lobster traps!
After reading the second half of the algae bloom article, big sugar is mentioned. Bla bla bla, let’s buy them out, yeah yeah, bla bla … Don’t make them clean up their mess just give them millions/billions it’s only money, you’re money.
dolphins three




Great dolphin video

The ‘Morning Mix’ is radio for retards.
snake_eats_parrotYou may have recently read about the drunken, rowdy miscreant who was jailed for verbal threats. I was reading the Sunday Citizen’s flashback news stories (love ’em!), and they had one from Key Weird where a guy with a snake was making money by letting tourists take pictures holding his snake. Another guy started the same gig nearby with a parrot, which ticked off snake guy. An argument ensued and snake guy threatened to kill parrot guy if he didn’t bug off. KW Police were called. There were no arrests, but police gave parrot guy a victim’s rights pamphlet. (!) We were all cracking up reading the two news flashback stories at the Galley Grill and I left the paper with that OMG so cute and bright waitress Alex who has a friend who could relate to the story. (how scary is that?)
Does anyone ever check all these Cuban Immigrants coming onto our shores for being Muslims? Who says they are just Cuban refugees?


[Handicap Parking] This is not an unusual sight in the Big Pine Key Winn Dixie. I’m an 80% wounded warrior and when I pulled into the parking lot it was pouring rain. Some moron thought that it would be cool to watch the cripple guy get out of the vehicle and stumble around and move his stupid cart. I’m putting the gypsy’s curse on you so that your children treat you with the same disrespect that you treat cripple people.

I do not believe in murder, regardless of reasons!  ~John Lennon
Submit anything but National Politics to For National Politics go directly to that page, log in, and post your comment. NATIONAL POLITICS

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