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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

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[“So many places in the world speak Spanish it will be easier for all if we learn the language”] Heh, yeah. Being a native, I remember when the Pedro Pan kids were flown in from Cuba. They immediately started basic Spanish classes in my elementary school. We all learned a new language together. The newcomers learned English as the locals learned Spanish. My best friend in elementary school was Cuban. He taught me all the bad words. His mother taught me about Cuban food. My mom taught my pal about American food (he loved peanut butter and honey). Over the years I kept up learning Spanish. By the time I was an adult I added Spanish as a language I spoke. Eventually, Spanish became my second language, Cuban food became my preferred lunch stop and Cuban girls out shined any gringas I met in my life. Florida means land of flowers in Spanish. In fact, Spain could have owned Florida had certain ships with gold and silver made it. Spanish language came from the old world to the New World and continues to spread. It’s most fun talking the lingo around those tourists who do not – and they hate it!
[Media Backlash] Around a decade ago, as the nation’s social media addiction took hold — prompting everyone to broadcast intense feelings about new topics each day — “backlash” was a useful means of describing the machinelike way public opinion could shift around any given pop-culture concern. First would come sustained praise for a film or song or celebrity; then that praise would start a groundswell of resistance, naysaying and condemnation; then all that hostility would arouse a volley of even more ardent adulation; and so on. It is a pop-culture law that everything generates a backlash.

Ensuing cycles of opinion — from initial hype to stubborn critiques to indignant defenses — are now so familiar they can be predicted with almost scientific precision.




At last, a low-cost alternative to Trauma Star.

As to whether or not Keys Sea Center will reopen again, a few months ago they had a  clearance sale for water damaged stuff.  At that time I asked them about their future plans.  The response was that until they reach agreement with their insurance company on a settlement, they really couldn’t make any future plans.  I guess time will tell.
[Guatemala Volcano] Rescue workers searched for survivors on Monday amid a desolate landscape of ash and mud after a volcano erupted near the Guatemalan capital the previous day, killing at least 25 people.

The number of missing after Volcán del Fuego’s eruption was unclear, said the authorities from Guatemala’s natural disaster commission, known as Conred. The volcano, which sits less than 30 miles from the capital, Guatemala City, erupted just before noon Sunday and continued to spew ash, rocks and gas into the air. A second powerful eruption followed at 6:45 p.m. By Monday, the intense activity had subsided, Conred said. The volcano, whose name means “fire,” had returned to its normal state of activity.

[“Save Our Key Deer”] Can I ask why you felt the need to post negative remarks about the former Key Deer Protection Alliance? KDPA has been hard working quietly behind the scenes for over 30 years saving Key deer and their habitat. This is so very disheartening coming from a fellow group that says they want to help the deer? We should be in this together. We are two completely different unique groups that could compliment each other. You also said KDPA shuts down for half the year? How do you figure that? Because they do not have public meetings all year? You have had exactly one since I had the first formation meeting in June 2017. I am asking for an explanation as to what the purpose was to publicly try and belittle another organization that is trying to do the same as you? Link
[Mail Drivers] They still deliver mail on foot in Key West too, silly. And in every city in the United States. Have you been living under a rock?


How did the Marsh Rabbits fare in Irma?  The surge from Hurricane Wilma killed lots of them.  Are there any of them left after the much worse storm surge from Irma?  I’ve not heard them mentioned in any report of the effects of the storm

[Politically Correct] It never ceases to amaze me how people have lost the guts to speak up with their view points, their tastes, their prodigiousness. If a person has a gripe about something – say it! Don’t be afraid of being branded as anti-this, anti-that. Too many people have been mentally castrated in this country.
The ‘M’ Ensemble Theater Company “cleaned up” at this year’s legendary “Carbonell Awards Ceremony”. This distinguished, esteemed and historically significant award identifies and honors South Florida’s greatest theatrical performances and works of art. The ‘M’ Ensemble Theater Company predominated  this year’s “42nd Carbonell Awards Commemoration”. They were honored with 5 of these awards, as well as the Co-Founders of the Company receiving Carbonell for their Lifetime of Achievement. The ‘M’ Ensemble Theater Company has risen and stayed at the top of stage production and the performing arts for 47 consecutive years. Sustaining this greatness has marked them with the heart and soul of a Champion.

As this year’s theatrical season winds down, I invite all interested in attending Augusts Wilson’s “Seven Guitars to come to our show on opening night, as My Guest. My long-standing invitation to attend one of The ‘M’ Ensemble Theater Company’s productions as my guest has not been a self-indulgent nor frivolous enticement. Link  ~John Donnelly

Deer Ed, please post in your June 5 Coconut Telegraph if possible. SOKD[?] has been informed by KDPA[?] that they (KDPA) work throughout the year. Thank you, Valerie Preziosi, President, SOKD[?]
[Insurance Scammers] Keys people are asking when this and that business will re-open. Almost every business that hasn’t re-opened is because the insurance companies that they have faithfully paid for all these years are refusing to bay them to rebuild.


The enemy isn’t conservatism. The enemy isn’t liberalism. The enemy is bullshit!

[Hurricane Preparedness Tips] Have a Plan – Prior to the threat of a disaster, families can create a personalized Family Disaster Plan at This site provides checklists and important steps to take before, during and after the disaster.

Home Repair – Be cautious of repair businesses or individuals who solicit door-to-door in the wake of a hurricane. Check each contractor’s address, license and complaint history prior to hiring by calling the Department of Business and Professional Regulation at 850-487-1395, or visit their website at
Food Safety – Power may go out due to storm winds, potentially affecting food storage. Get food safety tips at
Generator Safety – Portable generators are useful during power outages, but they can also be dangerous. Carbon monoxide poisoning can occur from generators or grills when they are used indoors, in partially enclosed spaces, or near vents or windows that allow fumes to enter your home

[Archaic Drug Laws Brought Us This] Synthetic weed is back, bigger than ever, and scary as hell. Just when the overdose crisis fueled by fentanyl couldn’t get any worse, a flood of synthetic cannabinoids is here. experts say the new generation is more unpredictable than ever. Link




[Genetic Manipulation] We mixed different dogs for new breeds. Different cats for the same. Different fish, birds, bugs, etc. for weird offspring. Now we are mixing human breeds to make one big human mess of ugly mutated useless eaters. The question is, who is behind this inter-racial madness? Can it be stopped before there is no one left the way God made us?

I am looking for someplace to post some of my editorials, opinion pieces and videos. Will you guys post me? Ripe for the picking. FAQs
[“Dubious power company protocols”] Back in the day when I worked for the largest power provider in Florida my job was to maintain, calibrate and install electric meters. Part of the job was maintaining the meter cans where the “jaws” are encased. Sadly, when the company was responsible for the repairs, customers who failed to pay their bill would tear the cans up attempting to reconnect their own power. (I loved the overtime, hated being in that area after dark). At some point after I retired (early 1993) the electric and water companies went to a policy of “their side” and the “customer side”, meaning the wires or pipes that feed the meters belong to the company and the customer owns the other side where the product is distributed to the home or business.

So, you own the meter can on your house, you own the parts inside it too. The company provides the meter so you can buy their product. Part of home ownership is maintenance. Part of living is Florida includes servicing meter cans, main breakers and the sub-feed panels. Aluminum wires heat up and expand under load, and shrink when load drops off. Folks should have an electrician service the meter can and breaker panel annually – most of the time it’s just tightening connections. I’d say do it when you prepare for hurricane season. That way your home won’t be left in the dark when no one is available to work smaller jobs.



Ancient ingenuity is pretty amazing! The ancient Peruvian mystery solved from space. Link

Deer Ed, Please disregard my comments on SOKD [?] if they ask for a retraction. I still do not understand why this statement was even made.
[Excerpt From April’s Sanctuary Advisory Council Meeting] FWC Law Enforcement, Captain Dipre: Tortugas patrols are underway. They are bringing down Offshore Patrol Vessel crew and continue to make shrimp cases. FWC is examining safety issues associated with the narrow canals in the Keys. This is because of the recent boating death of Ms. Bustamante in the very narrow wheel ditch in the Whale Harbor area. These areas are being reevaluated and may become idle speed zones, etc. for safety reasons. FWC requested 20 additional officers, but was denied due to lack of funding. Agencies have been tapping into various funds to cover hurricane costs. State law enforcement officers were given a pay raise to aid in retention.



These are the most gay friendly cities in the world and number one is in Israel! Link

[Web Search] I looked up a subject I was interested in and came across millions of links to “Professionals, Experts, Doctors, Professors, etc.” that made statements as to what was good and bad about the topic. It occurred to me, none agreed with my opinion. So, with that in mind, who the hell are we supposed to believe about anything when all the links had a price tag for information? Even the major clinics and colleges have different output.
[Religion] People become Catholics, not because of tradition. It’s because Catholics drink. Makes me want to join.




Learning another language is American exceptionalism.

[Homeless] For years the County Commission has been obsessed with the financial impact on tourism then those scruffy, homeless people seen wandering around. What a vacation turnoff. Well, I’m the kind of guy who doesn’t just complain about something but has a promising solution. Gather them, the homeless, and put them up in that Monstrosity going up on the North side of the 7 Mile Bridge that looks like a prison, all secluded, tucked away with limited access. It’s the perfect solution to the homeless problem, Out of sight out of mind. Problem solved.
[Get Rid of Stuff] Support all U.S. veterans with a free donation pickup. Donate your unwanted clothing, shoes, accessories, and other household items. We’ll come pick them up. Pick up within 24 hours in most areas. Supports all U.S. veterans through the Vietnam Veterans of America charity? Show your support. Schedule a donation pickup.

[Kilauea] I thought only Keysers were whacky enough to do stuff like this in their boats. Video

[Odd Home] Hey Paul, did they ever move into the double D sized bra looking dome home on Cudjoe? I miss the chats (and beers) we shared. Thank you again for your dedication and service.
[“Observation”] “No one becomes a catholic by choice.” More so for Jews, Muslims, Snake worshipers, and any other religious groups. It is all about control of the inept and getting their money.

[Irish Handyman] Ever notice how much stuff in the world is made by a guy named Pat Pending.

[Government Conspiracy] Anyone been down here before the first Pritam Singh project started at the Truman Annex? They were approved as submitted but then the changes came and came and came. And the projects blossomed into monstrosities all up and down US1. Mostly pastel ticky-tacky buildings. But I digress, how did these changes get approved? Who is getting paid off? There’s no way ordinances, restrictions, environmental impact, and governmental oversight got swept under the rug without government officials and employees on the take. Somehow, somewhere, someone is on the take. And in their greed has turned the Keys into a schlocky third class tourist trap with not much to offer except for declining fisheries, no luxurious beaches, sky high prices, mediocre food and outrageous traffic. R.I.P. paradise, you had a good run.
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